Tongkat Ali UK Review For Pro Athlete: 6 weeks Performance Test by Sprinter Khadaffi

Tongkat Ali has been long used in the UK as a food supplement, dating back from its first documented use by Scotsman William Jack in 1820. Modern day herbal extraction technologies like standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract has gained new grounds in the United Kingdom, reported to deliver higher potency and efficacy, especially for professional athletes, sprinters and body builders. 

This 6-week Tongkat Ali review goes deep into investigating Tongkat Ali’s real-world performance. We shall find out if Tongkat Ali boost sports performance, strength, energy and does it work for high-octane sports such as sprinting or short-distance running. 


For most professional athletes, the body is a temple, and providing it with the best nutrition from optimal diet and supplements is crucial for optimizing performance during training and actual race day. Adding dietary supplementation is pertinent for competitive runners, such as sprinters, where shaving off even a fraction of a second can significantly impact final times. 

But it’s not just performance on the track that matters, with consistent training and recovery being just as important to maintain peak form. 

Supplementation of Tongkat Ali enhances sports performance during training, and seen one of the most effective health stacks recommended by UK functional health coaches, and even for professional natural bodybuilders.

For pure sprinters, the gruelling competitive season can, in truth, be more like a marathon than anything else. In fact, numerous factors come into play, from managing fatigue as you approach the tail end of the season to building the optimal amount of leg muscles to sustain explosive anaerobic power off the blocks as well as maintaining good form for optimal endurance for professional athletes who trains 6 days a week.

Tongkat Ali Review: Professional Sprinter

Our Tongkat Ali reviewer is no other than Khadaffi Javeed, a young British professional athlete who represent Harrogate Harriers in 100 and 200 meters. With Nike sponsorship at hand, he competes in various leagues across the UK like the Northern League. 

Khadaffi trains hard 6 days a week, alternating between weight and strength training and plyometrics and various sprinting exercises on and off the track with his coaches Katie Joyce (pictured right), Jon Ireland (pictured far right) as well as his father and manager, Imran Javeed. 

With a local UK Nike sponsorship in hand (non-contract) as well as Nike UK brand ambassador and coach Ben Clare (pictured left) helping out with all of his training sessions, Khadaffi wants to shine as much as possible on the track.

According Katie, an expert in Sports and Exercise Science from Leeds Beckett University, watching Khadaffi’s athletic potential unfold has been nothing short of a joy to see. She underscored that her coaching philosophy is centred around unlocking such potential and helping each athlete under her guidance establish individual methods and systems that work for them. 

She says Khadaffi has cemented himself in this lifestyle and has committed to progress on all fronts, even cheekily praising him for his fancy protein shaker. 

On his progress with sprinting itself, Katie praises him for finding his groove in a sport that requires high levels of discipline and says that she’s proud to support him on his journey to be the best. 

In terms of unlocking his own potential further, and in a bid to boost his performance and optimize his body composition, Khadaffi turned to Applied Nutrition’s Tongkat Ali to give him an extra edge, but the results turned out to be inconsistent for his needs at best. 

Frustrated at its lacklustre benefits, he made the change from generic Tongkat Ali supplements to AKARALI’s pure, standardized hot-water root extract over a month ago. 

We were eager to speak to him to get his input on how big of a difference the switch has made in terms of helping with his training, recovery, mindset, as well as his performance on the track.

UK sprinters and athletes such as Khadaffi are switching to quality potent Tongkat Ali supplements to give the performance edge due to its natural and safe adaptogenic properties.

Tongkat Ali Interview: Reviewed and Tested

Please find the full interview excerpt with UK-based Khadaffi Javeed, sharing his full experience of taking Tongkat Ali after more than six weeks.

Reviewer Test Profile:

  • Name: Khadaffi Javeed
  • Age: 22
  • Country: Leeds, UK
  • Occupation: Professional Athlete (Sprinter) 
  • Tongkat Ali Daily dosage: 600mg Daily
  • Duration: 6 six weeks + 

Tongkat Ali Review Highlights: After Six Weeks

  1. Noticeable increase in anaerobic power during sprinting
  2. Significant boost in strength and energy during sprinting or when pushed to the edge
  3. Better post-workout recovery.
  4. Significant improvement in sleep quality and mood, feeling well-rested
  5. Constantly feeling great, filled with excitement and motivation during training.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (name, age, where you live, what you do for a living, etc), how you discovered Tongkat Ali, and what did you like about AKARALI?

I’m Khadaffi, 22, and a UK professional athlete – I sprint 100 and 200 meters, competing for my club Harrogate Harriers in various leagues across the UK for instance the Northern League. I’ve loved running for as long as I can remember – there’s this moment of pure zen when you’re in the middle of a sprint, like you’re one with your body and the track. It’s a sort of magic really. My goal has always been to be the best at sprinting and to try my absolute hardest to get to the top no matter the challenges or hurdles in the way! So, when I turned 19, I decided to go pro and the rest is history.

My journey with Tongkat Ali started by word out mouth, I’d heard it was an effective performance-enhancing supplement – some people even called it “legal steroids”. I was a bit sceptical, but decided to give it a go anyway, trying a UK Tongkat Ali brand I found online: Applied Nutrition. 

After finishing one bottle, I was pretty disappointed that there were no tangible results, despite the fact that it’s dosed at a whopping 1,200mg. Even my own mother was shocked at the dosage and disapproved. After doing some research online, I discovered that the average dose recommended for even serious athletes doesn’t exceed 600mg. That’s half what I was taking! 

This definitely set off alarm bells. In my head, I said to myself that if I’m going to be taking a supplement and spending money on it, I’m going to get myself the best out there – something that actually works. After hours of research, I discovered AKARALI. 

My first impression was that it was amazing to see this amount of effort put into this one plant. I just loved how transparent they are from documentation of use cases to their detailed reviews from real people who’ve benefitted from it. Even better, most of the claims are backed by clinical research. 

What was really great was that along with use cases, technical documentation on each step of the process, and clinical research, they also had comparisons to competitors and even recommended other brands for different use cases. 

I haven’t seen a company do this before mainly because most of them clearly just want you to buy their product and shove it down your throat instead of actually recommending something good for you plus tangible lifestyle changes to help the customer. This along with the consistent support and advice I got from them sealed the deal – I never looked back.

Do you engage in any sports or exercise? If yes, has Tongkat Ali benefitted your performance or endurance?

I train 6 days a week! Monday to Friday I do weight and strength training for my legs, upper body, and general cardio with some added rest days in. On Wednesdays I do speed endurance to help me build a base for my fitness as when it comes to 200M the end is where it can be the life or death. Fridays I work on my sprinting starts – being explosive out the blocks – and plyometrics; there are times I get annoyed by the rigid structure, as I honestly just want to run at a million miles per hour, but I trust my coach Katie to keep me reined in and grounded.

In fact, my work with both my coaches has been crucial to my sprinting career and for keeping me in peak form, they’ve really helped push me to be the best I can be, not to mention the consistent support and advice on and off the track. Jon Ireland is a seasoned legend in his own right, UK over-50s champion during his prime, so he knows exactly what it takes to win and stay consistent. 

Meanwhile, Katie Joyce’s determination and guidance has been nothing short of invaluable and an inspiration. She’s a great friend, only 23 herself and has gone through so much with Long COVID, so I know she can relate when it comes to setbacks to being an athlete at the top of your game. As a young coach, her willingness to experiment and her expertise in Sports and Exercise Science has helped me immensely with applying new bleeding edge techniques, utilizing the latest sports performance research on nutrition, as well as other theories to get the most out of my training. 

And, of course, I’d be nowhere today if it wasn’t for the support of my father and manager – Imran Javeed. He’s always been there and has been one of the most supportive people in my life who’s been more than happy to help and push me to reach for my dream of an Olympic Gold Medal! 

He was a bit sceptical of supplements and Tongkat Ali in general too, especially after what happened with Applied Nutrition, but I know he just wants me to be safe, happy, and healthy. What’s a dad if not someone who’s just looking out for your best interests, right? As my manager, he’s softened a bit now, though, after seeing the amazing support you guys have given me along with the detailed research, reviews, use cases, and knowing this is something I’m serious and passionate about.

As for the Tongkat Ali itself, I’ve been taking AKARALI consistently for 6 weeks every day (600mg) and I have seen a significant improvement in my sleep quality, mood, how much I can lift, and exert energy when it comes to sprinting. I occasionally even ask my coaches to push me a bit more in terms of endurance training to see how Tongkat Ali has helped – it hasn’t disappointed so far!

Do many people where you live (or people you know) know about Tongkat Ali? If yes, what do they think of it?

They were pretty sceptical about it at first, especially after the Applied Nutrition disappointment, but after I explained everything, everyone was on board and supportive. I told all my family and friends – a few purchased it too and are looking forward to it!

What makes AKARALI different to other Tongkat Ali products in your opinion?

There were lots of good descriptive use cases, with real world examples! I also appreciated their detailed explanations of potency supported by evidence from clinical trials. It’s all very transparent about what it does and was very easy to understand.

How long have you been using Tongkat Ali, do you cycle it or take it every day?

I’ve been using it every day for just over a month now, dosing at 600mg (3 capsules). I don’t see the need to cycle because I engage in pretty intense exercise 6 days a week. 

How does taking Tongkat Ali make you feel?

Happier and more optimistic! It’s a great feeling, like being filled with excitement and motivation at the same time. I also tend to find I can do anything without much worry at all. Feels like I can grab on to my dreams without any fuss or stress!

How do you think Tongkat Ali has benefitted you personally?

As an athlete, physical fitness is my top priority, so being able to build more muscle and reduce my recovery time has been fantastic. The improvements in my mood and sleep cycle have made my day-to-day life much lighter and more enjoyable.

How do you think Tongkat Ali has benefitted you professionally?

For my sprinting, it’s been a godsend! I’ve noticed increased speed and power coming off the blocks, with a noticeable increase in my anaerobic peak power. In sprinting, every second or half a second I can shave off my final time is crucial, so it’s been fantastic. I’ve also noticed better post-workout recovery and better sleep quality. I track all these metrics to ensure I’m heading in the right direction.

There have also been less measurable benefits like increased optimism, happiness, and motivation, which have been great for helping me cope with the pressure of expectations and bouncing back from setbacks. And this is only after over 6 weeks! Can’t wait to see how much better I can get after 12.

Have you noticed any improvements in your stress levels or ability to handle pressure (from work, life, etc) since incorporating Tongkat Ali into your routine?

Everything is easier to do – it’s like nothing is that deep anymore or stressful. I feel like I can get on with anything and really do anything.

Do you think Tongkat Ali can benefit others like yourself? If yes, what specific benefits would you highlight?

I think it can definitely benefit other athletes as well as young men. Though, I’d stress that it’s not some sort of miracle drug that will change your life without you putting the work in.

As someone who trains a lot, in physical terms, it helps with performance and recovery. One of the initial reasons I got it was to help with getting the ideal body composition, but it’s done so much more. It’s also been fantastic in terms of helping boost my mood and mindset – I generally feel like a stronger, happier, and more motivated person.

For the most part, I think it can be a key addition to a good training regimen – a strong supporting component that makes a meaningful difference when combined with the right lifestyle changes.

What are some things you’d like for people who haven’t tried Tongkat Ali to know?

That it’s not some kind of miracle herb that’ll give you superpowers in a week. It’s more like something that works over time to adapt (adaptogen) to your body and routine to give you great results, especially when taken consistently and combined with healthy lifestyle changes like regular exercise. Your hormones will be more optimized, you’ll feel lighter, happier, and less stressed. Just have fun with it and enjoy the process because, at the end of it, it’s all natural!

What was one surprising thing you noticed after taking Tongkat Ali?

Two things, actually – the amount of muscle growth with my weight and strength training and the increase in anaerobic peak power during sprinting and plyometrics!

In terms of performance-enhancing supplements, how does Tongkat Ali weigh up against other alternatives you may have tried?

I’ve tried other Tongkat Ali supplements, specifically from Applied Nutrition. It didn’t really work for me and the dosage was off the charts high! At the time I wasn’t aware of the idea of potency vs dosage, but after reading a post on the AKARALI blog I realised that 1,200mg is way higher than anything used in clinical trials, and the reason was that it’s probably not potent at all. 

After making the switch, I was blown away by how well just 200mg of potent Tongkat Ali worked and the dose of 600mg they recommended for a professional athlete like myself was just right and did the trick in no time at all.

What is your advice to others who have not tried Tongkat Ali?

Give it a try yourself to see if it works for you! Get yourself something pure, potent, and from the source like AKARALI and stick to it to see the best benefits. It’s plant-based, so it’s going to work a little differently for everyone. But generally, to see optimal benefits, I recommend combining it with regular exercise and good lifestyle changes brings out the best in it. 

If you’re an athlete like me and are able to log down all the data to see measurable improvements, that’s even better. But if not, just give it a try and stay consistent to see what a potent natural supplement and good lifestyle changes can bring you. The most important part is to not give up when it gets hard, keep pushing and stay consistent with whatever you do in life and – be happy!

Parting Words

We were very pleased to hear that Khadaffi experienced a marked difference after making the switch to AKARALI and that it has helped with his performance, recovery, and mood. As a professional athlete and someone who knows the ins and outs of his body much better the average person, this glowing review exemplifies the difference a potent, pure, and clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplement can make vs generic 200:1 non-standardized Tongkat Ali extract. 

From increasing his anaerobic peak power and building more lean muscle to enhancing his mood, motivation levels, and improving his sleep quality – the difference appears to be night and day, a similar experience reported in a four-week Tongkat Ali review by UK functional health coach AJ Brookes.

Clinical trials show that the Tongkat Ali benefits for active men mainly derive from its ability to boost testosterone levels, which can help with building lean muscle mass, boosting energy and endurance, and even supporting recovery. It also has cognitive benefits that can help improve mood, reduce stress, and boost motivation to give athletes a more optimistic winning mindset.

Khadaffi recommends that those who are interested in experiencing these benefits to try it for themselves and to seek out a potent and pure supplement, right from the source. He emphasizes that while it is a godsend for professional athletes like himself, regular people who do not drill down to the granular health data can also reap its benefits. Much like his training regimen, he says the most optimal results come from consistency and meaningful lifestyle changes, citing that these will help you best reap the benefits of standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract!

You can follow Khadaffi’s journey to Gold here on his Instagram, or check out his performance on Power of 10, or lend your support to his club Harrogate Harriers!

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