Tried and Tested: What do Brits have to say after taking Tongkat Ali?


Tongkat Ali or LongJack is a long-forgotten herb in the UK. For centuries its first discovery as a medicinal plant by botanist William Jack during his exploration to Malaysia in 1822 did not quite gain popularity in the UK due to lack of scientific evidence on its purported benefits.

In recent years, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is amongst top ranking British supplements used by men with low testosterone, aging hormones and those who seek to optimize their sex hormones. As the herbs has been tested on various health parameters in last two decades, it brings wider benefits to pro-athletes, stressful London cab drivers and builders.

From aging-men in London to the north of Scotland, Tongkat Ali is sold almost everywhere in the UK and buying through a reputable Tongkat Ali shop in the UK could never be easier.

The Brits found great value in buying clinically tested Tongkat Ali from Malaysia, harvested in the wild rainforests as old as 130 million years.

Yes, the fact is, Brits love Tongkat Ali far more than Shilajat, Ashwagandha. 

“We have seen a great deal of discerning customers in Britain buying Malaysian Tongkat Ali supplements. Lab-tested and clinically tested Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) root extracts are the top choice in the UK”, said AJ Brookes, a functional health coach from Milton Keynes.

Brookes recommends Tongkat Ali to his clients as a natural supplement, which forms integral part of his health optimization protocols alongside lifestyle changes and healthy diet. The decision was made after after he flew to Malaysia to experience Tongkat Ali production for the first time. 

Mr. Brooke’s deep-dive review of Tongkat Ali speaks volume, educating British consumers on harvesting, extraction methods, clinical studies, and the importance of quality controls and standards.

In fact, the Brits are amongst top discerning consumers who prefer quality, premium and authentic Tongkat Ali supplements from Malaysia due to higher quality standards.

Standardized Tongkat Ali root extract is highly sought after in the UK by herbalists, nutritionists and professional doctors as it offers greater potency and higher bioavailability. But make sure it is 3rd party lab-tested.

According to Dr. Avinash Haridas Pillai (MD), CEO of Briggs Medical in Sheffield, Tongkat Ali is viewed as a food supplement in the UK and commonly used as a testosterone booster due to growing clinical evidence and studies. 

“The Brits are warming up to Malaysian Tongkat Ali, like how Indian Ashwagandha was like in England 15 years ago.”, he added. 

With growing research studies fast approaching 300 since our last count, we analyze the responses from British consumers and how the use of Tongkat Ali as a daily supplement have benefitted them.

Tongkat Ali Review on Testosterone

28-year-old Freddie Mee from Leicestershire is amongst a handful of Britons who use Tongkat Ali supplement as an alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). He chose Tongkat Ali as a natural supplement as part of his natural post cycle therapy (PCT).

After 12 weeks of Tongkat Ali and combined with a good workout routine and physically demanding day-to-day job as a builder, Fred was starting to see his gains returning and fast. 

With Tongkat Ali, he was building muscle again and his libido returned with a stiff vengeance.

“The current Tongkat Ali daily dose makes me feel like I can keep going even when the others working with me are starting to feel fatigued – a lot more fuel in the engine. No doubt the years of job experience make a difference, but with Tongkat Ali I genuinely feel stronger in all areas. Almost feels like I’m back on testosterone, to be honest.” he added

Fred said that he feels better with Tongkat Ali than when he was on TRT. His mood was not erratic as before and his motivation to work out has returned fully. 

Physical symptoms of low testosterone production like testicular shrinkage and mild gynecomastia have all but disappeared. Overall, he is glad to report that he has higher libido levels, better exercise recovery rates, more overall strength, and has gained back the 5 kilograms of the muscle mass he had lost after taking Tongkat Ali for 12 weeks.

“Brilliant. Tongkat Ali helps the body maintain healthy testosterone levels with little to no side effects. TRT has caused some sort of unpleasant side effect for me and I’d choose AKARALI Tongkat Ali every time.”

Long term regular supplementation of Tongkat Ali may help the body maintain healthy total and free testosterone levels as evidenced in various clinical studies. 

Whilst studies showed increase of total testosterone by over +61.3% and free testosterone by a whopping +582%, there are no study done on British male or female to suggest such substantial improvements from taking Tongkat Ali.

But in some cases, Tongkat Ali may not work. British-born Medical Doctor Dr. Chris reported that taking 400mg Tongkat Ali did not improve his testosterone. In his short-term review of Tongkat Ali, he saw a significant drop in his testosterone levels after 40 days

My testosterone dropped by 40% after taking Solaray Tongkat Ali

Dr. Chris is amongst healthcare professional in Britain that has been taking Tongkat Ali with mixed results. Further investigation revealed the Tongkat Ali brand that he took (i.e Solaray Tongkat Ali) did not contain sufficient bioavailability, represented by low level of eurycomanone (<0.05%) found in the extract.

For an average Brit, you may expect mild to moderate testosterone gains or probably higher if you are diagnosed with low androgen. In the UK this is a medical condition known as hypogonadism, or male-menopause.

Tongkat Ali Review on Sports Performance

Tongkat Ali has helped UK athletes boost sports performance, mainly through better efficient energy conversion, higher protein synthesis to help muscle recovery, and elevated testosterone that helps energy boost when your body is subjected to aerobic or anaerobic training exercises.

Whilst some well-trained athletes may not record any measurable gains, real world performance across a wide range of athletes in the UK may suggest otherwise.

Tongkat Ali cut down my sprinting time by 20% after six weeks.

In the northern part of England, 22-year-old British athlete Khadafii discovered significant performance on the field after taking Tongkat Ali 600mg daily for six weeks.

Representing Harrogate Harriers, Khadafii Javeed from Leeds has used Tongkat Ali for quite some time and his recent switch to a more potent Tongkat Ali supplement (formulated using standardized hot-water extract) showed remarkable improvements in his sprint time.

“I’ve been taking AKARALI Tongkat Ali consistently for 6 weeks every day (600mg) and I have seen a significant improvement in my sleep quality, mood, how much I can lift, and exert energy when it comes to sprinting”

He claimed that Tongkat Ali reduced his sprinting time by 20% allowing him to run faster. 

While this may not work for everyone, Khadaffi’s improvements may be attributed to elevated testosterone and rapid muscle growth from regular supplementation of Tongkat Ali coupled with his 6-day a week training regime. 

Tongkat Ali Review on Energy, Strength and Mood

For Britons buying natural supplements as mood booster, Tongkat Ali is seen as a viable option compared to Ashwagandha, which the latter is known to suppress emotions due to strong sedative effects.

James Goodman, a 42-year-old cab driver from Essex, UK, shared his experience with Tongkat Ali, highlighting its positive impact on his mood, which helped him navigate his depression and stressful daily routine after four weeks. 

Once diagnosed with severe depression and stress eating, he gained weight tremendously and moved to UK from Spain after going through a painful divorce. 

According to James in his four-week review of Tongkat Ali, he noticed a significant increase in his energy levels and mental clarity within a week of taking the supplement, which helped him stay focused during long shifts and in the gym.

I’ve literally just left the gym at 4am and I feel amazing. I’ve now been taking Tongkat Ali four weeks and I can’t stress enough how my power, focus, strength has all increased.

He also reported an improvement in his overall mood after taking 400mg of Tongkat Ali daily for four weeks, making him more patient and friendly with passengers. Additionally, the natural supplement seemed to enhance his physical stamina, reducing the fatigue associated with prolonged hours behind the wheel. 

While he acknowledges that Tongkat Ali is not a miracle cure for anxiety or depression, he believes it has transformed his life, with added energy boost and improved mood. 

Parting Thoughts

Tongkat Ali is considered a food supplement regulated by legislation in the UK. However according to the UK Health and Food Information services, it is not required to be licensed or registered with the UK Government. Therefore, Tongkat Ali shoppers should exercise some caution, and purchasing reputable Tongkat Ali brands that are 3rd party lab-tested and certified by independent laboratories brings greater benefits with minimal risks.

“Standardized Tongkat Ali hot water extract is the one you should be buying if your budget permits, or if you are seeking quality Tongkat Ali supplements in the UK” said Dr. Shuaiyb (MD) from Leeds.


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