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  • 30 capsules
  • 150 mg of pure Tongkat Ali
  • US patented Physta® freeze-dried extraction technology
  • Handpicked and Chromatography tested for quality
  • Certification of authenticity
  • Manufactured in USFDA approved facility
  • GMP and Halal Certified

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AKARALI EM150 (EURY-PREP150) is formulated to revitalize your health by restoring energy from stressful long hours at work. Ideally suited for busy professionals and those spending hours at the workplace, stressful lifestyle and busy travelers or those seeking to achieve any of the following:

  • restore long lost energy (i.e less fatigue)
  • relieve stress, anxiety and improve overall mood
  • achieve greater mental alertness, focus and clarity of mind.
  • boost your immunity system from toxic, bacteria and others.


With US patented freeze-dried water extraction technology Physta®, the best nutrients from Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) are retained resulting significant increase in potency compared to traditional extraction methods.

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Recommended Usage

  • One to two capsules per day 
  • Ideally after meals (morning and dinner time)
  • Taken within an interval of one week off and on cycle
  • Note: can be taken with or without meals

Now You Can Feel The Difference

Avoid Counterfeits & Spot the Difference. Delivering premium quality Tongkat Ali

Warning-: Not suitable to be consumed during pregnancy, children under 18 years of age or a person diagnosed with heart disease or high blood pressure. Kindly consult your nearest doctor before purchasing any herbal products from this site. 

8 reviews for AKARALI EM150

  1. Shaun Mica

    From my experience, this one is by far the most effective for me. I cant really tell what makes this one more effective then the other that I’ve tried because I’m no doctor. But my guess would be that the way they extract it are better than the others. I’m happy and thankful that my friend introduced this brand to me.

  2. Malik Omari

    My partner suggested me to try this product. So far im happy on how effective it is.

  3. Ahmad Kairo

    So far I’m satisfied with how effective this product is. I’m convinced that there is no chemical or other mixture in this product.

  4. Malik Omari

    My partner suggested me to try AKARALI. So far im happy on how effective it is.

  5. Shahid (verified owner)

    I am lucky to be living in Singapore, next door country to Malaysia. Since Singapore does not have much natural access to such rare herbs, I would say Tongkat Ali from Malaysia is simply the best due to its Government effort to commercialize it together with stringent quality controls. After conversion, at SGD 43 per bottle, it is value for money compared to whats available in pharmacies in Singapore – ranging from SGD 50 to 50 per bottle of some unknown brands.

  6. Arianna

    Initially, I was confused between these two products – the AKARALI EM150 and TL200. But kudos to the customer support team for the explanation. The EM150 has a slightly lower dosage at 150mg of standardized Tongkat Ali herbal root extract. Tried for 2 months now. Immediate improvement can be felt after a month, less lethargic, and I can do more chores at work without feeling super tired. As a mom of 3 boys, I highly recommend for other women. Thumbs up for me!

  7. Aldert

    The first time I heard about Tongkat Ali was from some friends in Amsterdam, who is very much into this herbal business. After some research, I found out most of the supply into the Netherlands came from Indonesia. Was excited to try the AKARALI and this was my first time trying a pure Tongkat Ali from Malaysia. AKARALI delivery was via DHL and it came about 3 days later.

    What a world of difference. However, like any herbal products, the improvement to your energy levels is rather gradual and natural. But you must take it consistently and religiously. If you keep a strict exercise and diet regime, perhaps it works better. As a word of advice, do not buy black or red Tongkat Ali on the market – these are wild untested Tongkat Ali plants which can have long term side effects to your kidney. Make sure you purchase yellow Tongkat Ali, and these plants are mainly grown and found in Malaysia only. The commercialization of these yellow Tongkat Ali has been known as safe due to extensive research work being done and published.

  8. Abo Bakar

    Felt the difference from the first few capsules I consumed. Really improved my mood and productivity at work, and even doesn’t feel fatigued which allow me to spend some quality time with my family. I believed these products are genuine and made from quality Tongkat Ali by judging from the results. Plus point for me is that the product is halal certified, so as a Muslim, I have no doubt and worry about the ingredient.

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