10 Best Tongkat Ali Supplements in Australia

The Tongkat Ali market landscape in Australia is steadily growing, reflecting the increasing consumer interest in natural health supplements.

In this article we shortlist some of the best Tongkat Ali supplements in Australia based on customer reviews, ingredients, formulation, quality compliance and other technical specifications.

In addition, our Tongkat Ali brand survey will help you to make better decisions before choosing the best Tongkat Ali to suit your needs.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma longifolia, is a herbal remedy believed to have various potential benefits, such as boosting energy, enhancing libido, and supporting overall vitality.

Amidst growing interests by healthcare professionals and scientists, Professor Kerry Bone, an esteemed Australian herbalist, expressed his positive views on Malaysian Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) based on growing human clinical studies.

In Australia, Tongkat Ali supplements are available in various forms, including capsules, powders, and tinctures. The market consists of both Australian-made Tongkat Ali and global Tongkat Ali brands that are imported into Australia. 

Here are the top best Tongkat supplements in Australia that you can trust.

Summary: Best Tongkat Ali in Australia

  1. AKARALI Tongkat Ali 
  2. Amino Z Tongkat Ali 
  3. Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali Root Extract 200:1
  4. Herbosophy Tongkat Ali X2
  5. Nature’s Body Tongkat Ali Long Jack Organic 200:1
  6. Naturopathic Care AndroXcell Tongkat Ali 200:1
  7. Nood Nutrition Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1
  8. Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules
  9. Solaray Tongkat Ali 
  10. Underground Labs Tongkat Ali

AKARALI Tongkat Ali 

AKARALI Tongkat Ali is MIT-formulated using Physta standardized hot water root extract and the world’ first clinically tested using 100% Yellow Tongkat Ali root from Malaysia.

Used by many professional natural bodybuilders in Australia, AKARALI is reported as the most potent Tongkat Ali according to Men’s Journal and is regarded as one of the best supplements by Portland Magazine, Miami Herald and others.

AKARALI is backed by 26 clinical trials on both men and women, making it popular amongst discerning consumers in Australia.

AKARALI Tongkat Ali supplement is a natural testosterone booster that is used by many natural bodybuilders, functional health coaches, and active men in Australia. With a dosage-optimized formulation, this premium Tongkat Ali supplement supports vitality, and libido, enhances energy, improves mood, reduces stress and promotes overall well-being. 

Amino Z Tongkat Ali 

Amino Z Tongkat Ali is an Australian-owned brand that is formulated from Eurycoma Longifolia with 1% eurycomanone content.

The brand boasts potential benefits such as improved libido, increased free-testosterone production, enhanced muscle gain, and reduced stress symptoms.

When combined with a balanced diet and regular training, Amino Z Tongkat Ali may provide the competitive edge you need for better performance.

Amino Z Tongkat Ali is lab-tested with a certificate of analysis (COA) that adhere to the minimum dietary supplement standards in Australia.

Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali Root Extract 200:1

Herbal Defence Tongkat Ali Root Extract 200:1 is one of the early Tongkat Ali brands sold in Australia. It is formulated and sourced from Indonesian Tongkat Ali, which is priced lower than most competitors.

This supplement claimed to have the highest quality and purity of Tongkat Ali. Each bottle contains 60 vegan-friendly capsules, with a potent 500mg of our 200:1 Tongkat Ali extract per capsule. It has all-natural ingredients to support men’s health.

Herbal Deference Tongkat Ali’s greatest strength is that it provides affordable Tongkat Ali supplement products to Australians who seek to experience Tongkat Ali’s benefits.

Despite lack of transparency on its herbal extraction process, this brand retains its top search position in Australia via www.tongkataliaustralia.com 

Herbosophy Tongkat Ali X2

Herbosophy Tongkat Ali X2 extract is a premium supplement standardized to contain 2% Eurycomanone, the most active and useful ingredient in Tongkat Ali.

Made from 90% Malaysian Eurycoma longifolia Root and 10% ginger, this supplement offers the choice of being freshly encapsulated or provided as loose powder, tailored to your preference. With Herbosophy’s Tongkat Ali X2, you can trust in its verified quality and potency, with every serving containing a HPLC-verified 2% Eurycomanone.

Herbosophy Tongkat Ali is better suited for Australians who opt for ethanol-based Tongkat Ali extract, rather than the superior (and more expensive) standardized hot water extract.

Herbosophy may not be well known amongst Australians, but gaining popularity amongst first-time buyers from Queensland.

Nature’s Body Tongkat Ali Long Jack Organic 200:1

Nature’s Body Tongkat Ali is another popular natural supplement in Australia, formulated to boost your testosterone and energy levels.

This centuries-old natural ingredient from Southeast Asia is now available to enhance your health and well-being. With a 200:1 potency, each capsule delivers maximum benefits. Enhance your performance and stamina, whether you’re an athlete or simply seeking to improve your endurance.

This brand is amongst the best generic Tongkat Ali supplements in Australia. Experience an increase in libido and sexual performance, promoting a confident and self-assured mindset.

Naturopathic Care AndroXcell Tongkat Ali 200:1

AndroXcell is a groundbreaking formula that combines a precise blend of nutrients and herbs to optimize testosterone levels and promote overall hormonal balance.

With powerful ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Nettle, and Zinc, AndoXcell claims that it supports testosterone production while inhibiting its conversion to DHT and harmful estrogen metabolites.

A highly popular Tongkat Ali brand in Australia with 200:1 extract.

Nood Nutrition Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1

Nood Nutrition Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1 is a lab-tested, potent supplement that has been proven to increase testosterone levels.

With its powerful formula, it serves as a physical performance booster, enhancing athletic performance and stamina. Not only does it support improved muscle recovery, but it also promotes an overall sense of well-being and uplifts mood.

Nood Nutrition is a popular health supplement brand in Australia. Rest assured, you can experience more benefits of Nood Nutrition Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1 to unlock your full potential in physical performance, muscle recovery, and overall vitality.

Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules

Elevate your cognitive function and overall health with Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules.

Nootropics Depot is the latest addition to the Australian Tongkat Ali market, backed by heavy influencer marketing. 

The Tongkat Ali is made in USA with a claim of 10% standardized Eurycomanone. Now this premium quality extract is a potent natural testosterone booster promoting healthy hormone levels, improved energy, mood, and performance. Improve memory, focus, and mental clarity with regular use.

Solaray Tongkat Ali 

Solaray is an established brand since 1973 and Solaray Tongkat Ali helps to boost energy, improve stamina, and support healthy testosterone levels, allowing you to feel your best both physically and mentally.

Solaray Tongkat Ali is sourced from Indonesia using ethanol-based extract. Its 400mg per capsule may be popular amongst Australians who seek to have a higher dosage of Tongkat Ali to promote male wellness and vitality.

It is the most affordable Tongkat Ali in Australia at the moment. The attractive price makes up for the lack of any distinct features compared to other premium Tongkat Ali brands.

Well suited for Australians with a tight budget, you may try Solaray Tongkat Ali today and discover the benefits for yourself!

Underground Labs Tongkat Ali 

Underground Labs Tongkat Ali is a premium supplement that harnesses the power of Indonesian Tongkat Ali in a highly concentrated extract.

Underground Labs Tongkat Ali is popular amongst hardcore gym goers in Australia with a strong community that truly believes in the brand ethos.

If you are looking for a product with potent active ingredients that truly deliver results, this is the solution for you. Underground Labs is committed to using the strongest and most effective raw ingredients, ensuring optimal synergy in their supplements.

They are so confident in their product that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Final Verdict: Best Tongkat Ali in Australia (Reviewed)

So which is the best Tongkat Ali supplement in Australia that you should buy?

We reached out to the Your Natural Federation (YNF), a natural bodybuilding and fitness community in Australia about their experience with Tongkat Ali supplements.

According to Andric Liew (the co-founder of YNF Australia), he said that the fitness community is switching to premium clinically tested Tongkat Ali brands for superior benefits.

According to health coaches in Australia, AKARALI stands out as the best Tongkat Ali supplement choice in Australia amongst the fitness community due to its proprietary standardized hot water extract and human clinical studies.

AKARALI is by far the best and most trusted Tongkat Ali supplement brand amongst health coaches, nutritionists and bodybuilders in Australia.

Now, what do health coaches say about the Tongkat Ali supplement landscape in Australia?

Functional health coach AJ Brookes found out that there are very few Tongkat Ali supplements in Australia that met Australian dietary supplement standards.

After the rainforest visit to Malaysia and understanding the meticulous process behind Tongkat Ali extraction, he concluded that AKARALI is indeed the best choice for Australians seeking for quality Tongkat Ali supplements.


Forget Ashwagandha (that cause more emotional numbness). Now here is the real deal. Tongkat Ali is known to balance cortisol and your mood better than Ashwagandha. The best part is that Tongkat Ali boosts your testosterone and dopamine at the same time, without surpressing other receptors that can cause emotional bluntness. We let UK functional health coach, AJ, go deep into analyzing the processes behind quality Tongkat Ali manufacturing. Get your best quality Tongkat Ali in the US, UK, Australia and Europe with MIT-formulated standardized hot water extract. Visit akarali.com for more info.

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FAQ on Tongkat Ali

If you are new to Tongkat Ali in Australia, here is the top FAQ that you need to know.

The length of time it takes for Tongkat Ali to work can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality and potency of the supplement, the individual's health status, and the dosage consumed. In general, it's important to note that Tongkat Ali is not a fast-acting medicinal drugs. Supplement works gradually, with effects typically noticeable after a few weeks or even months of regular consumption. Some individuals may notice improvements in energy, mood, and libido within a few days, while others may take longer to experience the benefits. As with any natural health supplement, it's important to use Tongkat Ali as part of a healthy lifestyle and to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Experts such as Dr. Andrew Huberman, suggest a general guideline for Tongkat Ali supplementation between from 200 to 400 milligrams of Tongkat Ali extract per day. It is advisable to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase it over time, while closely monitoring the body's response.

Tongkat Ali mild side effects may include restlessness, increased body temperature, irritability, or insomnia. It’s important to note that these effects are usually temporary and tend to subside as the body adjusts to the supplement.

Excessive or prolonged use of Tongkat Ali beyond recommended dosages may lead to more severe effects such as elevated heart rate, anxiety, aggression, or fluctuations in blood pressure. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, such as cardiovascular issues or hormone-related disorders, should exercise caution and consult with a healthcare professional before using Tongkat Ali.

Searching for the best Tongkat Ali in Australia:
What does Google say?

In addition to our research, we let Google decide which is the best Tongkat Ali brand in Australia.

For Australian consumers buying and searching for quality Tongkat Ali in Australia, Google search results showed AKARALI as one of the best Tongkat Ali supplements that you can trust.

Parting Thoughts:

By applying our objective evaluation, community feedback and methodological search findings, here is our final verdict.

The best overall Tongkat Ali in Australia is AKARALI due to its US-patented Physta hot water standardized root extract which delivers higher potency and bioavailability compared to other brands.

AKARALI is a clear winner in the highly competitive Australian market filled with generic or ethanol-based Tongkat Ali extract. It is the only Tongkat Ali brand that is currently clinically tested, with more than 26 clinical studies and toxicity tests to date.

If you are into a supplement that meets pharmaceutical-grade tests and quality standards, AKARALI is the answer.


About Tongkat Ali

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