Solaray Tongkat Ali Review: Does it work?

There are many Tongkat Ali supplements to choose from. Filled with utter confusion, listening to Huberman podcasts may not help you to decide better. 

Not every Tongkat Ali supplement has equal potency or efficacy. This brings us to the big question.

Does Tongkat Ali work?

This article provides an in-depth review of Solaray Tongkat Ali to investigate the effects of Tongkat Ali in the real world based on customer survey and experience. 

About Solaray

Solaray is one of the best Tongkat Ali supplements in the US, UK and Europe and is seen as an affordable Tongkat Ali with soaring sales on Amazon. However, recent reviews by doctors on Solaray raise more concerns about the efficacy and quality of its Tongkat Ali supplements.

At $ 12.96 per bottle containing 60 capsules of 400 mg, Solaray Tongkat Ali’s price is hard to beat due to the low-cost strategy adopted by the company across other product ranges. The low-cost strategy approach means sourcing the cheapest possible Tongkat Ali ingredients, possibly from Indonesia.

With hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon, Solaray Tongkat Ali is a popular supplement at low prices which is available on major stores including Amazon, iHerb, and eMarket places. 

As a global manufacturer of herbal, vitamins and supplements products since 1973, does Solaray Tongkat Ali supplement work? Or should we continue to trust mainstream brands?

Does Tongkat Ali work?

According to Dr. Chris G, Tongkat Ali did not produce any testosterone increase after taking Solaray Tongkat Ali 400 mg daily for 40 days. 

As an experienced medical doctor, Dr. Chris’s blood test showed a reduction of free testosterone by 29% after consuming Solaray Tongkat Ali in the US, which causes major concerns amongst consumers who have bought Solaray with the expectation that it may increase testosterone.

He shared his experience using Solaray Tongkat Ali in his video which recorded more than 800,000 views where most of Dr. Chris followers commented that he may have bought the wrong Tongkat Ali brand.

This anecdotal experience begs the question of Solaray’s Tongkat Ali’s real-world performance on testosterone and which type of Tongkat Ali actually works.

Meanwhile, other users on Tiktok reported the same negative reviews on Solaray Tongkat Ali. We conclude that this anecdotal and recurring evidence on Solaray Tongkat Ali has its merits as most US-based Tongkat Ali brands use cheap low-quality extracts in order to gain more profit.

So what can learn from this experience?

Is Solaray a good brand?

Solaray manufactures quality supplements with its cGMP-certified products developed from its high-tech lab in Utah, but their Tongkat Ali supplements (such as Solaray 400mg Tongkat Ali) suffer from poor efficacy as it does not work to boost testosterone as reported by Dr. Chris in his 40-day review of Solaray. As a global brand, Solaray recorded overall positive reviews on Amazon but consumers continue reporting on the low-quality ingredients used in Solaray Tongkat Ali supplements, which may be sourced from Indonesia and China.

Why Tongkat Ali didn’t work?

Tongkat Ali supplements are made using various extraction methods which deliver varying level of efficacy. Each manufacturer has its own way of extraction or sourcing Tongkat Ali extracts from 3rd parties (especially from China).

Due to the unregulated nature of herbal industry, dilution and short cuts can happen. There are other factors too, eg: sourcing low quality extracts, non-standardized extracts and impurities.

In the case of Solaray Tongkat Ali sold in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, customers have commented on the adverse side effects and zero benefits judging from various authentic reviews of Solaray on Amazon, Fruugo and other platforms.

The bad reputation of Solaray Tongkat Ali on the internet has caused premature fear, anger, and frustration over the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali.

Our Review: Solaray Tongkat Ali

Our in-house review of Solaray Tongkat Ali covers a wide range of performance and quality indicators to gain a better understanding why it did not work to boost testosterone as reported by Dr. Chris G in his TikTok video.

Here are key questions about Solaray Tongkat Ali that consumers should ask.

Is the Tongkat Ali extract clinically tested?

Solaray source their Tongkat Ali extract from Indonesia which is lab tested but may not be clinically tested to work on humans. Malaysian Tongkat Ali is highly preferred as some extracts are clinically tested which is backed by clinical trials and research studies.

Which type of extraction was used?

Solaray Tongkat Ali uses ethanol-based extraction which may be less potent compared to hot water standardized exract. Ethanol-based extraction is the cheapest solution for manufacturers but may not be the best when it comes to herbal extraction. More so for Tongkat Ali as it requires delicate extraction process to get the best bioactive ingredients that matter to your health.

Is it a standardized extract?

Solaray may not use a non-standardized extract as this information is not available to the public. Tongkat Ali supplements with standardized extract complies to the Malaysian Tongkat Ali standards, MS2409 and generally performs better due to higher potency and safety limits.

Is the Tongkat Ali sourced from mature roots?

If Solaray Tongkat Ali did not work for you, chances are the Tongkat Ali extract may have been sourced from young plants which have lower potency. Mature Tongkat Ali roots are regarded as more potent as it contains higher eurycomanone, eurypeptides (polypeptides) and other bioactive compounds that matter to your health.

Customer Reviews: Solaray Tongkat Ali

There are mixed reviews about Solaray Tongkat Ali on Amazon, Reddit and other platforms. But how do we get an honest review about Solaray Tongkat Ali?

The best way is to weed out the fake reviews on Amazon.

The truth is, Solaray Tongkat Ali received a Grade C by Fakespot review, indicating a poor feedback rating from customers.

The overall rating on Solaray Tongkat Ali were adjusted downwards from 4 stars to 2.5 star ranking after taking into account genuine customer reviews on Amazon by Fakespot.

Note: Always use Fakespot to check genuine reviews on Tongkat Ali if you are buying on Amazon.

Is Solaray Tongkat Ali a good brand?

While Solaray is a globally trusted brand, customers who bought Solaray Tongkat Ali reported adverse side effects such as nausea, headaches and vomiting. Despite being a company with decades of manufacturing experience, Solaray received a bad reputation due to low-quality Tongkat Ali extracts that may contain fillers, allergens, or contaminants from their Tongkat Ali suppliers in Indonesia.

Amazon customers shared that Solaray Tongkat Ali did not produce any effects or health benefits as advertised, which is similar to what had happened to Dr. Chris G when reviewing Solaray’s effect on testosterone.

According to consumer data analysis feedback on Solaray across the UK, US and Europe, many customers have stopped taking Solaray Tongkat Ali after their initial purchase as they did not gain any benefits.

The fact that some customers had to endure the recurring side effects gave a bad reputation on Solaray’s Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK, US and across Europe.

Is Solaray Tongkat Ali good for testosterone?

US-based healthcare professional Dr. Chris reported that Solaray Tongkat Ali did not cause any testosterone increase. His bloodwork after 40 days showed a reduction in total testosterone levels after taking Solaray Tongkat Ali 400mg daily for 40 days. 

Solaray Customer Reviews

Here are top customer reviews who bought Solaray Tongkat Ali from the US, UK and Australia, mainly on Amazon. Find out if Solaray Tongkat Ali works for you.

So I took the recommended dose 6 days a week for about a month and I honestly didn't feel any different for the first week or two. Then around the third week, I started feeling a lot more anxious than usual, to the point that I was stressing over any little thing which was very unusual for me. I didn't connect the dots until the fourth week, which I then immediately stopped taking it and I went back to normal stress levels soon after so I'm convinced it was caused by this.

So far I haven't noticed any improved wellness or vitality as promised on their website. I've purchased two months worth, so I will finish the bottle and update this review if that does change. I don't doubt that it works for some people, I just personally haven't noticed any improvements.

I saw a couple videos online about them and thought they’d help me in the gym with weight lifting. Can’t really say I’ve noticed a huge difference.

This product gave me headaches and makes me you dizzy. Don’t buy it

I understood this to be tongkat ali root extract. I was wrong. You would have to take 200 of these capsules at once to get the benefit of one tongkat ali 200/1 extract capsule. If it's not at least 100 to 1 extract, it will do absolutely nothing for you. I paid about $10 for this plus I paid a foreign countries sales tax of $5. Then the border tax was $13. This company values this at over $24 for for border fees when the price was less than $10. I guess some people think everyone is stupid but them yet. For the ones that read reviews, I hope you see this.

Solaray Tongkat Ali Reviews on Reddit

Generally we found the same grouses and complaints about Solaray Tongkat Ali on Reddit. Many Reddit members shared their negative reviews about Solaray Tongkat Ali and major complaints on prices, mild effects on libido and lack of other health benefits (eg: energy and stamina).

Does Solaray Tongkat Ali increase testosterone?

Solaray Tongkat Ali supplements or extracts have not been clinically tested to boost testosterone. Bloodwork reports by doctors such as Dr. Chris in 2023 showed sufficient empirical evidence that Solaray Tongkat Ali does not boost testosterone.

However, there is a high chance that clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements may perform better. Users are cautioned that not all Tongkat Ali supplements are created equal and consumers should check on the extract to ensure it is clinically tested on humans.

Which Tongkat Ali brand that works?

There are a handful of Tongkat Ali brands such as AKARALI that uses US-patented Physta® standardized hot water extract which guarantees higher eurycomanone, eurypeptides and glycosaponin. Physta® is backed by human clinical studies to ensure the highest gain in total and free testosterone, libido, muscle strength, cortisol and fertility.


Solaray Tongkat Ali may work to boost libido but it may not be the best natural testosterone booster as reported by Dr. Chris and many other customers despite being a popular Tongkat Ali brand due to its attractive prices.

Whilst Solaray is a good brand with higher-than-above customer ratings, Solaray Tongkat Ali supplements may not deliver the optimal testosterone gains or benefits reported in other Tongkat Ali clinical trials and research studies. 

If you want Tongkat Ali that does work, users are recommended to buy Tongkat Ali supplements which use standardized hot water extract, to increase their efficacy and likelihood to boost testosterone, libido and muscle strength due to higher bioactive compounds. 


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