A British review and experience of Tongkat Ali: Tried & Tested

After more than 200 years since the first documented use of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) by British surgeon William Jack during his visit to Malaysia, we invited a British functional health expert to conduct a special review of Malaysian Tongkat Ali.

With UK Tongkat Ali brands such as Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali, British Supplements Tongkat Ali and many others, we look into and independent British review of Malaysian Tongkat Ali that is popular in Britain.

Learn more about what makes Malaysian Tongkat Ali popular in the UK, the manufacturing processes and which is the best Tongkat Ali in the UK that you should buy.


Our first UK Tongkat Ali review aims to provide better clarity, transparency and guidance to our British audience, and those who have not experienced Tongkat Ali before.

Born and raised in Greater London, Alexander Brookes (AJ) is a well-respected functional health coach who spends his time studying natural supplements as part of his health protocols.

His superhuman health protocol incorporates a holistic plan of balanced nutrition recommendations, exercises and supplementation in order to achieve optimal health for his clients.

For his inaugural visit to Malaysia, we invited him to review Tongkat Ali to assess the quality standards, harvesting techniques and whether Tongkat Ali supplements make a difference to health. The end goal is to assess the effectiveness and suitability of Tongkat Ali as a daily supplement as a part of his health optimization protocols.

Reviewing the best Tongkat Ali in the UK

Searching, reviewing and assessing the best Tongkat Ali for the UK market is not an easy task. In fact, the best Tongkat Ali in the UK should technically comply to the best pharmaceutical and herbal industry practices.

Before we get AJ to review the Tongkat Ali manufacturing and research activities, we invited AJ to spend his time in the remote rainforest of Malaysia to get a true taste of an authentic Tongkat Ali experience.

Our journey took us several hours on foot into the 100-million-year-old rainforests of Pahang to find wild mature Tongkat Ali plants.

AJ was given a good brief on the terrain, what to look out for and Tongkat Ali harvesting techniques by Malaysian indigenous people (known as Orang Asli) before we set our exploration to find the rare Tongkat Ali plants that are hidden away in the dense jungle of Malaysia.

According to many British top herbalists, the key to quality natural supplements such as Tongkat Ali lies in the source of where the plant was harvested. The source of quality ingredients is crucial in the development of the best Tongkat Ali in the UK you could possibly find.

For those who fancy buying Malaysian Tongkat Ali in the UK, here is a fun fact.

Tongkat Ali from Pahang and Perak rainforests were reported as one of the best locations to harvest quality Tongkat Ali plants and highly sought after by discerning British customers.

Rare handpicked mature Malaysian Tongkat Ali roots are indeed are more expensive than the young Indonesian Tongkat Ali roots which are found in the Sumatera and Kalimantan areas due to the quality of soil and higher level of bioactive compounds.

Many functional health coaches and herbalists agreed that single-origin Malaysian Tongkat Ali is highly sought after in the UK due to its high-quality harvesting techniques in a rich natural ecosystem that delivers consistent bioavailability.

Together with hot water extraction process, standardization and human clinical studies, discerning customers in the UK are now enjoying quality Tongkat Ali supplements compared to a decade ago.

First impression of Tongkat Ali

As we gathered the team at 8:00am, we gave AJ a capsule of AKARALI Tongkat Ali (200 mg) and a cup of AKARALI Tongkat Ali coffee (which contained 25mg of Tongkat Ali) for the first time. 

With all the muscle aches from the Tongkat Ali exploration through the dense rainforests of Malaysia, the goodwill gesture was a good start as we wanted to put Tongkat Ali to the real test on a person who never tried a potent Tongkat Ali supplement before.

This was his initial impression after 15 minutes of taking Tongkat Ali.

“I am completely blown away. I felt my energy going through the roof and I feel sharp. There is a sense of clarity in my mind. Is this even real?”

Not only AJ was feeling ecstatic and euphoric after taking a cup of Tongkat Ali coffee and a 200 mg of Tongkat Ali capsule that morning, but he was highly engaged throughout the 5-hour factory visit.

There was no doubt that he absorbed all the technical and medical knowledge of Tongkat Ali like a sponge. Quite evidently, he performed well in all the mental gymnasts and questions thrown at him.

Our team suspected that Tongkat Ali reduced his brain fog as he was definitely on point when sharing his thoughts and asking the relevant questions that even surprised the scientists.

We were skeptical that it was due to Tongkat Ali effects, as he had few hours of sleep the night before and an hour of intense weight training workout at 6:30am on the same day.

AJ was candid on his initial reaction after taking Tongkat Ali and he added, “This Tongkat Ali experience is just surreal for me”

Authenticity of Tongkat Ali

The real authentic Tongkat Ali is found from quality harvested plants and its roots. Root-only extract Tongkat Ali is highly preferred by UK customers, with positive reviews due to its high bioavailability and potency.

Medical doctor Dr. Shuaiyb from Leeds said that most Tongkat Ali in the UK are not authentic as the extract are not sourced from Tongkat Ali roots.

Meanwhile, AJ Brookes warned users to check on the extraction type and source materials before buying Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK. Compared to Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali and Solaray Tongkat Ali, he commented that AKARALI is possibly the best Tongkat Ali in the UK that consumers should buy due to its handpicked mature Tongkat Ali roots as the company collaborates closely with indigenous people to develop sustainable ways to harvest Tongkat Ali plants in Malaysia.

This what makes AKARALI one of the more reputable and authentic Tongkat Ali brands in the UK that truly believes in sustainable harvesting and endless commitment to research and clinical trials.

Tongkat Ali Quality Review

Quality standards are an important criterion when buying Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK. According to UK functional health coach A.J Brookes, “British consumers are advised to buy 3rd party lab-tested Malaysian Tongkat Ali that uses hot water standardized extract”.

After reviewing more than a handful of Tongkat Ali supplements on eBay and on Amazon UK, Mr. Brookes concluded that there are plenty of British consumers who are not getting the optimal benefits from Tongkat Ali due to low-quality Indonesian Tongkat Ali extracts that are not lab-tested or clinically tested.

It was reported that a reputable UK Tongkat Ali supplement, Solaray, showed negative effects on testosterone. The 40-day experimental study conducted by Dr. Chris in the UK showed negative reduction of his testosterone by 29% despite mild libido effects. 

Further 3rd party lab test analysis using High Performing Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) showed the level of eurycomanone in Solaray Tongkat Ali is less than 0.8%, which is ineffective for delivering any substantial testosterone gains.

UK doctors and consumers reported that taking Solaray Tongkat Ali showed a reduction of testosterone by approximately 29% after 40 days.

As UK authorities have not established any form of quality standards, this stresses the importance of checking the source, purity and 3rd party lab tests when buying Tongkat Ali supplements, powder or root extract in the UK.

While you may buy Indonesian Tongkat Ali at bargain prices, Malaysian Tongkat Ali is well regarded by British herbalists and healthcare professionals due to its high-quality manufacturing standards (eg: HCCAP certified, Halal certified, Kosher certified) and its adherence to Malaysian Tongkat Ali Standards MS2409. There are a handful of reputable Tongkat Ali brands to choose from, and 3rd party lab-tested AKARALI tops the chart as one of the best Tongkat Ali supplements you can buy in the UK.

What is the strongest Tongkat Ali in the UK?

After spending 5 days of reviewing Tongkat Ali research activities and processes, Alexander Brookes concluded that AKARALI is well positioned to be amongst the strongest Tongkat Ali in the UK due to its clinically tested potency from mature roots.

With more than 200 Tongkat Ali supplements and capsules sold in the UK, many functional health coaches in London are very wary of buying Tongkat Ali in England due to a lack of transparency on its potency and bioavailability of its active ingredients.

AJ Brookes commented that many UK customers are experiencing placebo effects from taking Tongkat Ali, without much consideration being put into understanding the extraction method, or which type of Tongkat Ali extract that customer should buy.

Which Tongkat Ali brand should I buy in the UK?

You may buy trusted Tongkat Ali brands in the UK that use standardized hot water extract but please ensure that supplements are 3rd party lab-tested for purity or heavy metals by reputable organizations such as EUROFINS or SGS.

According to 22-year-old British pro-athlete Khadaffi Javeed in his six week review of Tongkat Ali, AKARALI remains a trusted Tongkat Ali UK brand which contributed to his sprinting performance, energy and muscle recovery. His past experience with other UK Tongkat Ali brands such as Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali was rather disappointing and advises UK customers to check on the potency and quality of extract before buying any Tongkat Ali supplements.

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What is the most potent Tongkat Ali extract in the UK?

According to lead scientist Dr. Annie George from Biotropics, the most potent Tongkat Ali extract available in the UK is AKARALI, which is formulated from Physta standardized hot water extract. The level of potency is clinically tested to have a higher and more consistent level of efficacy, making it more effective to deliver health benefits such as testosterone and libido improvements.

What to look out for when buying Tongkat Ali in the UK?

British consumers are advised to first check on the types of extract used. For instance, standardized hot water extract delivers higher potency and efficacy compared to generic (or non-standardized extract). Secondly, always go for reputable Tongkat Ali that harvest and sources authentic Tongkat Ali plants from Malaysia, or those which adhere to the internationally recognized Tongkat Ali Standards, MS2409.

The harsh reality is, the Tongkat Ali natural supplement in the UK is still largely unregulated, giving opportunities for bad actors to cut corners, leaving consumers high and dry from placebo effects. UK consumers are often misled and swayed by celebrity doctors such as Dr. Huberman into believing the effects of Tongkat Ali.

“Whilst most Tongkat Ali in the UK are claimed to be lab-tested, but it does not mean the actual extract (or formulation) is clinically tested on humans.”, said James Goodman, former director of a natural health supplement company based in Essex. Therefore, it is advisable to look out for clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements when shopping in UK online stores.

Lastly, British consumers are advised against buying Tongkat Ali supplements sold on eBay or Etsy, as these marketplaces are known to sell counterfeits, low-quality and adulterated Tongkat Ali supplements that are sourced from Indonesia or China. 

Parting Thoughts

Many of our UK customers have thanked us for providing such a level of transparency, honesty and an unbiased view of the Tongkat Ali supplement landscape in the UK.

If you are ever in doubt or experiencing severe side effects, please check on the Tongkat Ali supplement that you have bought. It may contain adulterants or impurities that have not been tested or checked by qualified scientists.

This Tongkat Ali review serves as a reminder of why discerning British customers continue to purchase clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements as a safe choice for long term use.


Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

Our articles are third party reviewed by our panel of experts and medical advisors to ensure the facts are accurate and credible. These are validated against multiple source references which include but not limited to research studies, peer-reviewed journals, pre-clinical studies, clinical tests and other credible publications.

Our panel of medical advisors and experts are highly experienced in their individual fields. However, they do not provide any medical advice or recommendations arising from content published in this article.


The content published on this website is for educational purposes and should not be viewed, read, or seen as a prescription or constitute any form of medical advice. We recommend you consult your nearest GP or doctors before consuming Tongkat Ali or any products which contain Tongkat Ali. For further information, kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

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    1. Based on our 30,000 users, a handful of UK consumers recorded positive libido improvements after taking Tongkat Ali supplements, and most of it are largely men between the age of 40 to 75 years. The experience may vary and if you are already at your optimal testosterone levels, taking pure Tongkat Ali extract may add to marginal improvements that can be felt if you are doing heavy lifting or bring you the extra performance edge in competitive sports (eg: sprinting, running, swimming, hiking or martial arts).

  1. Beware! Most Tongkat Ali in the UK are fakes. I recommend getting it from the source in Malaysia.

  2. Tried this right away when I saw AJ’s content about your product on Insta. The purity, potency, and quality are second to none. Been on it for a few months now and it’s been fantastic! One of the best natural libido and testosterone boosters you can get in the UK,

  3. Did a lot of my own research and came to the conclusion that most Tongkat Ali sold in the UK is made from generic and cheap extracts. Always get stuff sourced directly from Malaysia. Even better if it’s clinically tested on humans.

  4. Quality Tongkat Ali is made from 100% pure and standardized root extract. Made the mistake of being cheap and getting a random local generic thinking it would work just as well. The real stuff is hard to find in the UK. If you want the best, buy it directly from trusted global brand.

  5. Bought 180 capsules from you guys and it arrived in UK within 3 days. Been on the stuff for about a week now and my energy levels and libido have improved significantly. Can’t wait to test my testosterone levels after 4 weeks.

  6. Love this Tongkat Ali and glad to see it’s being being used by atheletes now! Would love to se how well it works for profesional footballers. Any chance you guys are getting reviews done by EPL players any time soon?

  7. Akarali is a lifesaver. Messed around with external testosterone (TRT) for a while to get more gains, but it shot my ability to keep levels up normally. Been on this for 3 months as a natural form of PCT and it worked a charm. Am back to my old self and I dare say feel better than when I was on TRT!

  8. A lot of natural supplements like Tongkat Ali are pushed by scammmy health influencers here. They’re made cheap and are cheap to attract hapless consumers. Happy to see that AKARALI is being tested by real world athletes and functional health coaches! Hope to see more soon.

  9. Stuff works. Period. It’s a bit more expensive but well worth it. Tried other common brands in the UK like Applied Nutrition and Solaray, but they didn’t do anything to boost my testosterone, libido, or performance at the gym. Was almost convinced the whole Tongkat Ali thing was a scam until I tried this gem.

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