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The age-old mystery of Tongkat Ali benefits are now scientifically-validated through various laboratories and tests by scientists around the world. Sparked by growing interest and global demand, scientific reports through clinical trials are now available for your reference on our site.

We believe in providing transparent and educational information to our customers to arrive at an informed decision about Tongkat Ali. Investment for your health is a life time investment. Below are the proven benefits compiled from a list of scientific studies and reports.


Research & scientific papers on Tongkat Ali have been published around the world

Key benefits. Now proven

Key Benefits

Quantifiable & Proven Claims

Clinically Tested

Tested On Men

Tested On Women

Increase Testosterone

  • 122% for women
  • 61% for men

Improve Sexual Health & Libido

  • 162% longer erection
  • 65% more sperm concentration
  • 58% more sperm motility

Improve Muscle Strength

  • 13% more muscle strength for women
  • 16% more muscle strength for men

Reduce Stress & Improve Mood

  • 11% reduction in anger
  • 12% reduction in tension

Stratospheric Libido

Much has been said about this invigorating herbal root Tongkat Ali, used as a natural aphrodisiac and energy enhancer for centuries. Claims of sexual rejuvenation have been recognized by scientists around the world, as Tongkat Ali is clinically-validated to improve sexual libido and health for men and women.


Longer erection
time for men


More sperm


More sperm

Natural Testosterone Booster

According to science, testosterone levels peak between 25 to 30 years of age in both men and women and reduce gradually thereafter at the rate of approximately 1 – 2% annually. At the age of 60, testosterone levels are typically only 40-50% of youthful levels and may be lower due to stress and related lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, and sleep patterns.


More free
for women


More free
for men

Build Muscle Strength

High amounts of total serum testosterone levels correlate with higher lean body mass, lowered fat mass, greater muscle strength, and faster recovery. These drive athletes and body builders to find ways to raise their testosterone levels. Many athletes and bodybuilders look to alternative methods such as anabolic steroids in order to increase testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali, however, has been viewed as a proven alternative to naturally boost testosterone levels, leading to greater muscle strength.


More muscle
for women


More muscle
for men

Stress Reliever

Rapid urbanization and modernization have tremendously impacted our lives and the world we live in. Research has shown that urban living raises stress levels, and those living in cities are 21% more likely to experience anxiety disorder while 39% have an increased risk of mood disorders. You could be one of them. Many have resorted to chemical-based“calming”drugs to overcome these challenges. Your body, mind and soul deserve better treatment. Tongkat Ali is proven to reduce anger and tension by up to 12%.


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