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  • 30 capsules
  • 200 mg of pure Tongkat Ali
  • US patented Physta® freeze-dried extraction technology
  • Handpicked and chromatography tested for quality
  • Certification of authenticity
  • Manufactured in USFDA approved facility
  • GMP and Halal Certified
  • 100% Vegan friendly


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AKARALI TL200 (EURY-PREP200) is formulated to fulfill the demand of high-performing active adults and sports athletes. This includes fulfilling growing expectations consumers seeking alternative remedies to improve libido or to boost testosterone naturally.

With US patented freeze-dried water extraction technology Physta®, the best nutrients from Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) are retained resulting significant increase in potency compared to traditional extraction methods. This gives a noticeable improvement in energy and performance.



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Recommended Usage

  • One to two capsules per day 
  • Ideally after meals (morning and dinner time)
  • Taken within an interval of one week off and on cycle
  • Note: can be taken with or without meals


  • 3 to 5 days via DHL / FEDEX
  • 1 to 2 days for domestic delivery










Protect your health & spot counterfeits – Delivering premium quality Tongkat Ali


Warning-: Not suitable to be consumed during pregnancy, children under 18 years of age or a person diagnosed with heart disease or high blood pressure. Kindly consult your nearest doctor before purchasing any herbal products from this site.

40 reviews for AKARALI™ TL200

  1. Shahid

    I tested and consumed few other Tongkat Ali roots before in the past (which I bought in Amazon) but none of them worked as effectively as this one. I guess it must have been they manner the roots are extracted that makes the heck of a difference. I consumed it for three consecutive weeks along with my exercise, and did its magic (beyond what i expected) after the 4th day in itself. Truly wonderful feeling of joy and happiness, and overall i feel alive again!

  2. Stuart Welter

    I wasn’t a big fan of natural herbs until recently. Now I hitting close to my retirement age but work demands a lot of my attention and consume my energy away. Tried ginseng, macca and others too. Tongkat Ali is a new herb to me, a less known herb which is not easily accessible by many. From where i live, i.e in South of Yorkshire, natural ingredients and herbs have been part of our daily lives, so our family is used to trying various herbal remedies as the cost of healthcare in UK is ridiculously high. Tried the AKARALI testosterone & libido booster for 2 weeks now. Mixed results, but generally there was a noticeable difference in my overall energy and mental stamina. For once, i can walk and drive more miles without feeling lethargic after work, or after that long midnight deadlines.

  3. Jim Watson

    Was initially skeptical at first about all these herbal supplements. I found one article here which shows 15 herbal supplements which you should avoid and Tongkat Ali is not one of them!!


    At least now i know that Tongkat Ali is safe. After some hesitation, bought one last week and the effect can be felt after 2-3 days of consuming. Felt more energized and focused now. Not to mention the increased libido effect. Will not spare the details but lets just say the ancient herb did work for me 🙂

  4. Afizan

    I tried a few herbal products before and this one was recommended to me by a friend. It really is a magic pill. I could feel the rush straight away from the very first capsule but the real magic is after taking it twice daily for 2 – 3 days, my energy goes to the roof. I could work twice as productive as I could ever before and my mood is like a smooth sailing with a steady breeze, and my confidence level is as high as my energy is. I simply love it. Only that you have to cycle it for 7 days ON and 4 days OFF, in order for it to be fully effective and get the “Feel Good” factor. Alhamdulillaah, coming to my third cycle now.

  5. Fahrim

    It worked with immediate effect for me with the first pill. Increased libido and definitely more energetic.

  6. Iain Wilkinson

    I’m writing in personally to thank you for saving my relationship, I had tried everything and was really down about my situation. Resorting to drugs was not in my option and luckily i found AKARALI which has the best tongkat ali quality. Totally legit and thankfully I’m now so happy and in a really good place all-round with both a healthy sex life and back on track relationship wise with my girlfriend of 3 years, AKARALI has given my sexy life the breath of fresh air that it needed so badly.

  7. Thomas Mclauchlan

    I cant thank you enough, I was suffering from zero libido causing me all sorts of problems down below that i’d rather not go into detail about it, but just 3 weeks on AKARALI & am feeling like a new man, the sex drive is higher than ever and I’m functioning better than ever in that department!! I would never of guessed that tongkat ali supplement would solve my problem, who would of thought it! Thanks a Million, The best tongkat ali in the market!

  8. Dave Evans

    I contacted you last month regarding my low testosterone related problem that I had suffered for the last 2 months, I don’t know if you will remember but after speaking to you and doing more research I decided to give AKARALI a try.

    You will be pleased to hear you have another Tongkat Ali success story on your hands! You’ve made me a very happy man and I would like to thank you personally, I am now feeling better than my old self and functioning 100% if you know what I mean!

    I was also very pleased when my local Health Service ran free health checks at my place of work and the results showed my cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate were absolutely perfect

    Thanks for everything. 👍

  9. Enzo Chen

    This is a good quality tongkat ali and gave me the best results compare to others that i’ve tried. The first noticeable improvement is that i had more energy within a few days. After that i felt my sex drive was greatly increased. Was so happy with the result, but now after 6 months of taking it, i noticed something amazing! I work out regularly to stay fit and be healthier. While i’m maintaining the same weight as I work out and eat healthy, the extra fat that never would fully go away is shrinking! I assume it’s balancing the hormones in my body like raising my testosterone. I love it!! This is a must have for me. I take it 5 days a week for a month and then a week off before restarting again.

  10. John Alli

    Tried various tongkat ali supplements when i travelled around SEA last year, None of it gave me the same result as this AkarAli capsule. I travelled a lot, hence I used to get fatigued easily. Bought this akarali from this website and it looks genuine due to positive feedback here. Similar like others, the consistently of its effect really kicked in around 2-3 weeks of consumption, and it improves my overall mood which makes me calmer and less cranky.

  11. Scott Chew

    This is my first time taking tongkat ali and been taking it for few months now. I must say, im impress with the effectiveness. Im starting to feel the improvement in energy that enable me to get more stuff done at work. Was also understand that the product is water soluble which is good for the consumer. So far there is no side effect even im feeling better. This became an advantage for me as i can work out harder to keep my health and life better. This product is highly recommended. You wont be disappointed.

  12. Kamara

    A must buy if you are a Tongkat Ali enthusiast. I am always careful with any supplements I’m taking but this product is GMP certified which make less worried about any adverse side effect. Most importantly it’s halal-certified so as a Muslim I have no worry about it as other supplements may use capsule made from gelatine.

  13. Johnathan Maleeq

    Great stuff! It works. It increases my energy and focus after a few days of use. Of course like most herbs, It loses effectiveness after taking it regularly. So, taking a break for a couple of days or a week and then continue consuming it is a must. The positive effects will come again. Yes, the taste is bitter. But this product came in a capsule form. So you wont be able to taste it. It can be mixed with coffee, tea or anything. That way the bitterness won’t be there. Give it a try if you’re concerned about the taste. Overall, i would recommend this Akarali tl200.

  14. Ryan Holmes

    Tongkat Ali is a great supplement and in my opinion the most potent herbal testosterone and libido booster out there. But you need to buy the really potent stuff, otherwise it doesnt work. I seriously recommend AKARALI, they have one of the best Tongkat Ali products on the market. Very very happy that I can get Tongkat Ali of this quality and price shipped all the way to Singapore with no huge shipping charge, absolutely perfect.

  15. Yusof Abdallah

    I have taken Akarali for about 5 months now. Even-though there are so many similar product but cheaper, I decided to purchase this product instead, which i believe to be genuine Tongkat Ali extract from Malaysia. Overall I have been very pleased with the effects of this product. Was on my first cycle for 2 weeks and it felt like i was bestowed with extra energy. I stopped on the 4th weeks for 1 week and start my cycle again. So far I still feel the same great results as when taken for the first time, this product has been working great for me.

  16. Kay Alfred

    I bought this numerous times. The effect it had on me was very impressive. Every couple of days I took it. I could feel a real boost of energy and the result was that I am able to stay concentrate almost the whole day that really helped me in getting my work done faster or better. The increase in my libido and my sexual activity came afterward. I assume that the product needs time to start showing positive effects in terms of libido or testosterone. Either way, this is by far the best one i’ve tried.

  17. Ken Chi

    I am very pleased with the results of Akarali TL200 after taking one bottle. I have noticed a little The extra energy gained form it are really noticeable, specifically in the afternoons. Testosterone level have improved significantly. This is not tested by doctor. This is just based from what i feel and i can say that i have more drive than before. As of now, this is my 2nd bottle and its finishing. Overall, the results have been awesome and are planning to get my 3rd bottle.

  18. Willaim Thyme

    As far as I have been consuming these AkarAli capsules, what makes me feel confident with the product is that I don’t feel any side effect after consuming it for a week now. No headache, anxiety or jittery feelings. Although I don’t work as fast as viagra, it definitely suitable for those who want to opt for natural herbs as a sex booster.

  19. Tom The Runner

    I run daily and in my preparation for the next marathon. I have tried both 150 mg and 200 mg capsules. This 200 mg gave me a faster result compared to the former. Within a week I can already felt the difference. I can run a longer distance within the same period as before. Also, I experienced less cramp and muscle soreness, and I recovered faster.

  20. Hasin Ong

    One of the best testosterone supplement you can get! Really delighted with the results i’m getting. During workouts, i found that my stamina has increased. For me, personally, this product gave me the best results that i hope for compared to the other brands that i’ve tried. I highly recommend at least giving a try. For active men that is over 50 like myself, this would be great for you. Make sure to stay hydrated and get sufficient rest, together with a proper diet and exercise.

  21. Mike Cheng

    After reading some reviews and recommendations from fellow friends I felt that this could be a good fit for me. I must say, after taking it for about a month I have definitely noticed a considerable improvements. I now have a better energy levels both mentally and physically. Overall I am very pleased with this product and won’t hesitate to introduce or recommend it to those looking for clean, natural and harmless alternatives in tackling issues with energy and testosterone.

  22. Susan Liew

    My husband and I realized that he started losing stamina and the drive that he always had. So, he bought Skarali TL200 to address the issue. All I can tell you is…oh my goodness! I can see that his drive have has dramatically increased and also significantly increased in stamina. This product completely improved our life as a couple and it is mind blowing how great was the results. This is highly recommended to those couple that are trying to improve their private life. I thought since the reviews here were from men you might want to see some female reviews.

  23. Zachary Nimbus

    I did a testosterone test before getting this supplement and found out that it was low enough to have some concern, After taking it for a month, i can only say 2 words… GAME Changer, and man has it been working. I am feeling sharper, energetic and a lot more focused. My body weight is slowly going down and my girlfriend really appreciates the other benefits 😁 Overall, i am impressed and satisfied with the results. I’m not in a position to be comparing its potency to other products, but one thing i say is that, it works really well for me.

  24. James Collin

    The product appears to do what it says it does, i am impressed so far. I actually waited two months before giving a review and to be honest, i’m loving this product. It brings no unwanted side effects and after experiencing a few other products over the years, this one is no joke. I would recommend Akarali EM150 without having a doubt and will continue to take it in the future.

  25. Syah Mahmud

    Calm and focus and up for actions. This is a great product with great quality. I took a different brand and it was not a pleasant experience as it gave me bad reactions which turns out many tongkat ali supplements in the market have high metal contamination. But not in this one. It brings energy and shockingly calmness. It also definitely helps in testosterone and libido. That causes my drive to be stronger and i’m enjoying it.

  26. Jim Chase

    Before this i have tried other brands of similar product and no noticeable improvements. Since i started taking TL200, i noticed a boost in energy and felt sharper. At the gym i broke through a couple plateaus in weightlifting since started taking it. The boost of energy may have helped. I’d definitely recommend this and will order again.

  27. Carl Chong

    Absolutely love this TL200 capsule formula! It’s easy to consume. Ever since i started taking this supplement i noticed that energy and libido has improved. Definitely going to continue to consume it. Other products that i’ve tried had good customer reviews and i have come to realize that not every products are for everyone. This mean it may or may not work for you. Tongkat ali extract works for me and I would definitely recommend this product.

  28. M Omar

    At first, i was kind of skeptical try the product, but man its shocked me! I was feeling ‘my age’ catching up on me, but after trying this TL200, i can workout much harder and i can see that i’m gaining more muscle. I also felt ‘stronger and firmer’ and seem to not get tired easily. The important thing is all of the ingredients are listed as it is crucial to know what we put inside our body. No chemicals involved or anything that gave a negative side effects. Definitely would recommend this product.

  29. Carter Felix

    I would say this product nailed it across the board. Was feeling off and in a slump before grabbing this bottle. This definitely gave me i’ve been looking for. The result from this is i’m feeling more energetic, much stable mood, can stay focus and increased libido. I consider myself to be generally healthy but I have a demanding schedule with not enough sleep and can feel the effects. I’m feeling more balanced now.

  30. Dean May

    I like this Akarali TL200, i think it’s the best in the market. This supplement came in a capsule form which made it really easy to consume and size is just right. It’s only been a month now but i can there is some differences, I felt like my memory have gotten better, but honestly i feel sharper, I noticed that it has improved my recovery time as well as my drive too. These changes are nothing over the top, but the improvement and the time it took to see some results impresses me. I will definitely get this again!!

  31. Jung Cheah

    Before this, i have tried a few other similar product from different brands but never gained the results i considered as remarkable. When I bought this Akarali, i didn’t put a high expectations, but this product really amazes me and i am glad that i discovered it. I noticed some minimal improvements such as boost in energy and libido. Bear in mind that this improvements were noticed within a month which is really really good. As for the ingredients, i was understand that there is no foreign substances mixed in it. Only pure tongkat ali. Try it!

  32. Brook Wayne

    These 200mg capsules of akar ali definitely my new favourite supplements. Easy to consume, no bitter taste and importantly the results are remarkable. I feel more energetic, my libido increased tremendously after 3 weeks of usage, which allowing me to have more than 2 sessions per week with my wife. Very happy with the results!

  33. Kane Pereira

    It’s only been two weeks since i had this Akarali, but on the first week i went from feeling super-low energy to feeling awesome real quick! I consumed it regularly, took everyday for 5 days and stay off of it for 2 days. I was told that this way i’m able to experience the best result everytime. The dosing is stronger rather than weaker where you would have to take more in some cases, i’d say that’s a plus. This is a product worth trying. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

  34. Emre Elçin

    I’m 56 and all men knows that when we get older stuff starts to not be working as they used to. The mind tells that we can, but the body tells differently. I’ve been taking Akarali for a couple of months now and it’s been nothing less than great! I’m more energetice going to work. My colleagues were impressed and asked about how i stay energetic all day. So, i told them about Akarali and what it has done for me. This product helped me get some of my youth back.

  35. Mason

    This product work wonder for me. This is just the starting of my 5th week and I feel amazing. I am a 44 years old who have always been active, but I could feel that something is just not working right. Feeling tired more often and had to cut my workouts short. I was desperate to find something to kick start me back on the right track and this product did just that. Felt so much better. I’m excited to see the outcome.

  36. Royce

    At 51, I find that i’m low in energy constantly. But it all changed since i started taking this Akarali capsule regularly. I’m full of energy now! Even on those days when I got home late from work. Also, whenever i’m at the gym working out, i’m able to work out longer than i used to which helped in losing those access fat and stay healthy.These improvement in energy and stamina also leaves a positive impact in the bedroom.. This really is a great.

  37. Joe Lim

    Working out has been part of my life, which is the reason why I’ve tried just about every supplement. Some work and some don’t. But Akaralai TL200 definitely work. After about two weeks the differences in energy and stamina starting to be noticeable. I was definitely feeling a lot stronger and my workouts were going longer after a month. Remember, this is not an over night miracle supplement, but trust me, this is a natural way. 100% recommended to guys looking to boost test, strength, libido, and overall energy.

  38. Adam Lai

    I was skeptical about this product at first but the advertisement sold it to me. Bought it and decided to give it a shot. First week into taking it, there is no improvements that i am noticing. After the second week i definitely notice an increase in energy and stamina. What surprised me is the product didn’t gave any side effects at all. Never felt and performed like this in my life! Not planning to get off of this.

  39. Emiliano James

    Akarali TL200 is the best! Before this, i’ve tried about 4 or 5 other brands with a quite similar type of product. Out of all the other brands that i’ve tried, this gives the best result. The result from this are very noticeable for me. This one really worth a shot even if you already on it from different brand. I noticed that there is also an increase in my libido, even a tiny bit more focused mentally when I am concentrating on something. Highly recommended!


    I am now 72, have been taking Tongkat Ali for many years, to date my health is excellent, suffering from no diseases which include diabetes, high blood pressure, or any kind of heart disease. At this age, I am full of energy and could drive long hours more than 600 kilometers without stopping. Sitting for hours on the computer writing books and giving lectures on-line. AKARALI is my only choice.

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