Elevate Your Mood

Tongkat Ali is the perfect herbal supplement if you are seeking to elevate your mood from your busy schedule, endless deadlines, and surviving through an unbelievable amount of work-life pressures.

Refresh your body, mind and soul.

Calm Your Body, Mind & Soul

Tongkat Ali remains the preferred choice for busy urban professionals, travelers and entrepreneurs due to its wide range of benefits.

Tongkat Ali’s adaptogenic properties have been found by scientists to elevate overall mood by reducing tension, depression and anxiety through clinical trials.

AKARALI™ premium Tongkat Ali contains yellow Eurycoma Longifolia that are handpicked and extracted using highly-acclaimed patented Physta® freeze-dried technology.

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Manage your Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Rapid urbanization and modernization have tremendously impacted our lives and the world we live in.

Research has shown that urban living raises stress levels. 

per cent

of people living in urban areas are more likely to experience anxiety disorder.

per cent

of people living in urban areas or cities have an increased risk of mood disorders.

You could be one of them.

Your body, mind and soul deserve better a treatment.

Discover the World

Make AKARALI™ Tongkat Ali your perfect stress-free companion. Travel the world and discover a new world of natural wellness. Only the best herbal supplement from centuries of tradition delivers a meaningful experience.

Lower Tension, Depression, Anger & Confusion

Studies have shown that Tongkat Ali improves your mood, by lowering  Tension, Anger, Confusion and Depression. 

This resulted in a better reduction in Stress Hormone Profile. 

A recent study by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition showed a reduction in Anger (-12%), Tension (-11%) and Confusion (-15%) after 4 weeks of consuming  Tongkat Ali extract.

Tongkat Ali showed better scores in the Profile Mood State (PMS) from the test subjects. PMS is a psychological rating scale used by scientists to assess transient and mood state.

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Your Joy Begins Here

The truth is, no one can take away that smile and happiness from you.

Cortisol and testosterone are key hormones in our body that affects our mood.

Mood-related symptoms such as irritability, poor concentration and depression are known to be scientifically linked to testosterone deficiency and high level of cortisol.

Bring back joy and happiness with a healthy diet and regular exercise. And take Tongkat Ali as your perfect herbal companion.

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Yes, my mood improved significantly
I feel less anxious and calmer

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Bring Back Joy & Happiness

Revitalize your mind and soul with Tongkat Ali and bring back that joy and happiness. Improve your overall mood with regular exercises and a natural-plant based solution.

Treat yourself with a dose of authentic Tongkat Ali that comes with quality handpicked roots directly from the source.

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