Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis. Is this the perfect combo?

The Fadogia Agrestis Tongkat Ali is yet another flavor of the month on Amazon. In the background, Turkesterone is gaining new ground whilst the Maca-Tongkat Ali hype is dwindling rapidly.

It seems that every supplement brand is jumping on the Fadogia Agrestis bandwagon in 2022. The idea of pairing with Tongkat Ali to add more panache seems like a sure-win marketing formula.

Yes, you can combine Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis as both are androgenic plants.

With more consumers preferring single-ingredient supplements like Tongkat Ali, are there tangible benefits from combining Tongkat Ali with Fadogia Agrestis?

And more importantly, is Fadogia Agrestis safe?

Eventually, some will hate us for exposing this. But the reality is, there is no synergistic effect from mixing Tongkat Ali with Fadogia Agrestis. In fact, there is no scientific evidence or clinical studies at this juncture to prove its compounded effect on health.

"Products should not be promoted as if they have benefits for our health when it’s never been proven that they work in humans.”

Dr. Pieter Cohen, Harvard Medical School (2022)

And unless it is a clinically tested product (which is tested on humans), don’t let the “3rd party lab-tested” label on a Fadogia Agrestis Tongkat Ali bottle fools you.

Undeniably, the facts seem like be pointing to one thing – Tongkat Ali is the dominant herb doing the hard work whilst Fadogia is getting all the spotlight.

Lets find out the facts, truth and whether you should even consider taking Fadogia!

Can I gain more from Fadogia Agrestis Tongkat Ali combo?

Many reported faster gains after consuming the Fadogia Agrestis Tongkat Ali combo. Most of the gains are placebo and not verified.

When formulating drugs or a new herbal formulation, the total net gain from combining two (or more) herbs is NOT equal to the sum of the individual gains.

Yet, most people think 1 + 1 = 2

This allows further manipulation into thinking that the sum of 0.6 + 1.4 = 2

This is how we are wired to think when rationalizing the compounded effect of Fadogia Agrestis (at say 1,400mg) and Tongkat Ali (at say 600mg).

But in reality, combining Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali will NOT give you 2x higher testosterone gains, or 2x more libido, or the elusive 10x more muscle strength.

If there are any noticeable health benefits from Tongkat Ali and Fadogia combo, the real benefit is driven by faster pharmacological responses (i.e higher efficacy) in your body.

You may refer to potency vs. efficacy in our past article.

Now, let’s understand some key facts on Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis.

Here is what we know about Fadogia Agrestis
  1. The total research study on Fadogia Agrestis is less than 10, with the same 6 papers being cited and recycled in every article or blog entry in the health & fitness community.
  2. Fadogia Agrestis has not been clinically tested or lab-tested to be safe. There are no clinical studies or clinical tests on humans.
  3. Most studies on Fadogia Agrestis have been based on tests on rats and animals.
  4. There is no study on Fadogia Agrestis and how it could benefit women’s health.
  5. There is only ONE Fadogia Agrestis study to investigate its efficacy on testosterone in rats. The same study was to investigate libido potential in male albino rats in 2005.
  6. There is no study to prove Fadogia Agrestis’s effect on DHEA, testosterone, free testosterone, estrogen and how it affects the endocrine system.
  7. There has been no recent development or new findings on Fadogia Agrestis on how it can benefit human’s health.
  8. Fadogia Agrestis did not receive much attention, coverage or even reviews by medical professionals or health experts to reaffirm its efficacy on human health.
  9. Fadogia Agrestis is being falsely marketed in the US with false claims by heavily paid social media influencers.

Current research on Fadogia Agrestis doesn’t show enough evidence that this plant can help with any medical condition

Here is what we know about Tongkat Ali
  1. Tongkat Ali has recorded more than 300+ research studies between 1999 – 2021
  2. Tongkat Ali has been clinically tested on hundreds of humans (both men and women), with more clinical trials than other known herbs in the history of mankind.
  3. Tongkat Ali has sound scientific evidence on how it may benefit women’s health.
  4. Multiple studies on Tongkat Ali’s effect on testosterone with validated test results by qualified scientists and medical professionals.
  5. Tongkat Ali has been clinically tested to raise dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) based on 105 male test participants. DHEA is a precursor hormone that helps to produce testosterone.
  6. Tongkat Ali studies on libido and men’s fertility showed positive results on erection hardness, erection time, sperm motility and other parameters.
  7. Tongkat Ali has been reviewed extensively and continuously by medical experts, health professionals, nutritionists and researchers around the world.
  8. Tongkat Ali was dubbed the Tree That Cures Thousand Diseases when it was first discovered by MIT scientists in 2003 due to its unique medicinal properties from bioactive compounds eurycomanone and eurypeptides.

Tongkat Ali’s benefits are amplified when combined with other herbs like Fadogia Agrestis, Maca, Horny Goat Weed and multivitamins

Dr. Annie George, Head of Research, Biotropics Malaysia

So what can I expect from Tongkat Ali Fadogia Agrestis combo?

When consume in at high doses (between 600mg to 1,000mg), you may expect the following real-world benefits.

  • An immediate and boost of energy, testosterone and libido.
  • Faster and noticeable gains in muscle development, or fat loss.

Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis combination is ideal for those who are actively involved in sports, sports amateurs, semi-professional fitness trainer or if you are already part of a healthy exercise regime.

The real-world benefits from Tongkat Ali Fadogia Agrestis combo may be caused by placebo, but it could also possibly due to faster absorption and gains that happens from having a higher dosage of Tongkat Ali in the Fadogia Agrestis combo mix.

Some people claim that Fadogia agrestis can increase testosterone levels, which could help with sexual performance and athletic performance. But this claim isn't supported by research.


Does Fadogia Agrestis has any risks?

There are toxicity risks and health risks on Fadogia Agrestis as reported by nutrition and food science expert Zach Allison in his recent video.

He is one true honest individual who successfully cut through the hype in the supplement industry by exposing the truth and bringing down the arguments into simple data-driven facts.

Here is a quick summary.

Is Fadogia Agrestis Safe?

Many nutritional and health experts view Fadogia Agrestis as not safe when consumed in high doses. There are limited clinical studies on humans and past studies showed adverse effect on kidney and liver functions.

  1. It may cause a testicular increase when consumed in high doses, and this may cause cancer risks.
  2. A 2009 study showed that Fadogia Agrestis has adverse effects on kidney and liver functions of rats.
  3. The level of clinical toxicity in Fodgia Agrestis has not been thoroughly tested and may cause kidney failure on humans if consumed in high doses.

Until we have more data (to prove otherwise), the risks on Fadogia Agrestis should be taken seriously.

Zach Allison (Nutrition Library)

He also commented on the risk vs. reward for those taking Fadogia Agrestis.

If you are taking unproven and experimental supplement to increase testosterone, you have to take into account the risk-to-reward ratio.

Zach Allison (Nutrition Library)

Despite his unpopular opinion about Fadogia, it makes a lot sense to stay away from Fadogia Agrestis until there are more research studies or clinical trials / tests on humans.

Does Fadogia Agrestis benefit women?

Unlike Tongkat Ali, there are no research studies or clinical tests to prove the effect of Fadogia Agrestis on women’s health. There is more compelling scientific evidence based on clinical trials and tests on Tongkat Ali compared to Fadogia Agrestis.

Find out six areas of how Tongkat Ali may benefit women’s health.

What is causing the boost? Tongkat Ali or Fadogia Agrestis?

If you are curious, the short answer is, Tongkat Ali does all the hard work and Fadogia gets the credit (thanks to all the false marketing hype).

At the molecular level, Fadogia Agrestis contains bioactive ingredients which are similar to Tongkat Ali – saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids; albeit in different quantities.

Here is the painful truth.

  • Fadogia Agrestis does not work as effectively as Tongkat Ali due to the low androgenic effects in its ability to boost testosterone.  
  • Based on studies on rodents, the human equivalent dosage for Fadogia tends to be extremely high; eg: 1,000mg to 4,500 mg to produce a modest biological response (i.e efficacy) in our body.
  • Consuming Fadogia Agrestis at extremely high dosage may cause higher risks of toxicity.

Therefore, the possible explanation for the boosted effects is that Fadogia Agrestis acts as an enabler or “booster” when combined with Tongkat Ali’s bioactive ingredients. 

The added boost may come from high-protein bioactive ingredients (eg: saponin) which are available in both Fadogia and Tongkat Ali.

But as we explained earlier, the total gain from multi-herbal supplement is NOT the sum of its individual parts (i.e 1 + 1 is not equal to 2).

As a single-ingredient supplement, a potent Tongkat Ali extract may be stronger than Fadogia-Tongkat Ali combo. It requires a modest 200mg of pure extract to deliver all its scientifically proven benefits.

On the other hand, you may need a higher amount of 600mg to 1,000mg of Fadogia Agrestis to supercharge all Tongkat Ali’s amazing benefits.

Hence why most Tongkat Ali Fadogia Agrestis supplements are formulated in high dosages – without even considering the medium and long-term negative side effects of consuming Fadogia in high doses.

Let’s take look at a popular Tongkat Ali Fadogia Agrestis supplement on Amazon. Each capsule contains 1,000 mg of Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali.

Here is the breakdown for each serving (capsule) from its Supplement Facts:

  • Fadogia Agrestis Powder : 600mg
  • Tongkat Ali Powder: 400mg

Given Fadogia does not have sufficient studies to claim its effect on testosterone, energy, libido and many others, is Tongkat Ali doing a perfect job to mask Fadogia’s deficiencies and weaknesses?

Or is Fadogia Agrestis grabbing all the attention because of Andrew Huberman’s latest podcast?

The reality is, Tongkat Ali has strong pharmacological reactions when combined with other herbs. Fadogia Agrestis happens to be one of them. And it may be the flavor of the month too.

The effect is almost like adding fuel to an existing woodfire. Fast and Furious.

Can you supercharge the effects of Tongkat Ali then?

Yes, you can. There are two ways which you can supercharge Tongkat Ali’s effects.

The first option is to increase the Tongkat Ali dosage to 600mg to 800mg daily, which makes a significant difference to your hormone levels – particularly testosterone, and dopamine when the daily consumption is supplemented by intense exercises of 3-4 times a week.

Secondly, you may supercharge Tongkat Ali by adding Fadogia Agrestis, Maca, caffeine or multivitamins. Most of these contains lower dose of Tongkat Ali and with higher dose of other herbs.

There are many supplements adding Tongkat Ali in their T-booster formulation, or as part of a mixed-herb combo, eg:  Tongkat Ali-Maca, Tongkat Ali-Fadogia, Tongkat Ali-Horny Goat Weed.

And of course, you can supercharge the effects of Tongkat Ali by taking multivitamins alongside your daily consumption of Tongkat Ali too. Here is one evidence.

A clinical trial on men and women showed a phenomenal boost of free testosterone when consuming a 50mg of Tongkat Ali together with multivitamins. The test result showed an increase of 500% to 600% in free testosterone for both men and women after 24 weeks.

And those thinking to supercharge the dopamine and energy, Tongkat Ali coffee is another guaranteed solution to those seeking for an instant boost before hitting the gym.

So shall I stick to Tongkat Ali or Fadogia Agrestis?

Now here is the question that everyone is waiting for.

Let’s rephrase that question for clarity.

So should you consume a herbal-mix combo supplement such as Tongkat Ali Fadogia Agrestis, or stick with a single-ingredient Tongkat Ali supplement?

Here is one perspective. And food for thought.

The addition of androgenic herbs, vitamins or other minerals is common in the health supplement industry. The aim for every manufacturer is crystal clear, i.e to roll out products that offer “maximum strength” with high hopes, in order to grab greater market share.

As the herbal supplement industry is not regulated by FDA, most of the supplement brand owners or manufacturers don’t really care about what they are offering to the consumers.

All Fadogia Agrestis products on Amazon have NOT been clinically tested on humans

Jason Rothmans, Core Supplements LLC

The scariest part is that most of the glossy formulations have not been clinically tested on humans.

There must be a reason why Tongkat Ali or Panax Ginseng remains a standalone single-ingredient herbal supplement that is popular for centuries.

And there must be a compelling reason why companies decided not to cramp 20 types of herbal ingredients into a capsule and call it a “multi-herbal supplement with maximum strength”.

Well, you decide.

Yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is known as the most powerful androgenic plant on earth, with bioactive ingredients that are scientifically proven to cause a significant increase in hormones (eg: testosterone, dopamine)

Parting Thoughts

In the world of mixed-combo supplements, there are many black-hat tactics by manufacturers and brand owners to deceive consumers.

In the case of Fadogia Agrestis, it is our responsibility to spread the truth and debunk the hype – just like our review on Turkesterone.

It is best to stick to single-ingredient supplements such as Tongkat Ali that are clinically tested to benefit your health.

Whilst the chest-thumping promises from the Tongkat Ali Fadogia combo may tempt you to purchase one tomorrow, the long-term side effects vis-à-vis the health benefits remain unclear. Without a doubt, Fadogia Agrestis warrants further clinical tests and assessments from qualified scientists and health experts.

Let us end this debate with a question:

Why do you need multi-herbal supplements knowing a single-ingredient supplement such as Tongkat Ali is proven to work for centuries?

Well, if the answer calls on your needs to achieve faster or higher gains, here is one solution.

Revisit your Tongkat Ali daily dosage and align it to your health goals.

Remember to also avoid cheap untested low-quality China-made Tongkat Ali extract, and if possible, make a switch to a stronger (and more potent) Tongkat Ali that is clinically tested.

It is worth considering all options.

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a researcher and investigative journalist specializing in nutrition and natural wellness, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meaningful content through words and facts. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness in Malaysia .


The content published on this website is for educational purposes and should not be viewed, read, or seen as a prescription or constitute any form of medical advice. We recommend you consult your nearest GP or doctors before consuming Tongkat Ali or any products which contain Tongkat Ali. For further information, kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

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  1. Valid points indeed. However, how did Dr. Andrew Huberman have the confidence to put it on the spotlight more than once? He’s very careful with what he says and it does strike me as odd that he would give something with “poor research” this status. Seems like something’s off.

    1. I believe he mentioned once that he prescribed Fadogia to military or profesionnal sports athletes, as a way to circumvene regulations about steroids. If you analyse this statement carefully, you will notice that professionnal sports have become a sort of race between the anti-doping doctors and the other doctors working with the athletes to help them win. The doctors working for the athletes have their own playbooks that are constantly in evolution to keep the athletes at least one notch ahead of the other athletes and ahead of the anti-doping tests. What we could understand is that fadogia is a page of the coaches’ playbook that has been around for long enough that it’s no longer top secret, and since it may help a lot of regular people and is easy to buy, Huberman just decided to disclose that secret. He was careful to recommend a lower dose than what other people recommend, as a protection against the risk of toxicity that is known about fadogia (but honestly, I believe that actual synthetic steroids come with a much longer list of side effects and health risks).

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