Best Tongkat Ali in the UK 2024 – Reviewed & Tested

This article lists the best Tongkat Ali supplements and capsules in the UK, where to buy them, and other information that can help you choose the best Tongkat Ali brands in the UK to suit your budget and health goals.

With limited Tongkat Ali brands available in the UK, it’s essential to choose judiciously. Not all Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK are of the same quality and potency, so we list down the top trusted Tongkat Ali brands that you should buy.


First discovered by medical practitioner William Jack during his exploration to Malaysia in 1822, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is classified as a food supplement in the UK that is touted for a wide range of potential health benefits such as increasing testosterone, improving libido, increasing energy, weight loss, boosting immunity and reducing high blood pressure. 

Tongkat Ali is a popular British supplement since its first documented use by British surgeon-botanist William Jack during his visit to Malaysia in 1820.

Viewed as a natural food supplement by UK authorities, there are plenty of Tongkat Ali manufactured or imported into the UK that are sourced either from Malaysia or Indonesia.

Summary: Best Tongkat Ali Supplements in the UK 2024
  1. AKARALI Tongkat Ali
  2. Supplement Place 
  3. Solaray Tongkat Ali
  4. Life Essentials 
  5. Indigo Herbs Tongkat Ali
  6. Woods Supplement Tongkat Ali
  7. Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali

In this review, we gather top functional health coaches and nutritionists in the UK to review and shortlist the top best Tongkat Ali supplements and brands in the UK that are worth spending your money on.


AKARALI stands out as one of the best Tongkat Ali brands in the UK due to its MIT-formulated standardized hot water extract and backed by nearly 30 human clinical studies.

AKARALI stems from two words in Malay language; Akar Ali, – a direct translation of Tongkat Ali’s root which pays homage to the indigenous journey of an authentic root-to-door Tongkat Ali experience.

Key ingredients100% Tongkat Ali root extract
SpeciesMalaysian Yellow Tongkat Ali
Extract typeStandardized Hot Water Extract
1 capsule200 mg
Clinically tested> 26 human clinical trials
Potency LevelHigh

Our review:

AKARALI is among the best Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK, as it is used widely by the health and fitness community, functional health coaches, and the general public. Its patented Physta® is regarded as the best standardized hot water extraction method that yields superior potency and efficacy. 

The raw Tongkat Ali is single-sourced from Malaysia, where the most potent Tongkat Ali plants are harvested in the wild remote rainforests of the state of Pahang and Perak. 

AKARALI Tongkat Ali is HACCP UK GMP certified, tested for adulterants by EUROFINS, and complies with the Malaysian Tongkat Ali standard, MS2409.

In addition, AKARALI uses patented Physta® Tongkat Ali extract that is clinically tested with over 26 human clinical trials to back up its health claims, making it highly sought after by aging British men.

Used widely by health coaches and sports amateurs in the UK, AKARALI remains the best choice for serious performance gains, a long-term sustainable testosterone boost, and faster results.

Approx. Cost: From £20 per 30 capsule

Where to buy in UK: AKARALI Tongkat Ali UK store

2. Supplement Place Tongkat Ali 200:1 Pure Root Extract (Indonesian)

Supplement Place presents one of the finest Indonesian Tongkat Ali extracts, boasting a concentration of Tongkat Ali 200:1 Pure Root Extract, making it a popular Tongkat Ali supplement in the UK.

This premium product is derived from mature Tongkat Ali roots in Indonesia, ensuring authenticity with roots guaranteed to be at least 10 years old. The Tongkat Ali extract is carefully sourced and processed using a combination of water and ethanol, which is meticulously removed during extraction.

Catering to the diverse needs of consumers, Supplement Place Tongkat Ali UK offers two distinct capsule sizes: 600mg and 400mg. This dedication to customer choice underlines their commitment to providing customers with a range of purchasing options, all while maintaining unmatched quality and value.

Key ingredients100% Tongkat Ali root extract
SpeciesIndonesian Tongkat Ali
Extract typeEthanol extract
1 capsule400-600mg
Clinically TestedNot Specified
Potency LevelModerate

Our review:

Supplement Place’s Indonesian Tongkat Ali has certainly made waves in the Tongkat Ali community who opt for authentic Indonesian Tongkat Ali in the UK. 

They employ an ethanol extraction method, which is regarded as a step below the standardized hot water extraction employed by Physta®. Additionally, it’s interesting to note the variety in sourcing regions, with Indonesian Tongkat Ali offering a distinct profile compared to the more regulated Malaysian variety.

What’s particularly attractive is the flexibility they offer in dosage, presenting both 400mg and 600mg capsules. 

As always, consumers should ensure they stick to recommended doses, with 600mg daily often cited as an optimal cap for best results. The price point is also another plus point, at only £15 a bottle, making it the most value-for-money option out of the 6.

Approx. Cost: From £15

Where to buy: Supplement Place

3. Solaray Tongkat Ali 400mg

Solaray’s Tongkat Ali 400mg emerges as a powerful player in the men’s wellness arena, backed by social influencers who are actively promoting the brand in channels like TikTok.

 “Take charge of your wellness and unlock your possibilities” is more than just a slogan; it’s the brand’s commitment to quality, reflected in its single-herb, whole-root, non-GMO formulation, ensuring both purity and potency. 

Key ingredients100% Tongkat Ali root extract
SpeciesNot Specified
Extract typeNot Specified
1 capsule400mg
Clinically TestedNot Specified
Potency LevelLow to Moderate

Our review:

Solaray Tongkat Ali 400mg has positioned itself as a noteworthy option in the UK’s Tongkat Ali supplement landscape in recent years. As a staple US supplement brand, many UK customers choose Solaray Tongkat due to its affordable price point despite its growing negative reviews.

Many UK customers shared the same disappointment as Dr. Chris’s recent review of Solaray Tongkat Ali where the 400mg supplement did not work to boost testosterone as claimed.

However, most customer shared positive effect on mood and overall energy after taking Solaray Tongkat Ali. One of its stand-out features is its commitment to a non-GMO formula, signalling a focus on purity and potency. 

The 400mg dosage is particularly enticing for those well-versed in Tongkat Ali’s benefits, offering a stronger-than-average dose. However, newcomers might consider starting with a lower dosage for their initial foray into Tongkat Ali supplements. 

Approx. Cost: From £20-30+

Where to buy: Fruugo

4. Life Essentials Tongkat Ali Capsules

Life Essentials shines as one of the leading Tongkat Ali brands in the UK. Their focus on a no-nonsense, pure, and effective Tongkat Ali formulation is noteworthy. Manufactured in the UK, this British-made Tongkat Ali brand is distinguished for its unparalleled customer support, always willing to assist with queries or address any concerns regarding their products.

Packing a potent 2% Eurycomanone – the compound largely responsible for the root’s benefits – their 400mg capsules are a testament to quality and value. Competitively priced for a pack of 60 capsules, 

Life Essentials Tongkat Ali offers both affordability and unparalleled quality, making it a go-to choice for Tongkat Ali enthusiasts in the UK.

Key ingredients100% Tongkat Ali root extract
SpeciesNot specified
Extract typeNot specified
1 capsule400mg
Clinically TestedUnknown
Potency LevelLow to Moderate

Our review:

Life Essentials’ Tongkat Ali, boasting 2% Eurycomanone, certainly draws attention to buyers looking for higher bioactive ingredients from Tongkat Ali extract in the UK.

While the Life Essential did not disclose its extraction method to the customers, the brand has managed to capture the attention of many users due to its strong marketing campaigns. It is worth noting that the best Tongkat Ali brands usually boast between 1.5- 3% bioactive components, making this an above average offering to customers in the UK.

Another positive indicator is that, a number of consumers have given a nod to the quality of Life Essentials’ Tongkat Ali. Feedback ranges from satisfactory to stellar, placing Life Essentials amongst top Tongkat Ali supplements worth trying in the UK. For those embarking on their Tongkat Ali journey, this might be a decent place to start, though veterans might lean towards brands with a more transparent brand.

Approx. Cost: From £20+

Where to buy: Life Essentials


5. Indigo Herbs Tongkat Ali Powder (200:1 Extract)

Indigo Herbs Tongkat Ali Extract Powder is an exceptional product derived from the finest quality Eurycoma longifolia root. “Indigo Herbs” resonates with reliability and efficacy, and the brand is esteemed for delivering premium supplements, including its standout Athletics Greens alternative super green powder. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its Tongkat Ali offering: a potent 200:1 extract sold in re-sealable, air-tight foil pouches ensuring maximum freshness.

Their Tongkat Ali is harvested from mature trees, grown responsibly and replanted in a plantation environment, steering clear of endangered rainforests. Absolutely free from industrial pollutants and pesticides, the roots undergo a meticulous process, ensuring an optimal phytochemical extraction. After thorough cleaning, drying, chipping, and a carefully timed soaking process, the resultant high-grade Tongkat Ali Extract Powder 200:1 is ready to be delivered to customers, promising a premium health experience.

Key ingredients100% Tongkat Ali root extract
SpeciesNot specified
Extract typeUnspecified hot water extract
1 capsuleVariable (Powder)
Clinically TestedUnknown
Potency LevelModerate

Our review:

Indigo Herbs certainly makes a statement with its Tongkat Ali Powder, highlighting a 200:1 extract ratio. The brand’s described extraction method seems to be a variation of the hot water extract, which is a plus, although there is less detail about the process than is ideal. 

On a brighter note, Indigo Herbs’ commitment to sourcing Tongkat Ali from mature trees in pollutant-free zones is a thoughtful touch. 

But for the discerning consumer, a bit more transparency on these specific regions would be comforting, especially when considering other brands that are open about their Malaysian origins – a region celebrated for its potent Tongkat Ali trees.

Approx. Cost: From £20+

Where to buy: Indigo Herbs

6. Woods Tongkat Ali

Woods Supplements, established in 1981, has carved a niche for itself as one of the trusted herbal supplement brands in the UK which includes Tongkat Ali.

Being among the select mainstream supplement brands to stock Tongkat Ali in the UK, they bring over four decades of expertise and trust to customers who are seeking supplements that are not sold in Boots.

Their Tongkat Ali capsules, impressively vegan-friendly, each pack a highly concentrated 6,000mg of Tongkat Ali extract. Available in varying sizes — 90, 180, and 360 capsules — the brand ensures value with its tiered pricing structure.

Woods Supplement Tongkat Ali claims to use the highest grade of Tongkat Ali root extract, rooted in traditional medicine practices and sustainably harvested to protect our planet. 

Key ingredients100% Tongkat Ali root extract
Extract typeGeneric extract
1 capsule6,000mg
Clinically testsUnknown
Potency LevelNot known

Our review: 

Woods Supplements, with a rich legacy spanning over forty years, has certainly cemented its reputation in the industry. 

However, when it comes to their Tongkat Ali offering, there’s room for more transparency. Notably, the brand remains somewhat reserved about their Tongkat Ali extraction techniques, a detail keenly shared by other reputable Tongkat Ali brands. Additionally, while Woods Supplement’s commitment to sustainability stands out, a clearer picture of their sourcing and harvesting methods would elevate consumer trust.

The dosage recommendation is another aspect worth reflecting upon. Their capsules boast a whooping 6,000mg of Tongkat Ali extract. This highly concentrated dosage is starkly contrasts to the conventional 200-400mg daily dose guidance, as once mentioned by Dr. Huberman from Stanford.

Approx. Cost: From £25+

Where to buy: Woods Health

7. Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali

Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali stands as a pioneering force in the realm of health and nutrition in the UK, catering specifically to the needs of professional athletes, fitness aficionados, and individuals devoted to the gym lifestyle. Its commitment lies in delivering premium-grade nutrition supplements that elevate health, enhance wellbeing, and promote beauty from within.

This meticulously formulated blend is designed to fortify libido and male performance, alleviate stress, and optimize body composition, thereby empowering individuals to achieve their wellness goals with confidence and vitality.

Priced at £20.95 for a quantity of 60 capsules, each containing 600mg of Tongkat Ali extract, Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali is not only competitively priced in the UK but also represents unparalleled value given the number of bioactive ingredients from eurypeptides. 

Key ingredients100% Tongkat Ali extract
Extract typeGeneric extract
1 capsule600mg
Clinically testsUnknown
Potency LevelNot Available

Our review: 

Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali is a trusted reputable brand in the UK if you are looking to get a real taste of Tongkat Ali benefits. However, for serious athletes, Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali may not work to boost sports performance or testosterone.

As reported in our in-depth review of Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali, its 600mg per capsule may contain maltodextrin in its Tongkat Ali extract which may restrict its true performance given that it is sourced using standardized root extract.

Approx. Cost: From £20+

Where to buy: Applied Nutrition Tongkat Ali

Best Shops To Buy Tongkat Ali in the UK

AKARALI is one of the best online stores to buy authentic premium Tongkat Ali in the UK although there are other shops which offer value Tongkat Ali supplements which may suit your budget. Brands such as Pro-Hormones, Nature’s Best, British-Vitamins, NF Supplements UK and SMUG Supplements UK offer a wide range of Tongkat Ali supplements with varying degree of quality and potency with prices starting as low as £17.99 for 60 capsules.

Here are other top UK Tongkat Ali stores where you can shop in 2024.

Pro-Hormones UK

Pro-Hormones is a reputable place that sells Tongkat Ali in the UK using Indonesian Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract. Manufactured in the UK for German Pharma, Pro-Hormones 90 capsule 250mg is popular amongst first-time Tongkat Ali users who are seeking to buy pharmaceutical-grade Tongkat Ali supplement. If potency and efficacy is not a deciding factor, then Pro-Hormone Tongkat Ali is worth a try. Consumers are advised that Pro-Hormones Tongkat Ali products are not clinically tested to work on testosterone, libido, muscle strength or mood.  

British Vitamins UK

British Vitamins is a UK company that sells Indonesian Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract which is harvested from mature roots. If you do not mind taking non-standardized ethanol-based Tongkat Ali extract, then British Vitamins Tongkat Ali offers a good value at £11.99 for 30 capsules. Despite no evidence showing its bioactive ingredients (eg: eurycomanone, or eurypeptides), British Vitamins claims that serving delivers a potent 1240mg of Tongkat Ali from its 200:1 ratio, equivalent of 124,000mg of raw Tongkat-Ali. Our research showed that British Vitamins Tongkat Ali extract is not clinically tested to work on testosterone, libido, muscle strength or mood.

NF Supplements UK

NFSupplements Tongkat Ali offers 500mg per capsule with 2.5% eurycomanone bioactive content priced at £33.33 for 30 capsules, but its source extract is disclosed nor clinically tested to boost testosterone as advertised on its website. The UK-manufactured Tongkat Ali brand claims 500mg x 2 capsules per serving may produce 581% free testosterone increase based on clinical trials that were performed using Physta MIT-formulated extract, and not extract used by NFSupplements. The company HD Supplements Ltd does not conduct any form of clinical trials on its own to validate the testosterone results as claimed on their website.

Final Verdict: Best Tongkat Ali UK (Tested)

According to British functional health coach expert AJ Brookes, AKARALI is the best Tongkat Ali supplement for men in the UK due to top-notch attention to quality root extraction technology and clinically tested to boost libido for men.

He added that “AKARALI is the only clinically tested Tongkat Ali brand in the UK, placing it as one of the best natural testosterone boosters for men in the UK.”

Born and raised in Milton Keynes, AJ has reviewed more than a handful of herbal supplements including Tongkat Ali. He was fortunate to review the Tongkat Ali processes and production during his recent trip to Malaysia.

@akarali_tongkatali Could this be the most potent and best Tongkat Ali? Not all Tongkat Ali supplements are created equal. Find out how you could boost your #superhuman ♬ Ready - Official Sound Studio

Meanwhile, Jack from London-based Blue Fish Media shared his experience after years of  Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK.

He commented that he tried many similar Tongkat Ali products over the years at a significant cost, but he was never satisfied until he tried AKARALI Tongkat Ali.

According to Jack, “Over the past 6 weeks (after taking AKARALI), I’ve felt a difference in my vitality and energy. As a very healthy individual, I know when something I’ve taken is working for me.”

British Supplements Tongkat Ali Review

British Supplements has positioned itself amongst the top-selling independent white-label British Tongkat Ali sellers in the UK.

Sold on, the Tongkat Ali supplements by British Supplement boast 669mg of Tongkat Ali extract per capsule which is claimed to be sourced from Malaysia.

According to customers on Reddit, many believe that British Supplements Tongkat Ali are not made in Britain and they are skeptical about the quality of the product.

Whilst a 600mg per capsule may sound like a good value, there has been no disclosure of the bioactive ingredients from the Tongkat Ali extract sold by British Supplements on their website. This raises quality concerns amongst British consumers who bought Tongkat supplements in the UK.

Whilst British Supplements Tongkat Ali may benefit first-time users, one should be aware when buying from white-label suppliers in the UK as they do not disclose the bioactive ingredients (or Certificate of Analysis). As a result, many Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK failed to deliver optimal health benefits due to low potency and efficacy.

FAQ: User Guide

Our guide helps you answer some of the common questions when buying Tongkat Ali in the UK.

Which is the best Tongkat Ali supplement in the UK?

According to UK functional health coach AJ Brookes, the best Tongkat Ali supplement in the UK is AKARALI due to its high potency from its proprietary standardized hot water extract and handpicked mature roots.

AKARALI is the only clinically tested Tongkat Ali in the United Kingdom, backed by over 26 human clinical trials, toxicology tests, adulterant and cGMP tested by EUROFINS and HACCP certified. It also complies with international quality standards set by Malaysian Tongkat Ali standard MS2409 and approved for use by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

What is the strongest Tongkat Ali supplement in the UK?

The strongest Tongkat Ali supplements with the highest level of potency and efficacy available in the UK are produced from standardized hot water extract technology developed by MIT and Malaysian scientists since 2003. The Physta standardized hot water extract has been clinically tested on humans with more than 26 studies published to date.

Should I buy British Supplements Tongkat Ali?

British supplements Tongkat Ali have received mixed reviews in recent years and we caution users against purchasing Tongkat Ali supplements that are not sourced from reputable manufacturers, or suppliers that do not adhere to the Malaysian Tongkat Ali Standards, MS2409.

Buying British-made Tongkat Ali supplements without quality control of Tongkat Ali extract at source may contain allergens, adulterants, or contaminants that cause potential side effects.

Which type of Tongkat Ali is the best in the UK?

Yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is the most preferred in the UK which offers the best balance of potency, performance, safety and long-term use. 

At the same time, many consumers in Britain have stopped buying Tongkat Ali from independent British Tongkat Ali supplement white-label sellers due to heavy metals (mercury) concerns.

Which is the best value Tongkat Ali brand in the UK?

AKARALI Tongkat Ali capsules offers the best value for money in the UK at a low price of £0.70 per capsule. Its 200 mg per capsule is dosage-optimized, highly potent, and delivers optimal health benefits in 30 days.

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Where can I buy Tongkat Ali in the UK?

According to the London Journal, AKARALI offers premium quality Tongkat Ali supplements, capsules, and extracts in the UK. Alongside Applied Nutrition, NFSupplements UK and Superbotanic, this is one of the trusted and best Tongkat Ali stores in the UK serving the major cities of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol and Essex. You may buy directly through their official Tongkat Ali shop with massive discount offers and excellent delivery time. 

What should I look for when buying Tongkat Ali in the UK?

Look out for clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK by refining your Google Search keyword using “buy clinically tested Tongkat Ali in the UK” or “buy best standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extract”.

To avoid buying low-quality or counterfeit Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK, there are 10 things to look out for when shopping for Tongkat Ali in the UK or Ireland.

Which Tongkat Ali brand in the UK is HACCP certified?

AKARALI is one of the few Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK that is HACCP certified by Lloyds Register (Certificate no: 10340401), with approval number 0047492.

Is Tongkat Ali supplements halal or Halal certified?

Most Tongkat Ali supplements are not halal but there are only a few brands such as AKARALI that sell Halal-certified Tongkat Ali supplements. The halal certification is issued by the Malaysian Government under the Department of Islamic Development (known as JAKIM).

Where can I buy Tongkat Ali in UK?

Located in Essex, AKARALI UK Ltd is the largest Tongkat Ali store in the UK where you can shop for a wide range of quality Tongkat Ali supplements, capsules and extracts. This is the only Tongkat Ali shop in the UK that offers 100% authentic pure Tongkat Ali extract that is HACCP GMP certified, clinically tested and lab-tested by EUROFINS. 

Can I buy Tongkat Ali in Holland and Barrett?

Tongkat Ali supplements are not sold or available in Holland and Barrett in the United Kingdom due to the current legislation and restrictions. However, you can purchase Tongkat Ali supplements at the Holland and Barrett branch in Singapore.

Is eBay the best place to buy Tongkat Ali in UK?

You can buy Tongkat Ali on eBay UK, however, most merchants sell low-quality Tongkat Ali supplements that are not lab-tested or clinically tested on humans. eBay may not be the best place to buy quality or premium Tongkat Ali products as it is filled with counterfeit or white-label Tongkat Ali brands. It is not recommended to purchase Tongkat Ali on eBay UK, Etsy or even on Fruugo UK.

Which Tongkat Ali should I avoid buying in the UK?

Avoid buying Tongkat Ali supplements in loose powder or capsules from unlicenced vendors or suspicious third parties. These Tongkat Ali products may contain adulterants such as sildenafil and other unsavoury fillers. Always avoid buying generic Tongkat Ali extract that are not clinically tested or 3rd party lab tested by large laboratories such as EUROFINS.

What is the optimal dose of Tongkat Ali that I should take?

On average, most British consumers will see benefits with a dose of 200mg a day; athletes and seniors who are looking for a bigger boost can up their dose to 400mg – 600mg a day. We do not recommend exceeding 600mg a day as this may lead to an increased potential for side effects (this can range from nausea to mild headache). You may refer to this dosage guide here for more precise details.

Raw Tongkat Ali root vs. Tongkat Ali extract. Which is better?

We recommend the extract due to higher potency, efficacy and safety. Physta® extract, for example, has gone through rigorous clinical testing and quality is assured. Raw sliced Tongkat Ali roots, meanwhile, require specialised boiling to activate the bioactive ingredients and it may cause severe side effects for first time users if you are not careful.

Is Tongkat Ali banned in the UK?

Tongkat Ali is classified as a food supplement and is not on the list of banned and restricted herbal ingredients in the UK. Tongkat Ali has been sold in the United Kingdom since the early 1990s by herbal traders and is now sold online in the UK without restrictions. Users are encouraged to consult their nearest doctors and read the NHS Guidelines before consuming Tongkat Ali or any herbal medicine. 

Did the British found Tongkat Ali?

William Jack was a Scottish surgeon-botanist and he was the first person who documented the use of Tongkat Ali as a medicinal plant during his visit to Malaysia in 1820. Tongkat Ali has long been a special gift from Malaysian rulers to the British Empire as a symbol on strength and virility in the 1800s.

Where can I buy Malaysian Tongkat Ali in the UK?

AKARALI Tongkat Ali UK shop offers a wide range of pure authentic Malaysian Tongkat Ali supplements and extracts, making it the best place to buy real and pure Tongkat Ali in the UK. Located in Essex, AKARALI Ltd is the only company in the UK that sells quality clinically tested Tongkat Ali in the UK


Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

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