Best Tongkat Ali Brands

Top Tongkat Ali Brands: Global Market Survey 2019

Last update 26th May 2020.

With the global pandemic hitting every country, more and more consumers are seeking natural products to revitalize health and build resilience through a stronger immune system against virus attacks.

Chances are if you are one of the millions actively consuming herbal supplements, here is an important question – How do you know that you are purchasing the best value or quality Tongkat Ali in the market?

For general consumers who are wired to buying Tongkat Ali from Amazon or in the United States, this represents a huge challenge. There is limited information on public domains to educate consumers what constitutes the best value when it comes to purchasing Tongkat Ali at the local stores or from online shops.  

Here we attempt to analyze quality and price from top 28 Tongkat Ali manufacturers and suppliers around the world. This information, coupled with other observations was compiled from various sources such as online marketplace and other desktop-based research.

We have updated our research since November 2019 up until May 2020. Some of the top Tongkat Ali brands below may be familiar to you.

Top Best Tongkat Ali Brands

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive consumer guide to identify the best value for money from what is available in the market. Here is a quick snapshot from top Tongkat Ali brands with published retail prices.

Price Tongkat Ali Brands

Figure 1: Table of Top Tongkat Ali Brands that are sold in Amazon, e-Bay, Shopify, Lazada and other major eCommerce platforms. Prices in the table above can change depending on seasonality, discounts and promotions. 

Before we start deep-diving into the analysis, here is a quick refresher about this herb.

From a plant known as Eurycoma Longifolia, the commercialization of Tongkat Ali into the global market started as early as 2006. Thanks to its rich history and coupled with recent advancement of technology and research, Tongkat Ali’s wide acceptance as a safe health supplement has caused more entrants into the market to fulfill the rising consumer demand.

With more Tongkat Ali products available online, this provides plenty of choice for consumers. However, it is worth noting that more than 90% of the world’s Tongkat Ali supply originates from Malaysia and Indonesia. These are two countries which are net exporter of Tongkat Ali in the world due as Tongkat Ali plant is naturally found in deep tropical rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.

What it means is this – even if you buy Tongkat Ali or Long Jack from the United States today, chances are the Tongkat Ali extract comes either from the two countries. However, the quality varies greatly between these two countries. Tongkat Ali from Malaysia is widely accepted to have higher quality due to strict quality controls and Government support. Read here  

Consumer guide to identify the best value Tongkat Ali

Before we move into our analysis and observations from our findings, the common approach to identify the best value for Tongkat Ali for most consumers is by assessing any of the following parameters:

  • Selling Price 
  • Quality of BioActive Compounds 
  • Manufacturer’s Name and Country of Origin
  • Brand credibility & trust

We undertake a different approach to identify the best value for consumers, and it goes beyond price and what is written out there (such as marketing claims of standardized extract, 200:1, etc)

The approach we use to assess quality is by conducting a simple test –  dissolve the Tongkat Ali powder from the capsule in a glass of warm water. This will debunk the marketing claims by selected brands on the infamous standardized extract of 200:1, 100:1 and other gimmicks.

To illustrate the above approach, here is a video showing how to identify authentic (or premium) Tongkat Ali from a low-grade Tongkat Ali using a simple test described above.

To avoid legal implications, you will notice the product name or manufacturer was not disclosed in the test. However, the Product A mentioned in the video was available in local pharmacies and stores in a country in Southeast Asia.

The visual observation and assessment are performed based on the following criteria:

Does the Tongkat Ali dissolve completely or partially in water?

  • There are various herbal extraction methods used by manufacturers of Tongkat Ali and the technology behind herbal extraction matters to the way the bio-active compounds are absorbed in our body. For reference, our body consists of 60-70% water. Eg: the brain and heart is composed of 73% water, where muscle and kidneys are 79% water. Read here
  • A quality Tongkat Ali using patented extraction technology such as Physta® dissolve completely in water

Does it leave any residue after prolonged exposure to water?

  • For the low-grade Tongkat Ali, the residue found at the bottom of the water is from unprocessed particles or less potent parts of the Tongkat Ali plant (eg: branches, bark)
  • Accumulated residue found from unprocessed or coarse particles can be harmful to your kidney in the longer term.
  • A large amount of residue can be harmful over time as it may contain unknown particles, contaminants from other unknown sources.

What is the colour tone observed?

  • A pure premium Yellow Tongkat Ali root will display a light tint of yellow hue when dissolve in water. And more importantly the colour or tone should be consistent throughout multiple tests
  • Depending on the grades of Tongkat Ali, the low quality grades are often mixed with other parts of Tongkat Ali like the barks or branches which will display a darker tone.
  • The notorious Black Tongkat Ali (which are considered unsafe and untested by many researchers) will yield to a darker tone in some cases – which should be avoided by consumers due to lack of research and published papers.

Assessing the best value of Tongkat Ali

Price Points

Let’s analyze at the lowest and the highest Tongkat Ali prices sold in the market in 2019 from top 27 brands around the world. The information on retail prices sold in online shops and marketplaces.

The median price for Tongkat Ali sold on the online market is USD 30, with more than 60% of the suppliers and brands are pricing their products above USD 30 per bottle. The highest price is sold at USD 139.70 by Pure Science Supplements.

The known brands out there such as AKARALI, AliPas Platinum, Sumatra Pasak Bumi, Herbolab are selling between USD 32 to USD 69.90 per bottle.

We identified exceptionally low prices for Tongkat Ali from less reputable brands such as Healthy Supplements, Sport Supplements, VIP Vitamins and Swanson Passion which are retailing between USD 13 to USD 18 per bottle.

Figure 2: Table of Top Tongkat Ali Brands that are sold in Amazon, e-Bay, Shopify, Lazada and other major eCommerce platforms. Prices are subject to changes depending on seasonality, discounts and promotions by the respective brand owners or manufacturers.

However, the published retail prices do not provide a holistic picture to consumers as each brand sells different quantity of capsules per bottle.

Another fair method of analyzing the price-point is by calculating the average price per capsules of Tongkat Ali such as the chart below:

Top Tongkat Ali Prices

Figure 3: Table of average price per capsules from Top Tongkat Ali Brands that are sold in Amazon, e-Bay, Shopify, Lazada and other major eCommerce platforms. Prices are subject to changes depending on seasonality, discounts and promotions by the respective brand owners or manufacturers.

Now, this gives a clearer picture of the various price points (on per capsule basis) from the top Tongkat Ali manufacturers and brands.

Some brands such as AKARALI, Nu-Prep by Biotropics, AliPas Platinum, Herbolab are generally more expensive compared to others due to the patented herbal extraction technology, chromatography quality checks and the source of raw Tongkat Ali root extract which are harvested in Malaysia.

If you need to know why Tongkat Ali in Malaysia is sought after, read here.


A quality Tongkat Ali must have the maximum value of bio-active compounds that can be extracted to benefit our bodies. And that includes the level of eurycomanone, polysaccharide, glycosaponin and total protein.

The premium Tongkat Ali space is dominated by suppliers with unique extraction technology and strict quality controls. Some of these reputable herbal brands which offers after sales customer support, credible sources of information to consumers and strong digital footprints.

There has been a growing trend of new entrants into the premium Tongkat Ali space – such as Nu-Prep, AliPas Platinum, AKARALI and Herbolab over the recent years.

For herbal connoisseurs, premium Tongkat Ali products generally exceed the average specification values outlined below:




Specification for

 Premium Tongkat Ali

Physical Characteristics

Moisture Content

Average Mesh Size


< 8.0%

90% smaller than 120 mesh




Bioactive Content


Total Protein

Total Polysaccharide



0.8% – 1.5%

> 22%

> 30%

> 40%






Heavy Metal

Lead (Pb)

Mercury (Hg)

Arsenic (As)

Cadmium (Cd)


<2.0 ppm

< 0.05 ppm

< 1.0 ppm

<0.3 ppm


<1.0* ppm

<0.05* ppm

<1.0* ppm

<0.2* ppm

Microbial Limit Test:

Total Bacteria Count

Yeast & Mould


Escherichia coli

Staphylococcus aureus


< 10,000 cfu/g

< 100 cfu/g

Absent in 10 g

Absent in 1 g

Absent in 1g


170 cfu/g

<10* cfu/g




Figure 4: An example of Certificate of Analysis extracted from Tongkat Ali showing bio-active compounds, heavy metal and other content. 

Quality Tongkat Ali Bio-active Compounds

In preserving quality, some Tongkat Ali brands adopt freeze-dried technology such as Physta® Tongkat Ali which contains one of the highest bio-active compounds that serve as the benchmark in Tongkat Ali extract. Here are some of the key specifications that you should consider when choosing premium Tongkat Ali brands.


Total Eurycomanone

Eurycomanone is a major bio-active chemical found which is unique to Tongkat Ali. It belongs to the quassinoid molecule family structure and have been widely reported by reseachers due to its potential role as antiplasmodial, anticancer, anti-HIV and other pharmacological benefits. Physta® patented extraction offers higher level of eurycomanone content than other methods.


Total Glycosaponin

Saponins are chemical compounds that are widely found in a range of natural plants including Tongkat Ali. Saponin is used in vaccine formulations to regulate immune function. Studies showed that saponin reduces cholesterol levels, kill disease-causing bacteria, scavenge oxidative stress and inhibit tumor growth. Physta® extraction method offers significantly higher glycosaponin level than Panax ginseng (i.e 15% saponins)


Total Polysaccharide

Polysaccharides are polymeric carbohydrates that are mainly used for storing energy and providing support to cells and tissues. Studies have shown that sulfate polysaccharides exhibit immunomodulatory, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral activities including anti-HIV infection, herpes, and hepatitis viruses.


Total Protein

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) contains a natural plant-based protein that is safe and can be used to supplement our daily protein intake. Most Tongkat Ali plants found in Malaysia contain 0.3868 and 0.9573 mg mL(-1) of crude protein, making it ideal for vegans who are seeking for alternative source of plant-based protein.

Since the details of the specification are not disclosed by manufacturers to the general consumers, we took a holistic approach to perform quality assessment based on the following criteria:

  • Authenticity test – see earlier video here
  • Specification of bio-active content and heavy metals
  • Manufacturer claims & reputability
  • Online customer reviews
  • Independent customer feedback


Here is our top picks for Tongkat Ali brands out there based on the above assessment:


Top Brands



Country of origin

Tier 1 – Highest Quality


·        Nu-Prep (Biotropics)

·        AKARALI

·        Ali Pas Platinum


·        Malaysia

Tier 2 – Medium Quality


·        Herbolab

·        SuperSmart

·        Sumatra Pasak Bumi

·        Ayu Flores

·        Alpha Viril

·        Real Herbs

·        Source Naturals


·        United States

·        Indonesia

·        Malaysia

Tier 3 – Low Quality


·        Herbal Island

·        Nature Bell

·        Sport Supplement

·        VIP Vitamins

·        United States

·        Indonesia

Additional tips for consumers

With more than 50 products & brands on Tongkat Ali, it is crucial for consumers to be aware on the main differences beyond what is written on the packaging or boxes vis-à-vis the selling price.

Extensive online research with comparative analysis is necessary to distinguish between authentic Tongkat Ali products and inferior brands out there. As a matter of fact, there are more counterfeits Tongkat Ali as much as fake watches sold on eBay or Alibaba.

So please watch out and do your research carefully.

If health is the real wealth, then we ought to know that purchasing from reputable brands with strong digital footprints and reviews make a significant difference to your health.

For those who have tried Tongkat Ali and felt no noticeable difference to your energy or health, perhaps this is a good time to consume premium Tongkat Ali products.

With quality Tongkat Ali, you can feel the difference!

Top Tongkat Ali Brand

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to provide any form of recommendations, directly or indirectly to purchase or consume herbal supplements, drugs, medications, alternative remedies and practices or any brands mentioned in this article. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to make an informed decision based on publicly available information published on the internet. Any herbal supplements can be used as a health supplement, dietary plan or to treat illnesses. However, we encourage you to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article. We do not hold any responsibility or accountability for any products purchased from this website or any third-party websites that are linked to this articles, sales channels or social platforms.

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  1. This is good. This is helpful blog. I got some information. MR. Shahid Thanks you very much for this link. Now I will decide to purchase the real products. what is suit for me. Thanks again for your helpful topic.

  2. Your informational blog about “quality and price from top 28 Tongkat Ali manufacturers and suppliers around the world” is completely pointless and empty. You failed to inform your readers about Tongkat quality and you completely dismiss the eurycomanone quantities from these products. How can readers make an informed decision about Tongkat products and suppliers when you gave us incomplete information? The eurycomanone quantity in a Tongkat is what absolutely defines the quality of Tongkat and you simply ignored this. Price comparisons do not determine the quality of a product, they are simply prices! In addition, a sample certificate of analysis does not achieve this either, it is just a sample!
    Readers today are very aware of what they read and very wise to scams and dishonesty. In addition, we are sceptical about buying products online because of this very reason. I honestly believe that Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is an amazing herb, I really do. However, I just don’t think I could ever find an honest and trustworthy company to buy it from. My honest opion, Michelle.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michelle. Due to the incomplete information disclosed by various brands of Tongkat Ali, we are unable to compile the level of eurycomanone that is available in those products sold by various brands of Tongkat Ali. We are one of the few transparent brand that discloses the level of eurycomanone contained in our product. Using the finest freeze-dried proprietary extraction known as Physta along with our carefully handpicked Tongkat Ali roots have resulted in one of the highest level of eurycomanone in the industry.

      You may read more about Physta and our manufacturer here:

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