Tongkat Ali Australia: User Guide, Intended Use, Best Brands & Tips

Almost 44% of Australians regularly take vitamins including herbal supplements. In Australia, Tongkat Ali is regarded as a Complementary “Medicine” by TGA, although it is widely consumed as a dietary supplement and even as novel food (eg: Tongkat Ali coffee, sports nutrition) in other parts of the world.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is growing strong Down Under (pun intended) and is on track to disrupt the billion-dollar complementary supplement industry in Australia.

The increasing global popularity and coverage of Tongkat Ali by medical experts in the US had recently created ripple effects amongst discerning Australians who are seeking high quality premium Tongkat Ali products. However, Tongkat Ali is relatively unknown to most Australians despite being used for centuries in Asia.

Our data showed that Australians remain the top 5 visitors searching for the best Tongkat Ali supplements. Yes, Australians demand quality Tongkat Ali products. And only clinically and lab tested Tongkat Ali products are guaranteed to deliver optimal benefits to your health goals.

With Tongkat Ali winning hands down against Turkesterone and Fadogia Agrestis, this article is perfect if you are planning your first Tongkat Ali purchase in Australia.

Key Facts about Tongkat Ali in Australia
  1. There are approximately 10 Tongkat Ali brands are sold in Australia, and most are imported from Malaysia and Indonesia.
  2. Tongkat Ali is equally popular as Panax Ginseng, with superior benefits in some key areas.
  3. Beware of cheap Tongkat Ali products that are illegally manufactured in China and exported into Australia
  4. Look out for clinically tested Tongkat Ali as most Tongkat Ali products sold in Australia are NOT clinically tested
  5. AKARALI™ is the only clinically tested Tongkat Ali in Australia, with 26 clinical trials from its US-patented Physta® proprietary extract (available exclusively on BuyNatural Australia)
  6. Tongkat Ali is not banned, can be purchased, imported and consumed in Australia.
  7. Tongkat Ali does not require prescription by doctors, or pharmacists in Australia, but we recommend all our readers and consumers to consult the nearest doctor before consuming Tongkat Ali.

User Trend & Intended Use

Most Australians use Tongkat Ali to revitalize general health, just like Panax Ginseng.  However, most Tongkat Ali products in Australia are marketed as libido enhancers. And this is only present a small fraction of what Tongkat Ali can do for you.

There are 12 scientifically proven health benefits of Tongkat Ali; most of which are clinically proven (i.e tested on humans). However, many Australians are not aware of the development of this ancient herb in the last two decades.

Here is a quick summary.

Yes, there are specific reasons why Australians use Tongkat Ali.

For instance, as 40% of Australians are diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) symptoms, more users are switching to Tongkat Ali in order to reduce their dependency on medicinal drugs such as Viagra or Cialis.

The comparison between Tongkat Ali, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra showed a compelling reason to consume Tongkat Ali as a daily dietary supplement as clinical evidence showed improvements in libido, sperm motility, and sperm volume on males diagnosed with androgen deficiencies.

On the other spectrum, the Australian sports and fitness community are gradually switching to Tongkat Ali as an ideal pre and post workout supplement – scientifically proven to boost testosterone by up to 600% in 24 weeks, muscle growth and a boost of energy.

Summary of Intended Use
  • Tongkat Ali is used as a natural testosterone booster supplement, which does not require prescription by doctors in Australia.
  • It can also be used if you are have androgen deficiencies (AD) as 1 in 200 men have testosterone deficiency in Australia.
  • Tongkat Ali is used to support a stronger endocrine system and restore hormonal balance for general vitality and health.
  • Used by sports and fitness community to boost anaerobic performance, muscle growth and as a pre and post-workout supplement.
  • Widely used as a natural viagra and to improve men’s fertility such as sperm motility, sperm concentration and libido (eg: erection and sexual desire).
  • Some use Tongkat Ali to improve mood and reduce cognitive stress, tension and anxiety.

Top Tongkat Ali brands: Australia

There are less than 10 reputable Tongkat Ali brands that consumers can choose from. Check out the best Tongkat Ali brands in Australia that are available in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

I saw results taking 400mg of Tongkat Ali in just three days

Mario Corallo (67), Melbourne.

You may gain more from clinically tested Tongkat Ali in Australia. For Mario, he benefitted more from taking potent Tongkat Ali with visible improvements in strength, muscle recovery and immune system.

Diagnosed with bladder cancer, read more about his honest Tongkat Ali review on his road to recovery.

Buying Tip: Buying the best Tongkat Ali in Australia

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali in Australia

Since this herb is so rare, where is the best and most reliable place to buy Tongkat Ali in Australia? 

From our assessment, the best and most trusted place to shop for Tongkat Ali in Australia is via BuyNatural Australia. And get your Tongkat Ali delivered within 1-2 days!

Founded by Dr. Matthew McDougall, Buy Natural Australia is the best online marketplace to buy ethically sourced organic and eco-friendly Tongkat Ali products.

We want to become the Amazon of Australian natural products - helping Australian businesses to prosper and enabling shoppers to buy Australian.

Dr Mathew McDougall, Founder BuyNatural Australia

Buy Natural recently posted an article about Tongkat Ali designed to educate Australians about the magical ancient herbal root from the Malaysian rainforests.

If you are buying Tongkat Ali for the first time in Australia, do check out 12 potential scientifically backed health benefits (from decades of research studies) that you may gain from Tongkat Ali.

And whats important, is that Tongkat Ali may benefit women greatly too! Do check out how Tongkat Ali benefits women’s health; especially on key reproductive hormones and overall endocrine system.

Riley took Tongkat Ali as part of her daily pre-workout supplement with amazing results. Check out her four week Tongkat Ali review here.

What do Australians say about Tongkat Ali?

James from Essex, may not be Australian, but he first heard about Tongkat Ali from his Australian mates in 2019. In fact, his first experience with Tongkat Ali was in Sydney!

The Tongkat Ali craze was about to hit Sydney as growing curiosity prompted him to try it.  The Australian coffee culture and bespoke Tongkat Ali coffee fueled his curiosity more than ever.

Ever since James went back to UK, he never looked back. In his four-week Tongkat Ali review, here is what he had to say about Tongkat Ali.

Closing Thoughts

Tongkat Ali is one of many Malaysian herbs that are uniquely available in Australia.

There are reasons why wild-harvested Malaysian Tongkat Ali remain the best. And being clinically tested with 20 years of research and development is just one of many reasons why Australians prefer to buy Tongkat Ali.

So, if you are up for an awesome high-quality Tongkat Ali product that works, learn more about Physta® extraction technology, and discover why only the finest Tongkat Ali matches the organic herbal quality that exceeds the Australian standards.

Remember one thing, Australians deserve the best Tongkat Ali in the Land Down Under.

So don’t compromise on quality and the best is always clinically tested!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .

Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to promote any brands nor to provide any form of recommendations to purchase or consume medication, drugs or herbal supplement brands directly or indirectly. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to perform their own assessment and / or to arrive at an informed decision based on publicly available information. By reading the content published on this website means you are aware on the risks involved in purchasing any of the products or brands mentioned in this article. We highly recommend you and the readers to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article.

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