Buying Tongkat Ali on Amazon

Tongkat Ali on Amazon: Things You Should Know Before Buying

Tongkat Ali is popular on Amazon amongst the top-selling testosterone supplements for men. Americans’ obsession with T-boosters has contributed to the growth of herbal supplements by 8.6% in 2022.

Natural herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali are gaining popularity on Amazon as a proven alternative to Panax Ginseng in recent years due to a wide range of health benefits.

With extensive Tongkat Ali coverage by medical experts, Amazon remains the best place to shop for Tongkat Ali.

However, the increasing number of cheap China-produced Tongkat Ali remains a huge concern among American consumers.

There are loads of garbage out there in the supplement market

Amazon is faced with challenges in curbing fake reviews from low-quality Tongkat Ali brand owners.

This article shares more insights on the best-selling Tongkat Ali on Amazon and our tips will help you to avoid making costly mistakes.

Tongkat Ali Products on Amazon

Now, searching for the best Tongkat Ali on Amazon can be a daunting task for first-time shoppers.

For experienced Tongkat Ali buyers, they know that the best Tongkat Ali is not from the United States

To illustrate how overwhelming it can be, a search on Amazon produces 280 results based on the keyword “Tongkat Ali” and 138 results based on the keyword “Long Jack”.

Tongkat Ali products
Long Jack products

Total search results found on

Best selling Tongkat Ali brands on Amazon with excessively high user reviews are not necessarily the best

And since both Long Jack and Tongkat Ali are essentially from the same plant – known as Eurycoma Longifolia, it makes it more confusing for consumers to purchase a reputable brand on Amazon.

The silent majority of consumers are unknowingly purchasing low-quality Tongkat Ali that is sourced from Indonesia – a country notorious for damaging the environment and exploiting child labor with low wages.

There are few reputable brands on Amazon that source their ingredients from Malaysia due to stringent quality control by Government authorities among other reasons.

And if you are purchasing Red or even Black Tongkat Ali on Amazon, please be aware of the differences including the level of potency and safety.

Or, given a choice, please stick to the proven Yellow Tongkat Ali.

Amazon marketplace offers a wide range of Tongkat Ali products with varying degrees of quality.

Types of Tongkat Ali sellers on Amazon

There are three broad categories of Tongkat Ali sellers on Amazon:

  1. Those who sell generic Tongkat Ali products (pills / capsules, powder extract)
  2. Those who sell pure Tongkat Ali roots (pills, capsules, powder extract, slices)
  3. Those selling pre-mixed Tongkat Ali products (i.e mixing Tongkat Ali with other herbs such as Goat Weed, or Maca Root).

The reality is, that Amazon shoppers in the US often get cheated – where cheap Tongkat Ali roots are sourced illegally from Indonesia or Malaysia and gets extracted in China, before being imported by the US-based Tongkat Ali brand owners.

There is more to learn about quality Tongkat Ali production, and processes, including other quality checkpoints in the entire supply chain.

But for now, here are some tips when buying Tongkat Ali on Amazon.

Tips when buying Tongkat Ali on Amazon

1.  Avoid purchasing Tongkat Ali products on Amazon with excessively high user ratings. Amazon got into trouble with fake reviews and inflated ratings in recent years.

2.  Ensure you purchase Tongkat Ali products on Amazon with root extract. The highest potency is found in Tongkat Ali roots, and not other parts of the plants (eg: branches, barks, leaves). 

3.  Avoid Tongkat Ali on Amazon with claims of 200:1, or 500:1 extraction ratio. Tongkat Ali’s level potency is measured by the standardized extract which results in a higher percentage of Eurycomanone, Glycosaponin, Polysaccharide that can be extracted from the root. 

4.  Most Tongkat Ali sold on Amazon does not have proprietary extraction technology. It means you may get less value and lower potency despite buying at cheaper prices.

5.  Very few Tongkat Ali brands conduct their clinical trials. Brands such as AKARALI on Amazon come with MIT-formulated Physta® – had more than 26 clinical trials to date with ongoing investment in research and technology since 2008.

The Best Selling Tongkat Ali products on Amazon.

Tongkat Ali sellers on Amazon often invest a significant amount of marketing effort to promote brand visibility.

Behind the best-selling products, can you trust the Tongkat Ali reviews on Amazon? 

Fake Reviews and Inflated Ratings Are Still a Problem for Amazon

Popular Authentic Tongkat Ali supplements on Amazon with excessively high user ratings.

Amazon Tongkat Ali sellers are known to resort to black hat strategies to boost their product ratings.

The trick is to influence online purchasing behavior on Amazon, or worst still – placing a bad review on a competitor’s page.

Consumer’s purchasing decisions are unknowingly biased as often the highest user ratings published on Amazon is used as the main criteria in purchasing decision.

Although this may not necessarily represent the best value for money, higher user ratings can subconsciously influence your purchasing decision every time you visit Amazon or any eCommerce websites.

It was reported that fake Amazon buyers from China are hired to discredit Tongkat Ali’s competitors by placing low user ratings and bad reviews on Amazon using white-hat approaches.

Popular Tongkat Ali on Amazon with high user ratings

Here are some of the popular Tongkat Ali brands sold on Amazon based on high user ratings.

Could this be fake reviews or inflated with paid reviews because they receive a free bottle?

Do note that Amazon got into trouble in recent years with plenty of fake reviews and inflated ratings.

VH-Nutrition Tongkat Ali

1,200 mg Tongkat Ali

Average User Rating

Herbolab Tongkat Ali

300 mg Tongkat Ali

Average User Rating

Double Wood Tongkat Ali

1020 mg Tongkat Ali

Average User Rating

Pure Science Tongkat Ali Root Extract

800mg Tongkat Ali

Average User Rating

Premium Tongkat Ali brands on Amazon

There are few Tongkat Ali brands that are less visible but highly reputable and offer higher potency on Amazon.

And it warrants some serious attention.

In an effort to offer more quality products to consumers, top-selling Tongkat Ali brands such as AKARALI® is now sold on Amazon.

AKARALI’s Tongkat Ali root extract is single-sourced (from the same location in Malaysia) and painstakingly handpicked by artisans before going through an extraction process using US-patented standardized freeze-dried technology known as Physta®

This brand is popular on Amazon amongst those wanting to gain more in less time.


200mg  Physta® Tongkat Ali

Average User Rating


150mg Physta® Tongkat Ali

Average User Rating

Top Tongkat Ali brands

AKARALI is a fast-growing popular Tongkat Ali on Amazon and here are other top Tongkat Ali brands based on a global market survey.

You can now shop with confidence knowing that some of these Tongkat Ali brands are available on Amazon.

Top Best Tongkat Ali Brands

Further Insights and Buying Tips on Amazon

Assuming you have tried one in the past – are you still feeling lethargic from the placebo effects of Tongkat Ali that you bought from Amazon?

Here are some further tips for you.

Not many Amazon sellers are selling yellow Tongkat Ali. Beware of sellers selling red or black Tongkat Ali. 

Since user reviews and ratings on Amazon can be manipulated by marketers or brand owners, consumers need to exercise additional precautions before purchasing any Tongkat Ali brands on Amazon.

In addition, herbal supplements are not regulated by the US Foods & Drugs Authority (USFDA). It means are wide range of consumers are not being served with the best quality Tongkat Ali ingredients that are supposed to maximize health benefits.

Here are key important notes you need to know:

1.  Most Tongkat Ali brands available on Amazon are mainly packaged in the United States with the source ingredient coming from various countries. Consumers are advised to read the label to ensure the raw Tongkat Ali ingredients are sourced from reputable countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia.

2.   Almost seventy percent of Tongkat Ali sold on Amazon on Yellow Tongkat Ali – which is widely researched by scientists. There are brands carrying Red or Black Tongkat Ali. If you are unsure of the differences, you can read more here.

3.   Most Tongkat Ali supplements sold on Amazon are not based on a standardized extract that guarantees the consistency of bio-active compounds that can be extracted. To put it simply, the potency of one brand differs greatly.

4.   Few manufacturers or Tongkat Ali brands state clearly the standardized extraction process or technology used behind the brand. Technology such as Physta® uses freeze-dried water-soluble extraction provides consistency in potency to ensure bio-active compounds in Tongkat Ali is preserved consistently.

5.  Most Tongkat Ali brands sold on Amazon do not share their technical specification of the bio-active ingredients – eg: the percentage level of eurycomanone, protein, etc

Tongkat Ali dosage on Amazon

Top best sellers of Tongkat Ali in Amazon such as Real Herbs® Tongkat Ali or Herbolab Tongkat Ali often market their products by displaying the content such as 400mg or 500mg of Tongkat Ali extract.

But do you know you 200mg per capsule of Tongkat Ali daily can make a difference to your health?

The dosage guide here presents empirical evidence that you don’t need to consume 500mg to 1,000mg of low-quality Tongkat Ali to achieve your health objectives.

Now, how do you ascertain that the 400mg or 500mg of Tongkat Ali capsule contains the highest bio-active compounds that can provide the required health benefits such as eurycomanone, saponin, or polysaccharides?

The harsh reality of herbal supplement is this.

A 200mg of Tongkat Ali capsule processed with the best extraction technology can make a difference to your health and your performance compared to a 500mg of Tongkat Ali that is derived from an unknown extraction method.

This is where we separate the men from the boys – by getting into the technicalities of end-to-end manufacturing of quality Tongkat Ali products that are rarely shared with the general consumers.

Very few Tongkat Ali sellers on Amazon adhere to quality standards across the supply chain; from harvesting to production.

The Best Technical Specifications for Tongkat Ali

The principle behind quality herbal products lies in the extraction method.

Look out for standardized Tongkat Ali extract next time you shop on Amazon.

The highest bio-active ingredients from Tongkat Ali that you can find in the market today is the one from Physta®, the world’s first patented standardized freeze-dried extraction technology developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Government of Malaysia.

The bio-active specification for Physta® Tongkat Ali is amongst the highest in the industry.


Total Eurycomanone

Eurycomanone is a major bio-active chemical found which is unique to Tongkat Ali. It belongs to the quassinoid molecule family structure and have been widely reported by reseachers due to its potential role as antiplasmodial, anticancer, anti-HIV and other pharmacological benefits. Physta® patented extraction offers higher level of eurycomanone content than other methods.


Total Glycosaponin

Saponins are chemical compounds that are widely found in a range of natural plants including Tongkat Ali. Saponin is used in vaccine formulations to regulate immune function. Studies showed that saponin reduces cholesterol levels, kill disease-causing bacteria, scavenge oxidative stress and inhibit tumor growth. Physta® extraction method offers significantly higher glycosaponin level than Panax ginseng (i.e 15% saponins)


Total Polysaccharide

Polysaccharides are polymeric carbohydrates that are mainly used for storing energy and providing support to cells and tissues. Studies have shown that sulfate polysaccharides exhibit immunomodulatory, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral activities including anti-HIV infection, herpes, and hepatitis viruses.


Total Protein

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) contains a natural plant-based protein that is safe and can be used to supplement our daily protein intake. Most Tongkat Ali plants found in Malaysia contain 0.3868 and 0.9573 mg mL(-1) of crude protein, making it ideal for vegans who are seeking for alternative source of plant-based protein.

Tongkat Ali clinical trials and research

Do look out for premium Tongkat Ali brands on Amazon which are backed by independent research or clinical trials.

However, very few Tongkat Ali brands sold on Amazon today have clinical trials to validate their health benefits.

In fact, most brands are private-label, made in the USA with little to no evidence from research or even clinical trials.

Very few Tongkat Ali products on Amazon undergone laboratory tests and clinical trials.

Brands such as AKARALI formulated by Physta® with decades of clinical trials and research by scientists are now available on Amazon at amazing prices.

In fact, Physta® patented formulation was born from years of collaborative research and development between the Government of Malaysia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in early 2000.

Real-world performance gains from two-week and six-week consumption of AKARALI are a testament to a quality product – which you can now purchase on Amazon with just a few clicks away.

So it’s worth giving it a try!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

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