When To Use Tongkat Ali: Top situations that give you the best results

Tongkat Ali is used by all walks of life to revitalize health and clinically tested Tongkat Ali products may unlock more health benefits to give maximize your results.

Assuming you have considered all the top 10 things when buying Tongkat Ali, you may want to know how best to use Tongkat Ali.

Here is an article on when to use and how to use Tongkat Ali that will give you the best results.

But first, here is a quick overview.



Tongkat Ali can be used at any time of the day. But if you want to optimize your Tongkat Ali usage, then you may follow our guide here:


When is the best time to use Tongkat Ali?
  • The best time to consume Tongkat Ali is in the early morning as it may help to revitalize and energize your day.
  • It is recommended to consume Tongkat Ali after morning meals or after dinner.
  • If you are wanting to stay awake for your night shifts, you may take 200mg of Tongkat Ali at around 9am, or 2 cups of Tongkat Ali coffee.

Note: There are many situations where you can reap the most benefit from Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali helps people in challenging situations or those exposed to physically demanding jobs, keeping them energized and mentally strong.

Knowing how to use Tongkat Ali

The best way to use Tongkat Ali is to know when to use various types of Tongkat Ali products to help you in various situations. Here are 3 types of Tongkat Ali products that can deliver the best results.

1. Tongkat Ali Supplement

Tongkat Ali supplement comes in tablet, capsule or loose powder form and is used regularly as a dietary supplement for short-term and long-term consumption for optimal results. 

Tongkat Ali supplements are used with a regular OFF / ON cycle to gain the most benefits by maintaining tolerance and threshold.

2. Tongkat Ali Coffee

Tongkat Ali coffee is used daily for early mornings, or as pre-workouts, and to stay awake during work hours or night shifts.  Tongkat Ali coffee offers many health benefits that are enjoyed by all walks of life.

3. Tongkat Ali Effervescent

Tongkat Ali effervescent is used if you seek faster absorption of Tongkat Ali bioactive ingredients, offers better hydration and it is gentle on the stomach too. An ideal companion for sports enthusiasts wanting an immediate boost to maintain peak anaerobic performance.

When to Use Tongkat Ali

You may use Tongkat Ali supplement at any time of the day regardless of whether you are sedentary or active.

Tongkat Ali complements your work productivity and daily activities, lifestyle, diet and exercises.

If you are a first-time Tongkat Ali user, our guide will help you to decide better when to use Tongkat Ali.

🔎 Summary: When Best To Use Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is best used in the following situations:

  1. when you want a performance and energy boost from your sports activities
  2. when you need to stay alert on night shifts
  3. when you need to survive long hours at work
  4. when you are feeling under the weather
  5. when you are sad and feeling despair
  6. when you need the energy to perform heavy-duty tasks
  7. when Viagra is no longer a long-term solution
  8. when you are old and weak.

When You Want a Boost from Your Sports Activities

Sports demand the constant flow of nutrition and hormones in your blood to get the best outcomes. Tongkat Ali is best used if you need an instant boost during your workouts or constant stamina (i.e endurance) to fuel your sports activities.

Whether you are an avid gym goer, a sports amateur, or just starting our on your fitness journey, Tongkat Ali complements well creatine protein powder, green tea and most common health stacks. It is akin to adding an additive to deliver extra firepower to your workouts.

The truth is, Tongkat Ali has become one the most popular sports supplements in recent years due to the improved stamina, muscular strength and anaerobic performance.

Taken as a pre-workout and post workout, this makes Tongkat Ali functionally better and more effective than anabolic steroid.

In short, Tongkat Ali is suitable for the following sports:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Calisthenics
  • Weight Training
  • Bodybuilding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Ironman
  • Hiking

Many are taking 200mg to 400mg of Tongkat Ali to get that instant energy an hour before workouts. It can be used daily to maintain peak sports performance, measured in Peak Anaerobic Output.

You will gain more distance in running, more laps if you are swimming, and probably do more reps!

When You Need to Stay Alert During Night Shifts

Are you working odd hours or night shifts? Or does your work demand you to stay wide alert during evening until midnight?

A highly potent Tongkat Ali supplement is best used by night shift workers to restore that lost energy and hormonal balance. Most night shift workers experience a reduction in testosterone and hormonal imbalance as their circadian rhythms are severely disrupted during night shifts.

Some night shift workers prefer taking Tongkat Ali coffee to gain the benefits from caffeine and a boost of energy from Tongkat Ali. There are many benefits of Tongkat Ali coffee to help you to stay awake during your night shifts.

Tongkat Ali is the best supplement for the following occupations:

  • A nurse or doctor on regular night shifts or in ER
  • A fireman on constant alert
  • A police officer doing night patrols
  • A security officer or doormen
  • A truck driver on late night shifts
  • An ambulance driver
  • Oil-rig workers
  • Emergency response team members
  • Pilots
  • Airport workers
  • Journalists
  • Miners
  • Military or navy officers

The importance of taking herbal supplements for selected occupations and those doing night shifts (or staying up late) is crucial for long term vitality.

Studies on 20-49 year old night shift workers showed a decrease in testosterone and increased risk of breast cancer in women. For men, low testosterone resulting in low sperm count and erectile dysfunction for men.

Testosterone levels of male night shift workers might be negatively impacted due to chronic disruption of their circadian rhythm.

It is common for shift workers to fall victim to these disruptions. And unfortunately, for both men and women, the result of low testosterone means disrupting the sex hormones too.

Most night shift workers take Tongkat Ali to improve testosterone significantly, with studies reporting gains between 50% to up to 581%.

So if you are nurse, firemen or policer officer making your night patrols, then Tongkat Ali is the best supplement to keep you energized, awake and restore your hormonal balance.

When you need to survive long hours at work

Do you work long hours in the office? Or do you feel sluggish and constantly need 3-4 cups of coffee to survive long hours at the office?

If you hate the after-effects of caffeine withdrawals, you may consider taking Tongkat Ali coffee, or Tongkat Ali supplement to sustain your mental focus.

Tongkat Ali is best used when:

  • you are working or spending long hours in the office
  • your work demands constant mental focus, clarity and strength (eg: long meetings & discussions)
  • you are working in a stressful high-octane work environment (startups, meeting crazy targets)
  • you are struggling to keep awake after the afternoon crash (eg: after lunch)

If you work in a corporate advisory, in a Minister’s office, as an accountant, lawyer and even a forex trader, Tongkat Ali is a herbal supplement that keeps you energized and focused.

Now this is a shocking truth, but studies have shown that white-collar occupations have lower testosterone than blue-collar workers.

And that provides a strong case for taking Tongkat Ali as a daily supplement.

Most of low-testosterone is due to the accumulated effect of passive physical activities and stress. Most office workers spend hours sitting and glued on their laptops.

There is also that buildup of stress from office environment that affects your testosterone and cortisol hormones. Accumulated work stress is often misdiagnosed and underappreciated.

Tongkat Ali helps to reduce stress by reducing cortisol (i.e stress hormone) and increasing dopamine (happy hormone). In fact, several studies on humans showed positive effect of Tongkat Ali in reducing tension, anger, confusion and cognitive stress.

When You are Feeling Under the Weather

Use Tongkat Ali when you are feeling under the weather. It helps to boost your immune system against cold, flu or other viral infections.

For common cold, Tongkat Ali may perform better than Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is reported to be less profound and less effective against the common flu. Moving away from Vitamin C to herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali may work better to promote stronger immune system.

Data shows that vitamin C is only marginally beneficial when it comes to the common cold

A study on Tongkat Ali by the Institute for Health and Life Science in Japan showed higher CD4+ T-cells, Lymphocytes, Naive T-cells, and other T-cells found in the group of test participants who consumed Tongkat Ali after 12 weeks.

The study further concludes that Tongkat Ali has strong anti-inflammatory and immunology properties that may enhance your immune system.

In short, Tongkat Ali is the best alternative to Vitamin C as recent studies showed a profound impact to protect our immune system.

When You are Sad and Feeling Despair

Have you been prescribed to Xanax whenever you feel distress, depressed or sad?

Unfortunately, we live in an overmedicated society and capitalism where insurance and pharmaceutical companies are working closely together.

The reality is, taking Xanax will make your depression even worse. There are many side effects of Xanax that prompt consumers to seek herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali is a growing alternative to Xanax. Tongkat Ali helps to regulate stress by reducing cortisol (i.e stress hormone) and increasing dopamine (happy hormone). It may take time to work, but the improvement is gradual and noticeable if you are taking potent Tongkat Ali products.

Tongkat Ali works best to mitigate the following situations, or if you are:

  • Experiencing mild stress or sadness
  • You are feeling empty and despair
  • You are feeling demotivated due to unknown reasons
  • You are not in the mood due to start your day, or to complete your tasks
  • You are experiencing post-natal depression


  • If your body gets used to taking Xanax, you may build up a tolerance. It means that you no longer get the same effect or benefits as when you started using Xanax.
  • However, if you are experiencing chronic depression disorder other diagnosed with any mental illness, then Tongkat Ali may not be suitable for you.

Tongkat Ali is the best herbal supplement alternative that performs better than Xanax if you are feeling depressed, sad or unmotivated.

When You Want To Wake Up Feeling Inspired & Energized

If you are not a morning person or you struggle to get up from bed, then taking Tongkat Ali the night before is probably the best solution.

Or you may try taking 2 cups of Tongkat Ali coffee or Tongkat Ali effervescent drink in the morning after breakfast for a change.

Although our testosterone is at its peak in the morning for most people, you could have a lower-than-average testosterone depending on your lifestyle.

For instance, if you had a couple of drinks the night before, alcohol may cause a rapid reduction in testosterone and a spike in cortisol – both of which result in hangover symptoms.

Tongkat Ali is used as a herbal remedy to cure hangover symptoms, as it reduces your cortisol levels the next day.

So, do try Tongkat Ali and experience the effects instantly!

When You Need Extra Energy For Heavy Duty Tasks

Now, Tongkat Ali benefits builders, nightshift workers and other heavy-duty jobs that demand physical effort and constant energy to complete their daily tasks.

Whilst heavy-duty jobs demand more energy and a constant supply of high testosterone to fuel your day, there will be days you feel lethargic or run out of steam to complete your tasks.

It happens a lot as you age and this has to do with your hormones not working to their optimum levels.

As a result, you need a good diet and dietary supplements to keep you going. Tongkat Ali enables you to complete your tasks more efficiently, whilst improving your work productivity.

Tongkat Ali really made an impact to boost my energy during emergencies and incidents.


Tongkat Ali is the perfect energy-boosting supplement for the following occupations:

  • Builders
  • Underwater divers
  • Upstream Oil & Gas engineers & technicians
  • Shipbuilders
  • Mining workers
  • Baggage handlers
  • Factory operators
  • Heavy machinery operators
  • Storekeepers
  • Warehouse operators


When your body requires that extra energy, you may find the best Tongkat Ali coffee provide more than just an instant caffeine boost, but that sustained energy from Tongkat Ali’s bioactive ingredients (eg: eurycomanone)

But if you need long-term solution and constant energy, potent Tongkat Ali supplement is known for its anabolic properties that bring you added stamina, muscle strength and endurance.

This works out the same way when you consume Tongkat Ali to enhance sports performance! 

When Viagra Is No Longer a Long-Term Solution

Many are switching to Tongkat Ali to improve men’s fertility and libido in recent years. And if you are using Tongkat Ali to replace or supplement your daily Viagra intake, then you may be making the right choice.

Viagra is never meant to be a long-term solution for ED, or men’s fertility. Studies have shown that sildenafil does not improve sperm motility, sperm count or concentration.

In fact, you only need Viagra when you need to perform in bed. If you are dependent on Viagra, its adverse side effects may be detrimental to your health. 

With more than 2,500 reported cases of Viagra side effects and 1,000 lawsuits, Tongkat Ali is a better choice if you had been living with Viagra for a long term.

It is time to switch to natural viagra to avoid long-term complications.

The truth is, there are more reported cases on Viagra side-effects with 82% higher chance of getting cancer.

With 2,580 reported cases on Viagra vs. zero reported cases on Tongkat Ali, there is a clear winner here.

However, in order to manage your expectations when using Tongkat Ali, please make sure you read more on the mechanism of actions and differences between Viagra and Tongkat Ali.

When you are old and weak

Tongkat Ali is best used when you are entering old age, coupled with healthy food and exercise.

Exercise, diet and supplements are key ingredients for a healthy life as we age gracefully. 

As you hit above 60 or 70, your androgen levels are their lowest and your hormones affects key functions of your endocrine system.

Testosterone deficiency in aging males is associated with the loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, decreased cognitive ability, lethargy, osteoporosis, and loss of muscle mass and strength.

This may explain why most men and women feel weak after 70. But those who consistently take Tongkat Ali when they are in their 30s and 40s, the long term consumption may benefit them in the longer run.

Tongkat Ali benefits older men and women, with clinical studies performed on 60-70 years of age with androgen deficiencies. Here is one a Tongkat Ali study performed on 102 males between 57-70 years of age using 200mg of Tongkat Ali daily.

Tongkat Ali helps older men and women restore their testosterone and other hormones by working on the adrenal and pituitary glands.

With proven benefits to revitalize health, Tongkat Ali is an ideal testosterone booster for you, or your parents to keep them feeling alive and energized.

Do check out the compilation of scientific evidence behind Tongkat Ali’s effect on testosterone on how it may benefit older men and women.

What Tongkat Ali does to you?

What Tongkat Ali does to you is giving you a new meaning to life – driven by a newfound energy and mental clarity that are beyond words. You will feel more energetic to take on life challenges, living you more positive and less stress.

If you are less active and seeking a daily supplement to revitalize your health, or make you feel better, than Tongkat Ali may provide you the best results to your daily needs.

A large part of this is attributed by Tongkat Ali’s mechanism of action by regulating your hormones and your endocrine system to work to its fullest potential.

Here is a glimpse of how Tongkat Ali revitalizes daily lives of people in the UK.  

@akarali_tongkatali This is what Tongkat Ali herb does to you! Its for everyone, men and women too! #herbalsupplement #libido #testosteronebooster #womenslibido #endocrine ♬ original sound - AKARALI

Parting Thoughts

Yes, Tongkat Ali is for everyone!

And there are many ways to get the best from Tongkat Ali. The secret is to know when to use it to get the best results. We have shared the best situations that make your Tongkat Ali experience worthwhile.

As Tongkat Ali is widely known to restore major hormones of your endocrine system, there is never the best time to take Tongkat Ali. 

However, if Tongkat Ali did not work on you, here are nine possible reasons why it may not work on selected groups of people. And don’t get forget to check out our tips on how to get the best results from Tongkat Ali.

Our personal recommendation is to treat Tongkat Ali as a regular daily supplement to prevent aging symptoms that can impair your health.

Make Tongkat Ali your daily supplement and see how it transforms your body, mind and soul.

Till then, take care and enjoy your best moments with Tongkat Ali.


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