Our Partners

AKARALI business partners enables us to drive operational and customer excellence. We work with global reputable partners to bring you quality natural health to our customers around the world.


Eurofins is a world leader in food, environment, pharma product testing & agroscience CRO services with more than 61000 staff across the network. AKARALI products are 3rd party lab-tested and GMP certified by Eurofins. All our products are also tested by Eurofins against adulterants, contaminants and to ensure it comply to microbial FDA safety requirements. Eurofins USA is headquartered in Lancaster, 2425 New Holland Pike, United States.

DHL Express

AKARALI work with DHL Express to deliver customer orders around the world. Using DHL as our exclusive delivery partner, we strive to exceed customer’s expectations with faster delivery time. DHL is an American-founded German logistics company providing global courier, package delivery and express mail service, delivering over 1.8 billion parcels per year.


AKARALI works with Biotropics Malaysia to develop new formulation, natural ingredients and herbal products that enable us to grow. Biotropics is an FDA-approved facility that manufacture AKARALI products with the highest quality standards. Biotropics Malaysia Berhad (Biotropics) was incorporated in February 2007 to develop and commercialise Malaysia’s bio-resources into superior natural health product.