World Class Manufacturing

The Largest Herbal Extraction Facility

AKARALI™ is manufactured in partnership with Biotropics Malaysia.

Government-owned Biotropics Malaysia Berhad (i.e Biotropics) was established in 2007 to develop Malaysia’s unique bio-resources into superior natural products.

With the largest extraction facility in Malaysia, our products are produced in a USFDA-inspected facility with stringent quality controls backed by various industry accreditations.

We focus on delivering you the best Tongkat Ali herbal experience.

In-house Research Laboratory

Years of extensive research

AKARALI™ Tongkat Ali formulation is based on years of extensive research from proprietary freeze-dried extraction technology Physta®, co-developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

All our natural Tongkat Ali roots are harvested locally, carefully handpicked, and chromatography tested with years of laboratory research tests by scientists and experts.

Physta® is the embodiment of the best authentic Tongkat Ali in the world that is clinically backed with 20 years of research studies.


AKARALI™ is a product from world-class quality herbal manufacturing.

With international and domestic accreditations such as GMP and ISO 22000, we bring the best authentic and standardized Tongkat Ali extract.

Our accreditations from our manufacturing partner translates to trust in our quality health products to serve international regulations, compliance, quality and safety.

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