Buying Tongkat Ali in Australia: User Guide, Tips and More

Almost 44% of Australians consume vitamins and herbal supplements; which include popular men’s health supplements such as Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, Fadogia Agrestis and Turkesterone amongst others.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) has a solid history with a strong following in Australia, backed by decades of clinical research studies on its wide range of health benefits.

Recent reviews by Australian health coaches and herbalists such as Professor Kerry Bone prompted many Australians to seek high-quality Tongkat Ali root extracts, as more consumers are switching to clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements as their preferred choice.

This article shares key facts about buying Tongkat Ali in Australia, which Tongkat Ali brands to buy and getting the most from Tongkat Ali.

🔍  Key Facts: Tongkat Ali in Australia
  1. There are less than 10 Tongkat Ali brands sold in Australia, mostly imported from Malaysia or sourced from Indonesia.
  2. Tongkat Ali is relatively more popular than Panax Ginseng or Fadogia Agrestis in Australia, with superior benefits on men’s health, testosterone and libido.
  3. Australians avoid buying cheap Tongkat Ali products that are illegally manufactured in China due to low untested extracts.
  4. Clinically tested Tongkat Ali brands in Australia perform better than non-clinically tested products
  5. AKARALI™ is the only clinically tested Tongkat Ali in Australia, with 26 clinical trials from its US-patented Physta® proprietary extract (available exclusively on BuyNatural Australia)
  6. Tongkat Ali coffee is new in Australia with growing popularity amongst coffee aficionados.
  7. Tongkat Ali is not banned, can be purchased, imported and consumed in Australia.
  8. Tongkat Ali does not require a prescription by doctors, or pharmacists in Australia.

Tongkat Ali Benefits & Usage

Tongkat Ali is currently the best and most popular herbal supplement in Australia due to growing clinical evidence and discussions by scientists and healthcare professionals.

Australian Professor Kerry Bone said that there was compelling evidence of benefits derived from studies on Malaysian Tongkat Ali. He added that human clinical studies showed that Tongkat Ali may be used to support healthy aging and testosterone levels in his 2022 interview podcast.

Besides boosting testosterone, libido and making men less grumpy, overall Tongkat Ali has helped men age in a healthy way.

What makes Tongkat Ali so popular amongst Australian men and women?

According to the founder of BuyNatural based in Sydney, Tongkat Ali is a best-selling natural libido supplement in Australia.

Tongkat Ali is also used as a natural weight-loss supplement and to promote muscle-building activities due to its thermogenic activities. The fact that Australians are generally very active, keeping a constant healthy lifestyle demands a constant supply of nutrients and natural supplements such as Tongkat Ali add more value to bodybuilders and sports amateurs.

In fact, Google search data showed Australians are searching for Tongkat Ali more than Panax Ginseng or Maca Root in 2022. If you are buying Panax Ginseng in Australia, then you might not want to miss out on trying Tongkat Ali at least once in your lifetime. Yes, with the correct dosing, Tongkat Ali is indeed a better all-rounded herb for both men and women.

However, Tongkat Ali products in Australia are marketed and commonly known amongst consumers as a libido booster or natural viagra. However, this only presents a small fraction of what Tongkat Ali can do for you.

The truth is, there are 12 scientifically proven health benefits of Tongkat Ali; most of which are clinically proven (i.e tested on humans) from decades of research studies.

Most Australians reported that Tongkat Ali benefits key hormones in the endocrine system which makes it one of the best endocrine supplements for both men and women in Australia.

Here is a quick summary.

Given the above health benefits, these give Australians more reasons to purchase Tongkat Ali as a regular dietary supplement to achieve their health goals.

Lets take two examples:

Here is the first example.

Almost 40% of Australians are diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) symptoms and we found more consumers are switching to Tongkat Ali in order to reduce their side effects and dependency on Viagra or Cialis.

Now, here is the second example.

Australian sports and fitness community are gradually switching to Tongkat Ali as an ideal pre and post workout supplement – scientifically proven to boost testosterone by up to 600% in 24 weeks, muscle growth and increased stamina.

Tongkat Ali is undoubtedly the best natural supplement in Australia to boost sports performance. This is based on numerous clinical tests on muscle strength, endurance and other anaerobic parameters.

🔍 Common Tongkat Ali Usage in Australia
  • Tongkat Ali is used as a natural testosterone booster supplement, which does not require a prescription by doctors in Australia.
  • It can also be used if you are have androgen deficiencies (AD) as 1 in 200 men have testosterone deficiency in Australia.
  • Tongkat Ali is used to supporting a stronger endocrine system and restore hormonal balance for general vitality and health.
  • Used by the sports and fitness community to boost anaerobic sports performance, muscle growth and as a pre and post-workout supplement.
  • Widely used as a natural viagra and to improve men’s fertility such as sperm motility, sperm concentration and libido (eg: erection and sexual desire).
  • Some use Tongkat Ali to improve mood and reduce cognitive stress, tension and anxiety.

Tongkat Ali Coffee in Australia

Coffee is a big part of Australian culture and Australians do take their coffee very seriously. However, herbal coffee lovers in Sydney and Melbourne are now seeking for novelty coffee such as Tongkat Ali coffee due to due to its distinct aroma, taste, and wide range of health benefits.

Tongkat Ali coffee is a must-buy for Australians seeking a novelty herbal coffee that gives a fresh sense of awakening from the energy boost of Tongkat Ali without worrying about caffeine crashes that can hamper your productivity or mood throughout the day.

Some Australians found that Tongkat Ali is a good substitute for sugar-filled energy drinks. It also helps those wanting a constant energy boost during nightshifts or to overcome energy deficiencies from physically-demanding jobs.

🔍 Why Tongkat Ali coffee is good for Australians?
  1. Australians’ dependency on coffee is both good and bad. Caffeine is a metabolic stimulant to the central nervous system, but growing dependency on caffeine leads to caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Whilst caffeine is used to reduce physical fatigue and restore mental alertness, caffeine withdrawal symptoms can be devastating and may disrupt your work productivity or mood.
  3. Tongkat Ali coffee combines the best of both worlds as caffeine and Tongkat Ali share the same family of alkaloids that brings positive impact without having to deal with caffeine crashes or anxiety.
  4. Tongkat Ali coffee energizes your body by restoring hormonal balance; increasing testosterone, DHEA, dopamine and other hormones whilst reducing cortisol (stress hormone). This result in a better mood profile, mental focus and higher energy.
  5. Tongkat Ali coffee still retains its taste and aroma and thus makes it enjoyable for most coffee lovers in Australia.

Top Tongkat Ali brands: Australia

AKARALI is the best Tongkat Ali supplement in Australia with more than 26 clinical tests conducted on humans since 2003. As reported by Miami Herald and Men’s Journal, AKARALI is the strongest and most potent Tongkat Ali in Australia due to its MIT-formulated and US-patented Tongkat Ali extract.

AKARALI offers the best results from Tongkat Ali with its direct root-to-door experience  via reputable online stores in Australia such as

With less than 10 reputable Tongkat Ali brands in Australia, you may check out other best Tongkat Ali brands in Australia that are available in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Here are some of the best Tongkat Ali brands in Australia that we found.

The best Tongkat Ali brands in Australia include AKARALI, Nood Nutrition Tongkat Ali, Herbal Tech Tongkat Ali and Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali.

🛒 Best Tongkat Ali Brands in Australia
  1. AKARALI Premium Tongkat Ali – (clinically tested and lab tested)
  2. Nood Nutrition Tongkat Ali extract – (lab tested)
  3. Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali – (lab tested)
  4. Herbal Tech Tongkat Ali – (lab tested)

Find out the top best  Tongkat Ali supplements in Australia and deep-dive reviews by experts. Get the best guide to help your buying decision.

🔍 Buying Tips: Clinically Tested Tongkat Ali

It is important for consumers to purchase quality clinically tested Tongkat Ali in Australia to ensure it works to deliver the expected health gains & benefits. Non-clinically tested Tongkat Ali may not deliver the intended benefits, or it may take longer time to react due to low potency and efficacy.

I saw results taking 400mg of Tongkat Ali in just three days

If you want the best, go for clinically tested Tongkat Ali brands in Australia.

Yes, clinically test Tongkat Ali is developed to work more effectively from years of research and development. 

For instance, Mario from Melbourne recently gained amazing results from consuming clinically tested Tongkat Ali. He reported results in 3 days with visible improvements in strength, muscle recovery and immune system. Diagnosed with bladder cancer, you can read more about his honest review on Tongkat Ali and his amazing recovery.

Tip: The most potent Tongkat Ali in Australia

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali in Australia

Tongkat Ali in Sydney

BuyNatural Australia

Buy Tongkat Ali in Sydney from BuyNatural Pty Ltd. BuyNatural sells the top best authentic Tongkat Ali products in Sydney Australia. They source the best clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements, Tongkat Ali coffee, and Tongkat Ali effervescent. BuyNatural is headquartered at 56 Ocean Beach Rd, Woy Woy, New South Wales, 2256, Australia.

Tongkat Ali in Melbourne


MyDeal Australia

You can buy Tongkat Ali on MyDeal, an Australian company founded in 2011 before it became part of Woolworth Group. MyDeal sells one of the most authentic Tongkat Ali brands in Australia. The MyDeal team operates at the heart of Melbourne, Australia, located on Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000. This enables Tongkat Ali to be shipped to customers within a day or two.


Kogan Australia

Kogan in Melbourne Australia sells authentic Tongkat Ali brands with fast shipping delivery to most parts of Australia. Kogan Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 53 152 570 351) is one of Australia’s largest online retailers with a strong portfolio of Tongkat Ali supplements for men in Australia.


Dick Smith Australia

Dick Smith expands its dietary supplement with quality clinically tested Tongkat Ali herbal supplements. Dick Smith Holding Ltd is an online store owned by Australian entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard Harold Smith. Dick Smith sells a wide range of herbal and dietary supplements for men.  

Buying Tongkat Ali in Australia: Top Online Stores

You can also buy popular Tongkat Ali on Amazon Australia at unbeatable prices:

AKARALI Tongkat Ali is amongst the top best-selling Tongkat Ali brands in Australia due to its authentic handpicked roots and clinically tested root extract. The purity of its extract using MIT-formulated standardized hot water extraction protocol makes it potent, and safe for long-term consumption.

AKARALI boasts the largest online Tongkat Ali shop in Australia that focuses on Tongkat Ali products (supplements, extract, coffee) and it is also available exclusively via BuyNatural Australia, with fast and efficient delivery within 1-2 days via Australian Post..

Founded by Dr. Matthew McDougall, Buy Natural Australia is amongst the top reputable stores in Australia if you are into buying ethically sourced and clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements from Malaysia.

As more Australians are purchasing quality Tongkat Ali products, it is crucial that you buy Tongkat Ali products that are sourced from the root-only extract and it must be clinically tested (and not lab-tested) to ensure you are getting a premium potent Tongkat Ali supplement. According to top scientists in Biotropics who have performed decades of research, clinically tested hot-water Tongkat Ali extracts work more effectively (and safer) than generic or ethanol-based Tongkat Ali extract.

AKARALI is the best Tongkat Ali in Australia with more than 26 clinical tests and 20 years of research.

Buy Natural Australia recently posted an article about Tongkat Ali to educate the public more about Tongkat Ali’s health benefits as demand grows amongst aging adults in Australia.

So if you are buying Tongkat Ali in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, please do not fall for 200:1 Tongkat Ali extract, or any Fadogia-Agrestis Tongkat Ali supplements that are wildly (and widely) sold in Australia due to safety concerns on kidneys and liver. 

Judging from an array of Tongkat Ali brands sold in Sydney and Melbourne, AKARALI with its potent 100% Tongkat Ali pure root extract remains one of the top men’s supplements in Australia. It is ethically sourced from the best handpicked Tongkat Ali roots through a sustainable replantation program in the rainforests of Malaysia by working with the indigenous (i.e Orang Asli) people of Pahang.

Through AKARALI’s US-patented hot water standardized extract, most Australian customers reported instant reactions and benefits after 24 to 48 hours after taking AKARALI, with longer and more significant gains after four weeks of consumption.

If you are a woman in your 40s,  Tongkat Ali may benefit women greatly too! Tongkat Ali benefits reproductive hormones, making it one of the best endocrine and hormonal supplements in Australia.

What do Australians say about Tongkat Ali?

United Kingdom and Australia share the same trend in health and wellness.

James may not be Australian, but he first heard about Tongkat Ali from his Australian mates in 2019. In fact, his first Tongkat Ali experience with Tongkat Ali was in Sydney!

The Tongkat Ali craze was about to hit Australia in early 2021 as growing curiosity prompted him to try it.  The Australian coffee culture and artisan Tongkat Ali coffee fueled his curiosity more than ever.

Absolutely blown away after my first experience with Tongkat Ali in Australia. Super-energized and I could think more clearly!

Ever since James went back to UK, he never looked back. In his four-week Tongkat Ali review, here is what he had to say about Tongkat Ali.

This is a solid review for all young Australians who plan to keep themselves fit and healthy by supplementing it with Tongkat Ali.

Closing Thoughts

Tongkat Ali is one of the few Malaysian herbs that are rare in Australia. But if you want the best Tongkat Ali in Australia, look out for clinically tested Tongkat Ali products.

There are also reasons why you should consider wild-harvested Malaysian Tongkat Ali too.

Being lab-tested and clinically tested with 20 years of research, AKARALI remains the top-selling and best Tongkat Ali supplement in Australia.

If you want to learn the secrets behind high-quality Tongkat Ali product that works, learn more about Physta® extraction technology, and discover why only the finest Tongkat Ali matches the organic herbal quality that exceeds Australian standards.

Remember one thing, Australians deserve the best Tongkat Ali in the Land Down Under.

So don’t compromise on quality and the best is always clinically tested!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to promote any brands nor to provide any form of recommendations to purchase or consume medication, drugs or herbal supplement brands directly or indirectly. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to perform their own assessment and / or to arrive at an informed decision based on publicly available information. By reading the content published on this website means you are aware on the risks involved in purchasing any of the products or brands mentioned in this article. We highly recommend you and the readers to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article.

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    1. Hi Lynne, we are sorry to hear about your condition. Some of our customers who are diagnosed with cancer are consuming Tongkat Ali as a dietary supplement to build greater immune system. Tongkat Ali should not be used to treat cancer, but it may a good dietary supplement if you are pairing it with exercises. You may want to read a story from a 67-year-old man in Australia who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He shared his experience after consuming Tongkat Ali. Here is his review:

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