How did Long Jack get its name from Tongkat Ali?

Last Updated : 18th February 2022

There is a silent confusion when it comes to the word Long Jack. 

Is Longjack Tongkat Ali? And Is Tongkat Ali the same as Longjack?

And how did Longjack got its name from Tongkat Ali?

Now here is a short answer.

Yes, Longjack is Tongkat Ali. And Tongkat Ali is Longjack.

Long Jack, or LongJack is derived from the plant Eurycoma Longifolia. The word “Long” is from the Latin word “Longifolia”, which means long-leaved. And the word “Jack” refers to the plant’s ability to grow to 15 metres in height.

However, medical experts often refer Longjack as Tongkat Ali in most of the research studies and clinical trials.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is quintessentially Malaysian, a former British colony with centuries of herbal tradition and natural wellness.

LongJack extract refers to Tongkat Ali root that contains bio-active ingredients that offer a wide range of health benefits and exert a greater influence on our endocrine system.

Longjack is regarded as the “magic pill” as it affects most of the key hormones in our endocrine system.

Its health benefits are widely discussed by top neurobiologists, urologists, psychonutrionists, andrologists and global herbal experts.

Long Jack is derived from Tongkat Ali’s scientific Latin name: Eurycoma Longifolia, which is shown above.

LongJack grows in the deep tropical rainforests of Asia (mainly Malaysia and Indonesia). It is often harvested after five years and exported in many forms as a functional food such as Tongkat Ali coffee, performance ingredients, and as a dietary supplement.

However, the urban legend behind the commercial “Long Jack” household name was inspired by Tongkat Ali’s century-old belief of increasing men’s libido that results in a stronger erection.

But scientists discovered that Long Jack root extract may have scientifically proven health benefits that are potentially more superior than Panax Ginseng.

Long Jack plant is grown for five years in deep rainforests of Malaysia before harvested and handpicked by artisans.

Long Jack is Tongkat Ali

If you have read the first few paragraphs, congratulations.

By now, it doesn’t matter if you prefer to call it Long Jack (if you are American that is) or Tongkat Ali.

The fact is, Long Jack comes from the same plant as Tongkat Ali with its scientific name known as Eurycoma Longifolia. So let’s remember that.

Now, here is a fun fact.

Unless you are in your 40s, no one uses the phrase Long Jack these days. 

So you may want to retype your search phrase to “Tongkat Ali root extract” instead of “Long Jack root extract”.

Eurycoma Longifolia shown above is also known as Yellow Tongkat Ali due the distinct colour of its root. 

Globally, Long Jack is more known than Tongkat Ali

If you are searching for quality Long Jack root extract, one thing you should know is that the best quality Long Jack root is sourced by artisans, usually handpicked by indigenous people who spend years in remote rainforests of Malaysia.

These roots are collected and air-dried (to remove humidity) in collection centers before sending to the manufacturing plants for further processing.

Quality Long Jack root extract is usually single-sourced from the same location to ensure consistent level of bioactive ingredients.

Now, here is another truth about Long Jack.

Long Jack was a result of the rapid global commercialization of herbal supplements. The word “Long Jack” is more commercially known in the US and Europe as it is an English word that is easy to pronounce.

In fact, the word “Tongkat Ali” is not even found in the Oxford dictionary at all.

In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is consumed daily and has been part of a healthy lifestyle for centuries. You can find Tongkat Ali sold in traditional Chinese medicine stores, modern pharmacies, and in most coffee shops.

But you will never see Tongkat Ali sold as “Long Jack” in Malaysia. 

Ask anyone in Malaysia about Long Jack, and you will receive a long confused look in return. 


A typical traditional coffee shop in Malaysia that serves Tongkat Ali coffee or tea. Locals don’t even know what Long Jack, as it is more commonly referred to as Tongkat Ali.

Long Jack is bad for Tongkat Ali

Long Jack was long marketed as a libido enhancer in the United States in the early 2000s, which gave Tongkat Ali a bad reputation and resulted in the loss of consumer confidence globally.

Here is a quick explanation.


After the scientific discovery of what Tongkat Ali could do in late 2013, the US companies started their marketing campaign and rebranded it as LongJack in the United States.

In the wake of excitement and greed,  suppliers included illegal substances such as sildenafil into LongJack products – some of which are banned by the USFDA.

The marketing narrative of what Long Jack was known before then shifted to “testosterone booster” in the early days of social media, driving its immense popularity through billion-dollar eCommerce sales.

But with modern science and years of research and development, the Long Jack consumer landscape has changed tremendously.

The versatility of Long Jack or Tongkat Ali means you can consume it several ways – either a functional ingredient in food (eg: coffee or tea), performance ingredient with other herbs, or as stand-alone supplement (i.e in capsule form).

Tongkat Ali is safe to be consumed as part of your daily diet and long been used for traditional remedies for centuries. Credit: AKARALI Premium Tongkat Ali.

Long Jack vs Tongkat Ali at Amazon

One thing you should know before buying Long Jack, Tongkat Ali is a search term that is more popular than Long Jack in Amazon.

Now lets check out the search results for both keywords.

A search on Amazon produced 280 results based on the keyword “Tongkat Ali” and 138 results based on the keyword “Long Jack”.

Tongkat Ali products
Long Jack products

Although that are brands that still carry the “Long Jack” brand in their Tongkat Ali products, you will get greater results and more products to choose from if you tweak your Amazon search term to “Tongkat Ali” instead.

Quality Long Jack brands such as AKARALI are available at Amazon, which can be found using the search term Tongkat Ali.

Long Jack products that claim to use Tongkat Ali roots with low prices remained a mystery as some roots are sourced from Indonesia and imported illegally from China.

If you are keen to know the processes behind fine quality Tongkat Ali extract, you may read here.

Tongkat Ali is safe to be consumed as part of your daily diet and long been used for traditional remedies for centuries. Credit: AKARALI Premium Tongkat Ali.

Long Jack is the only adaptogen and anabolic plant-based solution that is safe and proven in a wide range of applications – from functional food to performance ingredients.

Before we share the consumer trends and demand of Long Jack vs. Tongkat Ali,  you may want to watch everything you need to know about Long Jack in the video below.

Growing consumer demand on Long Jack.

Long Jack or Tongkat Ali is gaining a strong foothold as a trusted herbal supplement in recent years. 

Long term reviews and global consumer reviews are testaments of increasing consumer confidence that Long Jack is effective and safe.

In fact, Long Jack Tongkat Ali is comparable to Panax Ginseng, with higher efficacy and performance in selected areas.

In a world of aging population, the demand for  natural ways to restore energy and health has sparked a strong interest in Long Jack Tongkat Ali.

WHO estimated that by 2050, the world’s population aged 60 years and older is expected to total up to 2 billion people, an increase of 900 million people from 2015.


Long Jack is a household name in the United States

Long Jack is extremely popular in the United States, and no one knows about Tongkat Ali unless they spend time reading about it.

Or unless you are a big fan of Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham, who is the only American that refers Long Jack as Tongkat Ali. You can find his journey and discovery of Tongkat Ali Malaysia here.

Well, the fact is – it is impossible to purchase the best Tongkat Ali in the United States.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t deter American consumers to purchase Tongkat Ali online.

Here is a snapshot from Google Search trends showing consumer search result on LongJack vs. Tongkat Ali.

State “Tongkat Ali” “Long Jack” Longjack Eurycoma Longifolia
Texas 16% 57% 25% 2%
Florida 19% 50% 28% 3%
New York 14% 66% 19% 1%

In the United States, the Tongkat Ali extract has long been marketed using a more commercial product name such as Long Jack to increase sexual libido. There has been a growing popularity and awareness on the term Tongkat Ali in some states as seen in sports professionals and physically active individuals who consume it as a pre-workout supplement and to grow muscle strength. The Google search trend chart below provides a glimpse of the trend.


Google Search Trend on Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (United States)

The large Tongkat Ali consumption in the US is due to the high number of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cases. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported a staggering number of worldwide cases at 190 million in 1995 and projected it to be at 320 million by 2025. 

The number of sexually active adults is more staggering than ED cases, which may explain the large consumption of sexual enhancer supplements such as Long Jack being sold in the black market through porn sites and other affiliate marketing sites for the longest time.

Consumers may not be aware that some of the Tongkat Ali sold in the black market are mixed with sildenafil and other chemical compounds which may be detrimental to your heart and body functions, and bring about other complications.

Long Jack is popular in Australia too

If you are from Australia and you are reading this, please remember that Long Jack and Tongkat Ali are from the same plant.

For consumers in Australia, there is an equal number of searches using the word Tongkat Ali and Long Jack.

Approximately 20% of the search contain the word Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack at 52% from total searches from various parts of Australia as shown below.

Google Search Trend Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (Australia)

Now, here is the Google data search trend for Australia for the past 5 years. As you can see the Tongkat Ali keyword has been used more favorably than in the United States, although more than 50% of the searches still uses the word Long Jack. 

Strong coffee culture in Australia has positioned Tongkat Ali coffee as an alternative novelty due to its unique aroma and bitter taste. 

This could explain why Tongkat Ali has attracted more Australian consumers in recent years.

Tongkat Ali can be mixed with your favourite coffee for a unique flavour with added advantage to your health. Credit: AKARALI Premium Tongkat Ali.

Now, here is the Google data search trend for Australia for the past 5 years. As you can see the Tongkat Ali keyword has been used more favorably than in the United States, although more than 50% of the searches still uses the word Long Jack. 

State “Tongkat Ali” “Long Jack” Longjack Eurycoma
Western Australia 21% 52% 27% 0%
Queensland 20% 52% 28% 0%
New South
18% 56% 26% 0%

Long Jack is popular than Tongkat Ali in the UK

LongJack is a global household name in the United Kingdom as Malaysia was formally a British colony in the 1800s. 

Tongkat Ali has had a rich history with Malaysians and the British along with other herbs and spices.

For consumers in the United Kingdom, the search data showed an explosive growth of search-related keywords on Tongkat Ali and Long Jack.

From 2009 onwards, data from the Google Trend chart below shows a significant increase of users searching using the keyword “Long Jack” as opposed to “Tongkat Ali”.


Google Search Trend Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (United Kingdom)

England seemed to record the highest number of searches, indicating a strong interest in Tongkat Ali.

We believe this is due to increased awareness on natural herbs as the UK population is aging with 18% aged 65 years and over and 2.4% aged 85 and over, according to the UK Office of National Statistics.


Long Jack is better known than Tongkat Ali in Canada

Tongkat Ali is less known in Canada. This is a similar trend in the US too.

But thanks to Amazon, there is a growing number of Tongkat Ali brands compared to products carrying the “Long Jack” label.


Google Search Trend Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (Canada)

We found sufficient evidence to support our hypothesis from search trend on Google on Tongkat Ali, Long Jack and Longjack. High number of search results and interests from key regions of Canada – Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Parting Thoughts on Long Jack

Long Jack has a long history, now overshadowed by the Tongkat Ali branding as more consumers finally understood that it is essentially the same plant.

Demand for Long Jack root extract is robust as it is considered safe and effective – delivering extraordinary health benefits in various areas.

The growing demand for natural testosterone boosters has equally led to more interest and consumption of Long Jack particularly men in their 30s and 40s.

Whilst there are many brands out there, but perhaps only a handful of the products sold online are from the authentic Tongkat Ali root extracts with proper standardization processes in place.

Brands such as AKARALI deliver the best bio-active ingredients from Long Jack Tongkat Ali root which can greatly optimize the benefits to your health.

Handpicked Long Jack roots provide superior potency and plants harvested in remote locations have higher bioactive ingredients from the soil and biodiversity. 

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

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