30 Days With Tongkat Ali – A Long Term Review

Last Updated: 18th January 2021

If you are purchasing herbal supplements, chances are you will rely on reviews and recommendations from friends and families.

With hundreds of Tongkat Ali brands out there, searching for a comprehensive review often leads to major disappointment.

In this article we share with you an in-depth review, detailing a day-to-day encounter with Tongkat Ali.

This will hopefully answer two central questions – how effective is Tongkat Ali and how does it perform in the real world, despite a long list of well-documented and scientifically proven health benefits.

Our past short-term two-week review and long-term six-week review on Tongkat Ali are popular amongst those wanting to achieve body transformation and greater stamina.

In this article, we share a 30-day review of Tongkat Ali from one of our independent test subjects, Alex Kua – a Malaysian who spends long hours at work in Singapore. 

Summary Review on Tongkat Ali

Here is a summary review of Tongkat Ali based on how it has improved strength, libido, mood and mental alertness (focus).

Our team decided to obtain a real-life personal encounter with someone whom we think can benefit the most from Tongkat Ali by asking him to write about his daily encounter with Tongkat Ali.

Apart from that, we also managed to obtain his feedback after 30 days through a survey to summarize his experience for any noticeable gains or improvements.

Summary Review

Strength & Energy
Focus & Clarity

Before we deep-dive into Alex’s experience living with Tongkat Ali for 30 days, here is a short video of his interview that summarizes his thoughts and feedback.

Survey Feedback on Tongkat Ali

In addition to the video interview, we also conducted a survey based on his experience with Tongkat Ali.

The objective is to gain more insights from his review of Tongkat Ali as a first-time user.

More of his background, insights, written review, and experience with Tongkat Ali further down this article.

1. How would you rate your energy improvement in your daily activities?

At Work
After Work
In Sports
At home

2. On libido, how would you rate your overall performance and satisfaction?

Erection Time
Erection Hardness
Arousal Time
Extra energy in bed

3. Do you feel a noticeable improvement in your overall mood at work or during stressful times?

Yes, my mood improved significantly
I feel less anxious and calmer
No. I felt the same.

4. Do you wake up feeling better or energized to start the day after a long night?

Yes, definitely
No, I feel terrible and lethargic.

5. How would you rate the overall improvement from Tongkat Ali based on the following areas..

Strength and Energy
Focus & Mental Clarity

6. Would you continue to consume Tongkat Ali as a daily supplement after 30 days?

Yes, definitely will consume regularly
Not at all
Sometimes, or when I need that extra energy.

Tongkat Ali Global Consumer Reviews

If you are curious beyond this review, Tongkat Ali actually received many positive reviews from all around the world across a diverse age group.

The best collection of consumer reviews on Tongkat Ali from Amazon, Google Reviews, Lazada and others can be handy for both men and women.

If you need to access the best collection of stories and Tongkat Ali reviews, hit the button below.

Global Consumer Reviews 2021


Reviews on Tongkat Ali are consistent with results from scientific studies

You may notice from your search effort that most Tongkat Ali consumer reviews are consistent with what was validated by scientists and clinical trials using human test subjects.

With more than 150 scientific studies conducted on Tongkat Ali, the benefits or improvements from consuming Tongkat Ali are reported by general consumers after a few weeks.

Most of the stellar reviews about Tongkat Ali today is based on a scientific-based review approach - i.e on measurable health benefits from human clinical trials, rather than consumer-based reviews.

So, if you seek evidence-based reviews on Tongkat Ali, you should rely on published papers from clinical trials and research studies.

In this article, our experiential review of living with Tongkat Ali for 30 days will provide insights that are less-technical and taxing to your brain.

What has been consumed for centuries is now part of our daily diet.

With a rich history dating back to the 1800s, Tongkat Ali is widely used in many modern applications – from functional food (eg: in Nestle coffee) and performance ingredients for sports nutrition.

In this article, our documented review on Tongkat Ali is based on authentic Tongkat Ali with hot-water freeze-dried root extract, and not Tongkat Ali coffee or beverages. 

Our Test Subject

Our team went to meet Alex and gave him a sample of AKARALI™ which contains Physta® Tongkat Ali root extract.

Here is a bit of the background of our test subject.

Alex is in his late 20s and he is the co-founder of a digital marketing startup based in Singapore after his stint with a global consulting firm.

With a high level of skepticism on herbal products and for someone who clocks in 14 hours a day, he was our perfect “lab rat” for this review project.

Here is his personal experience and review on Tongkat Ali after 30 days. This is the uncut version so we decided to leave the review as-is to make it more authentic to our readers.

A 30 Day Review with Tongkat Ali

Hello everyone!

This series forms a personal account of my 30 day journey with Eurycoma longifolia, more commonly known as Tongkat Ali, or Long Jack. Sam initially gave me a sample of AKARALI in a loose powder form, which has similar ingredients and specification as the one found in the AKARALI capsules.

This root is famed across the world as herbal supplement with anti-inflammatory properties; it is touted to promote better blood flow, enhanced energy levels, good digestion, and most interestingly as potent aphrodisiac for the male libido.

With my nondescript package of what can only be described as a fine brown powder, neatly sealed in a vacuum pack, I wandered down to the pantry to make myself a coffee.

As I unsealed the pack, I added a large scoop into my coffee. Noting that it took a while to dissolve, I continued to stir. After calling Sam for some guidance, the recommended consumption was one teaspoon of Tongkat Ali instead of a large scoop! After switching to one teaspoon, I found it to dissolve better and faster.

A quick blast from the past and how I landed doing this review.

I had met an old friend, he had been the one who roped me into being a lab rat for his powdered Tongkat Ali which is allegedly one of the potent Tongkat Ali sold in the market. We’d met to catch up over a drink, and I grimaced as he explained the benefits of the slightly sludgy mixture he gulped up from his flask. Energy and erections were our key words that afternoon.

Suffice to say, I was skeptical (my late father had been a believer in such things, to the point he had foregone getting conventional treatments for cancer). This particular obsession with alternative medicine being the case with most of my family, I was also experienced with everything from spirulina to propolis; seeing the skepticism evident on my face, he pulled up some interesting articles for me to peruse.

Words like “cardiovascular health” and “libido enhancement” caught my eye; as Sam animatedly answered a few of my other questions, I did note a few things about him. This man is in his late forties, and as far as I understood, also a night-owl.

Was testosterone the secret to his unfairly youthful features and seemingly endless reserve of energy? He told me he was training for a triathlon next week as he unpacked his second box of Marlboro. Unbelievable individual.

We proceed with our lunch, and by this point Sam had boasted about his renewed stamina with at least three different metaphors. While this was not an image I particularly relished, I had to admit my own coital competitiveness was in need of a bit of a boost.

The brown powder was only still only half mixed into my coffee at this point. Sleepy and impatient, I shrugged and took a gulp.

Bitter powder coated the roof of my mouth, the stuff was definitely equal parts medicinal and earthy. It took me about two or three gulps before finishing the mug. The taste was not something I enjoyed, but in the name of science and sex, I premixed another dose into my thermos and braced myself to start the day.

AKARALI was the name stamped on the packet, which I believe translates loosely into Ali’s Root. As someone pretty good with puns, I wasn’t sure if this was clever or just really optimized. And not to mention, there are other Tongkat Ali coffee drinks such as Power Root – not really my favourite as you can barely spot any noticeable difference after consuming it.

One of the reasons to participate in this supplement trial was that my life had become increasingly hectic, not just in terms of actual physicality, but also the stresses of startup work. So I was madly looking for quick-fixes which include herbal remedies.

To be honest, I wasn’t sleeping well as we were all encouraged to work overtime, to take ownership of portions and portfolios of responsibility that were not exactly relevant to the role in question. It was tiring being co-founder, head of strategy and variously administrative person, occasional web designer, copywriter and a handful of other things. I was scattered and needed the extra boost of energy. One of the things this bitter drink promised was a sense of enhanced mental concentration as well as increased energy levels, something I sorely needed in response to the bustle of startup life.

One of the explanations I was particularly interested in were the various beneficial flavonoid, alkaloids and other antioxidant compounds. Stress reduction was the key word here.

I had understood that stress, in whatever form, caused oxidative damage on a cellular level. So it stood to reason that all these compounds, the same ones most people use to justify more red wine than they should, would be. If this Tongkat Ali stuff was as potent as all the hype indicated – productivity was not going to be a problem.

Here are some recollections of my personal experience with Tongkat Ali during that period.

Day 1 – 2

The first dose I had was settling fairly well in my stomach as I logged in to finish up the investor deck that was due by 6. It was only about 8 hours later that I realized I had breezed through about 25 slides, and looking through my work, it didn’t have the jittery tone or haphazard, scattered ideation that my usual binge on coffee or energy drinks would have yielded. Maybe there was something to this Tongkat Ali tonic after all.

The effect can be felt almost within 2 to 3 hours after first consumption. I wasn’t feeling lethargic or lazy after the 2nd day, and was keen to see how this might stretch on with five client meetings and three campaign briefs. With that, I pulled out my thermos, gave the herbal concoction a good shake and toasted in my head to performance enhancing herbs.

On a lighter note, the Haco Suiss coffee is my personal favourite – tasted well with honey and a teaspoon of AKARALI. I decided to add honey to reduce the super bitter taste which Tongkat Ali is known for. Sam gave me a trial AKARALI bottle with 30 capsules too, so I used one capsule (i.e 200mg of Tongkat Ali) and mixed it with Haco.

Day 3 – 10

I have been taking it twice daily with coffee and my tasks are piling up more than usual.

It was just about 8pm at this point and I had gotten more done than most days – was it because of the so-called “enhanced mental focus” from the Akarali mix? The logical thing was to go home to my gorgeous partner to find out what other legs this stuff would help me stand on. This is something I desire more than the anti-stress and mental concentration which I gained from Tongkat Ali.

Completed my regular 5km run at the gym. Well, I didn’t attribute my addiction to running to Tongkat Ali, but I badly needed to sweat myself out after all that long work hours!

By dinnertime I was pretty much entirely focused on the familiar tingling feeling I’d been looking for. I really didn’t think by the second dose the stuff would kick in this soon. But surely that marathon left my girl smiling for the next 24 hours.

Yup, the amount of spare energy for me to exploit (for other activities) was simply unexplainable.

The effect of serenity and calmness at work have reached almost zen-like.

Day 11 – 30

I was hitting the gym with my personal trainer on the 2nd week. I felt somewhat “stronger”. It could be a placebo from Tongkat Ali but I was doubling up the weights, reps and increase intensity from various HIIT exercises thrown on me.

The effect of serenity and calmness at work have reached almost zen-like. Stressful investor meetings were managed more delicately and elegantly than before. Could it be that the alkaloids in Tongkat Ali (which is also found in nicotine, caffeine and other substance) was responsible to achieve such state of mind?

By the time I was taking my end of day shower and preparing for bed, I didn’t even have to think particularly hard about anything too weird and / or kinky to get going. There were days when I was even thinking about writing this review for Sam, which was a little odd as I thought on all the other metaphors he’d used over our initial conversation for this little powdered erection project.

Thinking about how to use virility in a sentence without it being awkward was not exactly the sexiest thought, but at this point I was already considering how many fun and filthy acronyms I could come up with for “SEO”. Chuckling, I thought to myself: It’s going to be a good night.

Everybody hates cliffhangers, but, it’s time for me to raise the proverbial flag and report back. Till next time. AKARALI is swell, in more ways than one.

The versatility of Tongkat Ali

If there is one takeaway aside from the much-acclaimed health benefits, I found Tongkat Ali as the most versatile herb I have ever come across. It means, it is versatile enough to be consumed with other ingredients or daily food without side-effects.

Now here is a quick story, something that may relate to you.

On many occasions when I had to complement my rather unhealthy lifestyle (work-social-work) and due to lack of time, this herb works it magic marvelously – whether you are enjoying your favourite liquor, wine, coffee and even your hand-rolled cigar. 

Does my body feel warm or do I feel nausea after consuming it with liquor? That answer is no.

It is almost like when you need strong support from your best friend, he will always be there for you. Just pop one, and feel the difference in a few hours.

Now that is Tongkat Ali for you.

About Alex:  Alex is the co-founder of a digital marketing startup in Singapore. He enjoys fried food on sticks, long conversations over good wine (particularly fond of New Zealand Pinot Noirs) and obscure podcasts. His current favorite is Behind the Bastards, a cheeky accounting of the lives and legacies of the most unsavory individuals throughout history. No longer chained to a corporate office, you’ll find him stretched out in the sun working on his oversized laptop. His usual haunts are the few bars and coffee houses around KL that still permit smoking.

Our Last Words

There are tons of Tongkat Ali reviews but nothing beats the consumer writing his own journey with Tongkat Ali.

In that 30-day review with Tongkat Ali, whilst it may considerably work well with Alex, the nature of herbal supplements react uniquely with others and that depends largely on your lifestyle and health conditions.

There are thousands if not millions of people like Alex, young and active, but constantly looking for that long-term vitality and energy boost from natural plant-based remedies.

So, long-term reviews are helpful.

And don’t forget to check out our two-week and six-week review of Tongkat Ali – with plenty of surprises on real-world gains.

As we continue to live in unprecedented times, natural plant-based herbal remedies become increasingly vital to long term longevity and human survival. 

Before we end this review, we seek more feedback from you based on your past experience with Tongkat Ali.

Please leave a comment below and we are happy to answer your questions!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to promote any brands nor to provide any form of recommendations to purchase or consume medication, drugs or herbal supplement brands directly or indirectly. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to perform their own assessment and / or to arrive at an informed decision based on publicly available information. By reading the content published on this website means you are aware on the risks involved in purchasing any of the products or brands mentioned in this article. We highly recommend you and the readers to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article.

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24 Responses

  1. I was a bit sceptical in the beginning however I don’t mind trying out any natural products like AKARALI. I’m a 33 years old guy who’s actively playing badminton and lately, I noticed my recovery time took longer than it was used to be. I’ve been on the products coming into my third week now and am having some great results. I have lesser soreness, feel stronger, have great levels of energy, feel happier than normal and nice sense of well being.

  2. I would say that I am an active person who works out daily, be it gym, swimming, and football. To top it off, I also work a 9-5 job. On someday, my body will feel lethargic and fatigue if the workload from the office is too much and this will affect my mood and performance for me to enjoy my work out session.
    I’m been consuming various supplements to aid my issues, and none of it gives me a holistic solution until a colleague of mine talks me into trying Tongkat Ali. It could be a placebo effect, but it really helps me to enjoy my work out session as I feel more energetic, and more importantly my mood has improve tremendously.

  3. I’m Jacob from Australia, and I have stumbled across many articles about quality long jack or yellowwood. So far this the most genuine review and article on Tongkat Ali product I have ever read. I also experienced the same issue about the bitter and earthy taste when mixing it up my coffee. Apart from that, similar as caffeine in coffee, it really helps me to focus and increase my productivity, but what makes AkarAli better is that I don’t feel the ‘anxiety attack that caffein would give you, and the energy boost also lasted longer.

  4. Been working for almost 25 years now and ever since i reached my late 30s, i noticed that i felt tired and fatigue faster. A colleague of mine suggested me to try herbal alternatives mainly tongkat ali. I’ve been taking it few months now and honestly, i felt the increase in energy. This enable me to stay focus longer and getting more work done whether inside or outside my working place. Glad i gave it a try.

  5. I’ve been taking tongkat ali too. Practically have experimented with all sorts of supplements. But, this has definitely the most ‘astounding’ effects. I followed the recommended dosage and i can assure that my energy levels are higher and more consistent all day. Personally, taking tongkat ali works extremely well. Note that its not an overnight improvement, it will take a few months for it to really be noticeable and that’s why I think some people stop taking it.

  6. It is remarkable how amazing this supplement AkarAli capsule works for me and teammates. We are an amateur football team and had a very long season, where we play match week in week out. Added with training, it explained easily how we would experience fatigue. We tried various sports supplement but it doesn’t really give much difference. Up until in the middle of our football league season, we decided to give a try for these AkarAli capsules. I’ve been consuming it for a month now and me and my teammates can really feel the difference. Less cramp, more energetic and we don’t face fatigue as much. We also did better in climbing the league table. Huge credit to these Akar Ali !!!

  7. Hugely impressed with the review. I also have been about three weeks on AkarAli and I can safely say that it really improved my performance in bed. I’m more energetic and can last longer ???? These AkarAli capsules are truly remarkable and made from premium quality tongkat ali because the previous ones that I’ve had don’t really work for me.

  8. I have tried various products of tongkat ali before, some works and others don’t. Knowing about this, a friend of mine gave me AkarAli as a gift, and I can tell you that this product is make from a premium tongkat ali based on the result that i have experienced. I definitely feel stronger and less tired. At the age of 45, I’m surprised that i can still maintain my libido with this product

  9. I’m 49 and was just getting back into working out after being off from it for 5 years. The first 6 months i was just learning and refreshing the all the technique and getting into a routine. Everything has improved after i started taking tongkat ali. Do note that i have no intention to become a bodybuilder or power lifter, just a dad trying to look and feel better. All I can say is this is really effective if testosterone and energy booster is what you are looking for. Plus, tongkat ali helps you produce your own, unlike some products that give you testosterone.

  10. So, as a 56 years old man, i have been losing energy. There are many different supplements i have tried and it delivers very limited results. The only product that worked for me is the one that its content were from natural sources. Since then, it helped me gain muscle when working out and i can do my cardio workouts more than ever before. So far, there’s mo complains coming from my wife.

  11. I was introduced to this product by a friend and i have been on it for a little over a month now. Within that period, i can tell that it is working. I’m 46 and trying to work out regularly for health sake. I feel that this product is making a positive change in my body especially my energy. Because of that, i can stay focus longer, work out harder and not easily tired.

  12. I did some research on tongkat ali and decided try it and so gave this particular brand a try, Cycled it 5 days on and 2 days off and I got to admit there is a big improvement! Also, i can feel that the libido level has jumped up, I am so impressed by it and will be ordering more. The effect starts to become noticeable about the second week of taking them.

  13. Awesome product! It literally sends your energy levels higher and 9s very effective. Don’t expect to see improvement or changes immediately, this herbal or natural remedies need to absorb into your system for best results which will take some time. When it starts kicking in, you’ll definitely notice the difference. So, it’s an understatement to say that it works.

  14. This is a product that works as well as it is advertised. As an Akarali user myself, this has done wonders for me as far as health and energy is concerned. This is something that given a hard time to all adult men. Akarali has given me the energy i needed to participate in sports and be proactive in my life. Try this for 2-3 months and experience the difference.

  15. I’m 56 now, and my libido dropped significantly since I was younger. I gave Tongkat Ali a try and was quite impressed. My sex drive is back to when I was in my 30’s, and my energy levels in general are higher. As other reviewers have said, you do have to be careful who you buy from. People selling cheap stuff are selling fakes. For the past year I have been ordering only authentic Tongkat Ali. It’s still cheap if you compare to drugs which you end up with a headache every time you consume it.

  16. I took Tongkat Ali it for muscle growth and found it had other qualities. Not only can I exercise longer and harder but I found I am harder too. The enhanced sexual side effects really are great. All-in-all between more energy, strength and sexual enhancement I feel at least 25 years younger than my age!

  17. Forget the little blue pill. This works better! The little blue pill leaves me with a headache. This doesn’t. To make certain I wasn’t harming myself, I went in for blood work after I had been taking it for a month. Testosterone level was where it should be, PSA level was normal, and everything else checked out OK.

  18. I have tried several different brands of Tongkat Ali over the past several years. And I finally realized that it was because I bought this brand early this year and had measurable results in energy, vitality and muscle mass, and then tried another more expensive brand where I thought I would get even better results, but that did not happen. I took me a while and searching back in my order history to find my original order and reorder, and the feeling and results are back. Not wasting my time with any other brand no matter what the literature says. I know this brand works for me. And it’s what I am buying.

  19. I first took 30 days straight as was directed, then 2 weeks off and 2 weeks on keeping that cycle. I immediately noticed that my upper body just felt stronger and I had not been working out. I felt lighter when I walked. I thought it was my imagination.

    So I started the gym when I took the 2 weeks off and felt great, but when I started taking it again, I could lift heavier weights and do more sets and reps. The thing is, not only did I lift heavier, something in my head was telling me to go heavier.

    By the way, I have noticed that I am aroused a bit more often than I was before and my erections are harder but I did not notice a sex drive problem before taking Tongkat Ali anyway. If there is something herbal that is better out there, I don’t need it. This is good enough.

  20. I learned about tongkat ali when i was looking for something that could help me with my declining on energy and been taking tongkat ali for almost 2 years now. The result impresses me as i can totally feel the extra energy i have to hit the gym after work and yet doesnt feel as fatigue as i used to.

  21. At first, i took tongkat ali for workout purposes and yes it does helped with my workout by providing extra energy. But, i also realized that at work i am able to stay focus throughout the day where before i would normally take a short break in between to refresh. This enable me to get more things done at the office.

  22. Since taking tongkat ali i’ve had this boost of energy where i feel tired less than i used after a long day at work. This has helped me tremendously at work, gym and at home. My mood also seems to be balance after i started taking tongkat ali few months back.

  23. I’m more a natural remedies/medicines believer. But, tongkat ali have been working wonders for me this past years. It has restored the energy that i needed for me to stay alert and productive through the day when i’m at work. This extra energy i get also helped me spend more quality time with my family.

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