Tongkat Ali UK Review – Effects on Testosterone and General Health After 12 Weeks:

Men and women use Tongkat Ali for a variety of benefits. From professional athletes looking to boost strength, endurance, stamina, and recovery, to everyday people looking for an effective way to inhibit the negative effects of daily stress as well as improve mood and motivation, it is a versatile and safe way to keep you feeling energetic, happy, and strong. This 12-week review on Fred’s experience underscores a major clinically tested benefit of regular Tongkat Ali supplementation – maintaining healthy testosterone levels naturally. 

Fred from Leicestershire initially approached us to try our proprietary standardised hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract in a bid to rebalance and regain his testosterone levels naturally. He’s 28 years old, a business owner, and a father. As a self-trained carpenter and builder, his day-to-day work requires a significant amount of physical endurance and stamina. From building up bathrooms from scratch, to laying foundation, hauling debris, and general landscaping, it’s a very hands-on business. In his free time, he is also a fitness enthusiast who loves the gym and has a keen interest in different fighting styles like kickboxing and boxing. In fact, he shared with us that he was good enough to have gone pro in boxing back in the day had his business not taken off so well. 

His issues with hormone levels started a few months back when he made the decision to try external testosterone to boost his physical performance and to build more muscle. Suffice to say, it worked very well in the short term. He had great gains and was flying high. These short-term gains, however, while impressive, did not come without a price even during the good times. He reported that his mood was erratic and he noticed some testicular shrinkage over time.

The eventual crash, however, was worse than he’d dared to imagine after stopping the use of external testosterone. Fred noticed that his mood was increasingly poor, his energy levels were low, his libido was shot, he lost the majority of his gains, and had little to no motivation to work out. All signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels. How did this happen? With the use of external testosterone, there is a significant risk that your body will inevitably go on cruise control and its ability to produce these hormones naturally can become severely diminished.

Before learning about our proprietary extract, he tried a host of poly-herbal combinations, some of which also included generic Tongkat Ali, as a form of natural post-cycle therapy (PCT). Unfortunately, none of them did anything to meaningfully improve his symptoms. He was feeling increasingly miserable and found out about our clinically tested extract through a mutual functional health coach on Instagram that we have worked closely with. Fred was impressed by the sourcing, the quality, and general purity of our proprietary Tongkat Ali extract. He took the leap to try it. Surely enough, after a couple of weeks on a dose of 400mg, he started seeing noticeable improvements. His energy levels were back and his motivation to train started returning steadily. After a month, the physical benefits were starting to show. 

Combined with a good workout routine and physically demanding day-to-day job, Fred was starting to see his gains returning and fast. He was building muscle again and his libido returned with a stiff vengeance. Now, 12 weeks in and he says he feels better than when he was on external testosterone. His mood’s not erratic and his motivation to work out has returned fully. Physical symptoms of low testosterone production like testicular shrinkage and mild gynecomastia have all but disappeared. Overall, he is glad to report that he has higher libido levels, better exercise recovery rates, more overall strength, and has gained back the 5 kilograms of the muscle mass he had lost.


  • Name: Freddie Mee
  • Age: 28
  • Country: Leicestershire, UK
  • Occupation: Business Owner (Building & Carpentry)
  • Daily dosage: 400mg Daily
  • Duration: 12 weeks +

Tongkat Ali Review Highlights - after 12 Weeks:​

  • Improved energy levels, mood, and libido
  • Increased development of muscle mass as well as enhanced strength, stamina, and endurance
  • Better motivation for exercise and work
  • Improvement of physical symptoms (testicular shrinkage, gynecomastia) of low testosterone

Tell us a little bit about yourself (name, age, where you live, what you do for a living, etc), how you discovered Tongkat Ali, and what did you like about AKARALI?

My name’s Fred, I’m 28 and live in Leicestershire, UK. I’m a self-taught carpenter and builder and run my own building company – FJMInteriors Ltd. I discovered AKARALI through a mutual who’s a functional health coach (AJ) on Instagram. What really caught my eye is that it’s single-sourced and focused on one key quality ingredient. Not to mention that it’s the only clinically tested Tongkat Ali extract out there. I’ve used other products that have had a mix of different ingredients, including Tongkat Ali, and, sad to say, I felt absolutely no difference with them. When I started on this Tongkat Ali extract, though, I noticed a significant difference after just a couple of weeks. 

Do you engage in any sports or exercise? If yes, has Tongkat Ali benefitted your performance or endurance?

Yes, I love the gym and have trained in different styles of fighting. I’ve been into boxing and kickboxing for the longest time. Could have even gone pro with boxing back in the day if I’d pursued it properly! But, alas, the real world called and my business took off, so now it’s just more of a hobby.

Last year, I started getting back into lifting weights and was messing around with external testosterone (TRT). When I came off it, I crashed bad and felt very low in terms of mood, energy, and libido. I tried a few products and felt no real difference. However, I can honestly say that after 3 months on AKARALI’s Tongkat Ali I feel better than when I was taking testosterone. My mood’s not erratic and I have more desire to train again. It’s been fantastic – higher libido, better recovery, more strength, and I’ve gained back 4 – 5kg of muscle. 

Do many people where you live (or people you know) know about Tongkat Ali? If yes, what do they think of it?

It’s 50/50. Some people know, some people don’t, but when they ask me, I’m sure to tell them how good it is. A few of my friends have now made orders.

What makes AKARALI different to other Tongkat Ali products in your opinion?

The way it’s sourced, the quality, and the purity of the product. Second to none.

How long have you been using Tongkat Ali, do you cycle it or take it every day?

I take 2 capsules or 400mg every day and have since January 2024, so about 12 weeks of continuous use. 

How does taking Tongkat Ali make you feel?

It feels like I’m using the full potential of my body when I’m training. Makes me feel strong, energetic, and full of confidence as a result of how I look and feel about myself.

How do you think Tongkat Ali has benefitted you personally?

In every way possible! Because if you’re not right in yourself, like your hormones are out of balance, or you feel low, everything can start to go wrong. But when you look after yourself and feel great, amazing things can happen.

How do you think Tongkat Ali has benefitted you professionally?

My work requires a lot of physical endurance. Being a builder and covering all the trades can be pretty tiring on a day-to-day basis, especially when it comes to the ground work. It’s very labour intensive. The current daily dose makes me feel like I can keep going even when the others working with me are starting to feel fatigued – a lot more fuel in the engine. No doubt the years of job experience make a difference, but with Tongkat Ali I genuinely feel stronger in all areas. Almost feels like I’m back on testosterone, to be honest. But this time with all the benefits and none of the side effects.

Have you noticed any improvements in your stress levels or ability to handle pressure (from work, life, etc) since incorporating Tongkat Ali into your routine?

Somewhat! I feel better physically and there are no mood swings. However, I largely credit hypnotherapy and medicinal mushrooms for this positive overall change.

Do you think Tongkat Ali can benefit others like yourself? If yes, what specific benefits would you highlight?

Yes, I’d definitely recommend to any men who engage in a lot of taxing physical activities as well as any men looking for effective post (testosterone) cycle therapy.

What are some things you’d like for people who haven’t tried Tongkat Ali to know?

You’ll feel better, stronger, faster, and sharper!

What was one surprising thing you noticed after taking Tongkat Ali?

The difference in my mood for one – it’s a lot less erratic than testosterone. The level of increased strength and the ease with putting on lean muscle is also amazing. I’ve always had a bit of trouble with putting good mass on, but it’s become a lot easier! 

In terms of performance-enhancing supplements, how does Tongkat Ali weigh up against other alternatives you may have tried?

Brilliant, it helps the body maintain healthy testosterone levels with little to no side effects. That alone makes it so worth it. And this is without even talking about how it’s clinically tested to support immunity, sleep, and much more. Everything else I’ve tried, including TRT itself, has caused some sort of unpleasant side effect. I’d choose AKARALI Tongkat Ali every time.

What is your advice to others who have not tried Tongkat Ali?

Try it yourself for 2 – 3 months and thank me later!

Parting Words

We were very happy to learn that Fred was able to overcome his crash after his dance with external testosterone. His progress over 3 months was remarkable and, according to him, the difference between gains through external testosterone and achieving it with a natural solution like Tongkat Ali was stark, citing that, so far, it’s far more sustainable with little to no side effects. 

How does it work? Properly standardized and potent Tongkat Ali root extract is clinically tested to help maintain healthy testosterone levels. There is a compelling body of clinical research that shows that regular supplementation helps the body maintain healthy total and free testosterone levels. Clinical studies have shown that regular supplementation can raise total testosterone by over +61.3% and more importantly boost free testosterone, the stuff the body can most readily use, by a whopping +582%. This can have several advantages, including enhancing physical performance, mood, libido, and much more.

While Fred appreciated the fact that our Tongkat Ali helped with his hormone levels and worked like a trick quickly, what he was most thankful for is that properly standardised water extracts of Tongkat Ali root are clinically tested to be safe for long term human consumption and yields little to no nasty side-effects even at high doses. He was more than glad to recommend our premium Tongkat Ali extract for anyone who’s looking for a good boost at the gym, for those who engage in regular strenuous physical activity, as well as those looking for an effective natural post-cycle therapy option or just to reignite that fire in the bedroom.

You can follow Fred on Instagram here to check out his company’s work on landscaping, construction, and refurbishment or email him at for any building or carpentry work you might want done in the Leicestershire area. You can also follow his other account where he shares insights on diet and exercise for others get the most out of their health!

If you’d like to try our premium standardised hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract for testosterone or physical performance, check out our store here. We deliver all over the world via DHL express!

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