Tongkat Ali USA: Top Brands, Buying Guide & Consumer Insights

Last Updated: 23rd January 2021

Buying Tongkat Ali in the US is an experiential journey for many consumers. It is a hit-and-miss experience as only a few are aware of the technicalities behind choosing the best Tongkat Ali supplement that truly works.

Some of the best Tongkat Ali products in the US are tested with multiple clinical trials that produce scientifically proven health benefits with real-world gains.

And there are plenty of cheap Tongkat Ali supplements in the US that cause you to think twice before buying them.

As US consumers are demanding higher quality, the best Tongkat Ali must exceed expectations in all key areas – potency, efficacy, health benefits, quality and safety standards.

This article covers the best tips to find the best Tongkat Ali supplements in the US, including buying tips, comparison tests and other consumer insights.

Best Tongkat Ali Supplements

On the last count, there are more than 200+ Tongkat Ali brands sold in the United States and there are only a handful which is considered the best.

Miami Herald voted AKARALI, DoubleWood Tongkat Ali and Nature Bell Tongkat Ali as one of the best Tongkat Ali supplement in 2022.

Fast-growing Tongkat Ali brands in the US such as Doublewood, AKARALI, and Herbolab continue to be the best Tongkat Ali on Amazon, making them extremely popular amongst Amazon Prime consumers with 1-2 day delivery time.

If potency and efficacy matter to you, the most potent Tongkat Ali brands include AKARALI, Herbolab and Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali.

There are other US-made Tongkat Ali brands too, which we covered in our  Tongkat Ali brand survey.

Here are the shortlisted candidates of the best Tongkat Ali brands for 2022.

Top Tongkat Ali Brands in the US

  1. Doublewood Tongkat Ali
  2. AKARALI Tongkat Ali
  3. Herbolab Tongkat Ali
  4. Lost Empire Tongkat Ali
  5. Force Factor Tongkat Ali
  6. NusaPure Longjack Tongkat Ali
  7. Solaray Tongkat Ali

Customer Rating

Lost Empire

If you are searching for the best Tongkat Ali supplements, there are two types of Tongkat Ali products sold in the US that you should be aware of.

Category of Tongkat Ali brands sold in the US

  • Generic Tongkat Ali brands:

Manufactured in the US using imported Tongkat Ali ingredients or extract obtained from suppliers in Indonesia, Malaysia and potentially from China too (through an illegal production of Tongkat Ali extract imported from Indonesia). The final product is lab-tested in the US for safety and other compliance set by USFDA.

  • Boutique Tongkat Ali Brands

Manufactured outside of the US, mainly produced in its country of origin where Tongkat Ali is harvested, sourced and processed. Proprietary formulations are developed, lab-tested, and undergone clinical trials. The final product is exported to the US and other parts of the world and complies with quality and safety standards set by USFDA.

Some of the fast-growing Tongkat Ali brands such as Doublewood, AKARALI and Herbolab are amongst the best due to positive consumer feedback and high-quality standards.

Best Tongkat Ali brands based on the number of clinical trials and tests

  • Doublewood Tongkat Ali: microbial test, heavy metal test
  • Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali: microbial test, heavy metal test

Best Tongkat Ali brands based on extract

  • AKARALI – standardized US-Patented Physta® Tongkat Ali extract
  • Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali – standardized extract
  • Herbolab – standardized extract
  • Doublewood Tongkat Ali – non-standardized extract

The most potent Tongkat Ali

  • AKARALI – 1.5% to 3% eurycomanone
  • Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali – 2% to 3% eurycomanone
  • Herbolab – 1.5% to 3% eurycomanone

The best Tongkat Ali brands based on after-sales support

  • AKARALI – 24 hours global customer support (email only)
  • Herbolab – hotline customer support

Buying Guide

Are you buying a Tongkat Ali product that works? Or do you make your decision based on customer reviews?

If you are searching for the best Tongkat Ali supplement that works, consider key factors such as potency and efficacy.

Here is a tip.

Most potent Tongkat Ali brands are from mature roots and extraction technology that are tested for efficacy – through clinical trials on humans with published research studies on public domains.

Most Tongkat Ali supplements sold in the US are not potent, nor tested for efficacy

Ilan Joffe, CEO of Core Supplements LLC

With increasing private labels and generic Tongkat Ali sellers on Amazon, only the best Tongkat Ali supplement adheres to a set of quality standards and processes in developing a fine Tongkat Ali extract.

The ugly truth behind “the best Tongkat Ali brands” sold on Amazon is that most are not clinically tested for efficacy or potency.

But, there are other things you can look out for. Here is a quick buying guide.

Tongkat Ali Buyer’s Checklist

  • Tongkat Ali Origin: Which country was it sourced from?
  • Single Origin: Does the Tongkat Ali plant grow and harvested from the same country or location?
  • Lab Tested: Is the product tested for microbial and toxicity?
  • Clinical Trials: Has the ingredient gone through lab tests, research, or clinical trials?
  • Extraction Method: Which extraction method used to extract the bioactive ingredients from Tongkat Ali?

Comparison Test: Top Tongkat Ali brands

If you view the number of positive customer reviews on Amazon as a measure of popularity, then brands such as Doublewood Tongkat Ali, Herbolab Tongkat Ali, Empire Lost Herbs and Nootropics Tongkat Ali won the beauty contest.

But how do these Tongkat Ali brands perform when subjected to a more objective technical assessment based on publically available information?

Lets look at a head-to-head comparison with some of the top Tongkat Ali brands sold on Amazon US.






Tongkat Ali Origin

Not disclosed



Single Origin

Not disclosed

Not disclosed


Lab Tested for Safety




Extraction Method

Not disclosed

Standardized Extract

US-Patented Physta® Standardized Extract

Number of Clinical Trials & Research Studies

Not available

Not available


Handpicked roots with sustainability programs

Not disclosed

Not disclosed


Certificate of Analysis (COA)




Approval by the Ministry of Health

Not disclosed

Not disclosed


GMP Certified




ISO Certified




Halal Certified

Not disclosed

Not disclosed


Kosher Certified

Not disclosed

Not disclosed


Table 1.0: Comparison test between top 3 popular Tongkat Ali brands in the US. Each key feature was assessed based on publically available information from Amazon and from their website. Latest data update: 26th April 2022.

Do we have a clear winner?

Comparing product features based on fact-based information provides greater clarity before deciding which is the best Tongkat Ali for you.

It is time to say goodbye to fake Amazon customer reviews!

Insights: Consumer Trends

The strongest Tongkat Ali delivers significant gains from higher potency. A potent Tongkat Ali may be the best natural testosterone booster if you are seeking rapid gains.

In fact, most Americans believe that restoring testosterone is key to vitality and greater health.

1 in 4 men over 30 in the US has low testosterone.

ABC News

Reports that men in the United States are experiencing low testosterone levels are not new. And modern men are reported to have lower testosterone compared to 20 years ago.

A study showed that a 60-year-old man in 2004 had testosterone levels 17% lower than those of a 60-year-old in 1987.

Hence, the best Tongkat Ali is used as an effective T-booster, with studies showing that it is clinically proven to restore and potentially increase your testosterone by between 20% to 160% in some cases.

There are enough research and clinical trials to support the evidence that Tongkat Ali promotes healthy testosterone levels in men and women across various age groups.

Tongkat Ali has the effect of increasing testosterone levels

Dr. Andrew Huberman, University of Stanford, USA

The explosive growth of Tongkat Ali in the US invited many US-based medical experts to express their views on Tongkat Ali in recent years, including Dr. Shawn Talbott, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Rena Malik and many others.

However, there is one small problem that consumers are facing in the US.

There are loads of garbage out there in the supplement market

Dr. Andrew Huberman, Stanford University, USA

During the recent interview with Joe Rogan on Tongkat Ali, Dr. Andrew Huberman from Stanford University warned the audience when buying Tongkat Ali and other herbal supplements sold in the US.

The best Tongkat Ali products with clinically tested studies or clinical trials with human test subjects are undoubtedly rare in the United States.

We have covered the buying tips and comparison tests between brands for first-time buyers to assess the quality features of top Tongkat Ali brands from Amazon in the previous section and other articles too.

As the herbal industry is unregulated with minimal restrictions by the USFDA, the consumers are faced with the risk of buying low-quality cheap Tongkat Ali products.

There are many US-based Tongkat Ali consumers who made a recent switch to premium brands, as they are seeking quality extracts that can deliver more consistent health gains.

Brands such as AKARALI sold on Amazon Store are attracting new buyers each day.

Beyond dozens of clinical trials reported by global scientists and researchers, does Tongkat Ali delivers undisputed real-world gains?

Insights: Real-World Gains

The best Tongkat Ali should work in the real world; with real-world gains.

And real-world gain is a function of efficacy and potency.

If you had bought the so-called best Tongkat Ali, ask yourself this – did you gain more in less time?

Or was your gain due to a placebo effect?

Here is another question.

Or were you asked to consume 1,000 mg of Tongkat Ali daily to gain the same effect?

Now consumers are switching to premium Tongkat Ali brands that are potent and clinically tested – with reported real-world gains after two, four and six weeks

In fact, our dosage guide suggests that you need only 200mg to 400mg of a highly potent Tongkat Ali to achieve similar if not better gains.

In the case of US-born Mike a.k.a Don Verb, his experience with Tongkat Ali resulted in better muscle definition, improved mood and loss of a respectable amount of weight too.

This supplement definitely helped me with stamina. I’m able to do more reps.

Don Verb, USA - A Six Week Review

Don Verb’s body transformation was achieved through regular exercises without any fancy diet or nutrition. He added Tongkat Ali as part of his daily supplement and noticed significant improvements. Read more.

No doubt, the best Tongkat Ali extract delivers a noticeable increase in stamina, energy, and testosterone

Meanwhile, US customers are finding the best Tongkat Ali brands that can revitalize general health or as a preventive measure to boost their immune system. Tongkat Ali was found by scientists to boost T-cells and CD4 cells which strengthened the argument that Tongkat Ali is indeed the “tree that cures a hundred diseases” as it was believed by many during its ancient times.

However, searching for the best Tongkat Ali in the United States often comes with challenges – from false claims to low-quality extract.

If the placebo effects from low-quality Tongkat Ali products bother you, it is time to make the switch.

Now, the next topic may interest you even further.

Insights: Tongkat Ali Extract

Most US customers are bullish about Tongkat Ali as they want the best from it.

It often leads to the mindset of “the higher the better”.

Naturally, you may think you are getting more gains from 400:1 Tongkat Ali extract than a 200:1 Tongkat Ali extract.

The reality is, that most US consumers are blinded by the extraction ratios.

For those who seek to gain more in less time, the secret lies in extraction technology.

A standardized extract is regarded as the gold standard in herbal extraction technology as it provides a consistent level of bioactive content that your body needs – which leads to the gains (improvements) that you desire.

Here is a quick illustration.

Standardized Tongkat Ali Extract Comparison Chart

Hot water standardized extract delivers higher potency

Ilan Joffee, CEO - Core Supplements USA

US consumers are slowly switching to standardized Tongkat Ali extract which delivers higher potency.

The most established Tongkat Ali extract is the US-patented Physta® formulation – a standardized hot-water freeze-dried extraction technology that was jointly developed by the MIT and Malaysian Government back in 2003 – 2008.

With 26 clinical trials and 160 million doses produced to date, it is touted to be the most reputable Tongkat Ali extract sold in the US today.

90% of the raw ingredients from the Tongkat Ali plant
are sourced from Malaysia

Whilst we are on the subject, here is another insight for you.

Very few consumers are aware that most US-made Tongkat Ali products source their powder extract from either Malaysia or Indonesia.

Since Tongkat Ali doesn’t grow in the United State, or South America or China –  Malaysia and Indonesia are the only two countries that have been exporting Tongkat Ali extract to the United States for production, or bottling.

So beware if you are buying a US-made Tongkat Ali.

It could be that it is illegally sourced from the Indonesian Kalimantan region and exported to China for extraction before landing the United States.

Or worst still, it comes from a young Tongkat Ali plant that is ready for harvest.

Physta® Tongkat Ali root extract contains the finest ingredients with the highest bio-active compounds and is available exclusively to Amazon customers.

If you are familiar with the 200:1 or even 400:1 Tongkat Ali extract in the US, then you may want to read this.

Another common issue amongst Tongkat Ali manufacturers in the US is the practice of dilution – in which various Tongkat Ali root extract is mixed with “generic” extract (containing various parts of the Tongkat Ali plant).

The reason is simple. Most US manufacturers prefer to keep a healthy margin, often at the expense of quality.

As a result, 200:1 or even 400:1 extract is marketed as the best and most potent Tongkat Ali in the US.

Here is what the reality looks like behind the 200:1 extract ratio.

Root-only extract delivers higher bio-active compounds and higher potency, but there are short-cut taken by manufacturers to dilute the potency by mixing with it with less-potent part of Tongkat Ali (eg: branch, leaves, bark)

Another thing to note the best Tongkat Ali supplements are mainly produced from Yellow Tongkat Ali (i.e Eurycoma Longifolia) extract; indicated by the distinct yellowish color with a strong but distinctive bitter taste.

Here is a comparison between Yellow, Red and Black Tongkat Ali if you need to know more.

However, suppliers and brand owners in the United States may mix cheap Black Tongkat Ali with higher mercury content sourced from Indonesia to increase profit margins.

These unethical and unregulated practices are harmful to US consumers.

American Chris Kilham, founder of the Medicine Hunter first discovered Yellow Tongkat Ali during his first visit to Malaysia in 2008.

Gain more from the best

Americans deserve the best experience from quality Tongkat Ali products to complement their daily supplements.

Bad practices by US manufacturers have prompted many Americans to purchase Tongkat Ali directly from reputable suppliers or boutique artisan brands.

Americans have no choice as Amazon continues to dominate the online market with near-fake Tongkat Ali products which are heavily diluted

The sad truth is, that it is not easy for consumers to assess the authenticity of Tongkat Ali products sold in the US.

On top of the six golden rules when finding quality Tongkat Ali, there is one simple tip you can try at home.

An authentic Tongkat Ali with fine extract dissolves almost completely in water.

This level of exceptional quality can only be achieved through the standardized extract.

Here is a comparison test between a pure authentic Tongkat Ali root using a standardized hot-water extraction technology vs. a low-quality Tongkat Ali brand using conventional extract sold in the US.

Watch this video below.

Can you see the difference?

There are reasons why very few Tongkat Ali brands in the US have the capability to produce such fine extract with decades of clinical trials, lab-tests, and Certificate of Analysis.

US-made Tongkat Ali simply means you are consuming Tongkat Ali extract from the country of origin.

Closing Thoughts

The best Tongkat Ali supplements in 2022 are those boutique artisanal Tongkat Ali brands. These brands specialize only in single-ingredient products.

For those who appreciate the exceptional dedication to quality and long-term sustainability, boutique Tongkat Ali brands could resonate well with your core values.

AKARALI is one of the few artisan Tongkat Ali brands that has the highest potency and efficacy. It is now sold in the United States at AKARALI’s official store on Amazon.

AKARALI is a single-ingredient product based on root-only Tongkat Ali extract, formulated with US-patented extraction technology Physta® since 2003 – with decades of research and clinical trials that are proven to be safe and effective.

Buying quality Tongkat Ali brands such as AKARALI has never been easier for US customers. Amazon offers direct access to qualified and verified brands.

The brand aims to break the myth and misconception from strong traditional beliefs of masculinity, virility and libido which are closely associated with Tongkat Ali.

As Tongkat Ali now is enjoyed by both men and women in the United States, AKARALI has opened a new world of possibilities.

Lastly, do check out our Tongkat Ali FAQ section for more information before deciding if Tongkat Ali is for you.

Happy shopping!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to promote any brands nor to provide any form of recommendations to purchase or consume medication, drugs or herbal supplement brands directly or indirectly. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to perform their own assessment and / or to arrive at an informed decision based on publicly available information. By reading the content published on this website means you are aware on the risks involved in purchasing any of the products or brands mentioned in this article. We highly recommend you and the readers to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article.

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