Stress Reliever

Rapid urbanization and modernization have tremendously impacted our lives and the world we live in. Research has shown that urban living raises stress levels, and those living in cities are 21% more likely to experience anxiety disorder while 39% have an increased risk of mood disorders. You could be one of them. Many have resorted to chemical-based“calming”drugs to overcome these challenges. Your body, mind and soul deserve better treatment. Tongkat Ali is proven to reduce anger and tension by up to 12%.

Calm Your Body, Mind & Soul

Going through stressful situations cause a myriad of negative emotions running through your body and mind. Primary negative emotions are associated with anger, sadness and fear which in turn can lead to multitude of conscious or unconscious reactions. When your body and mind are under stress, the level of cortisol will increase while the testosterone level is suppressed. When the cortisol levels are too high for too long, this stress hormone can be detrimental to you.
The effect of chemical-based supplements may cause more harm to our bodies than we can ever imagine. It is no surprise that many resort to traditional remedies and herbs as an organic way to heal the body, mind and soul.
There are many ways to manage stress, improve your mood or achieve mindfulness. Firstly, your body, mind and soul requires the right dietary supplements in order to revitalize your energy level back to its original condition. Secondly, this should be supplemented by exercises such as yoga, meditation and other form of physical exercises.
Recent studies show that Tongkat Ali can yield to a remarkable improvement in Mood State (i.e. Tension, Anger, Confusion, Fatigue & Anxiety) and Stress Hormone Profile (by lowering cortisol levels).

Lower Tension, Anger & Confusion

Is your mood easily affected by your work stress, lifestyle or even unknown factors? Do you feel depressed, lethargic and looking ways to lift your mood? We may have an answer for you.

Recent study by Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2013 showed reduction of Anger (-12%), Tension (-11%) and Confusion (-15%) after 4 weeks of consuming pure Tongkat Ali extract. This was made possible by measuring the Profile Mood State (PMS) on the test subjects. PMS is a psychological rating scale used by scientists to assess transient and mood state.

Try one now and feel the difference.

Feel Better Because I am In Control

No one can take away happiness from you. Yes, you are in control of how you feel. The feeling is controlled by our hormones that goes through our brain.
Cortisol and testosterone are key hormones in our body that affects our mood. Mood-related symptoms such as irritability, poor concentration and depression are known to be scientifically linked to testosterone deficiency and high level of cortisol.
At the same time, we need the same hormones to function optimally, eg: fertility, libido, red blood cell production, muscle mass, fat distribution and brain functions.
We are proud to have discovered Tongkat Ali’s natural power to improve your mood and reduce your stress.
Try one now and feel the difference.

Do You Want To Feel Happy Again?

Improving mood is one of many reasons why Tongkat Ali is the preferred choice as a dietary supplement around the world. Get premium Tongkat Ali with proprietary standardized water-soluble extract only from us.