Tongkat Ali Standards: The Malaysian Standard MS2409

Malaysia produces one of the best standardized Tongkat Ali extracts in the world. As the first country that publish Tongkat Ali standards known as the Malaysian Standard MS2409, standardized Tongkat Ali sets new a benchmark amongst discerning consumers.

This article outlines the key features of a standardized Tongkat Ali extract according to the Malaysian Tongkat Ali Standard MS2409, paving a new milestone behind the production of a fine standardized Tongkat Ali extract.

Beyond lab-tested Tongkat Ali supplements, find out why you should consider buying standardized Tongkat Ali products that adhere to the Malaysian Standard MS2409.

What is Tongkat Ali Standards?

Tongkat Ali standards comprise of steps, processes, specifications and quality controls that form the framework of a standardized Tongkat Ali extract protocol. This forms the foundation for the production of high-quality standardized Tongkat Ali products to meet the nutraceutical standards that are mainly used in clinical research studies. 

Standardized Tongkat Ali contains the best Tongkat Ali root extract specifications that are usually published in the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and lab-tested or clinically tested to validate its effects and benefits to health.

What is standardized Tongkat Ali?

Standardized Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is a quality standard protocol that ensures relevant bioactive compounds such as eurycomanone, eurypeptides, glycosaponin and polysaccharrides meet the minimum threshold that forms a standardized extract. Standardized Tongkat Ali extract that is 3rd party lab-tested is considered superior and potent as it retains bioactive consistency from each production cycle. Users are advised to buy 3rd party lab-tested standardized Tongkat Ali products that is free from adulterants, impurities and heavy metals.

Is standardized Tongkat Ali better? 

One significant advantage of buying standardized Tongkat Ali extract is that you are getting the optimal bioactive compounds from Tongkat Ali which will benefit your health. As each Tongkat Ali plant contains a varying degree of bioactive ingredients, a standardized extract will ensure the bioavailability (i.e eurycomanone and eurypeptides) from Tongkat Ali is retained for every production batch. 

Benefits of standardized extract
  1. Standardized Tongkat Ali extracts are more potent and have higher efficacy to deliver more health benefits.
  2. Standardized Tongkat Ali extract provides consistent results
  3. It is considered a pharmaceutical grade extract that is used widely for clinical tests by medical professionals and scientists.
  4. Standardized Tongkat Ali extract conforms to the highest quality and safety standards such as Malaysian Standard MS2409.
  5. Time-tested for guaranteed gains and benefits to health.

Standardized Tongkat Ali vs. Non Standardized

Standardized Tongkat Ali that adheres to Tongkat Ali standards offer more purity as it contains higher bioactive ingredients (i.e more potent) that are needed to produce pharmacological effects on health.

This makes standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extracts more potent than non-standardized Tongkat Ali extract.


What is Malaysian Standard MS2409?

The Malaysian Standard MS2409 prescribes the quality requirements and specifications of freeze-dried water extract derived from dried root of Tongkat Ali (i.e Eurycoma longifolia).

The Malaysian Standard MS2409 states that the best Tongkat Ali standardized extract must contain eurycomanone content between 0.8% – 1.5%, polysaccharides above 30%, protein above 20% and glycosaponin above 40%.

It also includes the standardization of the Tongkat Ali extraction processes that should be adopted by manufacturers. 

The Tongkat Ali Malaysian Standard MS2409 defines the best Tongkat Ali root extract specifications according to the following quality checkpoints:

  • Water Extraction
  • Drying
  • Formulation
  • Standardisation
  • Stability of extract
  • Storage, Packaging and Labelling
  • Compliance with the standards

The Malaysian Standard MS2409 specifies the standardized Tongkat Ali root extract bioactive specifications according to the values outlined in the table below:


Marker Compound

Amount (%)


0.80 – 1.5%


          > 30%


> 20%


> 40%


Where can I download the Malaysian Tongkat Ali Standard MS2409?

You may download the Tongkat Ali standards here:

Document Title: Malaysian Standard MS2409:2011
Phytopharmaceutical Aspect of Freeze-Dried Water Extract from Tongkat Ali Roots – Specification


  • The MS2409 was developed based on water-based extraction protocol that is touted as the safest and most potent herbal extraction method.
  • The MS2409 serves as the basis for the technical specifications for high quality Tongkat Ali extract that are used for regulatory and trade purposes.
  • The MS2409 was first drafted in 2011 with years of refinements based on inputs from the multiple Ministries, Government agencies, medical experts, scientists and private sectors.
  • The MS2409 includes authenticity, safety, quality and efficacy parameters and details for the production of the Tongkat Ali standardised extracts and limits of substances.
  • Malaysian Standard (MS) are aligned to and are adoption of international standards.


AKARALI Tongkat Ali is based on a patented standardized Tongkat Ali extract that conforms to the Malaysian quality standard MS2409.

FAQ: Tongkat Ali Standards


AKARALI is amongst the best selling reputable Tongkat Ali brands that is standardized to the meet the Malaysian Tongkat Ali Standard MS2409 and 3rd-party lab-tested by EUROFINS. Available across 30 countries, you may purchase standardized Tongkat Ali products directly at its global Tongkat Ali online store.

The Malaysian Standard (MS) 2409 for Tongkat Ali is published by the Malaysian Department of Standards  to fulfill the needs of the herbal industry to adhere to a set of quality standards.

Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) is the Government body that publishes the Malaysian Standard MS 2409 and it is available to the public.

The Malaysian Standard MS2409 for Tongkat Ali is internationally recognized and credible.

The Malaysian Standard accreditation system is in accordance with the international standard, MS ISO/IEC 17011, to ensure that the accreditation services provided are impartial, non-discriminatory, and credible.

Malaysia is a member of the International Standards Organization (ISO). The Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) is mandated by the Government of Malaysia to function as the National Standards Body (NSB) as well as the National Accreditation Body (NAB) through the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549).

The Malaysian Tongkat Ali Standards MS2409 was drafted by a Technical Committee comprising of representatives from the following organizations:

  • Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Institute of Medical Research
  • Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
  • SIRIM Berhad
  • Malaysian Herbal Corporation
  • Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM)
  • University Sains Malaysia
  • University Teknologi Malaysia
  • Phytes Biotek Sdn. Bhd.
  • Nestle Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Nova Laboratories Sdn. Bhd.
  • Institute of Medical Research
  • Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

Malaysia Standard MS2409 is a Tongkat Ali standard that complements GMP, Halal or other certifications issued by Tongkat Ali manufacturers.

Having to comply with MS2409 brings quality production of Tongkat Ali extract strengthens the quality control output of any Tongkat Ali products.

Only few authentic and pure Tongkat Ali products that conforms to the Malaysian Standards (MS 2409). AKARALI with it’s US-patented Physta® Tongkat Ali standardized extract adheres to the MS2409 Tongkat Ali standards.

AKARALI contains the best hot water Tongkat Ali root extract Physta® which is clinically tested on humans (both men and women) with scientifically proven health benefits.


Standardized Tongkat Ali extract is more potent and delivers consistent results due to higher efficacy.

Yes, you can gain more health benefits from buying standardized Tongkat Ali extract.

If you are buying the best Tongkat Ali supplements in the USA or from anywhere else in the world, adhering to the MS2409 is a crucial component that determines the quality level of a Tongkat Ali product.

And for most consumers, quality herbal supplements matter most in delivering higher efficacy, potency and benefits to your health.

Malaysia is the only country that first developed the Tongkat Ali standards in as early as 2009 to enhance the herbal industry through standardization.

We found no evidence of other countries that develop or publish Tongkat Ali standards.

We do no recommend buying Indonesian Tongkat Ali which is not standardized or conformed to any Tongkat Ali quality standards.

Parting Thoughts

Being the only available Tongkat Ali standard in the world, standardized Tongkat Ali products or extracts should adhere to the Malaysian Tongkat Ali Standard MS2409. This is the gold standard of Tongkat Ali standardized extraction protocol that should be adopted by manufacturers and suppliers.

The important thing is that standardized Tongkat Ali now forms the baseline behind the growing number of Tongkat Ali clinical trials and research on humans.

In the world of cheap Tongkat Ali products being sold indiscriminately, consumers are beginning to demand clinically tested Tongkat Ali products. Now, the goal of Tongkat Ali standards is to deliver greater efficacy, health benefits and safety.

If you are buying one in future, choosing a standardized Tongkat Ali extract is amongst the top 10 things that you should look out for when buying Tongkat Ali supplements.

The good news is this. Beyond marketing hype from social media influencers and paid celebrity doctors, consumers are switching to clinically tested standardized Tongkat Ali extract.

Now, this is a good sign.


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