What You Need To Know About Tongkat Ali

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a Malay-word to describe a herbal root that originates from a plant known as Eurycoma Longifolia.

The plant grows and found mainly in Malaysia and few countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia. Tongkat Ali grows in deep tropical rainforests and often used as a traditional herbal medicine for centuries.

The roots are traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, antibiotic, appetite stimulant and health supplement. Its bark is mostly used as a vermifuge, while the taproots are used to treat high blood pressure, diarrhea and fever. The leaves are used for washing itches, while its fruits are still used in curing dysentery by indigenous people.

With modern science, research and technology innovation, Tongkat Ali is now widely popular as a dietary supplement. Its versatility enables Tongkat Ali to be consumed daily and as a functional ingredient with other herbs, coffee and favourite drink.

We present all the information that you need to know about Tongkat Ali. Access our FAQ on Tongkat Ali to answer your curiosity further.

Rainforest is a natural home to Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali plants are found in the wild or carefully harvested in the tropical rainforests of Asia. Due to soil composition, climate and humidity, the best Tongkat Ali brands sold today are sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The plant can reach a height of 5-metres and takes five years for the Tongkat Ali plant to grow it is full maturity before harvested by locals through sustainable development techniques.

Malaysia is well-positioned to be one of the key exporters of Tongkat Ali as the country is blessed with rich bio-diversity, eco-system and the best soil composition to fuel a healthy Tongkat Ali plant. The best Tongkat Ali is touted to be from Malaysia due to its strong regulations, enforcement and policies in place by the authorities.

The rising demand for quality Tongkat Ali has transformed the supply landscape to focus on quality harvesting, extraction techniques and research in recent years.

Yellow, Black and Red Tongkat Ali.
Know the difference.

There are three types of Tongkat Ali sold in the market today – yellow, black and red Tongkat Ali. Each type of Tongkat Ali comes from a different plant. Whilst the most common Tongkat Ali comes from Yellow Tongkat Ali (i.e Eurycoma Longifolia), it is important to find out the differences in potency, benefits and health risks. Our assessment and guide enables you to choose the best Tongkat Ali.

Make the right choice. And protect your health.

A Rare Commodity

In its purest form, Tongkat Ali tastes bitter and extremely unpleasant. For that reason, the ground root is rarely used as a food source or consumed raw in current times. Tongkat Ali powder taken from the root is traditionally used for tea recipes and in coffee mixtures, to mask its earthy and smoky bitter taste. In modern times, it’s mostly consumed in the form of a capsule.

Tongkat Ali is a natural root with multiple names

Tongkat Ali in English is known as Longjack. In fact, it is one of the few herbs which has multiple household names attached to it, depending on which country you live in.

The official scientific name of Tongkat Ali plant is Eurycoma Longifolia. Tongkat Ali is also commonly known as ‘Pasak Bumi’ in Indonesia, Cay Ba Binh in Vietnam, Pin Yin: 东革阿里 or Dōng gé ālǐ in China, ‘Longjack’ in the United States or Europe and ‘Malaysian Ginseng’ or `Akar Ali’ by some locals.

The word “Tongkat Ali” root comes from direct translation from the Malay language that means Ali’s root. It is common for locals to refer Tongkat Ali as Akar Ali, and easily pronounced as aka-ralee in short.

A hallmark of Malaysian heritage

Quintessentially Malaysian, Tongkat Ali is a natural heritage from centuries of traditions. From coffee shops to traditional and modern medicinal pharmacies, Tongkat Ali has been part of the Malaysian lifestyle.

The infusion of quality and modern science has transformed the herbal industry in recent years. Demand for authentic premium Tongkat Ali has increased exponentially as Tongkat Ali can now be purchased more easily from the source. 

Accessibility and Tongkat Ali’s versatility provide alternative options for consumers seeking quality herbal supplements or as functional food ingredients. 

Dedication to the production of quality Tongkat Ali in every touchpoint translates to exceptional performance. With quality ingredients and world-class proprietary extraction technology, unparalleled health benefits can unlocked from Tongkat Ali roots.

These are the reasons why the best Tongkat Ali comes from Malaysia.

Functionality and Versatility

Tongkat Ali is one of the most functional and versatile herb you can find in the market today. From functional food, supplements and performance ingredients used in pre-workout drinks, Tongkat Ali is the leading herbal ingredient in the market for years.

Functional Ingredient

Tongkat Ali is used as a functional food ingredient in coffee or tea for many years. Discover a homemade recipe vs. pre-mixed Tongkat Ali coffees that is suitable for you.

Performance Ingredient

Tongkat Ali is a key performance ingredient in pre-workout drinks or supplements used by fitness professionals and sports amateurs to deliver a competitive edge.

Dietary Supplement

Tongkat Ali is widely available as a dietary supplement due to its wide range of health benefits. Find out Tongkat Ali benefits for men and women that are scientifically proven from years of research.

Science and Innovation

The evolution of Tongkat Ali from an ancient herbal remedy to a modern daily dietary supplement with a wide range of health benefits was made possible by the great help of scientists and researchers.

A significant amount of resources have been invested in technological innovation, research and development to commercialize the exports of Tongkat Ali since its discovery in the early 90s.

There have been more than 150 published papers on Tongkat Ali to date by scientists and researchers around the world.

Only the producers of the finest Tongkat Ali are committed to the evolution and innovation journey.


Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali is one of the widely researched natural herbs by scientists. Modern extraction technology has enabled Tongkat Ali root to benefit your health in many ways. Here is a summary of the health benefits from Tongkat Ali.

Learn more from scientific-backed evidence and research on Tongkat Ali benefits here.

increase testosterone (women)

increase testosterone (men)

longer erection time

more sperm concentration

more sperm motility

more muscle strength and endurance for men and women
in competitive sports

reduction in anger

reduction in tension

Rare & Finest Quality

Premium Tongkat Ali products are produced from handpicked roots from deep Malaysian rainforests, away from human contamination and pollutants.

State-of-the-art herbal extraction methods such as freeze-drying are used to extract the best bio-active compounds from Tongkat Ali.

The finest quality Tongkat Ali from Malaysia with a touch of artisan brings optimal health benefits.

You can feel the difference.