This Man Took Tongkat Ali For 5 Years and Won the Bodybuilding Champion Title 10 times

Does Tongkat Ali work if you are using it for long term? 

The short answer is yes. For health enthusiasts, functional health coaches including professional bodybuilders, using Tongkat Ali long term according to the recommended dosage brings more benefits with minimal risks.

We shall deep-dive into a long-term use of Tongkat Ali to investigate what happens if you take Tongkat Ali for more than one year.  

Our five-year long term review of Tongkat Ali goes deep into the journey of a man who dared to harness the power of Tongkat Ali as a daily supplementation to help him win global championship titles in bodybuilding. 


Tongkat Ali is a well-rooted tradition amongst Malaysians since its first documented use in 1820, but the development of new extraction technologies in recent years marks the birth of high quality Tongkat Ali extracts that are used as a sports supplement, anti-aging supplement, and natural testosterone supplement. 

While long term use of Tongkat Ali use is not well documented, Sazali Samad is an example of a person that uses Tongkat Ali supplement for 1,825 days, competed in 50 bodybuilding competitions, won Mr Universe championship title 10 times, and still keep his kidneys and liver healthy at the age of 50.

Lets deep dive into the long term use of Tongkat Ali and how it may benefit you.

A long term 5-year review of Tongkat Ali

Our 5-year review of Tongkat Ali is probably the longest long-term authentic review that has ever been documented.

Hailing from a remote village in Peninsular Malaysia, Sazali Samad joined the Royal Malaysian Police in the late 80s with a strong passion for bodybuilding. As with most bodybuilding professionals, dietary supplementation is crucial for optimal performance.

Little that he know the power of Tongkat Ali in his early days and how well it can help his weight training, testosterone, stamina, muscle mass and strength. Due to the recent advancement of Tongkat Ali extraction technology spearheaded by MIT, Sazali decided to give Tongkat Ali a try.

Over the past five years, the use of Tongkat Ali supplements by professional Malaysian bodybuilder Sazali Samad has had a remarkable impact on his career, enabling him to achieve remarkable success in bodybuilding competitions around the world.

He won Mr Universe championship title 10 times and won numerous other titles like Mr. Asia, and many more.

Sazali Samad claimed he takes 200mg to 400mg Tongkat Ali daily for over five years and this is how he looks now. At the age of 56, this person looks much younger than his age.

For the record, Sazali Samad is a 10-time Mr. Universe Bodybuilding champion who has competed in over 50 bodybuilding competitions globally. He said that adding Tongkat Ali supplementation into his daily bodybuilding workout and weight training has played a pivotal role in his journey to becoming a true bodybuilding legend.

He added that it helped him lift more weights and add his rep by 15% each time. He experienced less muscle fatigue after taking 200mg of Tongkat Ali an hour before training and another 200mg right after training sessions each day. It helped improve muscle recovery, which means he is able to keep pushing the boundaries, with higher reps and weights each day.

Sazali Samad is a true professional bodybuilder who has seen positive results from taking Tongkat Ali for more than five years. 

Unlike social media influencers that you see on Youtube, Youtube, Sazali Samad has 10-times world bodybuilding champion under his belt. This reaffirms that Tongkat Ali is beneficial for long term use if you are using it with weight training, weigh lifting or even cardiovascular exercises.

The ability of Tongkat Ali supplementation helps muscle growth, muscular strength and anaerobic performance as evidenced in human clinical trials. This helps reaffirm the long-term safety and use of Tongkat Ali bodybuilding activities for developing and maintaining muscle mass.

Long term benefits of Tongkat Ali

According to Sazali Samad, long term Tongkat Ali consumption has benefitted him in his quest for bodybuilding excellence in areas such as lean muscle growth, energy, stamina and staying in shape by preventing metabolic adaption.

There are other areas where Tongkat Ali may help bodybuilders too:

Lean Muscle Growth: Tongkat Ali is believed to promote muscle growth by supporting the production of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone that plays a crucial role in muscle development. This natural boost in testosterone levels has likely contributed to Sazali’s ability to maintain and enhance his lean muscle mass over the years.

Energy and Stamina: Bodybuilding demands high levels of energy and stamina, and Tongkat Ali is known to help improve both. By increasing endurance and energy levels, Sazali has been able to endure the grueling training sessions and competitions essential for his success.

Staying in Shape for Competitions: Tongkat Ali’s role in enhancing body composition and physical performance has played a key role in helping Sazali maintain peak condition throughout his career. This consistency in his physical shape is a crucial factor in his repeated victories.

Sazali Samad’s illustrious career is highlighted by an impressive list of bodybuilding titles and competition wins. Some of these notable achievements include:

  1. Champion Mr. Universe 61st World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship, Lightweight category, in Jeju, South Korea.
  2. Champion of the Bantamweight World Amateur Bodybuilding Competition (65kg), in the Czech Republic.
  3. Winner of Mr. Universe World Amateur Bodybuilding Competition 2004, Bantamweight (65kg) category in Moscow, Russia.
  4. Champion of the Bantamweight category of the Amateur Asian Bodybuilding Competition.
  5. Winner of the Mr. Universe Competition World Amateur Bodybuilding category Bantamweight (65kg) in Melaka, Malaysia.
  7. Champion of the MUSCLE CONTEST CHAMP – 2019 VIETNAM.
  8. Champion of the OLYMPIA AMATEUR CHAMP – 2019 JAPAN.
  9. Champion of the GLOBAL CLASSIC CHAMP – 2019 MACAU.

You may refer to his full list of his achievements, and championship titles here.

Looking back

The consistent success achieved by Sazali Samad in these competitions, including multiple Mr. Universe titles, is a testament to his unwavering dedication and the positive impact of Tongkat Ali supplements on his bodybuilding journey. 

Tongkat Ali has undoubtedly played a vital role in helping Sazali Samad reach the pinnacle of the bodybuilding world, solidifying his legacy as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

Why Tongkat Ali, you may ask?

This wasn’t mere happenstance. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), is revered for its capacity to enhance various facets of physical performance, this herbal marvel has become an invaluable ally for seasoned athletes compared to Ashwagandha or Turkesterone. 

There have been so many studies that benefitted sport amateurs, natural bodybuilders and even serious professional bodybuilders like Sazali Samad. And being in his 50s, Tongkat Ali helps him to ensure that his testosterone levels is optimal to prevent premature aging hormones, or rapid depletion during his training.

Tongkat Ali use in bodybuilding competitions

What sets Tongkat Ali apart in the world of bodybuilding is its profound influence on the body’s testosterone production—a male sex hormone of paramount importance in the sculpting of muscle. The long-term use of Tongkat Ali has brought many advantages to those competing in bodybuilding competitions such as the recent event organized by Your Natural Foundation (YNF) Australia in Perth.

For Samad, the incorporation of this natural marvel into his regimen was nothing short of a game-changer. With Tongkat Ali by his side, he harnessed an organic surge in testosterone levels, catapulting his ability to preserve and amplify lean muscle mass to unprecedented heights that helps his deadlift activities.

Yet the most spellbinding facet of Samad’s story, illuminated by his consistent triumphs, is his unwavering dedication to peak physical condition for competitions. In a field where consistency is a prize as precious as raw power, Tongkat Ali’s role in optimizing body composition and physical performance has transformed him into a sculptor of excellence. 

He recommends first time users to use Tongkat Ali in small doses, before increasing it to 600mg per day. 

He added “Choosing the right Tongkat Ali supplement or brand is important for professional bodybuilders, or even when you are using it as daily dietary supplement for general health” 

But here’s the crux of Samad’s unconventional journey—it’s not just about using Tongkat Ali; it’s about the fusion of handpicked Tongkat Ali mature roots with Physta’s proprietary hot water extract, a special formulation that is found only in AKARALI supplements.

This dynamic pairing has ignited unparalleled results for bodybuilders, with a specific focus on protein synthesis, faster absorption due to higher solubility and the exaltation of muscle growth from higher eurycomanone, eurypeptides and total protein.

The fusion of handpicked Tongkat Ali roots with Physta’s hot water extract has elevated Samad to the celestial realm of performance optimization, rewriting the rules of what was once deemed achievable. The profound impact on protein synthesis, the very bedrock of muscle development, has enabled him to chisel his physique with a precision that defies conventional wisdom.

His 10-time Mr Universe title is attributed to his consistent training regime and carefully weighted diet which consists of high-protein diet from freshly sourced ingredients. The addition of Tongkat Ali supplement helps him to his metabolism and testosterone levels at all time high.

As Samad stands as a paragon of physical supremacy, his unwavering dedication to the dynamic synergy of Tongkat Ali and high-protein diet has made him a lodestar in the realm of bodybuilding.

He not only epitomizes the power of unrelenting determination but also shines a blinding spotlight on the transformative might of Tongkat Ali’s capability that exceeds most bodybuilder’s expectations.

In his five-year odyssey with Tongkat Ali, Sazali Samad’s journey is nothing short of a gripping saga—an epic tale of triumph against all odds, where nature’s elixir becomes the catalyst for an enduring legacy of dominance in the hallowed arena of professional bodybuilding.

At his prime age of 50 and fully retired from the police force, 10-time Mr. Universe champion Sazali Samad is still taking Tongkat Ali daily to keep his testosterone levels and energy optimal at all times. 

Professional bodybuilder Sazali Samad is a living testament that Tongkat Ali is beneficial and its long term use of more than 5 years has profound effect on health, notably keeping him in good shape, healthy and energized.

Let us end this long-term review of Tongkat Ali with a short takeaway:

If you are serious about bodybuilding, get the right quality Tongkat Ali supplement.

Now here is where you can get one.


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