How does Long Jack get its name from Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali, or Long Jack is quintessentially Malaysian, a former British colony located between Thailand and Indonesia. Found in the deep tropical rainforests, harvested and exported to many countries, there is no recorded story of how the Long Jack name was born or known.

However, the urban legend behind the commercial “Long Jack” marketing label was inspired by Tongkat Ali’s century-old function – i.e increasing men’s sexual libido that resulted in longer erection.

But scientists have now discovered that Long Jack serves more than one purpose.

Globally, Long Jack is more known than Tongkat Ali

Long Jack was a result of the rapid global commercialization of herbal supplements. The word “Long Jack” is more commercially known in the US and Europe compared to the word “Tongkat Ali”

In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is consumed daily and has been part of a healthy lifestyle for centuries. You can find Tongkat Ali sold in traditional Chinese medicine stores, modern pharmacies, and in most coffee shops.

The versatility of Long Jack or Tongkat Ali means you can consume it several ways – either a functional ingredient in food (eg: coffee or tea), performance ingredient with other herbs, or as stand-alone supplement (i.e in capsule form).


Long Jack was long given mixed reviews by consumers in the early days as it was marketed as a libido enhancer in the early 2000s, which somewhat gave Tongkat Ali a bad reputation and loss of confidence.

The marketing narrative of what Long Jack was known before then shifted to “testosterone booster” in the early days of social media, driving its immense popularity through billion-dollar eCommerce sales.

But with modern science and years of research and development, the Long Jack consumer landscape has changed tremendously.

Long Jack or Tongkat Ali, both are highly sought after.

Are you searching for Long Jack or Tongkat Ali online? Both Tongkat Ali or Long Jack come from the same plant known as Eurycoma Longifolia – a herb that is highly sought after, not only to improve men’s sexual health, but also popular amongst sports professionals and athletes.

A search on Amazon produced 280 results based on the keyword “Tongkat Ali” and 138 results based on the keyword “Long Jack”.

Tongkat Ali products
Long Jack products

In recent years, Long Jack or longjack has aroused curiosity from first-timers to herbalists, nature-lovers and vegans in advanced countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The myth of Long Jack as a natural aphrodisiac has come to an end as Tongkat Ali is proven by scientists with 12 potential health benefits. Due to its wide range of benefits and usage, more consumers are searching for pure Long Jack extract to complement their healthy lifestyle.

Is this the magic herbal supplement that everyone is looking for in 2020? If a magic pill exists, Tongkat Ali could win the title.

Long Jack is the only adaptogen and anabolic plant-based solution that is safe and proven in a wide range of applications – from functional food to performance ingredients.

We are here to investigate consumer trends and demand based on global search on Long Jack vs. Tongkat Ali. If you need to know more about Long Jack Tongkat Ali in less than 2 minutes, you can watch the video below.

Whether you are a believer or not, Tongkat Ali or Long Jack, is now becoming the trusted herbal product alongside with Tumeric, Ginseng, Macca and other notable herbs due to its potential health benefits after years of proven clinical trials on humans. Some of these research and scientific papers are available on this site if you are an avid reader or simply curious to know more about Tongkat Ali.


Growing consumer demand on Long Jack.

By the time you finish reading this article, Tongkat Ali will have continued to gain its foothold and cementing its global reputation as a household name for its various health and wellness benefits.

As the world is filled with a growing ageing population, the demand for natural revitalization to restore energy and health through activation of natural testosterone in your body is fueling this global demand. To give you some perspective, WHO estimated that by 2050, the world’s population aged 60 years and older is expected to total up to 2 billion people, an increase of 900 million people from 2015.

Essentially, we have researched some common keywords used by curious consumers from Google search engines to show the popularity of this magic herb known as Tongkat Ali. Here we analyze the growing trend from top countries with a high demand of Tongkat Ali (or Long Jack)

Tongkat Ali in the United States

We compiled a snapshot of data from Google search from 2004 – 2018 from the United States and the findings are astonishing.

State “Tongkat Ali” “Long Jack” Longjack Eurycoma Longifolia
Texas 16% 57% 25% 2%
Florida 19% 50% 28% 3%
New York 14% 66% 19% 1%

In the United States, the Tongkat Ali extract has long been marketed using a more commercial product name such as Long Jack to increase sexual libido. There has been a growing popularity and awareness on the term Tongkat Ali in some states as seen in sports professionals and physically active individuals who consume it as a pre-workout supplement and to grow muscle strength. The Google search trend chart below provides a glimpse of the trend.

Google Search Trend on Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (United States)

Some of these products carry the patented formulation Physta® or also known as LJ100™ in the United States. What the marketers did not tell you is that most of the Tongkat Ali roots from these patented formulas are sourced from Malaysian Tongkat Ali manufacturers due to its high quality Tongkat Ali root extracts.

This high regulatory standardization was due to the Government of Malaysia’s effort in recognizing Tongkat Ali as one of the major export products, which contribute a substantial GDP to the nation.

We also believe that the large Tongkat Ali consumption in the US is due to the high number of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cases. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported a staggering number of worldwide cases at 190 million in 1995 and projected it to be at 320 million by 2025. By strict definition, if you are struggling to keep a firm enough erection, that shows signs of ED, which is quite embarrassing if you are still in your 30s.

The number of sexually active adults is more staggering than ED cases, which may explain the large consumption of sexual enhancer supplements such as Tongkat Ali or Long Jack being sold in the black market through porn sites and other affiliate marketing sites for the longest time. Consumers may not be aware that some of the Tongkat Ali sold in the black market are mixed with sildenafil and other chemical compounds which may be detrimental to your heart and body functions, and bring about other complications.

Tongkat Ali in Australia

If you are from Australia and you are reading this, a similar trend was observed on Tongkat Ali interest and demand. The close proximity of Australia to Southeast Asian countries have made this wild Tongkat Ali plant a natural brand name to health consumers, and not to mention the strong sexual liberation movement in Australia. We found that approximately 20% of the search contain the word Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack at 52% from total searches from various parts of Australia as depicted in the chart below.

Google Search Trend Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (Australia)

Now, here is the Google data search trend for Australia for the past 5 years. As you can see the Tongkat Ali keyword has been used more favorably than in the United States, although more than 50% of the searches still uses the word Long Jack. Similar patterns can be said in countries such as Canada, France, South Africa and others.

State “Tongkat Ali” “Long Jack” Longjack Eurycoma
Western Australia 21% 52% 27% 0%
Queensland 20% 52% 28% 0%
New South
18% 56% 26% 0%

Tongkat Ali in United Kingdom

For people in the United Kingdom, the search data presents an explosive growth of search related to Tongkat Ali extract or products. From 2009 onwards, data from the Google Trend chart below shows a significant incline of users searching using the more commercialized product name Long Jack.

Google Search Trend Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (United Kingdom)

England seemed to record the highest number of searches, indicating a strong interest in Tongkat Ali. We believe this is due to increased awareness on natural herbs as the UK population is getting older with 18% aged 65 years and over and 2.4% aged 85 and over, according the UK Office of National Statistics.

What is more positively surprising is that more and more opted for a healthier lifestyle with the reduction number of people consuming alcohol and cigarettes over the years. A quick glance on Instagram revealed more images of people in the gym performing various exercises, exploring nature and outdoor activities rather than postings on parties, bars or clubs.

If you consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, then sex and staying healthy (or rather alive) drive our primal brains more than recognition or awards.

Tongkat Ali in Canada

Lifestyle in Canada by default is more geared towards nature. If you are a Canadian, generally more time is spent on outdoor healthy activities from mountaineering, walks and others. It is reported that only 18.2% of Canadians consume alcohol and that 20% smoke. But that does not mean they are not seeking ways to improve their health conditions through herbal remedies such as Tongkat Ali or Long Jack.

Google Search Trend Tongkat Ali vs. Long Jack (Canada)

We found sufficient evidence to support our hypothesis from search trend on Google on Tongkat Ali, Long Jack and Longjack. High number of search results and interests from key regions of Canada – Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Why Long Jack or Tongkat Ali is so popular worldwide

The fact that there are plenty of Tongkat Ali brands available in the market means the demand is robust as it is considered safe as a one-size fits all herbal supplement that has many extraordinary health benefits beyond its original purpose as a sexual libido enhancer. The growing trend of a multipurpose testosterone booster with multiple health benefits have led to the convergence of interest and consumption of Tongkat Ali worldwide. As a recap, here are nine key benefits from medically proven papers and trials:

  1. Boosts sports performance
  2. Helps maintain a healthy anabolic/catabolic balance
  3. Helps reduce fatigue and improves sleep quality
  4. Encourages hormonal balance and healthy cortisol levels
  5. Helps maintain normal high free testosterone levels in men
  6. Encourages overall well-being and hormonal health
  7. Enhances libido and sexual function
  8. Assists in sustaining healthy weight levels and BMI
  9. Promotes androgen biosynthesis
  10. Increases physical and mental energy
  11. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties

Whilst there are many brands out there, but perhaps only a handful of the products sold online are from the authentic Tongkat Ali root extracts with proper standardization processes in place. Here are some of the common ones found in the market:

  1. Akarali Premium Tongkat Ali
  2. Dragon Herbs TomKat Long Jack
  3. Tongkat Ali LJ100TM
  4. Unleash the Wolf Tongkat Ali

Brands such as Akarali originate from the Malay word “akar” which means roots. Premiumization of Tongkat Ali’s roots are necessary to derive the best bio-compounds which can treat various illnesses as widely claimed in clinical trials on humans. It means getting the pure Tongkat Ali extract from its roots without contamination or pollutants that can harm your body.

Naturally, this leads to the point that where and how Tongkat Ali plant is grown matters to your health. Most consumers conveniently ignore Tongkat Ali bio-properties are not readily mass produced in labs or by a chemist and no two roots produce the same quality of extract.

Looking back from a broader perspective, this ancient magic secret called Tongkat Ali or the Malaysian Ginseng is no longer a secret for many as unfounded myths have been debunked by scientists and researchers. This is despite numerous failed attempts to disapprove Tongkat Ali benefits in the past.

That reminds us of how the famous Iceman, Wim Hof from the Netherlands, had proved to the world that humans can alter their immune system through breathing techniques, and his technique was finally being accepted by scientists around the world.

How long did it take him to prove the world? The answer is almost 10 years since his first record break running shirtless in the Everest barefoot and swimming in -20 degrees in freezing cold water.

The world, regardless if you believe it or not, is constantly dumbfounded by new discoveries previously thought of as pseudo-science, and quantum physics and even miracle plants such as Tongkat Ali until science proves otherwise.

Data from Google showed the growing interests of consumers around the world on Tongkat Ali and more scientific papers are published on this extraordinary herb from Malaysia. The fact of the matter is the herbal market size has increased year on year, so it does mean a global shift of consumer demand to the famous Malaysian Ginseng, popularly known as Tongkat Ali.

Thanks to the digital world, shifting beliefs from traditional chemical drugs such as Viagra to herbal supplements no longer require that quantum leap of faith. The ongoing craze of organic living, going back to nature and unleashing natural powers through natural resources are becoming an accepted norm in our society.  

There are instances we gravitate towards a common cause – from saving the earth from harmful effects to going natural instead of being laden with chemicals. This is seen as a natural progression of the society, constantly seeking natural ways to heal or revitalize ourselves.

Undoubtedly, rapidly changing lifestyle has transformed humankind and the way we prioritize our daily lives. To some, purity is what we aim for. If you are one of them, seek for the premium Tongkat Ali extract and discover the difference on what it can do your body, mind and soul.

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

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