Manufacturing, Production & Supply

We bring you the best supply, manufacturing, production of Tongkat Ali to wholesalers and resellers.

The Largest Herbal Extraction Facility

With the largest extraction facility in Malaysia, we harvest and produce quality Tongkat Ali supplements in a USFDA-inspected facility backed by stringent quality controls and manufacturing standards.

AKARALI™ is manufactured in partnership with Biotropics Malaysia, a government-owned public listed entity that was established in 2007 to develop Malaysia’s unique bio-resources into superior natural products. 

We produce and supply quality mature Tongkat Ali plants sourced from plantations in Malaysia, harvested in the remote rainforests with the help of indigenous (i.e Orang Asli) located in the state of Pahang and Perak. 

Our largest herbal extraction is focused on Tongkat Ali production and extraction, and manufacturing of finished goods, ranging from dietary supplements and bulk powder extract.

In-house Research Laboratory

State-of-the-art lab specializing in Tongkat Ali research & development

Years of extensive research

AKARALI™ Tongkat Ali formulation is based on years of extensive research from proprietary freeze-dried extraction technology Physta®, co-developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

All our natural Tongkat Ali roots are harvested locally, carefully handpicked, and chromatography HPLC tested and 3rd party lab tested by EUROFINS in the United States. 

We partner the best Tongkat Ali manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia that is equipped with an in-house laboratory research team with decades of experience in herbal extraction processes, standardization, HPLC chromatography fingerprinting tests and research studies.

You are essentially buying Government-owned Malaysian Physta of LJ100 Tongkat Ali extract, which is reported to be amongst the best Malaysian-made Tongkat Ali backed with years of laboratory research tests by scientists and experts since its first development with the MIT scientists in 2003.

Physta® is the embodiment of the best authentic Tongkat Ali in the world that is clinically backed with 20 years of research studies.

Third Party Lab Tested

We are a reputable Malaysian Tongkat Ali supplier of powder extract to wholesale companies in the UK and US that is 3rd party lab-tested by EUROFINS. 

Compliance to 3rd party lab tests are part of our quality commitment to ensure that the Tongkat Ali extract or product is free from adulterants, contains no impurities or meets the stringent FDA toxicity safety requirements.

The fact is, not all Tongkat Ali manufacturers in Malaysia are able to adhere to quality standards as some Tongkat Ali extracts are not 3rd party lab-tested, nor clinically tested to benefit health.

Buying from less reputable supplier or manufacturer or powder extract means higher risks for consumers as you are not buying the best quality Tongkat Ali extract from Malaysia. Worst still, it may contain impurities or adulterants (eg: excessive maltodextrin, illegal substances, or allergens) that may be harmful to your health, causing acute to severe side effects.

If you want to buy pure Tongkat Ali extract from Malaysian suppliers or wholesalers in the UK or US, you ought to know that it should be 3rd party lab tested by reputable organizations such as EUROFINS

3rd party lab-tested Tongkat Ali by EUROFINS complies with international dietary supplement quality standards set by USFDA.


AKARALI™ is produced in a USFDA-approved facility in Malaysia backed by world-class quality herbal manufacturing according to GMP, ISO and MS2409 Tongkat Ali standards.

We are the largest premium quality Malaysian Tongkat Ali extract supplier and manufacturer that is certified accordance to USFDA dietary supplement standards and UK HACCP standards, This what makes us one of the reputable and trusted Tongkat Ali extract wholesale supplier to the UK and US. We are the only company that delivers the best authentic Malaysian-sourced Tongkat Ali using standardized hot water extraction protocols.

Our accreditations and certifications meet GMP CF211 standards, food safety standards, adulterant tests, international regulations, compliance, quality and safety standards.

Bulk Order & Wholesale

We supply Tongkat Ali extract for bulk purchase, making it the best place for wholesale, private label owners or those seeking buying Tongkat Ali powder extract at incredibly low prices. Direct from manufacturers without any agents.

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