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A hallmark of natural heritage

Quintessentially Malaysian, Tongkat Ali is a natural heritage that has been traditionally used as a dietary supplement for centuries. Through traditions, beliefs, and folklore, the ancient herb is now going mainstream with cult-like following.

AKARALI™ is an infusion of quality and modern science to fulfill the growing demand for authentic premium Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia). 

As 80% of the world population relies on herbal medicine for some part of their healthcare, our existence provides options for consumers seeking quality herbal alternatives as part of the dietary supplement or health plan. 

Our dedication to quality in every touchpoint translates to exceptional performance. With quality ingredients and world-class proprietary extraction technology, AKARALI products deliver maximum potency and unparalleled health benefits.

We strive to promote global awareness of Tongkat Ali as a herbal supplement that can be consumed due its vast array of health benefits.

An exquisite mark of excellence

The best Tongkat Ali roots are found from plants which grow in remote rainforests of Malaysia, away from human contamination and pollutants with the best soil composition.

Through best practice harvesting techniques, chromatography fingerprinting tests and world-class herbal extraction technology Physta®, AKARALI™ has become one of the trusted Tongkat Ali brands in the market today.

Along with accreditations, quality standards and proven scientific results, our passion is reflected in all our products. You can learn more about quality standards and checkpoints with us. Quality herbal supplements matter to your health.

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