Tongkat Ali: A-Four-Week Review

There are plenty of Tongkat Ali reviews out there on Reddit, but very few reviews share detailed encounters such as the one we covered in the two-week and long-term six-week review of Tongkat Ali.

Here is a four-week Tongkat Ali review focusing on muscle building; which includes lean mass, muscle development, body toning, and shaping.

When British-born James Goodman bought his first Tongkat Ali on Amazon, he found out that most customer reviews were either fake, or were not authentic.

There are too many fake Tongkat Ali reviews on Amazon.

James Goodman, Essex, UK

After some market research, he took a jump and bought AKARALI, touted to be one of the best Tongkat Ali supplement brands on Amazon that comes with US-patented hot water standardized extract.

If you are buying Tongkat Ali in the UK for the purpose of body transformation or to get in shape with your regular exercises, then this four-week Tongkat Ali review is perfect for you.

This four-week Tongkat Ali review will give you more insights if you plan to use Tongkat Ali to gain more lean muscle together with your current health stack.

Let’s find out more.

Depending on the dosage, potency, health conditions and health goals, the effect of Tongkat Ali can be felt within 24 hours to several weeks.

For James, he reported an instant burst of energy within 24 hours after his first consumption of Tongkat Ali. His stamina further improved after two weeks, which is consistent with other reports by another Tongkat Ali user Don Verb in his two-week review of Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali Review on Muscle Mass, Muscular Strength and Stamina

Most hardcore body transformation purists like James uses Tongkat Ali to boost testosterone, stamina and strength. Keeping up with his health stack of protein shakes and other herbal supplements, Tongkat Ali is his latest addition.

The goal of his Tongkat Ali review was straightforward – can Tongkat Ali add more gains given his current set of health supplements, diet and nutrition.

If you are into bodybuilding or getting in shape, many do not realize that Tongkat Ali takes time to work – approximately 48 hours before you can experience a noticeable improvement, and ideally four weeks to notice moderate-to-significant gains in muscle development.

I get faster results from standardized Tongkat Ali extract that comes with higher potency.

James Goodman, Essex, UK

In his Tongkat Ali four-week review, James benefitted more from standardized Tongkat Ali extract, touted as one of the most potent Tongkat Ali on the planet earth.

Higher potency means more gains on testosterone which translates to faster development of muscle mass when coupled with resistance training or weight training.

James Goodman’s body transformation was a result of regular exercises with the help of Tongkat Ali to boost his energy and strength. Credit: James Goodman Instagram

There are many studies and sufficient scientific evidence to prove the ability of Tongkat Ali to promote healthy testosterone levels .

In fact, a recent 2021 clinical test on 32 male test subjects with an average age of 24 years showed a significant increase in testosterone levels in two weeks when subjected to daily consumption 600mg of Tongkat Ali.

It shows that Tongkat Ali works amazingly well for young adults too!

Testosterone promotes growth hormone and faster muscle development

For young adults, the effect of Tongkat Ali is faster than when you are in your 30’s. If you are into competitive sports, you can feel an instant almost real-time like improvement in strength and stamina; resulting in more reps and faster muscle development.

Tongkat Ali works well with the right exercises such as resistance training.

Tongkat Ali is a proven herbal supplement to improve isokinetic muscular strength and power, particularly involving endurance type sports such as resistance training, cycling and martial arts.

A 2019 study with 40 test subjects showed significant improvement in isokinetic power of lower limb when subjected to resistance training based on 200mg daily Tongkat Ali supplement for 8 weeks.

The resistance training program with Tongkat Ali supplementation involved either elastic bands or dumbbells, where test subjects were tested 3 times a week for 8 weeks on the following activities:

  • heel raise with dumbbells
  • lateral raise with elastic band
  • leg curls with elastic band
  • bicep curls with dumbbells
  • leg abduction with elastic band
  • front raise with dumbbells
  • knee extension with elastic band
  • arm extension with dumbbells
  • half squat with elastic band
  • standing chest fly with dumbbells.

Real World Gains: Six and Two Week Reviews

In a six-week and a two-week real-world performance review, consuming 400mg of Tongkat Ali daily contributed to accelerated muscle growth and leaner muscle mass.

Reviewed by an American who is in his 40s, Don Verb (aka Donald Pump) shared his weekly Tongkat Ali experience over a course of two weeks and six weeks. He reported having lost a respectable weight along with increased strength and energy.

Don Verb (a.k.a Donald Pump) reported that Tongkat Ali helped him to lose weigh and gained more lean muscle mass. Credit: Don Verb Instagram

In this article, we shall focus on a four-week review of Tongkat Ali to evaluate if there are other similar gains from Tongkat Ali and its effect on body transformation.

Our Reviewer

Our reviewer is James Goodwood, an artist and a full-time father of two children from Essex, UK. At 39, he keeps himself fit and often seen at the gym in the wee hours. 

His body transformation started after he went through a great depression and anxiety during the pandemic. At his lowest point, he gained weight and lost suffered from mental health-related issues.

He decided to do a Tongkat Ali review after reading about how Tongkat Ali can improve mood and reduce anxiety by lowering cortisol.

At the same time, he was keen to know if his testosterone level can be improved significantly to achieve his body transformation goals.

It took him months of convincing. After overcoming his anxiety and depression, James started his body transformation journey by committing to regular set of exercises.

His daily schedule starts at 4 am in the gym and the rest of the day is filled with tons of activities; from producing music videos, and composing new songs to cracking his head in a competitive world of entertainment.

His schedule demands a lot of physical and mental energy. With his current daily health stack comprising of protein mixed with turmeric, ginger, sea moss, matcha Japanese green tea and host of other vitamins, can the addition of Tongkat Ali bring any real-world benefits?

Here is a quick summary of his feedback

Summary: Four-Week Review 

  • Increased power and strength 
  • Improved focus and better overall mood 

Dosage & Daily Diet

  • 400mg Tongkat Ali daily – (200mg each, 1 hour before workout)
  • 100mg Ginger twice per week
  • 20g of Matcha Green Tea – 1 hour before workout
  • Protein shake

James Goodman’s Review on Tongkat Ali Experience

Here is his video review and you may read more his written transcript below.

Hi guys, so I just come back to give a full week review on AKARALI. I’ve literally just left the gym for morning session and I feel amazing. I’ve now been taking AKARALI as I said for four weeks and I can’t stress enough how my power, focus, strength has all increased.

You see, only supplement that I’ve actually added to my daily stack.

So for about a year or so I’ve been taking my protein mixed with turmeric, ginger, sea moss, matcha Japanese green tea with my vitamins and mineral stack.

The only thing I’ve added or change to that diet is adding AKARALI and I could only notice that I am really not a morning person and waking up in the morning is just second to none.

It’s so easy. It’s just a breeze.

And obviously as I said my focus and strength and everything else is through the roof which I can only accredit to AKARALI.

Now I don’t know if it’s because of the way that they harvest or process their product or if it’s because of the freeze-dried root extract but the product is amazing.

And if you haven’t already tried it, I would suggest that you do because it really has changed my life and help me discover things about myself. 

If you haven’t tried it already or you want to try it, DHL would literally have it to you within a couple of days so that’s my 4-week review and I can tell you honestly, I feel really incredible.

So give it a go, thanks for listening and have a great day.

Parting Thoughts

This Tongkat Ali review reminds you that Tongkat Ali can be used as part of your nutrition plan and complement perfectly with your existing health stack.

It mixes well with Maca too!

James now is a strong believer of Tongkat Ali, and he has been using it for close to 8 weeks now, incorporating religiously into his daily supplements along with his regimented workouts.

There are many benefits from Tongkat Ali as it widely used as sports nutrition and performance ingredient in recent years.

It is regarded as safe without any side effects provided you follow the recommended dosage (refer to our dosage guide for details)

Forget about Red Bull. This Tongkat Ali really gives you wings.

James Goodman, Essex, UK

Body transformation is just part of a small story from thousands of other customers’ reviews on Tongkat Ali.

Complement your health stack with Tongkat Ali and add more gains to your workouts.

Get in shape and gain more.

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

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