Best Tongkat Ali For Testosterone: User Guide for Optimal Benefits

Beyond clinical studies, learning how best to use Tongkat Ali may deliver better results and benefits.

If you are currently using, or planning to use Tongkat Ali supplement as a testosterone supplement to deliver optimal benefits, then this article is for you.

Our article covers in-depth how to use Tongkat Ali effectively for maximum benefits. Learn when to use Tongkat Ali, the best time to use Tongkat Ali and which type of Tongkat Ali works best for testosterone. This will help you to manage expectations if you have bought one, or if you are thinking of switching to another Tongkat Ali brand.


Whilst the general rule is to take Tongkat Ali in the morning after breakfast or in the evenings, this practical approach may not apply to most scenarios. There are instances when you seek to optimize your testosterone levels by taking Tongkat Ali at the right time to match your natural testosterone cycle.

One of the best approaches to get optimal results from Tongkat Ali is by understanding your natural testosterone cycle, which helps you to identify the best time to take Tongkat Ali.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), men have a 24-hour natural testosterone cycle, where their testosterone levels are highest in the morning and lowest in the night. As your peak level of testosterone dips gradually as you age, your daily fluctuations of testosterone levels are highly dependent on age, BMI, lifestyle, diet, sleep pattern and even your work pattern.

We shall cover how to use Tongkat Ali to gain the most testosterone benefits by using it at the right time assuming you have bought quality Tongkat Ali supplements that are clinically tested.

How do I get the most optimal testosterone gains using Tongkat Ali?

There are various factors to consider such as age, BMI, extract type, and sleep duration to get the most from Tongkat Ali. Establishing a healthy protocol helps you to achieve optimal results and maximize your testosterone levels when taking Tongkat Ali.


If you are androgen deficient or belong to the aging male category (i.e above 50), using 200mg to 400mg of Tongkat Ali may increase the likelihood of achieving higher testosterone gains compared to healthy males who are below 30 years of age.

Young adults below 30 may gain marginal testosterone gains when paired with weight training, deadlifts or high intensity exercises due to higher testosterone baseline relative to older men.


Adults weighing more than 100kg, or BMI exceeding 25 or higher may require a higher dosage of 400mg daily with regular exercises at least for 100 days before showing any measurable testosterone results in the bloodwork (i.e blood test report). 

If you are obese or overweight, using 400mg Tongkat Ali daily for 100 days may increase the likelihood of testosterone gains which results in a reduction of BMI as reported in a clinical study in 2021.


Choosing Tongkat Ali using standardized hot water extract rather than 200:1 Tongkat Ali extract may deliver higher testosterone gains (both total testosterone and free testosterone).

Some Tongkat Ali extacts such as Physta have been clinically tested to increase testosterone in men and women with patented health claims in the US.


Make sure you have enough undisturbed sleep, at least 6 to 7 hours a day to keep your natural testosterone levels optimal at all times when consuming Tongkat Ali. If you are nightshift worker (or a night owl) you may need higher dosage of 400mg per day as you have a lower total testosterone baseline compared to daytime workers.

Tongkat Ali should not be used and may not be effective if you are suffering from sleep deprivation symptoms, or sleep deficit.


As Tongkat Ali is a food / dietary supplement, it takes between four to 24 weeks to gain its full effects. If you are below 40, short term intake of between four to eight weeks may result in visible and noticeable increase of energy and libido.

But if you want measurable testosterone gains that are statistically significant (similar to the health claims published in empirical studies), it is recommended to take Tongkat Ali for at least a minimum of twelve weeks using potent Tongkat Ali hot water extract before you perform any blood work tests.

Note on dosage dependency:

The dosage dependency based on age should not be underestimated if you want the most from Tongkat Ali. As a general rule, higher dosage is required as you age or if you have higher BMI. However, users should check the type of extract used and the recommended daily dosage before increasing the dosage.

When is the best time to take Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali should be taken ideally at the right time following your natural testosterone cycle and that depends largely on your requirements based on your working hours (day time vs. night time). You may take it in the evening if you are working at night (eg: for nightshift workers) or early in the morning before you head off to work.

Phycologist Dr. Jed Diamond said men’s testosterone cycle might last a few minutes and she added that when men go to sleep, their testosterone levels rise hour by hour until, by the time they are awake, the testosterone levels are at their highest.

Other studies showed similar daily testosterone profile in the chart below. In the early and late morning, our levels typically level off and begin to decline. By late afternoon, our testosterone is usually at its lowest.

“Testosterone levels oscillate every 15 to 20 minutes in men, and also follow daily, seasonal, and annual rhythms,” says Theresa L. Crenshaw, author of The Alchemy of Love and Lust.

Therefore it is crucial to know the best timing of when to take Tongkat Ali, as some users are not getting any results from taking Tongkat Ali supplements due to incorrect use, dosage, and poor extract quality.

In fact, Tongkat Ali may contribute to significant increases in testosterone when your natural testosterone levels are at its lowest point, particularly in April to October. This seasonality change in testosterone levels begs the question of the optimal use of Tongkat Ali for testosterone-obsessed adults.

In studies conducted in the United States, France, and Australia, it was found that men secrete their highest levels of sex hormones in October and their lowest levels in April. There was a 16% increase in testosterone levels from April to October and a 22% decline from October to April.

Winifred Cutler one of the world’s leading experts on hormonal cycles and co-inventor of five patents said “Now it is known that men show a hormonal rhythm”. Due to the cyclic nature of men’s testosterone levels, that may explain why Tongkat Ali may not work if you are taking it at the wrong time, of if your bloodwork (or testosterone test reports) did now show any improvements.

Taking Tongkat Ali At Night vs. Day time

There are no studies on the effects of using Tongkat Ali during nighttime vs. daytime. However, using Tongkat Ali at night may benefit more for nightshift workers as a new 2023 study showed lower serum testosterone and pregnenolone levels in nightshift workers compared those who work during day time.

The study published by the International Journal of Environmental and Public Health showed regular nightshift workers are exposed to lower testosterone, and the likelihood of negative effects on male sexual health is relatively significant, as suggested by other vivo and in vitro studies.

In theory, taking Tongkat Ali is may be more beneficial for nightshift workers if taken at in evening at least two hours before your night shift. This helps to supplement the testosterone dip after midnight as your body require sufficient energy to complete your tasks during those hours.

Those taking Tongkat Ali during the day may still benefit from testosterone and energy increases. Therefore, if your work is mainly during daytime (9am to 6pm), the best time to take Tongkat Ali is morning after breakfast, or during lunchtime to allow your body sufficient time to digest and absorb the Tongkat Ali bioactive ingredients which may optimize your energy and testosterone in the afternoon.

Does all Tongkat Ali supplements work the same way?

As each Tongkat Ali supplement has its own formulation and extraction technology, this delivers varying degrees of efficacy and the result of testosterone gains may vary considerably. Controlled group studies may not reflect the efficacy on the general population but there are promising results from using standardized Tongkat Ali hot water extract.

Whilst standardized hot water extract Tongkat Ali showed consistent testosterone increases of 100% and up to 581% in some clinical studies, most Tongkat Ali brands did not deliver any testosterone gains as reported by Dr. Chris in his review of Solaray Tongkat Ali after taking it for 40 days.

According to Head Scientist Dr. Annie George from Biotropics, “Tongkat Ali extraction method plays a vital role in ensure efficacy and the net effects on testosterone”.

“Tongkat Ali may not achieve its desired effects in delivering optimal testosterone levels if the extract contains impurities, or low bioactive ingredients that do not comply with the Tongkat Ali Malaysian Standards MS2409”, said Dr. Annie, who spent her last 10 years on Tongkat Ali research collaboration with the world top scientists.

Does Tongkat Ali increase testosterone?

Yes, Tongkat Ali is regarded as a natural testosterone supplement backed by various in-vitro and human clinical studies but the effectiveness depends largely on the types of extract used. Most testosterone-related clinical studies on Tongkat Ali are based in a controlled environment, with controlled groups tested on a specific Tongkat Ali formulation extract. The health claim by US-patented Physta Tongkat Ali remains the only Tongkat Ali extract in the market today that has been validated to boost testosterone on aging males and those with low androgen.

A recent 2022 systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials on Tongkat Ali (RCTs) showed compelling evidence of the effects of Tongkat Ali in increasing total testosterone, free usable testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

While most studies are based on four to 24 weeks of daily use, the long-term effectiveness of Tongkat Ali in maintaining testosterone levels in humans for more than 6 months has not been well established.

Does Tongkat Ali boost testosterone each time?

Although Tongkat Ali is found to be effective in elevating total and free testosterone in men ranging from 25 to 75 years, it works relatively well if you have low testosterone levels or diagnosed with low androgens. 

Tongkat Ali containing standardized extract may work each time when you are experiencing low-T symptoms due to your nightshifts, stress, or age due its consistent bioactive compounds such as eurycaomone, eurypeptides and others. You may gain more testosterone boost when use it at the right time, usually before it reaches the lowest dip of your testosterone cycle (i.e before 4pm).

However, the efficacy of Tongkat Ali and its effects on testosterone depends on the dosing requirements that is highly dependent on variables such as types of Tongkat Ali extract used, Body Mass Index (BMI), age, occupation, marital status and other underlying factors. 

FAQ: User Guide

Get more insights and answers on Tongkat Ali’s effects on kidneys and liver.

When is the best time to take Tongkat Ali?

According to Australian, Russian and Dutch studies on men’s natural testosterone cycle, the best time to take Tongkat Ali for optimal testosterone gains is in the early morning between 0600 hours to 0900 hours, i.e. when your testosterone is on the rise. However, those who opt to take Tongkat Ali during the day, or in the evenings may also gain moderate increases in testosterone levels despite the natural dip in the natural testosterone cycle during day time.

What is the recommended Tongkat Ali dosage for testosterone?

There is no official Tongkat Ali recommended dosage if you are using it to increase testosterone. However, clinical evidence shows that 200mg to 400mg of Tongkat Ali may increase total testosterone between 15% to 600%, with the greatest increase in adults with low androgen, after four to twelve weeks.

Actual results on testosterone gains may vary depending on the dosage, age, and BMI of individuals taking Tongkat Ali. It is advisable not to exceed 1,000mg per day and users are advised to consult their nearest doctor before consuming Tongkat Ali as a testosterone supplement.

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How much is testosterone can I gain from taking Tongkat Ali?

Studies based on 200mg – 400mg daily Tongkat Ali intake show increase of testosterone between 15% to 600%. However, the results of the testosterone increase in the controlled human studies are based on standardized Tongkat Ali hot water root extract. It may not work for you if you are taking other form of Tongkat Ali extracts which are not clinically tested or lab tested.

How long will it take for Tongkat Ali to boost testosterone?

For healthy adults weighing 75kg and with average BMI, daily Tongkat Ali supplementation of between 200mg to 400mg per day may show testosterone gains in the bloodwork after 6 to 12 weeks. If you are above 40 years, it may take longer than 12 weeks and typically at least 24 weeks before it can show any improvements on testosterone levels. However, some Tongkat Ali such as Solaray Tongkat Ali may not work to boost testosterone due to the low-quality extracts, and the addition of fillers/ binders that may dilute the efficacy of Tongkat Ali.

How to choose the best Tongkat Ali supplement for testosterone?

Always look out for Tongkat Ali capsules that are made from yellow Tongkat Ali extract, ideally from standardized hot water extract that is reported to be the strongest, and most potent to increase testosterone in the shortest time compared to non-standardized 200:1 or 100:1 Tongkat Ali extracts. 

Users are encouraged to read the ingredients and type of extraction used before consuming Tongkat Ali supplements.

Which is the best Tongkat Ali extract for testosterone?

Yellow Tongkat Ali hot water extract is reported to show the highest testosterone increase between 50% to 581% based on clinical test results on men and women with low testosterone. This is based on extract which uses 100% pure root extract without binders or fillers. While Black Tongkat Ali extract may induce higher than average testosterone gains, the safety limit is not well documented and the efficacy of Black Tongkat Ali is not backed by human clinical studies.

Is Tongkat Ali effective as a testosterone booster?

Whilst Tongkat Ali may work relatively well for adults between 25 years to 75 years, it is most effective when you are diagnosed with low testosterone, low androgen and particularly aging men over 40 due to rapid decline of testosterone levels. In addition, Tongkat Ali may be effective in increasing testosterone for married men, nightshift workers and men with children as these groups are reported to have lower testosterone levels compared to single men, daytime workers and men without children.

Which Tongkat Ali brand is the best for testosterone?

AKARALI is a global Tongkat Ali brand that uses MIT-formulated Physta Tongkat Ali hot water extract that is clinically tested to deliver the highest testosterone gains. Exported to more than 30 countries, AKARALI Tongkat Ali is amongst the top trusted brands used by professional natural bodybuilders, sports amateurs, healthy adults, and aging and elderly men to optimize testosterone that is toxicology tested to be safe for long-term daily consumption. 

Are there side effects when taking Tongkat Ali?

Depending on which type of Tongkat Ali extract that you consume, you may experience mild-to-moderate nausea or headaches after the initial consumption, which will fade away after a few days. Some Tongkat Ali supplements may not exhibit any side effects due to the high purity of extraction methods and sourcing of raw materials from uncontaminated sources.

Users are cautioned against buying untested Tongkat Ali supplements to avoid any adverse or prolonged side effects. There are a few major root causes of Tongkat Ali side effects that include allergens, impurities from binders and contaminants.

Can I use Tongkat Ali long term as a testosterone supplement?

To date, the long-term use of Tongkat Ali as a testosterone supplement has not been thoroughly assessed or documented. Although there are no reported side effects after continuous daily use for 6 months as reported in a randomized controlled clinical study in 2020, users are advised to consume Tongkat Ali in moderate doses if they are taking it long term.

Professional bodybuilders and athletes on the other hand have been using Tongkat Ali as a long-term testosterone support supplement to sustain optimal performance. The longest usage of Tongkat Ali without reported side effects is by professional bodybuilder and Mr. Universe bodybuilding champion, Mr. Sazali Samad, who took Tongkat Ali daily for 5 years without any health issues.

Parting Thoughts

Tongkat Ali is an effective dietary supplement that can be taken daily in small doses to support healthy testosterone levels, particularly helping those with aging hormones and androgen deficiency.

Whilst there are sufficient clinical evidence and promising clinical studies to support the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali in increasing testosterone, consumers should exercise some caution when buying Tongkat Ali supplements in the market.

Buying quality clinically tested Tongkat Ali supplements may increase your chance to increase testosterone safely and sustainably. The best recommendation is to always consult your nearest doctor before buying Tongkat Ali or any testosterone supplements that contain Tongkat Ali extract.


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