Tongkat Ali Dosage For Men: User Guide

How much should I take and what is the recommended Tongkat Ali dosage for men?

Most average men are reported taking 200mg to 400 mg of Tongkat Ali daily. However, users are demanding more from Tongkat Ali to achieve faster response and higher gains in recent years.

As manufacturers are upping the game, Tongkat Ali brands are selling 1,000 mg of Tongkat Ali with false advertising. Is it even necessary to consume in high doses? Or less is more?

This article summarizes the optimal Tongkat Ali daily dosage for men based on clinical trials, studies and user experience from men aged 21 to 80.

Tongkat Ali Recommended Dosage

Health coaches, nutritionists and experts such as Dr. Huberman recommend 200 mg to 400 mg daily dose of Tongkat Ali for men. Despite the official recommended dosage for Tongkat Ali published by the Ministry of Health Malaysia is 50mg to 200mg daily, the effective dose for men varies considerably depending on age, Body Mass Index (BMI) and other lifestyle factors.

You may use the Tongkat Ali dosage guide below as a reference by comparing your age to your current lifestyle* (i.e non-active, active and semi-professional athletes)


Non-Active Lifestyle (Sedentary)

Active Lifestyle (Regular Exercises)

Semi-Professional Athletes


200 mg

200 – 400 mg

200 – 400 mg


200 mg

200 – 400 mg

400 – 800 mg


200 mg

400 – 600 mg

400 – 800 mg


200 mg

400 – 600 mg


200 mg

200 – 400 mg


200 mg

200 – 400 mg


100 – 200 mg

200 – 400 mg

*Definition of Lifestye Status:

Non-Active: Sedentary lifestyle are men who are exposed to less than 5,000 steps a day, or those who exercise less than 3 times a week. Those with minimal physical movement during work hours are also classified as non-active, or sedentary. Examples include sitting in the office for 8 hours a day, driving for long durations, etc.

Active: An adult-men who indulge in regular exercises which includes but not limited to cardio, HIIT, weight or resistance training at least 3 times a week. 

Semi-Professional Athletes: A male athlete who trains regularly for more than 5 days a week with structured diet and rest time, and those involve in sports competition.

How much Tongkat Ali should I take?

Tongkat Ali appears to be safe when taken daily between 100mg to 400mg over a duration between 4 to 24 weeks although there is no optimal dosage published by researchers to date. According to registered dietitian Wan Na Chun from One Pot Wellness in Indiana, 200mg to 600mg daily intake of Tongkat Ali have been used in clinical studies with minor side effects. For long-term use, healthcare professional Dr. Zamir Hillman cautioned users not to take Tongkat Ali at higher dose to avoid potential liver-induced diseases which are rare but often lead to hospitalization amongst users taking multi-herb supplements in high doses.

While professional athletes and bodybuilders consume higher dose, please observe any adverse Tongkat Ali side effects if you are taking high doses of more than 600mg per day.

On that note, an optimal dosage of 200mg to 400mg per day may be effective to boost testosterone assuming the Tongkat Ali is produced from standardized pure root hot-water extract.

In addition, the amount of Tongkat Ali you should take per day depends on your baseline testosterone levels, your weight (or BMI), body fat and quality of the extract.

Dosing vis-a-vis extract quality

Generally, taking Tongkat Ali at 200mg to 400mg per day may work for most men. However, users are cautioned that the recommended dose of 200mg to 400mg per day was referenced to many human clinical studies based on controlled parameters which was conducted based on a standardized pure Tongkat Ali extract.

Adjusted for lower quality extracts, Tongkat Ali brands such Solaray, Momentous, Nootropics and Elm & Rye may recommend higher dose of 600mg or even 1,200mg per day. However, high dose from low quality Tongkat Ali extracts may not necessarily work due to impurities, low levels of eurycomanone content and others.

Case in point, Solaray Tongkat Ali 400mg with its recommended dose of 800mg (i.e 400mg twice per day) did not work as it should compared to other brands.  Professional medical doctor Dr. Chris reported that his testosterone dropped by 29% after taking Solaray Tongkat Ali and subsequent lab analysis showed that the level of eurycomanone was too low (i.e 0.12%) to deliver any benefits.

Dosing vis-à-vis weight (or BMI)

Your total body weight (TBW) or Body Mass Index (BMI) may be used to determine the best Tongkat Ali dose. Men with higher BMI may take 400mg Tongkat Ali daily or even higher depending on your percentage body fat to gain better results.

Men who are lean and with an average weight of 80kg-90kg may take 400mg to gain the optimal benefit from Tongkat Ali to achieve better muscle growth, libido and even testosterone gains. However, for long term consistent use of Tongkat Ali, it is advisable to take 200mg per day for regular sustenance of energy for a healthy testosterone support.

In short, the dosing requirements for males depend largely on the types of extract used, age, weight, and the state of your health condition.

Due to the lack of standardization of Tongkat Ali extract found in most supplements, finding a standard recommended dose for Tongkat Ali remains a challenge. 

For example, a higher dosage may be required for older men with higher BMI or those with a high percentage of body fat.  As men have varying degrees of testosterone levels as they age, older men over 50 weighing between 75kg to 90kg may find 400mg of Tongkat Ali works better. On the side of the spectrum, those who bought Tongkat Ali supplements with low quality extract may not gain any benefits despite consuming higher dosage exceeding 600mg.

To ensure effective and precise dosing, it is crucial to perform a blood test, or hormone test to determine your baseline testosterone levels before consuming Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali Dosage for Male Bodybuilders

Semi-professional male bodybuilders take 600 mg to 800 mg of Tongkat Ali daily between 12 to 24 weeks with regular weight training and diet.

According to 10-time world champion professional bodybuilder Sazali Samad, he took 200mg to 400mg Tongkat Ali daily for five years without any side effects on his liver and kidneys. At the age of 50, he continued to take it daily as reported in our long-term review of Tongkat Ali.

Meanwhile, Australian natural bodybuilders and health coaches landed on a collective view that the dosing requirements for men should be between 400mg to 600mg if they are taking clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements, which are known to have higher efficacy and potency.

Tongkat Ali is a natural and drug-free supplement used in natural bodybuilding competitions in recent years due to its fast-acting lean muscle mass and fat-burn properties.

AKARALI Tongkat Ali is clinically tested on male bodybuilders with its 200 mg dosage-optimized formula using standardized hot water extract Physta. 

FAQ: User Guide

Get more answers on Tongkat Ali dosage for men with our deep-dive insights.

What is the best age to use Tongkat Ali for men?

Should you decide to use Tongkat Ali as a daily supplement, the optimal age range is between 30 to 70 years, or when you exhibit low testosterone symptoms. It is recommended that you do a bloodwork test to establish your testosterone levels and consult your nearest doctor before taking Tongkat Ali.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to work?

For active men, 200 mg to 400 mg Tongkat Ali daily may produce noticeable effects within 24 to 72 hours. A study on young male athletes reported a significant increase of glycerol and reduction of Free Fatty Acid (FFA) after 3 days (72 hours). However, older men may a take longer time between 4 to 24 weeks to gain the full benefits of Tongkat Ali.

How much Tongkat Ali can I take?

If you are taking Tongkat Ali for short-term goals, then you may take between 200mg to 600mg depending on your health objectives. For long-term use of more than 1 year, it is advisable to take Tongkat Ali at a lower dosage of 200mg daily.

What is the minimum Tongkat Ali dosage for men?

50 mg of standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extract is the minimum effective Tongkat Ali dosage for men before you can experience any beneficial, measurable or pharmacological effects on health. If you have lower-than-average testosterone levels, it takes more than 100mg per daily serving to induce any measurable benefits or results. 

What is the maximum Tongkat Ali dosage for men?

1,000 mg daily is the maximum safety limit of Tongkat Ali dosage for men.

Is 400mg the best Tongkat Ali dosage for men?

Whether you choose to take 400mg or 1,000mg, the actual dosage depends highly on the quality extract to deliver the desired results (eg: testosterone or libido gains). Brands such as Solaray Tongkat Ali did not produce any testosterone increase despite using 400mg per capsule formulation due to low-quality extract. Therefore, it is important to check on potency before arriving at the appropriate dosing requirements to achieve your health objectives.

What is the Tongkat Ali dosage for men above 70?

If you are above 70 and healthy, you may take 200 mg to 400 mg of Tongkat Ali per day. Tongkat Ali is clinically tested on men above 70 using 200 mg daily dosage.

Can I increase my Tongkat Ali dosage after 1 week to achieve faster results?

As long as you do not experience any adverse side effects, you may increase your dosage incrementally by 50mg or 100mg daily to achieve your desired health goals. Always observe the maximum safety limit and its best to avoid taking more than 600 mg to 1,000 mg of Tongkat Ali per day. 

Which Tongkat Ali supplements are dosage-optimized?

Clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements are dosage optimized to 200 mg per capsule. Tongkat Ali supplements using standardized hot water extracts are calibrated to 200 mg per capsule for optimal daily dosage due to higher potency and efficacy; translating to a faster response time.

How do I check to ensure my Tongkat Ali is dosage-optimized?

Always check the Tongkat Ali extraction technology and the addition of any fillers (eg: maltodextrin) to ensure it is dosage-optimized to deliver the required potency. Some Tongkat Ali extracts (eg: non-standardized extract) are less potent thus require higher dosage (eg: 500mg to 1,000 mg) to produce the desired health benefits.

What is the Tongkat Ali dosage for men with low libido?

A 200mg to 400mg of Tongkat Ali may work to improve men’s libido as most studies on men’s fertility was conducted using 200 mg of daily Tongkat Ali consumption over a course of 4 to 6 weeks.

How much Tongkat Ali should I take if I am diagnosed with low androgen?

If you are diagnosed with hypogonadism (low testosterone), you may take 200 mg to 400 mg daily with a minimum duration of four weeks. Based on clinical studies, the largest testosterone gain from taking Tongkat Ali is between six to twelve weeks when coupled with moderate to high intensity exercises.

How much Tongkat Ali should I take to burn more fat and calories?

If you are overweight or obese, you may take up to 400 mg daily with regular exercises. A randomized clinical study on obese adults showed 400 mg of Tongkat Ali daily reduces Body Mass Index (BMI) by accelerating fat burn and metabolism after 112 days.

How much Tongkat Ali should I take if my work involves physical work?

If your work involves constant physical activities (eg: oil rig technician, on site engineers), a daily consumption of 200 mg to 400 mg is best suited to restore your energy optimally throughout the day or during nightshift.

What is the optimal Tongkat Ali dosage for male athletes?

400mg to 600mg daily dosage of Tongkat Ali may boost sports performance by promoting glycerol production, elevating testosterone, reducing cortisol levels during stressful conditions and promoting fat lipolysis, thus resulting in better energy yield during training amongst male athletes.

How much Tongkat Ali should I take if I am over 40?

Men over 40 are reported to take between 200 mg to 400 mg Tongkat Ali daily to restore testosterone levels due to pre-mature aging or to manage low-T symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, and reduced libido. This range is considered safe for long-term consumption.

I am a retired army veteran and in my 70s. What is the recommended dosage?

If you are above 70 and still active, you may use up to 200 mg daily of Tongkat Ali for 12 weeks. For sedentary men above 70 or if you are overweight, it is recommended to perform light exercises regularly before consuming any form of Tongkat Ali supplements. 

I am 22, how much Tongkat Ali should I take?

Most young adults below 25 have optimal testosterone levels and may not require Tongkat Ali supplementation. However, if you experience premature fatigue or lack of energy and mood, a 200 mg of Tongkat Ali may help to restore your testosterone and energy levels.

Do older men require higher Tongkat Ali dosage than young adults?

The daily dosage requirements depend on how your body react to it. Older men generally has lower testosterone which may require Tongkat Ali supplementation of 200 mg to 600 mg to gain its full effect when paired with cardio or high intensity exercises.

Should I reduce my dosage once I feel better?

You may reduce your dosage by taking Tongkat Ali on alternate days once you have achieved your health goals. You may adopt OFF / ON weekly cycle to maintain your energy levels. The Tongkat Ali cycling method works well if you are planning to continue consuming Tongkat Ali for more than 12 weeks. This allows your body to rest and regulate before your next cycle.

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How much Tongkat Ali should I take when combined with multivitamins?

Tongkat Ali may be taken between 50 mg to 200 mg daily when combined with zinc, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and other multivitamins at low dosages, with minimal or no adverse side effects.

What is the Tongkat Ali dosage if I am taking Ashwgandha or Fadogia together?

There is no official recommended dosage when taking Tongkat Ali with other herbal supplements such as Ashwagandha or Fadogia. Experts warned about the severe side effects on liver toxicity and kidney failure from taking Fadogia with Tongkat Ali in high doses. Users must exercise precautions to observe any side effects such as nausea, vomiting or headaches from combining Fadogia and Tongkat Ali even at lower dosages of less than 600mg daily.

Parting Thoughts:

An optimal dose of Tongkat Ali restores men’s vitality and brings better results and higher gains if you are managing any symptoms that are caused by hormone imbalance or deficiencies, or if you are working hard to achieve your health goals.

Dosage-optimized Tongkat Ali supplements for men are formulated at 200 mg per capsule based on consensus from more than 20 clinical studies. The effective dose works relatively well if you are taking standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extract (which is also potent and clinically tested on humans).

Consuming clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements for men potentially brings greater results due to an optimized dosage that is carefully calibrated to maximize your health gains.

We hope our Tongkat Ali dosage guide for men is useful to achieve your health goals in a more sustainable way.


Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI and is part of the global Tongkat Ali research team. As a writer and journalist, Naressa specializes in nutrition, health supplements, and natural wellness. With this approach always in mind, she explores fact-based and scientific evidence of topics related to health, herbs and natural wellness.

Our articles are third party reviewed by our panel of experts and medical advisors to ensure the facts are accurate and credible. These are validated against multiple source references which include but not limited to research studies, peer-reviewed journals, pre-clinical studies, clinical tests and other credible publications.

Our panel of medical advisors and experts are highly experienced in their individual fields. However, they do not provide any medical advice or recommendations arising from content published in this article.

Disclaimer: The Tongkat Ali daily dosage presented in this article is for educational purpose and does not constitute as a form of advice or recommendation. Please consult your healthcare professional or your nearest doctor before consuming Tongkat Ali supplements or if you plan to consume higher dosage. Our Tongkat Ali dosage guide is based on data collection from clinical trials, research studies and 3rd party user feedback. We should not be held liable of any inaccuracies or severe effects from Tongkat Ali consumption originating from information presented in this article, or abuse arising from Tongkat Ali supplementation. 

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