Tongkat Ali Long Term Review: After Six Weeks

The unfathomable rise in Tongkat Ali’s popularity deserves more attention and in-depth reviews from real people.

Despite reputable MIT-formulated Physta® Tongkat Ali investing in decades of scientific research with more than 26 clinical trials to date, does Tongkat Ali bring real-world benefits?

You may have bought a popular Tongkat Ali brand on Amazon based on customer reviews but nothing compares to real-world reviews when deciding the best Tongkat Ali.

Now here is a review from a person consuming AKARALI Tongkat Ali for six weeks. 

Born and raised in the United States, Don Verb started his body transformation with noticeable results at the age of 41.

After weeks of moderate weight training and supplementing his diet with Tongkat Ali, he lost a respectable 60 lbs and gained more muscle mass, coupled with greater overall body definition.

With more chiseled look and square jawline, he definitely looks better too!

Summary: Six-Week Review 

  • Increased strength and cardio progress 
  • Accelerated muscle development
  • Improved sleep schedule
  • A better mood during the day
  • An energy boost that lasts throughout the day
  • Weight loss
  • Facial hair growth

If you are tired of influencer reviews or fake Amazon customer reviews on Tongkat Ali, then you may love this review.

And this Tongkat Ali review includes photos of Don as he progresses in his body transformation journey. So rest assured, seeing is believing!

This Tongkat Ali review is inspiring considering his age and his basic methods to achieve those gains.

So can Tongkat Ali perform without a fancy keto diet, or could be a replacement for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Lets find out!

His body transformation accelerated rapidly after consuming Tongkat Ali, with a significant amount of weight loss and increase in muscle mass. Source:  Don_Verb

In fact, this is his 2nd part review to document his experience with Tongkat Ali after 6 weeks (42 days).

There are some interesting feedback that we can’t wait to share.

And in case you are curious how he felt about Tongkat Ali after two weeks, here is his short-term review – comparing two brands of Tongkat Ali products.  

Not only am I improving my physique, but I’m improving my overall health.

Coming back to his long-term assessment of Tongkat Ali, Don had broken down his 2nd part review into the following key sections:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Rest and Sleep
  • Strength
  • Cardio Progress
  • Energy Boost
  • Muscle growth

Tongkat Ali review after six weeks

Don Verb (a.k.a Donald Pump) is your ordinary American who was intrigued by Tongkat Ali after reading about it on the internet.

In fact, before he tested our product, he had posted a series of videos about Tongkat Ali based on his research.

He posted his initial experience of Tongkat Ali in his two-week review video which you can find in his Youtube channel.

For now, here is his full review on Tongkat Ali after six weeks.

Here are the excerpts of what he had to say about Tongkat Ali.

1:36 - Mood Enhancement

My experience so far is it’s still great for mood enhancement. I still get an overall sense of well-being when I take it, obviously sustained for hours or even a day after I took it.

2:24 - Rest and Sleep

I really benefited from a better rest and sleep schedule. The way that it’s regulating my sleep patterns is toward the end of the night, I am more kind of ease into a state where I can go to sleep. It’s much more relaxing lifestyle now.

I’ve got this great sleep schedule where I’m up earlier to train, I’m more energetic to go to work after I train. And I do really physical work – so that says a lot.

3:21 - Improved Strength

Honestly, I’m getting improved strength at a better rate that when I first started taking it. Lately, it’s been almost phenomenal. I track everything in a journal (i.e., what supplements did I take, how many reps, etc.)

This supplement definitely helped me with stamina. I’m able to do more reps.

This (Tongkat Ali) supplement definitely helped me with stamina where I would be on the treadmill for six minutes or something and all of sudden, I look down and it was 12 minutes.

 I also noticed things like weight and abs training – I’m able to do more reps. There’s a lot of improved strength and stamina. 

5:04 - Cardio Progress

I’ve been doing more cardio lately than I’ve ever done in my life. What’s crazy is as I took on an even more physical job, and I’m still doing more cardio.

Anyone who’s watched any of my videos before knows that I absolutely hate cardio. Well not anymore, I actually kind of look forward to it. 

Not only am I improving my physique, but I’m improving my overall health.

6:00 – Energy Boost

It helps to cut down on caffein consumption. I get that boost in the morning. Sometimes I would have to pound like an energy before I went to the gym. Now I’ll take the Tongkat Ali – and I’ll get myself together to walk out the door.

I get that boost (from Tongkat Ali) in the morning

6:52 - Muscle Growth

There’s definitely muscle growth that’s noticeable.

I’m still losing weight or at worst staying at the same weight and gaining noticeable muscle.  

8:31 - Problem Area Growth

It seems like body parts that I was lacking before, problem areas that I wasn’t training enough like my forearms and calves are showing more of an immediate bump than they ever would have before just a couple extra sets on the Tongkat Ali.

9:04 - Drawbacks/Side Effects

The hair growth is pretty crazy with this. My hair already grew back ridiculously fast but the Tongkat Ali pretty much doubles the speed that it comes back.

A little bit of hunger issue

Even though you feel that extra energy, it just feels like you need (more) nourishment. I mean obviously that’s because you are building muscle – your hormones are calling for it but you do want to keep some kind of healthy snack with you all the time because you will eat whatever you can get your hands on.

10:02 - Part Three Video (Women on Tongkat Ali)

Part three will not only be my continued results and feedback for the AKARALI, it’s also going to be my fiancée’s feedback; that kind of opens it up to whether or not it’d be great for some of you females who may find my video out there to try it out.

Long term review on Tongkat Ali

Well, don’t be surprised. This may not be the longest review on Tongkat Ali.

The longest review to assess Tongkat Ali’s efficacy and its impact on health was six months (180 days) – conducted by a group of scientists at the University of Santarina Brazil in 2020.

Here is one breakthrough discovery from the study:

Consuming 200mg Tongkat Ali daily with a 3-day exercise per week showed the most increase in testosterone during the 6-month period.

For those of you who are curious to see if Tongkat Ali increase testosterone, clinical trials on hundreds of human test subjects have resulted in statistically significant improvements across various age groups (20, 40 or even 70).

So provided you get a premium Tongkat Ali root extract, it may increase your testosterone regardless of how old you are.

Perhaps that explains why Tongkat Ali worked miraculously well for middle-aged men like Don Verb – he lost weight and gained more muscle mass.

But does an increase in testosterone also makes you look “younger”?

Judging from his photos, the chiseled look with greater definition in his jawline may be attributed to the loss of facial fat around his eyes and cheeks. This is underpinned by higher testosterone production from Tongkat Ali consumption over the period of six weeks.

Some experts believe testosterone may also have a positive impact on how well we age — the Fonda effect — playing a role in keeping your skin looking younger and your body in shape.  Source:  Don_Verb

Parting thoughts

Don’s six weeks review on Tongkat Ali is one of many stories that provide more in-depth consumer feedback on Tongkat Ali.

To good thing is you can rely on honest reviews. The effectiveness of Tongkat Ali is constantly evaluated and critically reviewed by many, including our customers from around the world.

Do check out a four-week review on Tongkat Ali if you are into serious bodybuilding and body transformation.

In a two-minute video, British-born James Goodman shared his insights on how Tongkat Ali has helped him to achieve his health goals in a span of four weeks.

James shared his body transformation experience with Tongkat Ali in a four-week review assessment.  Credit: James Goodman Instagram

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Gain more. And go beyond.

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