Tongkat Ali Dosage: Guide on Daily Dose & Maximum Limit

Here is a complete dosage guide for first-time users and existing Tongkat Ali users. Learn more about the daily recommended Tongkat Ali dosage for men and women, the maximum limit, how to maximize your dosage intake, and the potential side effects of consuming a higher dose.

The optimal Tongkat Ali dosage provides the best health gains whilst incorrect dosage may lead to poor gains or even unexpected side effects. 

So, how much Tongkat Ali should I take daily? And what is the recommended dose?

The Ministry of Health Malaysia recommends 50 mg to 100 mg of Tongkat Ali daily. Meanwhile, acccording to, “Tongkat Ali is appeared to be safe in doses of 200mg to 400mg per day”.

Tongkat Ali is appeared to be safe between 200mg to 400mg per day

Whilst there is no official recommended dosage for Tongkat Ali, the general consensus based on various clinical trials and studies showed Tongkat Ali is generally safe when consumed between 150mg to 600mg continuously for 4 weeks or longer duration up to 12 to 24 weeks.

But what is the ideal Tongkat Ali dosage if you need to gain more, or if you have specific health goals like building muscle mass, or improving libido?

In this article, we shall cover how to consume the right dosage to deliver the optimal gains that you desire and maximize the full potential benefits from Tongkat Ali.

General Dosage Guide

The general Tongkat Ali dosage guide is for those seeking to revitalize overall health, or if you have no specific health goals.

Young Men: 20 – 39 years

Min: 100mg daily

Max: 200mg daily

Mid Aged Men: 40 – 59 years

Min: 200mg daily

Max: 600mg daily

Aging Men: 60 – 79 years

Min: 200mg daily

Max: 400mg daily

Get the optimal dosage guide for men here

Young Women: 20 – 39 years

Min: 50mg daily

Max: 200mg daily

Mid Aged Women: 40 – 59 years

Min: 100mg daily

Max: 200mg daily

Aging Women: 60 – 79 years

Min: 100mg daily

Max: 200mg daily

Get the optimal dosage guide for women here

The recommended daily dosage for Tongkat Ali is between 150mg to 200mg per day for healthy adults above 18 years of age.

  • The minimum effective dose: 150mg daily
  • The maximum recommended dose: 600mg daily
  • Can be consumed daily, before or after meal
  • Can be consumed with interval weekly breaks.


  • Most clinical trials are based on continuous consumption of Tongkat Ali between four to twelve weeks.
  • You can consume with one week OFF and one week ON cycle (i.e alternate weeks). 
  • View our Tongkat Ali cycling guide.

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Tongkat Ali Dosage For Specific Heatlh Objectives

If you have specific health goals such as improving libido, increasing testosterone, building more muscles and strength, then you may use the following dosage as a refrence guide.

A health-focused Tongkat Ali dosage is tailored to ensure more consistent gains in specific areas. This allows you to monitor for any noticeable gains based on your health objectives or goals.

Here is a quick dosage guide:

  1. For bodybuilding: 400mg – 600mg daily
  2. For lean muscle development: 200mg – 400mg daily
  3. For sports and anaerobic exercises: 200mg to 400mg daily 
  4. For erection: 200mg to 400mg daily
  5. For sperm motility & concentration: 200mg daily
  6. For testosterone: 200mg – 400mg daily 
  7. For cortisol: 200mg daily
  8. For the immune system: 100mg – 200mg daily


  • Optimal gains from the above dosage guide are supplemented with regular exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Most clinical trials are based on continuous consumption of Tongkat Ali between four to twelve weeks.
  • You can consume with one week OFF and one week ON cycle (i.e alternate weeks). More guide on OFF/ON cycle in this article.

Download Tongkat Ali dosage guide to optimize your gains and achieve your health goals.

Should I cycle Tongkat Ali?

Based on the 200mg daily dose mentioned by Dr. Andrew Huberman from Huberman Labs, he added that he does not cycle Tongkat Ali. It means he takes Tongkat Ali daily within the recommended dosage without an OFF and ON cycle. However, users reported better gains when applying a 4-week ON and 1-week OFF cycle.

When to apply Tongkat Ali cycling:

  • When you need to optimize your gains or when you need to achieve your desired results.
  • Suitable for amateur or professional bodybuilders, athletes or anyone looking to optimize their health goals.

Types of Tongkat Ali cycle:

  • 4 weeks on and 1 week off
  • 3 months on and 1 month off

Note: For bodybuilders, athletes, competitive sports or if you want to maximize your gains, you can consider adjusting your dosage as follows:

  • Week 1 – Week 4:  200 mg/day taken 1 hour before workouts 
  • Week 5: OFF Day (0 mg/day)
  • Week 6: Repeat the above cycle (by increasing daily dosage up by 100mg, if needed, or until desired effects are achieved)

How long should you cycle Tongkat Ali?

  • Dr. Kyle Gillett, MD, a hormone optimization expert recommends cycling Tongkat Ali with 11 months on, and 1 month off.
  • He added that those taking Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis combo should ideally cycle with 3 weeks on, and 1 week off.

Note on Tongkat Ali cycle:

  • Ideally must be accompanied by regular exercises.
  • OFF and ON cycle enables your hormones to have more time to adjust and gain full effect from Tongkat Ali bioactive ingredients (eg: quassinoids from eurycomanone, alkaloids).

Tongkat Ali cycling of 11 months on and 1 month off is pretty reasonable

How much Tongkat Ali should I take per day?

Based on 30 human research studies from 2012-2023, the effective Tongkat Ali dosage on human health is between 200mg to 400mg daily. As Tongkat Ali is a dietary supplement rather than a prescription drug, there has been no recommended dosage by healthcare professionals or nutritionists.

According to research expert Dr. Annie George from Biotropics, most human clinical studies on Tongkat Ali are based on a daily dosage of 200mg to 400mg. This suggests 250mg to 300mg is relatively safe for healthy adults. 

Although there are many Tongkat Ali brands sold in the US  that recommend 600mg to 1,000mg Tongkat Ali daily, but you may not require a higher dose of Tongkat Ali to achieve your health goals.

The truth is, a higher dose of Tongkat Ali may not be necessary once you understand the relationship between dosage, potency and efficacy.

If you are taking a potent Tongkat Ali hot water extract, a lower dosage of 400mg of Tongkat Ali may deliver the same effects as taking a higher dose of 1,000mg of Tongkat Ali (using ethanol-based extract).

What is the effective Tongkat Ali dosage?

The effective dosage of Tongkat Ali for an adult weighing 75kg is between 200mg to 400mg daily and overweight adults may require higher dosage of more than 400mg to gain its full effects. However, chronic dosing is not recommended for obese or overweight adults to avoid exceeding toxicity limits.

Is Tongkat Ali dosage dependent on a person’s body weight?

Yes, Tongkat Ali dosage and efficacy are generally dependent on the person’s total body weight. A higher dosage may be required for those who has a higher weight. However, more Tongkat Ali studies are required to assess weight-based dosing strategies vis-à-vis its efficacy and effects on health.

Should I increase my Tongkat Ali dosage?

You may increase Tongkat Ali dosage if you are overweight or if you are chasing health goals that should ideally be accompanied by a regular workout regime, training, and a set of healthy diet.

Sports amateurs or pro athletes are taking 400mg to 1,000mg of Tongkat Ali daily dosage to achieve short-term goals such as increased stamina, faster lean muscle growth or accelerated fat-burn. 

It is advisable to consult your doctor or healthcare professional before consuming or increasing Tongkat Ali dosage to avoid any adverse side effects.

What is a dosage-optimized Tongkat Ali supplement?

A potent dosage-optimized Tongkat Ali supplement is formulated with an optimal dose of 200mg of pure Tongkat Ali root per capsule that enables you to gain the most health benefits across a wide range of applications and health goals. 

From a pharmacological standpoint, dosage-optimized Tongkat Ali supplements are the most effective due to their higher efficacy that is tested in human clinical trials.

Tongkat Ali Dosage: Bodybuilding, sports amateurs and semi-professional athletes.

The optimal Tongkat Ali dosage for bodybuilding, anaerobic sports such as MMA, boxing, cycling, running or body toning is between 100mg to 400mg daily.

The benefits of taking 100mg to 400mg of Tongkat Ali daily with exercises are clinically tested to work for both males and females who are active in sports.

For bodybuilding and weight training, semi-pro athletes are taking 800mg to 1000mg per day but users are cautioned against taking high dose of Tongkat Ali without consulting their healthcare profesisonals.

Tongkat Ali daily dosage

Number of test subjects

Research and Clinical Study Conducted by

Research Findings and outcomes from prescribed dosage




(men and women)

Dr. Shawn Talbott

Dr. Annie George

·       Improvement of testosterone levels



(men and women)

Dr. Ralf Henkel

Dr. Ismail Tambi

·       Improvement in muscle strength



(men and women)

Dr. Hamzah

Dr. A Yusof

·       Improvement of lean body mass

·       Reduction of body fat


Tongkat Ali Dosage For General Sports
Tongkat Ali Dosage For Body Transformation
  • If you are into body transformation, you may use 200mg-400mg daily coupled with weight training for improvements in fat-loss, strength and lean muscle development 
Tongkat Ali Dosage For Bodybuilding
  • There are many semi or professional bodybuilders who consume a high dose of Tongkat Ali between 600mg to 1,000mg daily with a weekly OFF / ON cycle in order to achieve rapid muscle gains.

Tongkat Ali Dosage: Men’s Libido, ED, Sperm Concentration & Motility

According to men’s health expert Dr Ismail Tambi, the safe Tongkat Ali daily dosage for men’s libido and fertility is between 200mg – 300mg daily. However, a higher dosage of 400mg works for men weighing 100kg and above.

This optimal Tongkat Ali dosage of 200mg daily for libido is based on clinical studies on men with mild Erectile Dysfunction (ED) symptoms and aging males diagnosed with androgen deficiency (or known as hypogonadism).

Tongkat Ali daily dosage

Number of test subjects

Clinical Study Conducted by

Research findings from prescribed dosage





(men and women)

Dr. Jay K Udani

Dr. Annie George

Dr. Michael Pakdaman


Improvement in erection time, sperm concentration and motility


View Research





Dr. Alice Erwig

Dr. Melissa Carvalho

Dr. Andriea Pelegrini


Improvement in Erectile Dysfunction in Androgen Deficiency of Aging Males (ADAM)


View Research






Dr. Shaiful Bahari

Dr. Annie George

Dr. Wan Zahiruddin


Improved sexual libido, sperm motility and semen volume


View Research



Consumers reported that a 200 mg daily dosage of Tongkat Ali is sufficient to cause a better erection. However, this depends largely on the level of androgen or testosterone in your body.

If you are above 65 and diagnosed with low testosterone or androgen deficiencies, you may need a higher dosage between 200mg to 400mg daily between 6 to 12 weeks to notice any improvements.

Andrew Huberman's Tongkat Ali Dosage

According to Dr. Andrew Huberman, he recommended 400mg Tongkat Ali daily and this was widely referenced as the optimal daily dosage for those seeking a significant testosterone boost. However, the amount you should take depends on your age, weight and presen health conditions.

Anytime I’ve taken more than 400mg per day, I don’t feel good.

However, consuming a higher dosage of Tongkat Ali may not translate to better results. In his latest video, Dr. Andrew Huberman reported that he was “not feeling good” after taking more than 400mg of Tongkat Ali per day.

Exceeding the 400mg daily dose may cause other unwanted mild effects such as feeling jittery or even nausea. Whilst Dr. Andrew Huberman is not a medical doctor, his view of Tongkat Ali dosage is often widely accepted by users and health coaches.


Higher dosage:

Get more information before consuming Tongkat Ali in higher doses.

Can I take 1000 mg Tongkat Ali?

It is not recommended to take 1,000mg of Tongkat Ali daily unless there is a reason to do so. For instance, to achieve specific health goals if you are involved in professional bodybuilding or sports.

Most Tongkat Ali studies related to body transformation, and competitive sports are based on 400mg daily consumption of Tongkat Ali over a period of 4 to 24 weeks.

Should I consume more than 1000 mg of Tongkat Ali?

It is not recommended to consume more than 1,000mg of Tongkat Ali daily despite many Tongkat Ali products out there prescribing a higher dosage of 1,000mg or 1,500mg.

In fact, please be wary of such recommendations as it could mean the Tongkat Ali extract has lower potency or low level of bioactive ingredients as a result of low-quality extraction processes.

Please note that Tongkat Ali is not a medicinal drug and a higher dosage from a less potent Tongkat Ali may not translate to higher gains or better health benefits.

For instance, 200mg of a potent Tongkat Ali contains a higher amount of bioactive ingredients compared to a 1,000mg of Tongkat Ali with a low concentrated extract.

Hot-water freeze-dried standardized extract offers higher potency. It means you need between 200mg – 400mg daily dose of Tongkat Ali to deliver optimal gains based on your health goals.

Side effects: High dosage

What happens if you consume more than 1,000mg of Tongkat Ali?

You may experience mild insomnia, higher anxiety, irritability or jittery or even nausea if you consume more than 1,000 mg of Tongkat Ali or higher dose. Some have a higher tolerance to alkaloids and a higher dose of Tongkat Ali will not yield any side effects.

If you have mild or undiagnosed insomnia, or difficulties sleeping, consuming 1000mg or more will worsen the conditions or symptoms associated with a sleeping disorder.

It is recommended to stop consuming Tongkat Ali immediately, or lower your dose to 100mg to 200mg daily should you experience any of the symptoms or side effects from higher doses of Tongkat Ali.

Learn more about the short-term and long-term side effects of Tongkat Ali below.

Maximum Toxicity Limit

What is the maximum Tongkat Ali dosage?

The maximum toxicity limit of Tongkat Ali dosage in a single serving on an adult human (100kg) is 30,000mg. This maximum toxicity limit is defined by the Lethal Dose 50 (LD50), a measure used in pharmacology and toxicity studies.

An acute toxicity study found that the oral Lethal Dose 50 (LD50) of an ethanol-based Tongkat Ali extract on animals is between 1500-2000 mg/kg bodyweight, while the oral LD50 of the water-based Tongkat Ali extract is higher than 3000 mg/kg bodyweight.

Consuming more than 30,000mg of Tongkat Ali in a single dose can be highly toxic to humans and may cause death.

*Note :

  • LD50 stands for Lethal Dose 50%, or median lethal dose, measured by most toxicity studies.
  • LD50 is the amount of a chemical required to cause death in 50% of the animals or humans in the group it is tested on.
  • The LD50 is expressed in milligrams per kilogram (mg / kg) of body weight.
  • The figures are measured when the chemical is given orally, when it is applied to the skin, or when it is injected into the animal. The results of these tests can then be converted into figures for humans based on average adult weight.


Regardless of the dosage, Tongkat Ali is not recommended and never to be consumed if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Children below 18 years of age
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • Chronic Heart Disease
  • Diagnosed or undiagnosed cancer
  • Positive COVID-19 with Category 4 or 5
  • Chronic insomnia or diagnosed with any form of mental health disorder
  • Mild to chronic allergies to alkaloids, quassinoids, glycosaponin, or caffeine
  • If you have undergone major surgery or an organ transplant in the last 365 days

Incorrect dosage and side effects

Consuming Tongkat Ali at high dosages may cause acute and severe side effects such as recurring headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Incorrect dosage may occur if you are diagnosed with medical conditions.

Please refer to the list of common side effects below and consult your healthcare professional before consuming Tongkat ali or if you observe any symptoms related to the side effects.


Tongkat Ali Dosage

Get the best help and answers on Tongkat Ali dosage. Our team of medical experts, scientists and research analysts will assist with your inquiries within 24 hours.



The recommended daily dosage written in this article is based on research publications and clinical trials conducted by researchers, scientists and doctors. The content published on this website is for educational purposes and should not be viewed, read or seen as a prescription or any constitute any form of medical advice. Please consult your nearest healthcare professional or doctors before consuming Tongkat Ali or any products which contain Tongkat Ali. We will not be responsible if the prescribed daily dose is suitable for you, or your health, or if it causes any severe side effects that may jeopardize your existing or future state of health. For further information, kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist specializing in nutrition and natural wellness, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

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23 Responses

    1. Hi there, while some sites recommend 650-1300mg per day, we believe this higher dose was recommended because of less percentage of bioactive ingredients that are obtainable from the 1:100 Tongkat Ali extraction. With standardized proprietary Physta extraction resulting in a higher potency/efficacy, our recommended dosage is between 200mg – 400mg. This is based on significant improvements in multiple clinical trials using human test subjects (with Placebo group). For instance, the testosterone improvement has shown to increase significantly with different dosages – i.e when consuming 100mg, 200mg, and even 400mg daily.

      You may view the publication links to Tongkat Ali research findings here:

      1. Could you clarify further on what you have said please. I have found one of the few places that sell tongkat in the UK and their ratio is 100:1 proving 250mg of tongkat per single capsule.

        Am I right in thinking that 2 of these capsules would provide 500mg of tongkat?



        1. Hi Mathew, although technically one may think that consuming 2 of the abovesaid capsules would equate to 500mg of Tongkat Ali, the efficacy of it largely depends on the level of eurycomanone and other bioactive ingredients. Some Tongkat Ali products may claim to have 250mg of Tongkat Ali per capsule, but the actual fact is that the amount of pure Tongkat Ali is mixed with maltodextrin, etc. There are few links below if you need to read more about finest quality of Tongkat Ali, extraction method, etc.

          1. Hi.

            I was buying it from peak supps but they no longer supply it so I use power body supplements now.

  1. You make a comment about not using Tongkat Ali if cancer has been diagnosed or undiagnosed in a person. What are the risks if cancer is detected while using this product?

    1. I have just purchased some capsules on, on there it says serving size 1-2 capsules, 200mg recommended daily dosage. I have checked your website aswell but nowhere can i find how much 1 capsule contains, does 1 capsule = 200mg or 2 capsules =200mg?

      1. Hi Faisal, it is 200mg per capsule. It is stated 200mg on the product page, but we have to spell out clearly that each capsule contains 200mg.

    1. The recommended Tongkat Ali dosage is based on daily consumption. You may consume 200mg – 400mg all at once, but it is highly recommended to consume it gradually throughout the day. This allows the body to process and absorb the bioactive ingredients from Tongkat Ali more efficiently. The key effectiveness from any herbal supplement is consistent gradual consumption rather than one-off large volume consumption. We hope that provides clarity on how best to optimize Tongkat Ali usage.

  2. Why isnt tongkat recommended for people w/ insomnia ?

    Why is an on/off cycle recommended when most of the studies have been on daily use ?

    1. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia, then Tongkat Ali may not be suitable for you as it contains alkaloids (i.e the same substance found in caffeiene). That may result in mild side effects such as inability to sleep easily, or some level of jittery feeling (similar feeling to taking a cup of strong coffee). As of the OFF / ON cycle, Tongkat Ali is most effective when used continuously for a period of 4 to 12 weeks. Most clinical trials on Tongkat Ali is based on daily use for a prolonged period.

    1. Tongkat Ali potency is measured not by the extraction ratio (i.e 200:1, or 100:1 or even 500:1). The extraction method is vital to determine the level of potency and efficacy in delivering the required benefits. The best Tongkat Ali extract is the standardized extract which guarantees the level of bioactive ingredients for each batch of Tongkat Ali extract produced. You may learn more about Tongkat Ali potency and efficacy here:

  3. Hi, can I take tongkat if I suffer from anxiety? I’m on tablets Avanza 30mg once daily at night.
    Further to my message I train twice a day and also an athlete, been looking for a natural product for awhile.

    1. Hi there, yes you can take Tongkat Ali if you suffer from anxiety. Tongkat Ali improves cortisol and increases dopamine. However, please monitor any adverse or negative reaction from Tongkat Ali.

  4. I followed recommended tongkat ali dosage by Dr. Huberman and it worked pretty well. I took 200mg (1 capsule) of AKARALI tongkat ali which i bought recently, and it gave me a moderate increase of libido. But when i changed my dosage to 400mg, it went from moderate to beyond my expectations. My libido skyrocketed every morning, and I when i did my blood test two weeks ago, my free testosterone improved by 145%. I took Tongkat Ali with multivitamins on the side and i keep myself fit with 4 days of cardio every week. Knowing tongkat ali dosage makes a lot of difference to your testosterone. Best to keep it between 200mg to 400mg daily.

  5. Hi everyone! Need some answers here. Various articles mentioned that the ideal Tongkat Ali daily dosage for improved ED is around 200mg? what happens if you take 600mg daily? I bought akarali recently and the recommended dosage is 200mg, but I am 120kg. Does it have any libido effect on obesity? and should i change my daily dose to 600mg due to my weight? My friend told me Tongkat Ali is way safe and better than Viagra as a long-term solution for my ED problems provided you increase your dosage. Thoughts anyone?

    1. The recommended Tongkat Ali dosage for libido and ED is 400mg daily for a duration of 12 weeks. This dosage is ideally used together with Kegel exercises to get maximum libido effects from Tongkat Ali.

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