CHOQ Tongkat 100 Hands-On Review: Should I Buy One? 

In a world with so many different white-label Tongkat Ali supplements, it is often safer to buy reputable Tongkat Ali extracts with known quality markers. LJ100 Tongkat Ali – a white-labelled Physta™ marketed by HP Ingredients using standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract is used in CHOQ Tongkat Ali supplement.

But is CHOQ® Tongkat 100 worth buying?

In this article, we’ll be exploring and reviewing CHOQ Tongkat 100 that boasts LJ100 extract in its 100mg capsule. We will then deep-dive into whether this is the best premium Tongkat Ali in the US that you should buy based on customer reviews and feeback.

About CHOQ

Launched in 2019, CHOQ is a relative new company that specializes in a wide range of quality health supplements such as Shilajit, Irish Moss, Fulvic Acid and Tongkat Ali with the aim to optimize human performance and overall wellness. 

Based in Austin Texas, CHOQ®’s R&D team envisions how a specific product can optimize human physiology to produce the most powerful results possible by sourcing for quality extract from reputable suppliers.

In fact, our research revealed that CHOQ advocates high quality Tongkat Ali extract from Malaysia for reasons that it is the best country where you can source quality Tongkat Ali compared to Indonesian Tongkat Ali. Dustin Mabrey, Chief Operating Officer for CHOQ® and his team ensure customer needs are met backed by strong online customer support.

The brand boasts on the traditional use of herbs by ancient cultures with established use cases, selecting herbs and ingredients with comprehensive research validating their function. Their Tongkat Ali is reportedly made using standardized hot-water root extract sourced from LJ100™ (i.e a white-labelled extract from the original Physta™ MIT-formulated extract), highly acclaimed by experts as one of the best Tongkat Ali extracts in the world. 

Summary Review: CHOQ Tongkat 100

At $69 for 30 capsules at 100mg each, Choq Tongkat Ali’s selling price is comparatively very steep when looking at the average prices of other premium Tongkat Ali supplements such as AKARALI Tongkat Ali, Double Wood LJ100 Tongkat Ali and few others.

CHOQ’s subscription bundle offers a special price of $42 for the first shipment, but since you are getting 100mg per capsule, this is also quite expensive compared to similar premium Tongkat Ali brands that offers 200mg of pure root Tongkat Ali extract. 

Where can you buy CHOQ’s Tongkat 100?

Available in a several countries like the US, Australia, and UK – you can buy and subscribe on their website or get it via other CHOQ’s official resellers online.

You can buy CHOQ Tongkat Ali 100mg at Elements4Life in Australia, Botana Organics in the UK, RedSupps, Jumia and Konga, making it equally popular compared to AKARALI Tongkat Ali 200mg.




CHOQ Tongkat Ali Australia Elements4Life$75 AUD
CHOQ Tongkat Ali USaBotanaOrganics$40 USD
CHOQ Tongkat Ali UK RedSupps£34.99
CHOQ Africa NigeriaKonga and Jumia₦15,500 and ₦24,500

Does CHOQ Tongkat Ali work?

LJ100™ in itself is a very good wholesale Tongkat Ali extract, but third party manufacturers like CHOQ® merely import the base extract to turn it into their own capsules with less emphasis on any form of R&D or refinements on its best selling Tongkat Ali 100 supplement.

What happens in between them getting the extract and encapsulation, nobody but can say for sure, but certain practices that can compromise the quality of Tongkat Ali supplements by third party manufacturers are common. 

While we found no empirical evidence to suggest that Choq is an effective testosterone booster at 100mg per capsule, customer reviews on CHOQ Tongkat 100 on their own site are rather a mixed bag, with some singing its praises while others felt nothing at all. Whether CHOQ® Tongkat Ali 100 product works across age groups or those needing energy is best left to those who have experienced it.

Our professional view is that CHOQ’s Tongkat Ali’s formulation delivers less-than-optimal dose (at 100mg per capsule), thus may not be sufficient to induce significant pharmacological health benefits, especially those who are diagnosed with low testosterone or mild libido symptoms. Knowing that 200mg to 400mg is the optimal dose (assuming it is sourced from pure root extract with zero fillers/binders), CHOQ Tongkat Ali 100mg per capsule may not be a potent libido or testosterone booster.

If CHOQ Tongkat Ali did not work to boost your libido or energy, you ought to know that the addition of fillers, maltodextrin or adulterants may dilute the potency or efficacy and there are other reasons why Tongkat Ali did not work on you. 

We found similar feedback on CHOQ Tongkat 100 (and many other US-made Tongkat Ali brands) on verified review aggregator site JudgeMe,  highlighting the lack of noticeable energy difference after consuming the product for more than 5 months. This begs the question of its potency and efficacy from CHOQ’s in-house formulation by their R&D team. 

Why didn’t this Tongkat Ali work?

While CHOQ’s Tongkat Ali may work for inexperienced or first-time users, technically 100mg per capsule is just merely above the minimum dosage of 50mg for Tongkat Ali to have any measurable or noticeable effects on testosterone gains, libido, mood or muscle growth.  

In other words, if you have lower-than-average testosterone levels, it will take more than 100mg per daily serving to induce any measurable results, even after taking it for more than 12 weeks. With this in mind, CHOQ’s prescribed dosage of 100mg a day may work for those requiring a mild boost of energy, but according to various clinical trials the optimal average dosage for Physta (or LJ100 ) from standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract is between 200mg to 400mg daily over a course of a minimum of four weeks.

While dosage is the likeliest reason that CHOQ Tongkat 100 did not provide consistent effects for consumers, other less likely reasons might include potential dilution of the base LJ100 extract with cheaper extracts, adulterants, filler or binders to bulk it out in order to save on cost. Such commercial practices (assuming it is still in practice) limits the true potential of Tongkat Ali’s benefits on health.

Our Review: CHOQ Tongkat 100

Our in-house review of CHOQ Tongkat 100 will cover a few common questions to get a better idea of why this product did not work for some of their customers and to give consumers a better idea of what they should look out for when buying a quality Tongkat Ali supplement.

Is the Tongkat Ali extract clinically tested?

The wholesale LJ100 extract itself, like standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract, is clinically tested to work on a diverse range of people from various ages, lifestyles, and BMI. In our estimation, given the very high price of CHOQ Tongkat 100, the dosage of 100mg per capsule, and the fact that they only provide 30 capsules, it is unlikely there is any dilution with generic extracts or maltodextrin. 

Is it dose-optimized?

Formulators and the R&D team behind CHOQ may not be aware that the vast majority of clinical trials on Tongkat Ali underscore that a dose of 200 to 400mg is optimal for adults to experience the most benefits; it can go up to 600 to 800mg for sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, and bodybuilders who use such high doses for short-term performance gains. In this case, CHOQ Tongkat Ali uses 100mg per capsule, far below the efficacy curve for a single serving.  

Other experts like Stanford University Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman also acknowledge this, underscoring that 400mg is the ideal daily dose. Meanwhile, clinical andrologist, Dr Ismail Tambi, says the ideal daily dosage for benefits relating to libido and fertility is between 200mg – 300mg. However, he recommends a higher dosage of 400mg works for men weighing 100kg and above.

Is it value for money?

At $69 for one bottle of 30 capsules at 100mg each, CHOQ Tongkat 100 is among some of the most expensive of its type on the market. While a higher price is common for supplements using premium extracts like LJ100, the price does of CHOQ Tongkat 100 does not reflect the market. In fact, competitors like AKARALI, which offer single-origin standardized hot-water root extract directly from Malaysia, is priced at about $55 for 60 capsules at 200mg each. 

Other third-party US manufacturers that incorporate LJ100 Tongkat Ali extract like DoubleWood are priced more competitively than CHOQ Tongkat 100, providing a sizeable 120 capsules at 100mg each for about $40.

Parting Words

You can try CHOQ’s Tongkat 100 yourself if you are based in the US or even subscribe to get it every 3 weeks. However, given the relatively small dose of 100mg and only 30 capsules paired with a big price tag and mixed reviews, we would recommend that it may be more prudent to choose a cheaper option with a higher dose or a similar one with more capsules. 

DoubleWood LJ100 is a good example of the latter, with 120 capsules of the same extract, allowing consumers to have enough product to experiment with more optimized dosages of 200mg – 400mg per capsule. Another option is AKARALI, which has the benefit of being both single-origin (i.e Malaysia) and extremely potent due to its handpicked mature roots, coming in an ideal dose of 200mg per capsule with 60 capsules. 

If you are interested in experiencing single-origin standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract, try our dose-optimized capsules with 200mg of pure root extract, available worldwide with international delivery with 3-5 days.

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