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Tongkat Ali Global Consumer Reviews 2021

Tongkat Ali Global Consumer Reviews 2021 presents a collection of consumer reviews on Tongkat Ali or LongJack from around the world – United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Vietnam, Russia, Nigeria, Singapore, and many others.

Find out what men and women have to say about Tongkat Ali supplement or their Tongkat Ali coffee experience from Google Reviews, WebMD, and other eCommerce platforms.

Google Reviews


Google Reviews allows consumers to share their experiences and post authentic reviews about a business or products.

WebMD Reviews


WebMD is an online publisher of news and information pertaining to human health and well-being. A highly credible site with authentic reviews.

Lazada Reviews


Lazada is a leading South East Asia eCommerce platform with more than 50 million users across six countries including Singapore & Indonesia.

A Quick Overview

Tongkat Ali is a medicinal herb consumed by the indigenous people in Malaysia for centuries. Its recent journey into modern civilization has attracted more reviews than ever.

With thousands if not millions of customers flocking to purchase Tongkat Ali to experience this amazing herb, it is time to hear what they have to say about Tongkat Ali.

So does Tongkat Ali live to its own hype and expectations?

Besides research studies, clinical trials and publications on Tongkat Ali’s wide range of health benefits, most consumer reviews of Tongkat Ali are based on a prolonged consumption, typical two to four weeks.

Does consumer feel better after a month?

Here is an exciting day-to-day encounter by a person consuming Tongkat Ali for 30 days.

Our compilations include consumer feedback and how Tongkat Ali affected their health, energy, or sports performance.

So, lets hear more exciting stories about Tongkat Ali from consumers out there.

So keep reading!


Excellent reviews of Tongkat Ali on Google

Google provides one of the most authentic consumer reviews and what a best place to start.

Lets look at a handful of Google reviews from actual customers who bought the AKARALI™ premium Tongkat Ali supplement over the years.

Some of them were generous enough to post their experience after purchasing our products.

Here is what some of them have to say about Tongkat Ali.

A snapshot of Tongkat Ali consumer reviews from Google Reviews.

Needless to say, our customers are mainly from the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, India, Australia, Sweden, Germany and other countries in Europe.

Whether you are a busy professional, a housewife, an entrepreneur, there are more stories to share on Tongkat Ali.

Most of our happy customers purchased our products directly through in order to avoid counterfeits and fake Tongkat Ali products,

If you have consumed Tongkat Ali from us, please drop us your Google review and stand a chance to win free gift from us!

An Alternative Medicine Hunter’s Review of Tongkat Ali

Long before the pandemic hit us, people are free to travel in search for the best plants to improve well-being.

There are small group of herbal enthusiasts who review Tongkat Ali in Malaysia and their assessment provides a fresh perspective if you are curious first-timers.

With current travel restrictions, unfortunately that’s not the case.

Natural wellness and medical hunters such Chris Kilham was the lucky few who flew from the United States to venture into the deep rainforests of Malaysia to investigate more about Tongkat Ali.

Chris Kilham, founder of the Medicine Hunter at a Tongkat Ali collection centre in Malaysia.

As a first-time consumer, his review on Tongkat Ali was unwittingly hilarious.

“You take people who have low libido, you give them Tongkat Ali. It’s Chinese New Year’s fireworks in their pants. It works.”

Chris Kilham (Founder of Medicine Hunter Inc.)

He was featured on FoxNews that attracted global attention and mixed reactions from experts and medical communities.

You may find Chris Kilham’s review a bit overwhelming or too good to be true. But that was 2011.

Since then, Tongkat Ali recorded increasing number of clinical trials and scientific studies to validate Tongkat Ali’s wide range of potential health benefits.

Improvement in men’s libido such as such as erection, sperm concentration and overall libido has been repeatedly proven by independent research studies.

Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients (based in Bradenton, Florida), said that Tongkat Ali studies are showing positive effects on sex health for men.

And many customers from the United States have reported similar experience hours after consuming Tongkat Ali.

For Americans, Tongkat Ali is known as LongJack and there are a handful of genuine reviews you can check from WebMD under Eurycoma Longifolia.

User reviews of Tongkat Ali ((also known as Eurycoma Longifolia or LongJack) on Credit : WebMD.

Well and since you cannot visit Malaysia to experience what seemed to be the most scientifically researched natural viagra, fret not.

Visit the online Tongkat Ali shop and post a review after 2 weeks!

On that note, if time is on your side, it’s probably a good idea to do a medical test to validate the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali.

And here is one encounter by a consumer who actually did that!

A review on increased testosterone level from medical tests

Tongkat Ali is touted by consumers as an effective natural testosterone booster and here is one authentic customer review on testosterone.

A Singaporean took the trouble and went for a medical test to investigate the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali by measuring his testosterone level.

He took a Tongkat Ali supplement for several weeks to investigate before and after-effects.

This was his testosterone test result (before consuming Tongkat Ali), which was average and low by health standards.

Baseline Testosterone Test Result Before Consuming Tongkat Ali (Original article: here)

Here was his result after consuming Tongkat Ali supplement for 5 weeks:

Testosterone Test Result After Consuming Tongkat Ali (Original article: here)

The above medical tests by a hospital at Frontech Centre in Singapore showed a 50% testosterone increase after consuming Tongkat Ali (i.e from 11.20 to 16.33).

Now that’s a big jump!

Yes, there are other reported cases on Tongkat Ali’s ability to increase testosterone levels. And most such claims are supported by human clinical trials and research.

A study by Phytotherapy Research in 2014 showed 61% improvement of free testosterone for men and 122% improvement in women after 5 weeks of Tongkat Ali consumption.

So the next time you consume Tongkat Ali, it may be a worthwhile effort visiting a doctor to check your testosterone levels.

Could Tongkat Ali be the best natural testosterone booster for you?

The answer depends on your health objectives.

Find out more on general testosterone and tips here.

Tongkat Ali receives stellar reviews from active women

Most of the Tongkat Ali reviews are from men, but what do women say about Tongkat Ali?

For an active woman in her late 30s, here is what Evaginia Purtrova from Russia has to say:

Tongkat Ali performs better than other herbal supplement that I took in the past. I spend 4 times a week in the gym and I noticed faster recovery time. I can do more reps with better muscle definition on my arms with 2 capsules a day. A good pre and post workout supplement for women. Excellent replacement compared to steroids and other supplements in the market today.

Evaginia Purtrova (Russia)
Overall Rating

Since both men and women require testosterone level to function optimally, then Tongkat Ali does its job well to benefit women in certain areas.

In fact, the nature of anabolic properties in Tongkat Ali helps women to gain lean muscle mass (and at the same time promote fat loss) whilst gaining extra strength.

This is extremely helpful if you are seeking to get in shape!

Meanwhile, it is natural for asian women to follow the herbal tradition for centuries.

So what do they think about Tongkat Ali?

As an F&B consultant and avid traveller, here is what Ang Tran Mah from Vietnam has to say about Tongkat Ali in her Google review recently:

Read about Tongkat Ali for a long time now. Decided to try it. I didn’t know it benefit women in many ways. Been taking it daily since the lockdown and my mood has improved tremendously - less anxious and calmer despite my challenging current situation. Wonderful customer support by the team and my order always come just in time. The best quality Tongkat Ali in Malaysia. Period.

And Tran Mah (Vietnam)
Overall Rating

We also took the opportunity to interview MJ, a fitness and professional coach from California.

Here is her a video interview about Tongkat Ali.

These reviews on Tongkat Ali by women breaks the misconception that Tongkat Ali is consumed by only men.

So if you are women in your 30-40s, you can use Tongkat Ali as your daily supplement!

In fact, an independent study published by the Journal of International Society & Sports Nutrition showed significant improvement on women’s mood, from lower tension, depression, anger and confusion.

Busy urbanites found Tongkat Ali revitalizing to improve work productivity.

If you are one of the busy urbanites who are stuck in a rat race, chances are you are burning more hours than usual.

Tongkat Ali received many great reviews from working professionals, start-up founders, and business owners who are seeking for that extra boost of energy.

Adrian Low , a 40-year-old professional in the water industry found that consuming Tongkat Ali improved his long productivity hours. As a frequent flyer, he keeps a healthy lifestyle with natural-plant based diet and intermittent fasting diet.

Adrian Low and his son on a work trip (Source : Facebook)

Tongkat Ali is part of his herbal supplement collection besides Panax Ginseng. He tried both AKARALI™ EURY-PREP150 and the EURY-PREP200 in late 2020 and here was his feedback.

I'm amazed by how potent this product is. Took one capsule and I am up all night - working and smiling away from that extra energy. Tongkat Ali does keep me all hyped up all day too. Not to mention the additional reps and those extra kilometers I can achieve. As it name suggests, AKARALI is the epitome of authentic Tongkat Ali you could find in the market today, better quality compared to Herbolab or any other brands out there. I cannot imagine the level of manufacturing and technology behind this herbal extraction, but most of my friends shared the same feedback upon consuming it for weeks. If there is a perfect gift to complement your exercises and diet regime, this would be it. And thanks guys for the timely delivery! I would definitely come back for more .

Adrian Low
Overall Rating

Whilst Tongkat Ali supplements may not appeal to busy people, Tongkat Ali coffee is another popular choice amongst coffee afficionados.

As a century-old herbal tradition, the blend of caffeine and bio-active ingredients such as alkaloids and quassinoids from Tongkat Ali makes Tongkat Ali coffee a perfect choice to those seeking for instant boost of energy.

Alifdin Zakaria, founder of an artisan coffee brand Kopilah, was amazed on the taste after testing the AKARALI™ Coffee for the first time.

Kopilah Founder, Alifdin at his place (Source: Kopilah)

For a person who drinks 8 cups of coffee a day, his review on Tongkat Ali coffee is a prelude to those who crave an acquired taste with a hint of bitterness.

Got the privilege to try their latest product, AKARALI coffee. Realize that the taste of AKARALI doesn’t really overshadow the taste of coffee. As coffee drinker, this drink is acceptable and the lingering taste of AKARALI only stays for a minute or two. For black coffee, you will not even realize the presence of Tongkat Ali, its like not even there but you definitely will feel the effect of the drinks. Effect of the drinks is subjective to people but what i feel after drink it, i felt more energetic and productive

Alifdin Zakari
Overall Rating

Black and Latte Tongkat Ali Coffees produced by AKARALI.

Tongkat Ali reviews from UK & Europe

Tongkat Ali is loved by people from all walks of life and we often receive some rare feedback from people living in cold climates such as UK and Europe.

When Bosse shared with us his picture below from a store in Göteborg, Sweden, the smile on his face was priceless.

We were surprised that one can find Tongkat Ali supplement sold in remote areas in Europe.

Bosse holding a box of Tongkat Ali that he bought recently in Göteborg , Sweden. (Source: Facebook)

At 50, Bosse is still working endlessly in his midnight shift for a transport company. In harsh winter condition, this proves to be a challenge at times.

He told us the difference it made after consuming Tongkat Ali – from less fatigue, his ability to work longer hours, and more importantly the smile from his partner every time he reaches home.

This is what he said:

I never knew that it was possible to buy Tongkat Ali in Sweden until recently. The selection of natural and organic products from asia in Göteborg is very limited. I have been consuming Tongkat Ali for two months now, in addition to my other supplements such as Vitamin C and others. It works well to improve my physical energy that is required during my long work hours. It is a plus point that this a vegan-friendly and halal product too!

Bosse (Sweden)
Overall Rating

We share this humbling experience by Bosse to the rest of our network as we understand the long physical work hours that he has to endure in Sweden.

Now let’s hear from a German with an Italian origin.

As for Leonardo Sacchetto, a Porsche specialist and also a super-bike racer, choosing a plant-based diet has been his motto in the last 5 years and he fast approaching his mid 40s.

Leonardo Sacchetto in his Porsche Workshop.

Spending a considerable time in his workshop demands plenty of physical and mental energy.

His view initial perception of Tongkat Ali changed completely after he decided to include it in his plant-based diet.  A remarkable fine gentleman who perfected the art of engineering with energy and enthusiasm.

Some are doing it for health reasons and some for ethical reasons, but for me, at the end of the day, when I look at my self in the mirror, I must decide what is good for me."

Leonardo Sacchetto (Germany)

We also took the opportunity to interview Leonardo to capture his thoughts on healthy living and plant-based diet.

Video interview with Leonardo Sachetto, a Porsche specialists with 30 years experience.

Meanwhile in the UK, there are many customers who prefers to purchase Tongkat Ali directly from Malaysian suppliers.

Once a British colony, Malaysia-UK has a long history of herbs and spices trading since the 1600s, and herbal tradition is something close to the British for decades.

British-born Shah Sarazin, who resides in London, was given a trip to the memory lane after he discovered the true taste of authentic Tongkat Ali.

He has been consuming Tongkat Ali supplements for 5 years now and Tongkat Ali coffee was his newfound addiction.

At 43 and happily married to a beautiful Malaysian wife, Shah’s penchant for traveling and work made him go beyond expectations to explore new ideas and business ventures.

Here is an excerpt from him on Tongkat Ali (which is also found in Google Reviews):

Akarali is by far the best form of certified HALAL Tongkat Ali product in the world market right now ! I've been taking it for a year already since 2020 pre lockdown and believe me it has shown to improve my physical performance in sedentary and active lifestyle all together apart from offering anti-fatigue properties, and boosted my libido which makes my wife a very happy woman. I've just tried the latest AKARALI coffee mix by them and boy it's a wonder booster. Best part is that it works the same for both men and women ! Vegetarian friendly. Don't wait until you're old, I dare you to go get it and you won't regret it. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE !

Shah Sarazin (London, UK))
Overall Rating

For Nigerian born Emmanuelle who lives in Birmingham UK, he felt that the Tongkat Ali supplement works better for him than the African Yohimbine.

What is scary for Emmanuelle is that Yohimbine is found in veterinary medicine to reverse sedation in dogs, elk and deer and popular amongst Nigerians.

Whilst Tongkat Ali counterfeits are plenty in Nigeria and African countries, Emmanuelle was careful to purchase from us difectly after finding out the legitimacy and authenticity.

When contacted, he left the following comment on Tongkat Ali to one of our team members:

Tongkat Ali rocks provided you get the best root! It is hard to find good ones in Africa for sure. It helps my body greatly and I am big proponent of natural organic food. Those “morning laziness” seemed to go away. Wake up feeling fresh, sharp and mentally alert throughout my daily routines. I don’t exercise regularly, so I guess this Tongkat Ali helps to supplement the gaps. For now, I will put the African Yohimbine and Panax Ginseng aside. This herb is just perfect.

Emmanuelle (Birmingham, UK)
Overall Rating

Now this is pretty much what we can compile for 2021.

There are more reviews of Tongkat Ali, but we decided to share more exciting stories in the middle of 2021.

So please watch this space!

With all the amazing feedback, we hope to share more reviews from those of you who have experienced our products and Tongkat Ali in general.

Try one today. Feel the difference.

And don’t forget to leave your comments and reviews below!

Tongkat Ali Consumer Review 2021 was compiled by Naressa Khan exclusively for AKARALI

Naressa contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and natural wellness.

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