Authentic Tongkat Ali Review: Rooting Down The Facts

Have you been directed to every time you search for authentic Tongkat Ali? Unfortunately, consumers fell easily on deceptive marketing hypes and claims.

Before you attempt your first purchase, you may find our in-depth technical review of Sumatra Pasak Bumi’s Authentic Tongkat Ali useful.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi is an Indonesian manufacturer of Tongkat Ali that has been sold in a wide range of online platforms such as Amazon and eBay. According to Sumatra Pasak Bumi claims their Tongkat Ali supplement has the potential to increase free testosterone levels in the range of 25% to 50%.

But how authentic are these claims? And are these claims backed by scientific research based on a specific Tongkat Ali formulation such as Physta® ?

Our research team went to investigate deeper on authentic Tongkat Ali claim from Pasak Bumi Sumatra by testing one bottle we bought from Amazon.

Our Verdict

After-Sales Support

Pasak Bumi Authentic Tongkat Ali

Whether it is called Pasak Bumi (by Indonesians) or Tongkat Ali (by Malaysians), this herbal root is native to Southeast Asia and Indo-China region.

Authentic Tongkat Ali can be found in two countries – i.e Malaysia and Indonesia, both are the net exporter of Tongkat Ali in the world. However, there are 5 reasons why Tongkat Ali from Malaysia continues to be the preferred choice amongst consumers.

Tongkat Ali supplements are widely consumed in recent years due to increased awareness of its proven benefits amongst other herbs in the market.

Due to technology advancement in research and developments, authentic Yellow Tongkat Ali (i.e Eurycoma Longifolia) is touted as safe with little or no side effects. Check out the full list of scientific-backed potential health benefits here.  

There are three types of Tongkat Ali available to consumers and manufacturers – Yellow, Black and Red Tongkat Ali.

However, these come from different plants. As such, the bio-active compounds from various Tongkat Ali plants vary greatly on the improvement of libido, fertility, endurance and stamina, energy levels, mental fatigue, and other health benefits.

Assessing Authenticity of Tongkat Ali

The best way to verify the authenticity of any Tongkat Ali brands is by assessing its quality attributes such as:

  • Quality Certifications – from manufacturer or the Ministry of Health
  • Herbal Extraction Technique
  • Quality Tests – what are the tests performed at every quality checkpoints
  • Customer Feedback

So before one can stamp a mark to claim their brand as “authentic”, it must adhere to certain standards and quality processes.

Read more about quality processes on Tongkat Ali here.

Ingredient Analysis

Pasak Bumi Tongkat Ali was manufactured in Indonesia – where Tongkat Ali roots were chopped in small pieces and soaked in water.

How the bio-active was extracted from Tongkat Ali (i.e the herbal extraction method) was not explained clearly but the website stated “the water pulls out the active ingredients, and then that mixture is dehydrated to leave a concentrated product

Pasak Bumi’s extraction method did not explain the level of eurycomanone, a quality marker that widely used by chemists and herbal laboratory analysts to extract the best bio-active compounds from Tongkat Ali.

Similar to other common manufacturer claims, Sumatra Pasak Bumi mentioned that the 200:1 extract, i.e 200 grams of root was used to extract 1 grams of Tongkat Ali. The marketing hype we all led to believe is that the 200:1 extract is about four times as potent as the 50:1 extract.

However, in reality, potency is measured by:

  • The quantity of bio-active compounds that can be extracted from Tongkat Ali
  • The absorption (i.e effectiveness) of the bio-active compounds in your body


Wonder why we feel better after drinking cold-pressed juices or freeze-dried herbal extracts? Think again.

Supplement Facts on Pasak Bumi:

  • Source of Tongkat Ali plant – Indonesia
  • Manufactured in Indonesia
  • Serving size: 3 pills per day for 600 mg 1:200; 4 pills per day for 300 mg 1:200
  • Tongkat ali – 200 mg

Our review

Pasak Bumi Authentic Tongkat Ali vs. AKARALI™

Here is our assessment based on several quality parameters that marks the authenticity of the product.



Pasak Bumi 


Manufacturer Ownership

Government of Malaysia


Chromatography Test



GMP Certified



Halal Certified



Trademark Registered



Standardized Extract



Freeze-Dried Extraction Technology Physta®



Potency Level



Ministry of Health (MOH) Certified










USD 36.90

USD 119

Physta® Tongkat Ali

What consumer is not aware of is that very few Tongkat Ali brands carry a patented formulation to ensure the potency and health benefits of Tongkat Ali. 

Physta® Tongkat Ali contains one of the highest bio-active compounds that serve as the authenticity benchmark in Tongkat Ali industry. This formulation has been used by scientists to publish research and clinical trials to quantify the health benefits. The specifications below are obtained from our Certificate of Analysis (COA).


Total Eurycomanone

Eurycomanone is a major bio-active chemical found which is unique to Tongkat Ali. It belongs to the quassinoid molecule family structure and have been widely reported by reseachers due to its potential role as antiplasmodial, anticancer, anti-HIV and other pharmacological benefits. Physta® patented extraction offers higher level of eurycomanone content than other methods.


Total Glycosaponin

Saponins are chemical compounds that are widely found in a range of natural plants including Tongkat Ali. Saponin is used in vaccine formulations to regulate immune function. Studies showed that saponin reduces cholesterol levels, kill disease-causing bacteria, scavenge oxidative stress and inhibit tumor growth. Physta® extraction method offers significantly higher glycosaponin level than Panax ginseng (i.e 15% saponins)


Total Polysaccharide

Polysaccharides are polymeric carbohydrates that are mainly used for storing energy and providing support to cells and tissues. Studies have shown that sulfate polysaccharides exhibit immunomodulatory, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral activities including anti-HIV infection, herpes, and hepatitis viruses.


Total Protein

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) contains a natural plant-based protein that is safe and can be used to supplement our daily protein intake. Most Tongkat Ali plants found in Malaysia contain 0.3868 and 0.9573 mg mL(-1) of crude protein, making it ideal for vegans who are seeking for alternative source of plant-based protein.

Physta® is proven by scientists

Physta® is a success story in the herbal industry as a result of extensive research and development by scientists and researchers around the world. Here are some of the scientists and researchers who are actively involved in the research and development of Physta® Tongkat Ali – in clinical trials and other research activities. 

Dr Annie George

Head, Science & Research, Biotropics Malaysia Berhad.

View Paper

Professor ChoKyun Rha

Professor of Biomaterials Sciences and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T., USA)

View Patent Paper

Professor Dr. Anthony J. Sinskey

Professor of Microbiology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T, USA), Co-Director of the Malaysia-MIT Biotechnology Partnership Program and Faculty Director of the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI).

View Profile

T. G. Sambandan

Researcher at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T., USA)

View Paper

Professor Emeritus Dr. Ismail Tambi

Clinical Consultant Andrologist and a Reproductive and Sexual Health Specialist, Damai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.

View Profile

Professor Katsuiku Hirokawa

Professor of Emeritus in Pathology at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan.

View Paper

Professor Ralf Henkel

Senior Professor at Department of Medical Biosciences, University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

View Paper

Sun Tao

A chief scientist, professor, and chief physician, with expertise in anti-aging and stem cell technologies, China

Shawn Talbott

Fellow of both the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Nutrition, USA

View Paper

Jay Udani

Founder and CEO of Medicus Research LLC, USA.

View Paper

Tongkat Ali Authenticity Test

If you are still in doubt about your purchase, you can perform this simple test at home to verify the authenticity of Tongkat Ali. Here are some quick steps:

  1. Open both capsules (assuming you have bought two different brands) and dissolve it in a glass of warm water for 5 minutes.
  2. Once stirred, the low grade Tongkat Ali brands which have “other unknown ingredients” will be seen with some residue – as the other unknown ingredients are not dissolved completely in water. And that is how your body function! Imagine what the effect to your kidneys after a long period of time.


On the other hand, Tongkat Ali which uses freeze-dried extraction technology provides one of the finest extract with highest level of potency as it retains the best bio-active compounds for our body.

Besides visible difference, you can feel the immediate energy difference with authentic well-processed Tongkat Ali.

Check out the video below!

Last Words

It is unfortunate that many brands have sold under the ticket of “Authentic Tongkat Ali” but real authenticity lies in quality.

The best assessment for consumers is to compare quality attributes. This is important for consumers as the word “authentic” is loosely used as a marketing claim to deceive consumers into believing that an authentic product delivers the highest quality.

When it comes to purchasing single-ingredient Tongkat Ali supplements, you may want to stick to a more reputable brand that adheres to quality processes and quality touch points.

Remember do your research before you buy one!

Do us a favour and leave us a comment on your experience with Tongkat Ali. We want to hear from you!

Naressa Khan contributes regularly on AKARALI. As a writer and journalist, Naressa is all about creating, deconstructing, and reassembling meanings through words. With this approach always in mind, she eagerly explores the nuances in life via the aspects of lifestyle, culture, travel, health, and wellness.

Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to provide any form of recommendations, directly or indirectly to purchase or consume herbal supplements, drugs, medications, alternative remedies and practices or any brands mentioned in this article. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to make an informed decision based on publicly available information published on the internet. Any herbal supplements can be used as a health supplement, dietary plan or to treat illnesses. However, we encourage you to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article. We do not hold any responsibility or accountability for any products purchased from this website or any third-party websites that are linked to this articles, sales channels or social platforms

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