Tongkat Ali Helps Physically Demanding Jobs. Here are the Top 40 Jobs.

There are occupations that require you to be physically active and mentally alert. Some of these jobs demand extra physical and mental strength along with long hours that put a strain on your hormonal glands. A good example is nightshift workers.

Shift work and lack of sleep contributes to low testosterone

Tongkat Ali has become one of the best herbal supplements that benefit a wide range of physically demanding occupations such as professional athletes, firefighters, welders, miners, shipbuilders, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and many others, including nightshift workers.

Tongkat Ali keeps you energized by restoring hormones in the endocrine system. Regardless of your age, physically demanding jobs require optimal hormone levels (i.e testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, dopamine, etc) to keep you active, healthy, mentally alert and productive all day.

This article lists the top physically demanding jobs demands the most from your body and mind, and how Tongkat Ali may be beneficial to your health and work productivity.

Why this article is important to you?

Knowing the list of physically demanding jobs is important as this affects your hormone production in the long run.

Research has found that the extreme stress experienced by armed forces and veterans’ bodies and minds cause lasting damage to their hormone production, which leads to the debilitating long-term symptoms of low testosterone.

Tongkat Ali herbal supplementation and intervention is a preventive approach to restore key hormones throughout your career, with additional protection to your endocrine system and immune system.

Tongkat Ali helps people with demanding jobs.

Here is the list of jobs that requires you to be fit and how Tongkat Ali can benefit you.


Tongkat Ali is suited for firefighters as the job involve heavy equipments and other physical activities such as rescuing people from fire, disaster and accidents. But most firefighters have low testosterone and high cortisol due to lack of sleep/ rest. Tongkat Ali also helps to boost testosterone and keep you calm (by reducing cortisol). This helps when dealing with stressful situations, so you can think and act better during emergencies.


Whilst you may think nurses do not require much physical effort but most nurses undergo a lot of stress that can affect their mental health. In turn, this result in low testosterone and higher cortisol, that links to higher depression rate amongst nurses. Taking Tongkat Ali have shown to reduce tension, anger, stress by more in a study conducted on mildly stressed individuals. Improvement in mood profile after taking Tongkat Ali is contributed by lower cortisol, making it an ideal daily supplement for nurses and those working the ER.

Professional Athlete

A professional athlete demands a lot of energy. If when they’re not competing, the endless training to keep their bodies in shape for competition requires plenty of nutrient. Hence, Tongkat Ali is one of the best sports supplements to sustain that energy and gives you that extra competitive advantage. Gain more!


A miner extracts valuable commodities an minerals from underground sources, an active job that requires significant body strength and constant body movement. It is one of the toughest job that demands great physical strength and stamina. This is where Tongkat Ali is deemed suitable to boost testosterone and energy at all times.


A stonemason builds and repairs stone or rock structures it requires physically placing heavy stone. This makes it highly physically demanding and as you age, you require herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali to keep your testosterone and hormonal glands to work at its optimum level.

Brick mason.

If this is your job, then it requires lots of movement and heavy lifting, making brick masonry a physically demanding career path for most people. After doing it for several years, your body will demand more energy than usual. Herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali bring positive impact if taken regularly. Study on Tongkat Ali showed improvement on muscle strength and muscular grip force.

Structural Welder

Are you a structural welder? This job involves creating beams and columns to ensure buildings will be structurally sound. Structural welders involve active energy consumption from building, and installing metal in buildings. Those physical activities consume heavy calories and energy. Tongkat Ali supplements the energy gap in those moment when your workload is the highest to meet those crazy deadlines.


A mechanic involves constant heavy lifting and constant motion throughout his 8-10 hour shift, making this a physically demanding job. This is why Tongkat Ali is popular as a dietary herbal supplement amongst mechanics in most parts of Asia. Most consume 3-4 cups of Tongkat Ali coffee to get that instant boost of energy.

Machine Operator

A machine operator uses machinery in manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and transport that requires physical and mental focus. They often work in a noisy environment and subjected to tough external conditions such as weather, pollution and others. Most often, taking supplements like Tongkat Ali will restore their hormonal balance and always keep testosterone high.

Correctional Officer

A correctional officer supervises inmates in a prison or jail. They perform inspections to ensure safety and security for the public and prisoners too. All these tasks require them to be always fit. Some work on nightshifts that is where Tongkat Ali coffee or even Tongkat Ali supplement play a big role in ensuring their energy and hormonal balance are always kept in check.

Tongkat Ali helps other demanding jobs too

Tongkat Ali supplementation helps physically demanding jobs that require higher than average energy, and physical strength. Here are the top list of physically demanding jobs for your reference.

  • Farmer
  • Construction worker
  • Massage therapist
  • Fisherman
  • Astronaut
  • Cement mason
  • Oil rig worker
  • Physical therapy assistant
  • Recreational therapist
  • Tile setter
  • Armed forces
  • Tire builder
  • Transportation inspector
  • Mobile home installer
  • Power line installer
  • Bellhop
  • Boilermaker
  • Police officer
  • Installation assistant
  • Stunt performer
  • Physical therapist
  • Forestry technician
  • Veterinarian
  • Flight attendant
  • Adhesive bonding machine operator
  • Elementary school teacher
  • Wind turbine technician
  • Rotary drill operator
  • Event planner
  • National park warden
  • Electrician
  • Ski instructor
  • Ship loader


Does Tongkat Ali help when you are physically exposed to long strenuous hours?

When you are exposed to demanding tasks for long hours, taking Tongkat Ali supplement may reduce the effects of burnouts. Symptoms of burnout include:

  • Anxiety
  • Detachment
  • Low mood
  • Difficult concentrating
  • Lack of focus to complete a task
  • Lack of creativity
  • Mental fatigue
  • Reduced performance and productivity

For physically demanding tasks, your body will burn inevitably burn more calories than usual. That means your hormonal glands are constantly producing hormones in your bloodstream to ensure your body and brain function optimally to carry out the required tasks.

Tongkat Ali helps active adrenal and pituitary glands to produce testosterone, regulate cortisol and other hormones in your endocrine system when your body needs it.

This results in high cognitive alert, better mental clarity, focus, mood and overall improved energy to carry out any physical activities that require strength, coordination and endurance.

Does Tongkat Ali help you to stay awake during night shifts?

Tongkat Ali is the best supplement for night shift workers to restore that lost energy due to a reduction in testosterone and hormonal imbalance as your circadian rhythm is severely disrupted.

Most night shift workers prefer taking Tongkat Ali coffee for an instant boost of caffeine and testosterone-inducing effects from Tongkat Ali.

This helps to restore hormonal balance, strength, and energy for night shifts. Even more so if your nightshifts require physically demanding tasks.

Parting Thoughts

As Tongkat Ali is used by all walks of life, there are many stories of how Tongkat Ali has helped people with physically demanding jobs.

For example, here is a story from Sweden.

At 50, Bosse from Sweden is still working endlessly during his nightshift for a transport company. In harsh winter conditions, this proves to be a challenge at times.

He told us the difference it makes after consuming Tongkat Ali for two weeks – from less muscle fatigue, his ability to work longer hours, and more importantly the smile from his partner every time he reaches home.

He reported that Tongkat Ali helped him to reduce stress and kept him mentally focused. And there are others who use clinically tested Tongkat Ali with significant results on mood, body transformation, and strength too!

Read more about how Tongkat Ali has transformed people’s lives after four weeks and six weeks.

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