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The essence of our existence

AKARALI™ is an infusion of artisan and modern science to fulfill the demand for authentic premium Tongkat Ali. 

AKARALI™ enables access to quality and affordable Tongkat Ali directly from the source. 

Millions are seeking natural alternatives to improve health or to reinvigorate their body, mind and soul. 

And that’s the essence of our existence.

A hallmark of national heritage

AKARALI™ is the hallmark of Malaysia’s authentic Tongkat Ali through the infusion of quality and modern science.

Quintessentially Malaysian, Tongkat Ali has been traditionally used as a dietary supplement for centuries. Through traditions, beliefs, and folklore, the ancient herb is now going mainstream due to its wide range of health benefits.

Our dedication to quality in every touchpoint translates to exceptional performance.

Experience the best Tongkat Ali with world-class proprietary extraction technology from carefully handpicked Tongkat Ali roots from Malaysian deep rainforests.

AKARALI stems from two words from the Malay language. The word “Akar” which means root, and “Ali” which was believed originated from Sayyidina Ali Abi Talib, which is renowned as a paragon of manhood in Islamic history.

Since it’s the first discovery in the 1600s during herbal trade with Gujaratis and the British in Malaysia, this herb is now more commonly known as Tongkat Ali or Akar Ali by Malaysians.

We overcome challenges

AKARALI™  helps consumers to overcome the following challenges by bringing the best herbal product directly from the source.

Illegal and fake Tongkat Ali products can be detrimental to health

Almost 70% of Tongkat Ali brands sold in the market today are filled with sawdust, high level of mercury and often mixed with illegal substances such as Viagra or Cialis, that can be detrimental to health.

Low amount of Tongkat Ali found in premixed coffee with no health benefits

Active content of Tongkat Ali found in most pre-mixed coffees is between 0.0039% and 0.0246% (7.8nanogram to 49.3ng). Most of the content found is mainly processed sugar and coffee powder.

We change the future

AKARALI™ provides consumers easy access to high quality and affordable Tongkat Ali  directly from the source.

AKARALI™ products are harvested in remote rainforests of Malaysia, away from human contamination or pollution. Discover the magical bio-active content from a 130 million year old rainforest.

AKARALI™ products can be enjoyed and consumed at any time of the day. Mixed with your favourite coffee, drink or as a stand-alone supplement, reinvigorate your body, mind and soul. 

An exquisite authentic experience

AKARALI™ products are harvested from yellow Tongkat Ali plants in remote rainforests of Malaysia, away from human contamination and pollutants.

Through best practice harvesting techniques, chromatography fingerprinting tests and world-class herbal extraction technology Physta®, AKARALI™ is one of the trusted Tongkat Ali brands in the market today.

Along with accreditations, quality standards and proven scientific results, our passion is reflected from years of research and dedication. 

Discover a new world of natural wellness with authentic Tongkat Ali.

We Help Others Feel Alive

Here is an unadulterated long term review on AKARALI™ based on our customer experience. Regain that long lost energy and add a boost of mindfulness, focus, and clarity in your daily lives. 

With our unique approach to quality Tongkat Ali, you can feel the difference.

Strength & Energy
Focus & Clarity

Global customers

AKARALI™  is consumed by people around the world who has a penchant for natural wellness and fine herbal ingredient.


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Our customers come from all walks of life from the countries shown above.  

To avoid counterfeit and fake products, they continue to purchase from us directly.

However, we believe in long term sustainable growth.

AKARALI™ Partnership & Affiliate Program offer new opportunities for both small and medium businesses.

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