Rare & Finest Quality

Our premium Tongkat Ali roots are handpicked from deep Malaysian rainforests and with patented freeze-dried extraction technology to deliver the best bio-active compounds for your body. Our exquisite artisan touch coupled with proprietary technology bring exceptional performance and superior benefits that you deserve.

An exquisite mark of excellence begins here.

The most potent part of the Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) plant is commonly found in its roots and has been used as traditional medicine for centuries.

Our highly-trained artisans cultivate Tongkat Ali plants for 5 years before handpicking the best roots from deep rainforests of Malaysia.

The best root contains more than 65 compounds and is rich in bioactive compounds such as: eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, eurycomalactone, eurycomanone  pasakbumin-B.

Quality ecosystem and biodiversity

Our 130 million-year-old ecosystem has the essential biodiversity to produce the best soil for the Tongkat Ali plant to grow.  This forms the essence of an impeccable quality herbal product.

The best Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) plant grows in remote rain forests of Malaysia – a country that is home to more than 185,000 species of fauna and 12,500 species of flowering plants. Some of the rainforests are older than both the Amazon and the Congo.

We take the pain to ensure we harvest the best Tongkat Ali plant on the planet.

Chromatography Tested

All our handpicked Tongkat Ali roots are subjected to chromatographic fingerprinting tests prior to the herbal extraction process. In order to ensure the best bioactive properties are within specifications, tests are performed regularly. This is also to ensure that Tongkat Ali roots are free from harmful contaminants or foreign matters (branches, or other parts from unknown plants).

Extensive Laboratory Tests

Not all handpicked Tongkat Ali roots are equal or exhibit similar bio-active properties.  We perform chromatography tests on raw Tongkat Ali roots at our manufacturing facility.

Chromatography is a technique for separating mixtures from herbal roots into their molecular components in order to analyze the purity of the raw materials from Tongkat Ali plants.

These activities are monitored in an in-house laboratory using Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) in the extraction facility by qualified personnel. This technology, alongside with other methods enables the best quality extract which benefits your health and body. 

The snapshot taken from High Performance Liquid Chromatrography (HPLC) test on Tongkat Ali roots showed various tones or shades representing bioactive compounds contained in the samples.

Quality Tongkat Ali roots with high bio-active compounds will display tones or darker shades when exposed to HPLC test. In this test, two samples appeared to have dark tones at the top of the vertical bars, i.e the second and third sample from the right. The stringent quality controls means we are able to handpick the right quality roots before undergoing the herbal extraction process.

Proprietary Quality Extraction

Our products are based on Physta® Tongkat Ali formulation.

Physta® is the world’s first patented freeze-dried water-soluble extraction technology that was jointly developed with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (US Patent: 7132117, EU Patent: 1313491).

The finest blend of Tongkat Ali ensures the right amount of bio-active compounds are retained with maximum potency to achieve optimal health performance and benefits.

This proprietary formulation delivers remarkable performance and benefits as evidenced in many scientific and clinical studies.

The world' first patented Tongkat Ali extract

Quality Accreditations.

AKARALI™ products are manufactured in Malaysia with world-class manufacturing standards and state-of-the-art research facilities to ensure our commitment to exceptional quality craftsmanship. With patented extraction technology and the best manufacturing standards, rest assured quality has been always our top priority. 

Celebration of herbal tradition at every occasion.

Our commitment to quality translates to a celebration of excitement and joy. The versatility of our finest Tongkat Ali allows you to immerse yourself into a new world, accompanied by your favourite drink or snacks throughout the day.

Exceptional performance with stellar review.

Quality brings a meaningful journey to those who seek a difference in improving their vitality and regain that long long soul. Feeling alive can never be better with our premium blend of Tongkat Ali.

Experience speaks for itself. Read our long term review on Tongkat Ali experience here.