Behind The Most Potent Tongkat Ali: Facts & User Guide

AKARALI is the most potent Tongkat Ali on the planet and is believed to contain more than 3% of eurycomanone, 22% eurypeptides and more than 40% of glycosaponin, and other bioactive ingredients. 

The journey behind the most potent and strongest Tongkat Ali begin from roots that are harvested from mature Tongkat Ali plants; typically more than 5 years old – that are located in a 100-million-year old rainforest.

Not only that, but the secret behind the most potent Tongkat Ali product is its proprietary extraction technology, standardized extraction protocol and clinical tests to prove its potency.

This is the story of how potency defines the true attribute behind the world’s finest Tongkat Ali extract and how AKARALI made it to the top Tongkat Ali brands in the USA.

In this article, we shall explain the secrets behind the most potent Tongkat Ali in the world, Tongkat Ali’s potency and efficacy, and more importantly, how it can benefit you.

Topics covered in this article:
  1. Introduction 
  2. What are potency and efficacy?
  3. Why potency matters to your health
  4. The potency of various extraction methods 
  5. Finding the most potent Tongkat Ali
  6. The effect of potency and health

Potent Tongkat Ali plants can be found in the remote rainforests of Pahang and Johor in the south of Malaysia.


What goes behind a potent Tongkat Ali product?

Most potent Tongkat Ali products are developed through years of research using the best extraction protocols and are often clinically tested to ensure maximum potency and efficacy.

AKARALI is renowned for its potency, touted as the most potent Tongkat Ali in the world. The secret lies in the quality of handpicked Tongkat Ali roots and its proprietary standardized extract.

In the above example, AKARALI’s  standardized extraction protocol, with hot-water and freeze-dried method can deliver the highest bioactive compounds such as eurycomanone, glycosaponin, polysaccharides and other essential nutrients compared to other Tongkat Ali brands.

The secret includes sourcing quality wild Tongkat Ali plants from the remote rainforests that are fully mature (often more than 5 years old) in the states of Pahang in Malaysia.

Is 200:1 or 400:1 extract more potent?

The extraction ratio is not a potency marker. But most Tongkat Ali brands on Amazon are still marketed using the extraction ratio of 200:1, 400:1 and marked as “highly potent”.

Some cheap Tongkat Ali brands even resort to a “highly potent formula” by selling it in higher doses (eg: 600mg per capsule)

This has resulted in a mixed bag of reviews, with brands recommending higher-than-required daily Tongkat Ali dosage. There are many generic Tongkat Ali that contains low bioactive ingredients due to inexperienced manufacturers that are not specialized in Tongkat Ali extraction.

Now, lets begin with the basic understanding of potency.

Potency & Efficacy

What is potency?

Potency in Tongkat Ali is measured by the amount of bioactive ingredient (expressed in percentage) that is needed to produce a biological or pharmacological response (i.e effect) in our bodies.

Potency is used as a comparative measure of different doses between two Tongkat Ali products/extract that are needed to produce the same pharmacological effect (i.e response)

In pharmacology, potency is also known as the “drug strength”.

To find the most potent Tongkat Ali, you need to understand the following:

  • higher bioactive ingredients equal higher potency.
  • higher potency does not mean higher efficacy
  • higher potency with higher efficacy translates to better gains, and significant health benefits.
  • higher potency means consumption of a smaller quantity (dose) to achieve a higher biological response (i.e health benefits)

What is efficacy?

In medical terms, efficacy is the ability of a product / drugs / herbal supplement to produce any beneficial effects. 

Efficacy is usually validated and tested using clinical trials. The most potent Tongkat Ali such as AKARALI with Physta® technology has clinical trials published in the public domain for ease of transparency.

Here is how potency and efficacy are related. This is the best approach when comparing two or more Tongkat Ali products.

So can you identify which Tongkat Ali product is the most potent?

Identifying the most potent Tongkat Ali with the highest efficacy
  • Tongkat Ali Product (A) has the same level of efficacy compared to Product (B). However, Product (A) is more potent as it requires a lower dose to achieve the same response (i.e health benefits).
  • Tongkat Ali Product (C) has lower efficacy than Product (A) and (B). However, Product (C) has a similar level of potency to product (A).

In short, the next time you purchase Tongkat Ali, make sure it is clinically tested for potency and efficacy.

Measuring Potency in Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali’s potency is measured by the amount of eurycomanone (expressed in percentage value) that can be extracted from the root.

The eurycomanone is a bioactive compound found in Tongkat Ali; often exist in small quantities in each plant. This gives the unique medicinal properties that benefits health in many areas as proven in by scientists in the last two decades.

Key facts on potency
  • Chromatography tests is the ultimate litmus test to verify the level of eurycomanone in Tongkat Ali. However, each plant is unique and may not be able to produce consistent level of eurycomanone when subjected to chromatography tests.
  • The most potent Tongkat Ali based on standardized extract contains  eurycomanone between 1.5% to 3%.
  • A higher level of eurycomanone is rare and often not commercially available although few Black Tongkat Ali roots found were reported to contain eurycamone as high as 5% to 10%.
  • However if the extraction protocol is inferior or not standardized, each production batch of Tongkat Ali products will result in varying degree of eurycomanone and other bioactive ingredients.

Research has shown that eleven out of 24 Tongkat Ali brands complied (0.84-8.48% w/v) with the criteria set by Malaysian Standards, with only nine of the products recorded eurycomanone level above (1.6-8.48%).

Find out which Tongkat Ali brands are potent and can deliver consistent health benefits.

Why potency matter?

Potent Tongkat Ali products deliver optimal health benefits in less time due to faster absorption from higher bioactive ingredients.

It means you don’t need 800mg of Tongkat Ali daily to produce the same effect from a highly potent 200mg of Tongkat Ali.

As recorded in most clinical trials and studies, the health benefits of Tongkat Ali can be realized from as little as 200mg (1 capsule) of Tongkat Ali with high potency to achieve your health goals in shorter time. For example:

  • For libido – faster and longer erection that can last for hours
  • For testosterone – rapid jump in strength, stamina and accelerated muscle development
  • For mood – faster gains and improved in mood with less tension, stress and anxiety.

With that in mind, you can avoid being a victim when someone recommends a 1,000mg Tongkat Ali daily dosage.

In our detailed dosage guideline, we reminded you that a higher dosage from a low-potency Tongkat Ali does not necessarily translate to better gains.

In fact, you may suffer unwanted side effects from incorrect dosage.


Which Tongkat Ali extract is the most potent?

The highest potency for any Tongkat Ali extraction protocol is the standardized root extract, offering higher and more consistent level of potency compared to conventional 200:1, 400:1, or even 600:1 extract.

The extraction method and protocols play a large influence in determining Tongkat Ali’s potency. In fact, common herbal extraction methods include solvent-based, water (aqueous extract) method and others.

And when you think a raw Tongkat Ali root that you pick from the forest is far more potent than a Tongkat Ali root extract, the real answer may disappoint you.

Lets investigate various extraction methods and how it affects potency.

Level of Eurycomanone : 0.8 to 1.5%

Potency: Low-Medium

Real-world benefits & gains

The traditional extraction uses the hot-water boiling method to extract the bioactive ingredients from Tongkat Ali. The water is then served in a cup or mixed with tea.

This ancient method may not be potent but is widely practiced in present times. Depending on the location and age of the Tongkat Ali plant, studies have shown that the percentage of eurycomanone (i.e the most bioactive and useful compound) found in Tongkat Ali in it’s pure form (i.e unprocessed raw root) is between 0.8 – 1.5%.

The most potent Tongkat Ali roots are from plants harvested in the state of Pahang, Malaysia and some parts of Borneo (Sarawak).

This method however produces lower efficacy too as some of the bioactive compounds may be destroyed, or diluted due to excessive thermal heat from boiling. In addition, it is not an efficient way to consume Tongkat Ali vis-à-vis the amount of bioactive ingredients that your body needs to achieve those health goals.

Imagine having to drink bucket loads of Tongkat Ali tea everyday to get the same effect from a 200mg capsule.

This is the reason why recent consumers prefers to consume Tongkat Ali extract rather than the traditional method.

Level of Eurycomanone : 1.5%

Potency: Medium

Real-world benefits & gains

Conventional extract methods employ either alcohol-based solvent (usually methanol) or aqueous (water) to extract bioactive ingedients from Tongkat Ali. This method is considered common, albeit moderately potent due to lower cost of production and capital.

Reflux extraction is a known conventional method for producing potent Tongkat Ali extract powder; where a solid-to-liquid extraction process involve solvent evaporation and condensation. Reflux extraction is widely used by Tongkat Ali manufacturers as it is efficient, easy to operate and relatively cost effective.

However, the level of eurycomanone and glycosaponin from conventional extraction method is usually average, around 1.5% to 2%.

Level of Eurycomanone : 1.5% – 3%

Potency: High

Real-world benefits & gains

The principle of standardized extraction protocol is to achieve the required standards of eurycomanone (1.5% – 3%) regardless of the amount of raw Tongkat Ali roots that are being processed, using either hot-water method or freeze-dried.

Standardized aqueous (i.e water) root extract generally delivers a higher level of eurycomanone and is regarded as the most potent Tongkat Ali root extract you can find on the market.

It also contains a higher level of glycosaponin (>40%) and polysaccharides (30%) compared to other conventional extraction methods.

US-patented Physta® is one of few examples of standardized root extract with exceptional quality, making it the most potent Tongkat Ali sold on Amazon. 

Another advantage is that standardized Tongkat Ali extract ensures every production batch delivers consistent results; with many reported faster gains in the real world.

Standardized Tongkat Ali Extract Comparison Chart

When less is more. Standardized extract maximizes potency whilst reducing raw materials and waste.

Standardized root extract enables manufacturers to maximize potency with 200kg or even less amount of raw Tongkat Ali roots.

This is the epitome of when less is more.

In fact, most clinical trials on quantifiable health benefits were based on 1.5% – 3% eurycomanone with quality extract.

Using less raw materials is also good for the environment, as fewer Tongkat Ali trees are required for large-scale Tongkat Ali production.

Real-World Benefits from Higher Potency

Buying Tongkat Ali with high potency inevitably translates to real-world benefits.

There are many real-world reviews by people who have consumed potent Tongkat Ali from standardized hot-water freeze-dried extract. These people reported moderate-to-significant gains after two weeks, four weeks and even six weeks of Tongkat Ali consumption.

Experience real-world reviews from real-people before you make that decision.

Potency and Health

The relationship between Tongkat Ali’s potency and health is very clear. It is even more relevant if the Tongkat Ali extract is tested for microbial activities and toxicity.

USFDA-inspected facilities that are GMP-certified are many these days, but producing quality and potent Tongkat Ali extract such as Physta® is rare in the United States, Canada or even in Europe.

Physta® standardized Tongkat Ali extract used in AKARALI products is constantly tested against toxicity and regarded as one of the most potent Tongkat Ali that is safe.

Physta® is backed by decades of clinical trials and studies, with more than 26 clinical trials published to date from its on-going research activities with reputable organizations around the world.

Warning on potency

  • When consuming a highly potent Tongkat Ali product with the right recommended dosage is key to optimal health benefits. Never exceeded the maximum daily dosage.
  • When referring to high potency, most Tongkat Ali brands use Yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia).
  • However, there are brands sold on Amazon which claims to have higher potency, but the reality behind this claim is simply shocking.
  • Some brands use Black Tongkat Ali (Polyalthia Bullata) which claim to have higher potency, but most Black Tongkat Ali is reported to contain higher level of mercury.

Parting Thoughts

We hope the above article provides a better understanding of how to find a potent Tongkat Ali, or at the bare minimum helps you to make a better decision.

The most powerful Tongkat Ali product in the market today uses standardized extraction protocol, with hot-water and freeze-dried method to preserve bioactive compounds from eurycomanone, glycosaponin, polysaccharides and other essential nutrients.

Remember this takeaway – a potent Tongkat Ali delivers faster and better gains.

Surely British-born James Goodman (pictured below) can testify to that based on his experience. Do read his four-week review to get a taste of how potent Tongkat Ali can assist your body transformation.

AKARALI is by far the strongest and most potent Tongkat Ali on the market today.

Visible results from consuming the most potent Tongkat Ali with the highest efficacy. Source: James Goodman

With 5,000 Tongkat Ali brands to choose from, you can cut down your time by choosing the best Tongkat Ali brands that offer the highest potency.

If you are in doubt, always refer to our Tongkat Ali FAQ section and our Tongkat Ali Dosage Guide to get the most from Tongkat Ali.

Rest assured, our mission is to provide the best Tongkat Ali experience you could possibly ask for.

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to promote any brands nor to provide any form of recommendations to purchase or consume medication, drugs or herbal supplement brands directly or indirectly. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to perform their own assessment and / or to arrive at an informed decision based on publicly available information. By reading the content published on this website means you are aware on the risks involved in purchasing any of the products or brands mentioned in this article. We highly recommend you and the readers to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article.

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