AKARALI is manufactured , bottled and produced in Malaysia

Prices for Tongkat Ali are soaring. Consumer demands for more quality extract.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia), a rare South East Asian plant containing bio-active properties with a wide range of scientifically proven health benefits, has enjoyed a steady growth in consumer demand for many years.

Tongkat Ali prices have risen by almost three times in four years, according to the American Botanical Council. 

Now there are more than 20 top Tongkat Ali brands ranging from USD 20 to USD 30 per bottle, mostly made from premium quality extract.

You may also find cheap Tongkat Ali brands priced at below USD 20 per bottle. Most of these China-produced Tongkat Ali extracts are not clinically tested, but widely exported to the US and sold on Amazon.

So, what is the best price that you should pay for Tongkat Ali products?

As the demand for Tongkat Ali supplements may not see a dip any time soon, find out more insights on the best prices for Tongkat Ali.

Here is what we know:

  • Tongkat Ali prices increased steadily between 260% to 330% in four years
  • Selling retail price of Tongkat Ali is between USD 13 per bottle to USD 139 per bottle
  • Average selling retail price is between USD 20 – USD 40 per bottle
  • The best value Tongkat Ali with premium extract is around USD 30 per bottle.
  • Consumers are willing to pay premium prices for quality Tongkat Ali with better extraction technology 
  • Scarcity and rapid commercialization drove higher prices.

Whether used as a medicinal herb, performance food ingredient, or as a daily health supplement, Tongkat Ali is widely consumed by both men and women from all walks of life.

Prices have soared as many are seeking authentic Tongkat Ali from the deep rainforests of Malaysia.

The driving force behind the steady price increase is driven by consumer demand, as more consumers are switching to quality Tongkat Ali extracts.

With demand exceeding supply, you may find that it is getting more expensive to buy Tongkat Ali than before.

That means it is better to buy now rather than in the future.

Here are some insights on Tongkat Ali prices.

Global Demand for Herbal Supplements is the Market Force behind prices of Tongkat Ali.

Let’s first understand the underlying factor behind Tongkat Ali prices.

Global consumers are consuming more organic and natural products compared to 20 years ago. The significant shift towards a healthy lifestyle fuels higher consumption of organic and natural products.

And that includes demand for herbal supplements.

StrategyR from Global Industry Analysts USA reported that the global market for herbal supplements will reach USD 166 billion in 2027, where the US and China are the top largest markets.

In Malaysia where Tongkat Ali can be found in the wild at almost every state, the domestic herbal and traditional market is relatively small but was generously projected to follow similar growth trend since early 2008.

Malaysians have been enjoying the low prices of Tongkat Ali for decades. 

Don’t be shocked. Expect to pay as low as USD 0.50 for a cup of authentic Tongkat Ali coffee or tea in 2021.

Globally, Tongkat Ali market entry into developed countries between 2010 to 2013 has propelled the prices forward.

Here is a quick snapshot on the dates where Tongkat Ali extract was officially given permission to be imported and sold to consumers since its commercialization in 2008.



Product Category that was approved

Year of Market Entry


Natural Health Product


United States

Dietary Supplement



Herbal Food Ingredient



Traditional Medicine



Food Supplement


Hong Kong

Herbal Based Product



Source: Biotropics Berhad, Summary of Dossier on the Approval of Tongkat Ali Root Extract as a Novel Food, 2016

That brings us to another point of the retail prices of Tongkat Ali.

What is the average retail prices of Tongkat Ali and has the price changed over the years?

The retail price differential between Tongkat Ali brands is large

The prices of Tongkat Ali, whether it is raw or as finished goods, are not regulated and consumers are paying different prices in every country.

Fast forward, our Tongkat Ali brand research survey in 2019 showed that the best value for money of Tongkat Ali finished products range from USD 13 per bottle to USD 139 per bottle, depending on the extraction technology and quality.  

Simple calculation works out that the price of Tongkat Ali is between to USD 0.40 to USD 1.50 per capsule.

And the moderately priced Tongkat Ali with premium extraction lies between USD 28 to USD 40 range per bottle of 30 capsules.

A manufacturing extraction facility for Tongkat Ali using freeze-dried technology. Credit: Biotropics.

We have seen prices for Tongkat Ali authentic premium herbal extracts (such as the Physta®) holding premium value, without significant price increase over the years.

Being manufactured in a USFDA-approved facility with standardized freeze-dried extraction technology, brands such as AKARALI™ could possibly one of the best value priced Tongkat Ali in the market today.

AKARALI is manufactured , bottled and produced in Malaysia

AKARALI™ products are manufactured in a USFDA-inspected facility in Malaysia. 

One should expect to pay more since patented extraction technology offers more proven benefits from the hefty R&D investments and clinical trials.

At a competitive price of USD 32 per bottle, you can gain more savings by purchasing now, rather in the future, as the prices of Tongkat Ali will definitely climb further.

And there are two reasons behind it.

Prices of Tongkat Ali is driven by commercial boost by the Malaysian Government

The government of Malaysia is one of the key players in the growing Tongkat Ali market.

When Malaysia first explored the idea of commercializing Tongkat Ali in early 2008, the Ministry of Health Malaysia valued the overall Tongkat Ali market at $1.7 billion and forecasted an annual 15% increase in Tongkat Ali demand.

During that period, the local demand was robust with low prices between USD 5 per kilogram of raw unprocessed Tongkat Ali roots.

Yellow unprocessed raw Tongkat Ali can be very cheap. But it doesn’t offer the same level of quality of bio-active properties (i.e potency or efficacy) compared to a quality herbal extract. 

Prior to 2008, the Malaysian Health Ministry has long recognized the use of Tongkat Ali as a medicinal herb that is safe, with special approvals by the Food & Drugs authorities.

In 2009, the local Forest Malaysian Institute (FRIM) expressed fear that Tongkat Ali roots will run out of production, bringing the end of the best-selling herb by 2014.

But the anticipated fear didn’t happen.

In fact, there is enough supply of Tongkat Ali plants due to the sustainable plantation of Tongkat Ali by the Government of Malaysia over the years.

Despite being quintessentially Malaysian, where every Malaysians consume Tongkat Ali as part of their daily routine for decades, the local prices of Tongkat Ali remained largely unchanged for many years.

The US patented freeze-dried Physta®, alongside the proven health benefits were a significant milestone that justify the premium price tag for authentic yellow Tongkat Ali extract.

In a market filled with below par quality, this was a significant game changer.

At USD 1,000 per kilogram, Physta® is a premium Tongkat Ali extract with years of research and clinical studies.

Although it may be unattainable to some, quality Tongkat Ali extract is a perfectly fine ingredient to those seeking ultimate performance from Tongkat Ali with measurable benefits.

Despite its hefty price tag, premium authentic Tongkat Ali continued to record greater consumer demand from raving reviews due to its efficacy, potency and proven effectiveness.

Buying Tongkat Ali now is a great health investment. Similar to rising healthcare costs, the price of Tongkat Ali has been rising steadily over the years.

However, there is a blind spot that one point to note.

Consumer needs to be aware that the price differential between raw (i.e unprocessed) Tongkat Ali roots vs. the premium extract (processed powder form) is relatively large.

The higher price for Tongkat Ali premium extract due to its superior health benefits, better efficacy and consistency in quality.

Here is what Tongkat Ali price was in 2012 compared to 2014


Price 2012

(USD per kg)


Price in 2014

(USD per kg)

Tongkat Ali

Price Change

Tongkat Ali premium extract (powder)



1625 to 3,243

+ 260 – 333%

Tongkat Ali processed chipped roots





Tongkat Ali raw roots

(untreated / fresh)





Scarcity drives higher price as Tongkat Ali is rare.

Tongkat Ali is believed to be the Lamborghini of herbs.

You can’t find it in any local stores. It is not a common sight as a generic supplement that you can buy from your local pharmacies.

As Malaysia is one of two countries that export Tongkat Ali for global consumption, it is definitely rare than Panax Ginseng.

And let’s not forget that it takes 5 years to grow Tongkat Ali plants.

Touted as one of the oldest rainforests in the world, the scarcity of Malaysian Tongkat Ali has made it popular amongst herbal aficionados and those wanting an extra edge from freeze-dried technology. 

The best value for money Tongkat Ali from the deep rainforests of Malaysia can now be delivered to your doorsteps within days.

And in case you are wondering, Tongkat Ali (a.k.a Malaysian Ginseng) is rarer than the Panax Ginseng, which justify its price difference.

Well, don’t be confused. It is worth noting the differences between Tongkat Ali and Ginseng.

Tongkat Ali is produced in low volume, mainly harvested in remote rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia.

On the contrary to the mainstream Ginseng, you can find ginseng roots commonly harvested in several countries such as China, Korea, South America, etc.

Highly-priced authentic Tongkat Ali with premium extract is close to finding a precious diamond. You can only find from selected reputable Tongkat Ali suppliers that work alongside accredited manufacturers.

That makes authentic made-in-Malaysia Tongkat Ali is almost non-existent on Amazon.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of Tongkat Ali brands to choose from and prices have shown to register monumental year-on-year jump due to higher demand.

Whilst the supply of raw Tongkat Ali roots is abundant, supply of quality Tongkat Ali extract is scarce.

If you find a suitably priced online, it is worth checking the credibility of the brand or the manufacturer behind it before jumping on your first purchase.

If you are buying a Tongkat Ali brand from the United States, the price may not reflect the intrinsic value behind what quality Tongkat Ali can potentially deliver.

Here is one tip before apart from price.

Never fall for brands that deploy aggressive influencer marketing strategy, or with paid article reviews on Tongkat Ali. Chances are these brands are over compensating as many US-based Tongkat Ali brands are not obtaining quality Tongkat Ali herbal extract such as Physta® directly from Malaysia.

Instead, most US-based manufacturers import raw unprocessed Tongkat Ali roots without prior knowledge. Despite a retail price as low as USD 15, this may prove to be damaging and attempts to extract the health benefits from Tongkat Ali can be futile.

At the end of the day, most consumers revert to reputable Tongkat Ali brands that carry quality ingredients directly from the source at value prices.

So if you are prepared to enter the foray of premium Tongkat Ali, this is the time.

Afterall, health is a long-term worthy investment.

Put aside your worry about the long-term price increase or the scarcity.

With price as low as USD 1.05 per capsule, you can feel the difference.

Naressa contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and natural wellness.

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    1. For purchasing of raw tongkat ali roots, you may contact our purchasing department at alex@akarali.com. AKARALI sources the best handpicked pure Tongkat Ali roots in Malaysia with affordable prices available in the UK and US which are maturely harvested (more than 5 years) to ensure the highest level of eurycomanone, eurypeptides and saponin. Prices can go as low as USD 0.80 per capsule of pure 200mg Tongkat Ali extract, making it the cheapest, affordable and yet the strongest (potent) Tongkat Ali extract you could buy in the US.

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