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We are driven by our primal needs and much has been said about this invigorating herbal root since it’s discovery thousands of years ago. Check out the secrets of potential health benefits from science-backed evidence here.

Unleash the natural root

Originally recognized as an ancient aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali is now gaining global popularity due to its wide range of application and scientific-based health benefits – primarily benefiting men’s health in a safe, healthy and joyful way.

The mechanism of action works by restoring testosterone levels which in turn, controls vital functions of your body. 

Tangible results from scientific studies and clinical trials on Tongkat Ali provides new hope to those seeking alternative remedies from natural supplements.

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Your primal needs come with hard science

A 162% improvement in erection time was observed in an active group (of 30 men) consuming pure Tongkat Ali extract for 12 weeks. This study was published by the Journal of Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2014.

A popular alternative to treat erectile dysfunction or those seeking to re-energize your late-night activities.

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Tongkat Ali proved to shine in other rigorous tests such as the Erection Hardness Scale (EHS), which showed 39% improvement after 12 weeks of consuming Tongkat Ali pure extract.

The EHS score of 1 to 4 was the same standard adopted by Viagra to measure erection hardness. 30 men age between 40 – 65 years participated in this study conducted in 2014.

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Improve your chances

Research published by Asian Journal of Andrology in 2010 showed 65% improvement in sperm concentration and a significant increase in semen volume.

The study was conducted using semen analysis protocol based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. 350 test subjects diagnosed with idiopathic infertility participated in this research.

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Ready To Make Her Smile?

Many benefits associated with libido and fertility is one of many reasons why Tongkat Ali is the preferred choice as a dietary supplement around the world. Get premium Tongkat Ali with proprietary standardized water-soluble extract only from us.

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