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A touch of artisan

Quintessentially Malaysian, Tongkat Ali is a national heritage that has been used as a functional food and dietary supplement for centuries. We bring you the finest Tongkat Ali with the latest extraction technology and a touch of artisan.

Trust is Built Over Time.

AKARALI™ is an infusion of modern science with centuries of herbal tradition. Discover a whole new world with authentic Malaysian Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia). 

AKARALI™ is formulated from US patented freeze-dried water extraction technology Physta®, making it the most potent Tongkat Ali in the market today.

Experience premium herbal extraction jointly developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with years of research and clinical trials.

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Quality Health Begins From Healthy Plants

Quality Tongkat Ali matters to your health. Find out insights to quality best practices and tips before making your first purchase.

An exquisite touch of quality

Direct From Source

Harvested in the best ecosystem and carefully handpicked by artisans in a location away from pollutants.

Patented Extraction

Patented freeze-dried extraction technology Physta® with superior bio-active compounds with higher potency.

World Class Manufacturing

Manufactured in a world-class USFDA-approved facility with an in-house research laboratory

Scientifically Proven

Years of extensive research and clinical trials by scientists around the globe to validate its health benefits.

A celebration of tradition and innovation

Proprietary Extraction Technology

The highly acclaimed Physta® is the world’s first patented Tongkat Ali extract used in AKARALI™ products.

Our handpicked roots and proprietary extraction technology deliver the highest quality bio-active compounds compared to other Tongkat Ali products that are available in the market today.

Scientifically proven benefits from years of research and clinical trials.

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Coffee Reimagined

A herbal coffee with the finest natural ingredients from years of wellness tradition.

Discover Hidden Versatility

Discover a century-old herbal tradition with a modern twist. AKARALI™ coffee is hand-roasted to perfection infused with Tongkat Ali using the finest quality natural ingredients.

Experience the best aroma, unique taste, and burst of energy.

Feel the difference

Here is a 30-day review on AKARALI™ from one of our customers. Regain your energy with a boost of mindfulness, focus and clarity in your daily lives. You can feel the difference. 

Strength & Energy
Focus & Clarity

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Global Popularity & Acceptance

Whether it is called Long Jack or Malaysian Ginseng, Tongkat Ali is now a household name with global coverage and acceptance.

Discover why Malaysian Tongkat Ali is highly sought after.

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Our exquisite touch on quality means you are getting the best Tongkat Ali directly to your doorstep.

Learn more on our quality checkpoints from harvesting, herbal extraction, packaging and manufacturing standards. 

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