Finding the Best Tongkat Ali in Singapore. Here are five facts you should know.

Singapore is a well-known global trading hub for herbal medicines from all around the world. You may be one of the millions of Singaporeans who have consumed herbal supplements to improve men’s health in recent times.

Popular men’s herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali is well documented by scientists due to their wide range of health benefits including improving libido and Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

A research study by the National University of Singapore showed that the prevalence of  ED cases increased from 42.8% for men in their late forties to 77.4% in their sixties.

Global research showed that ED affects younger men below 35 too. This is not surprising given the outgoing lifestyle amongst young adults in Singapore.

If you are searching for the best authentic Tongkat Ali in Singapore as an alternative replacement to Viagra, you are on the right track.

Many consumers are shifting to herbal remedies such as Tongkat Ali due to its wide range of potential benefits based on human clinical trials since a decade ago.

But before that, here is an interesting fact.

Most food and herbs are imported into Singapore.

Singapore imports 90% of food consumed in the country

Singapore Food Agency

According to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Singapore imports over 90% of food consumed in the country, and that includes herbs, natural food products, and spices.

Just like water and sand, Singapore relies heavily on imports from Malaysia – commodities, raw materials, food, organic and natural herbs for decades!

If you have bought a popular Singapore-manufactured Tongkat Ali brand, chances are the raw ingredients are not sourced locally in Singapore.

And you may be disappointed with the varying quality of Singapore Tongkat Ali brands too. Couple that with the widespread counterfeits and banned Tongkat Ali products that are filled with tadafil and other illegal substances, this is an absolute recipe for disaster.

More so if you are planning a good evening with your partner.

Now, if you are reading up to this point or simply curious about Tongkat Ali, then this article is definitely for you.

So, before you purchase, here are five facts about Tongkat Ali in Singapore.

1. Singapore imports authentic Tongkat Ali from Malaysia

There are more than a handful of Tongkat Ali brands in Singapore, so you need to choose wisely.

Some Tongkat Ali brands such as Vitroman, AKARALI™, Herbolab and GreenLife Tongkat Ali  contains Tongkat Ali extract that is sourced from Malaysia’s authentic Tongkat Ali suppliers and manufacturers.

Popular Authentic Tongkat Ali supplements available in Singapore today. From left to right – Vitroman, AKARALI™, HerboLab Tongkat Ali, GreenLife Tongkat Ali.

We will cover about prices further down this article, but meanwhile, privileged Singaporeans, or those who are aware of Tongkat Ali’s rich history, usually purchase the best authentic Tongkat Ali from niche artisan trusted brands directly from Malaysia.

Imported artisan brands such as AKARALI™ uses highly acclaimed freeze-dried extraction technology  Physta® with glowing consumer reviews from around the world.

Tongkat Ali is an all-round herbal supplement that is consumed for centuries with amazing consumer reviews.

2. Singapore shares the same Tongkat Ali history with Malaysia

Those who are well read understand the fact that Tongkat Ali is quintessentially Malaysian with a century-old herbal tradition dated as far back since the 1600s.  

Because Singapore was once a state under Malaysia (before its independence in 1965), it shares the same tradition, culture and history.

In the early 1800s, one can experience traditional coffee shops serving Tongkat Ali coffee or tea, made from boiled Tongkat Ali root extract.

In fact, it was and still a common sight in Malaysia, but this long-lost tradition can no longer be experienced in Singapore. This is replaced by modern artisan coffee shops that you can see today.

In fact, Singapore has an upper hand in keeping a piece of Tongkat Ali’s history.

The first painting of Tongkat Ali is found and kept in Singapore’s William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings. The painting was a gift by the locals to Major General William Farquhar, who was the Rajah of Malacca (a state in Malaysia) between 1803 to 1818.

This was living proof that Tongkat Ali was used as a medicinal herb to treat a variety of diseases and improving men’s health.

A painting of Tongkat Ali stored in Singapore’s Museum.

If you are buying a Tongkat Ali in Singapore, be sure to remember you are buying a piece of common history with Malaysia.

Tongkat Ali is now a proud national heritage of Malaysia, harvested in the wilderness with centuries of herbal tradition.

Well, have you ever seen a Tongkat Ali tree in Singapore in recent years?

3. Tongkat Ali does not grow in Singapore

Yes, you can’t find a Tongkat Ali plant that is grown for commercialize use anywhere in Singapore.

With population of 5.7 million people and a land area of 728km2 and growing, Singapore has no sufficient land space to harvest Tongkat Ali plants.

According to the National Parks Board of Singapore, only a mere 29% of land is used for spontaneous vegetation.

In addition, the Government of Singapore was not interested to cultivate or commercialize Tongkat Ali despite its increasing popularity to Chinese Ginseng.

With domestic agriculture is not in the list of top priority, this is a reason why finding an authentic Tongkat Ali root is challenging in Singapore.

So where does Tongkat Ali grow?

Tongkat Ali grows naturally in deep rainforests in vast location in Singapore’s neighbouring country, Malaysia. It takes five years to grow to 15 meters in height before it can be fully harvested.

In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is harvested by the indigenous people in states such as Pahang, Perak and some in Johor.

So if you stumbled on a Tongkat Ali brand in Singapore, let us remind you that it is not grown in Singapore.

So what is the big deal then?

You may not be getting a freshly handpicked one, or even worst, a Tongkat Ali product that is mixed with other parts of the plant (eg: bark, branches, leaves) rather than the roots.

Not all Tongkat Ali products are the same

Dr. Annie George, Research Scientist, Biotropics Berhad.

But, here is a piece of good news for you.

If you want the best Tongkat Ali in Singapore, just purchase an authentic Tongkat Ali from Malaysia directly online and get it delivered within the next day!

Malaysia authentic Tongkat Ali is largely consumed by Singaporeans with raving reviews from Google, WebMD etc. Here are some of the best collection of consumer experience and stories on Tongkat Ali.

And here is another fact.

With stronger currency, it makes more sense to purchase Tongkat Ali from Malaysia.

Now, on to the next point.

4. Authentic Tongkat Ali is expensive in Singapore

If you are buying Tongkat Ali in Singapore, it is significantly more expensive than buying it directly from the source suppliers or manufacturers in Malaysia.

The price list of popular Tongkat Ali brand sold in Singapore ranges from SGD 45.50 to SGD 93.84 per bottle depending on quality and other factors.

Tongkat Ali brand sold in Singapore


Google Consumer Reviews

Retail Price Per Bottle


5 star (1 Review)

USD 40.00


4.6 Stars (26 reviews)

SGD 93.84


5 stars (51 reviews)

SGD 54.90

DocDonald Tongkat Ali

4.5 stars (10 reviews)

SGD 79.90

GreenLife Tongkat Ali

No reviews

SGD 45.50

Note: Price may change based on promotional discounts and other factors. We are not responsible for the updated price list.

As Singapore rely heavily on food and herbal imports, the country face unique challenges in ensuring a steady supply of food for the population of Singapore.

It means, any shifts in the consumer supply will affect Singapore, including increases in food and herbal prices.

Malaysia offers great steady prices for authentic Tongkat Ali which you can buy directly. For instance, you can purchase the popular AKARALI™ from their official website from as low as SGD 26.58 (or USD 20) per bottle.

That is a 50% difference if you are buying directly from Malaysia.

If you are a bargain hunter, make sure you google for the keyword “authentic Tongkat Ali” in order to find the best price.

Take advantage of the currency exchange and special discounts to get the best deal from authentic Malaysian Tongkat Ali suppliers.

Always seek for reliable and authentic Tongkat Ali products based on Google Search results and reviews. There are hidden gems if you know how to find one.

5. Tongkat Ali is legal in Singapore but filled with counterfeits

Tongkat Ali is not banned in Singapore and can be sold to consumers.

From the HSA’s website, Tongkat Ali is categorically falls under traditional herbal medicines.

However, the Tongkat Ali market in Singapore is constantly filled with counterfeits and fake Tongkat Ali and other sexual supplements that are banned by the Singapore Health Authority (HSA)

For instance, HSA issued a ban on XP Tongkat Ali Supreme as it contained a substance known as tadalafil.

XP Tongkat Ali Supreme is one of many Tongkat Ali brands that are banned by the Health Singapore Authority (HAS).

The fact is, Singapore is filled with fake Viagra traders in Geylang that are peddling counterfeit sexual supplements despite numerous raids by HSA.

Geylang is a notorious red-light district area in Singapore, with many illegal and legal activities taking place within a confined location.

A street in Geylang where prostitution and illegal trades are being monitored by the authorities in Singapore.

Uncle, this one will make you strong.

Now, this is a common line by peddlers in Geylang Singapore.

If you think you are getting the best Tongkat Ali in Singapore from them, then you may have to seriously think twice.

Most punters get the most authentic Tongkat Ali directly from the source, or from reputable brands that contains 100% Tongkat Ali root that are chromatography tested.

Only then you may gain optimal benefit as reported by scientists such as improvement in erection time, sperm motility and concentration.

Parting Thoughts

The black market in Singapore has given Tongkat Ali a bad reputation with a great loss of trust amongst general consumers searching for authentic herbal supplement for men’s health.

With the rise of ED cases and consumers searching plant-based solutions for recreational and health needs, Singaporeans continue to enjoy a healthy supply of authentic Tongkat Ali from across the border.

If you are in doubt, check out our insights to numerous various clinical trials and research on how Tongkat Ali may improve ED and men’s libido.

A brand such as AKARALI is increasingly popular amongst Singaporeans seeking authentic Tongkat Ali.

Whether you are consuming Tongkat Ali to restore your testosterone, build muscle strength or to enjoy a boost of libido, Singaporeans are getting smarter as they know where to find the best quality authentic Tongkat Ali.

Smart consumers gather all the facts including a long-term review of Tongkat Ali before purchasing one.

We hope you are one of them.

Naressa contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and natural wellness.

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