5 Reasons Why The Best Tongkat Ali is from Malaysia.

Do you know that almost 90% of the Tongkat Ali in the world is sourced from Malaysia or Indonesia? It means, whether you are consuming Long Jack as part of your nutrition plan or as a pre-workout supplement, or perhaps the Tongkat Ali that you bought recently on Amazon – these are sourced from either of these countries.

But should you purchase Tongkat Ali brands such as Pasak Bumi from Indonesia or other Tongkat Ali brands from Malaysia?

Do you want to know why the best Tongkat Ali on the planet earth is from Malaysia? There are 5 reasons that you should know.

1. Best Soil Fuels the Best Plant

Scientists discovered the best soil fuels the best plant. Soil is the link between the air, water, rocks, and organisms, and is responsible for many different functions in the natural world that we call the ecosystem. You can read more about soil here.

So if you want the best Tongkat Ali plant, it needs the best soil compisition to grow its nutrients.

 Malaysia is home to 130 million year old rainforest – with more than 185,000 recorded species of fauna and 12,500 species of flowering plants.

Fortunately, Malaysia is blessed with a wide range of biodiversity and being the oldest rainforest in the world, it has the best soil on the planet.

The best and finest Tongkat Ali can be found here – in a remote location that is free from any human contamination and pollutants. Because these locations are not populated by humans, the level of toxicity (such as leads, mercury) found in the soil can be extremely low compared to areas in Indonesia.

Some of the Malaysian rainforests such as the Royal Belum, is globally recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage as being one of the oldest forests in the world. Read more here

Tongkat Ali plants are often left to grow or harvested until it reaches full maturity within 5 years. This is developed with the help of public-private sector initiative led by the Government of Malaysia without causing any form of damage to the natural ecosystem.


2. Best Herbal Extraction Technology

There are many ways to extract the bio-active compounds or nutrients from Tongkat Ali and here are the top common practices

  • Boil-and-drink method – i.e traditional.
  • Heat dried extraction method
  • Freeze-dried extraction method

Adopting the best extraction method matters in the herbal industry as it ensures:

  1. The right bio-active compounds are extracted to increase absorption into your body. This makes the Tongkat Ali more potent.
  2. Minimizes or eliminates hazardous compounds (such as lead or mercury) that can be harmful to your health and parts of your body (eg: kidneys).

One of the most accredited and scientifically tested is Physta® formulation, a patented technology that is available in AKARALI™ products. This formulation is sold as health nutrition or supplements and widely used by healthy active adults.

Physta® is a patented freeze-dried water-soluble extraction technology that was jointly developed with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Government of Malaysia (Reference US Patent: 7132117 and EU Patent: 1313491).

The Phsyta® formulation contains standardised quantity chemical compounds to ensure the therapeutic values from Tongkat Ali are maintained 

The best Tongkat Ali manufacturing facility which carries the Physta® formulation is wholly owned by Khazanah Nasional, a billion-dollar Sovereign Wealth Fund of Malaysia’s Government.

This investment alongside research development has enabled increased quality standards of Tongkat Ali. The best Tongkat Ali in Malaysia comes with quality checkpoints.


3. Enforcement & Government Support

Malaysian Government strictly enforces rules and regulations related to the herbal industry including Tongkat Ali.

Do you know that it is illegal to export Tongkat Ali in it’s raw form? If you were caught to carry a Tongkat Ali root outside or beyond Malaysia, you will be fined, or worst still, likely to be jailed in Malaysia! 

The health authorities in Malaysia are constantly monitoring illegal, fake and counterfeit products in the market. Every product sold in the market or for export is vetted by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia.

Here is the list of banned herbal supplements published the Malaysian drugs & health authorities.

If you find desirably cheap Tongkat Ali product below USD 15, please be careful and suspicious. Always find the country of origin and ask for the Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Please be extra careful if the Tongkat Ali product is sold from countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Europe, Singapore. 

Since Malaysia is the net exporter of Tongkat Ali, The Government of Malaysia has placed Tongkat Ali as one of the national economic driver for the nation since 2013. The price for Tongkat Ali could reach up to RM 2,800 per kilogramme. You may read more here.

If you want to look for the best Tongkat Ali, please ensure the products are manufactured by Government owned companies with controlling stakes, or at least a public listed company in Malaysia. AKARALI™ is one few Tongkat Ali products that is highly regarded as premium, as it is based on pure root extract and from not other parts of the plant (which can be less potent).


4. Guaranteed Authenticity & Trust

If you read the labels on selected premium Tongkat Ali products, you will find its licensed manufacturers in Malaysia. Unfortunately, not many brands disclose this level of information.

On top of that, the best Tongkat Ali roots are usually handpicked by the locals who live there and there is a reason for that – to protect the environment and the natural ecosystem.

The best suppliers of Tongkat Ali invest in the local community development of indigenous people. They walk hours in the deep rainforest to identify the best Tongkat Ali plant to be harvested.

Believe it or not, no large machinery is involved to remove the plant. It is all done manually, largely using hand-held tools like the one shown below.

Some time ago the Medicine Hunter, Chris Killham, visited Malaysia to discover Tongkat Ali as it was touted as the next natural viagra.

His story was published in ABC News  and gained global interest as he went deep into the rainforests of Malaysia to discover the process and many other interesting findings.  You may read his full story here.

Beyond the media coverage, authenticity also comes from years of trust from consumers around the world. This is where increased awareness by the consumers on evidence-based facts is crucial to achieving the level of trust.

Like any herbal supplements or drugs, human trials are equally important to validate the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali. You may find a list of science-backed research findings from notable journals and papers on Tongkat Ali health benefits here.

To guarantee authenticity and quality, few premium products such as AKARALI™ is chromatography tested using an in-house laboratory and other quality checkpoints in every step.

5. Years of Long History

Tongkat Ali gained worldwide popularity, demand and interests from scientists to sports nutritionists in such a short time. Many did not know that this ancient herb from a former British colony has had a long history, dating back thousands of years. 

If you look at the painting of Tongkat Ali belonging to General William Farquhar below, it was a gift to him back in the 1800s. 

William Farquhar was believed to be one the first Scottish to receive such a gift from the locals given the first attempt by the British to land a foothold in Malaysia in 1786. Until today, Tongkat Ali is symbol of power for primal men, with its close association with masculinity and virility.

The painting of Tongkat Ali plant is now stored and kept safely at the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings in Singapore as evidence that Tongkat Ali gained the reputation of significance to modern civilization back in the 1800s.

Back in the early days, Tongkat Ali is widely used by locals to treat many types of illnesses such as flu, cold and revitalize their general health.

Thanks to modern science, the potential benefits of Tongkat Ali are now validated by scientists and researchers. Read all about it here.

Since then, modern science and technology has allowed better research and development to be performed on Tongkat Ali. The main bio-active compounds are the most potent in its roots which include, eurycomanone, eurycomaoside, eurycolactone and eurycomalactone.

The finest Tongkat Ali are usually handpicked and processed from its roots using freeze-dried extraction technology such as Physta® formulation.

Parting Thoughts

So there you have it!

These five reasons work in tandem and this explains why the best Tongkat Ali can only be found in Malaysia.

Our advice is that make sure you undertake in-depth research before making your next purchase. This applies to any herbal product on the market today. If you have decided that Tongkat Ali is for you, then you may purchase here.

If you are keen to know our customer experience with Tongkat Ali, click here

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Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to provide any form of recommendations to purchase or consume medication, drugs or herbal supplement brands mentioned in this article. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to make an informed decision based on publicly available information. We encourage you and the readers to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article. We do not hold any responsibility for any products purchased from this website or any websites, sales channels or platforms as a result of reading this article.

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  1. Thanks for explaining five reasons why the best TA on the earth is from Malaysia. I know most Tongkat ali is farmed in Malaysia/Indonesia and there three key benefits of tongkat ali include reducing stress, improving libido, and building muscle. I think Tongkat ali is one of the best natural medicines for human body. Thanks again for your special blog article.

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