Is AKARALI Good? Five Reasons Why This Is the Best Tongkat Ali You Should Buy

In today’s hectic and stress-filled world, there is a significant and growing demand for good and natural supplements. The global herbal supplements market is expected to be worth $94.3 Billion by 2032 from $48.3 Billion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 7.10%. One of the major standouts is Tongkat Ali – hailed as an effective natural testosterone booster, stress-reliever, and all-around performance enhancer. Popularity of this Malaysian herb has soared due to positive promotion by established health influencers like Stanford neurobiologist Dr. Andrew Huberman, who has spoken about its benefits at length on his podcast and other platforms. It has also received great praise by medical professionals, andrologists, and other scientists for its numerous health benefits.

With so many brands out there, it is difficult for consumers to separate the best from the worst. AKARALI stands out as the gold-standard in terms of Tongkat Ali supplements due to several key factors, which we’ll cover in more detail in this article. 

1. Standardized Hot-Water Extract

Among the factors determining the quality of any given Tongkat Ali supplement is the extraction technology used to create it from raw ingredients. Generic extracts are often a poor substitute as they lack the precision, potency, and strict adherence to quality that brands like AKARALI offer. The standardized hot-water root extract, developed in response to high global demand, serves as a consistent and pharmaceutical-grade herbal extract for scientific research and a diverse international market who are seeking high quality herbal products.

This patented method, developed painstakingly between the Malaysian Government and scientists from MIT in the US, forms the perfect balance between potent bioactive properties, safety, and consistency. The method increases molecular rigidity and minimizes degradative reactions, delivering higher potency and efficacy compared to other generic Tongkat Ali extracts. The hot-water extraction method is favored for its ability to extract the ideal amount of bioactive ingredients, leaving out undesirable components like solvents and contaminants often associated with cheaper extraction methods such as ethanol.

2. Root-only extract

Many generic Tongkat Ali supplements use either most parts or the whole plant as a cost-effective measure to create their extracts. While this is sound as a commercial cost-cutting measure, the resulting extract may have inconsistent bioactive properties and contain unwanted components as a result of using the entire plant. The fact is that while all parts of the Tongkat Ali plant contain some bioactive properties, the roots hold the highest concentration of key bioactive components like eurycomanone, eurypeptides, glycosaponins, and polysaccharides. 

With AKARALI, only the best and most mature roots are used. This has the benefit of making the extract purer, more potent, as well as safe. Pure root extract has been found in clinical studies to be overall more effective at delivering consistent health outcomes and has the benefit of having minimal to zero side effects, making it an ideal daily supplement to take at high doses over the long term.

3. Single-sourced Hand-picked mature roots

Generic Tongkat Ali brands also use a mix of plants grown all over the world to minimize cost. This means sourcing from various countries like Indonesia, Southern Thailand, and possibly even Vietnam. One issue with this method is that many of these countries lack proper regulations to ensure the quality of the grown plants. In many instances these plants are likely farmed in areas where it is less than ideal to grow the most potent plants. Other concerns include potential industrial contamination, such as in Indonesia, which can result in high levels of heavy metals seeping into the raw ingredient itself. 

AKARALI’s methods differ significantly, sourcing exclusively from Malaysia. Working closely with the indigenous population, the harvesting process involves hand-picking only the most mature and potent roots directly from the heart of the rainforest. The hand-picking process ensures that each batch consists of only mature roots, relying on the expertise of the indigenous population who have had hundreds of years of experience with growing and harvesting Tongkat Ali plants. Sustainable replanting measures are also in place to ensure an adequate supply and healthy consistent population of plants. 

Malaysia is also the best country to source Tongkat Ali from as all the plants used for commercial purposes are grown deep in the remote rainforests, where the soil is untouched by industrial activity or heavy agriculture, ensuring that the plants are free from contaminants and can grow in the most natural and ideal way possible. Malaysia has also spent the past two decades investing in cultivation, regulation, and research into creating a sustainable environment where the best Tongkat Ali plants can thrive. 

4. Used by Sports Professionals & Health Coaches

While generic brands from huge supplement companies in the US have massive marketing budgets to engage influencers to market their Tongkat Ali products, paid advertising is a poor way to determine the quality of a health supplement, let alone one that has been popularized for competitive professional and amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Such methods can also erode trust in the efficacy of quality supplements if their promises do not live up to the hype. 

AKARALI takes a different tact, working with a diverse group of semi and professional athletes, those engaged in performance-driven activities, as well as health coaches who have become quick fans of a quality natural product that works. This organic and individualised approach has allowed for serious and rigorous real-world testing of our Tongkat Ali extract by those who measure performance precisely and rigorously like sprinters, natural bodybuilders, professional wrestlers, and more. In fact, working with and sponsoring events like YNF’s natural bodybuilding competition held annually in Perth, Australia, has helped establish standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali extract as one of the best natural performance boosters for natural bodybuilders.

AKARALI has also worked with functional health coaches like UK-based AJ Brookes who visited us on-site to determine the effectiveness and quality of our Tongkat Ali as a daily supplement as part of his own Superhuman health optimization protocols. Similarly, AKARALI has been praised by Institute of Health (IOH) founder Jake Carter as a quality supplement to boost low testosterone levels caused by chronic stress. These experts, who specialise in precision blood work to help their clients get the most optimal health outcomes, lend credence to the fact that standardized hot-water extract works in a measurable and significant way.

5. Lab-tested roots and clinically tested on humans

Since most generic Tongkat Ali brands import their extracts from third parties, it is improbable they lab test each harvest for maturity and potency. These extracts are also unlikely to be clinically tested on humans, as most human clinical trials are based on single-sourced standardized hot-water extract from Malaysia.

The benefits of lab and clinical testing are crucial to ensure that Tongkat Ali supplements have consistent, predictable, and effective health outcomes. To address these concerns and ensure the highest quality, AKARALI can guarantee that each harvest only consists of the most potent roots. This assurance is supported by a genetic fingerprinting tool developed in collaboration with MIT, known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP). SNPs are found in the DNA between genes and act as biological markers for harvesting quality Tongkat Ali plants in Malaysia. Coupled with key regulations like Tongkat Ali Standards MS2409, a result of multi-year research activities of the MIT-Malaysia Biotech Partnership, that serves as a guideline for the minimum level of bioactive properties in any given Tongkat Ali supplement produced in Malaysia, this elevates the quality of Malaysian Tongkat Ali.

Meanwhile, the fact that standardized hot-water root extract has been rigorously tested on humans, as the basis of 300 research studies and over 26 clinical trials, makes it the best option for those who are interested in experiencing and getting the best out of their Tongkat Ali supplement. Co-developed, tested, and refined by Tongkat Ali experts in Malaysia and MIT scientists, AKARALI’s extract underscores its reputation as the most consistently potent Tongkat Ali formulation. With high-quality safety standards and substantial scientific backing, this extract stands out as the optimal choice for those seeking the full benefits of their Tongkat Ali supplement.

Parting Words

In the Wild West that is the herbal supplements industry, Tongkat Ali’s demand continues to soar, and AKARALI stands out as the gold standard for good reason. Rigorous clinical testing, a patented hot-water extraction method, and a focus on root-only extract from mature roots distinguish AKARALI from generics. The exclusive sourcing from Malaysia, collaboration with indigenous populations, and adherence to lab testing and human clinical trials reinforce its commitment to quality. AKARALI’s real-world endorsement by sports professionals and health coaches, coupled with scientific backing, positions it as the optimal choice in a crowded Tongkat Ali market. For those seeking a reliable, safe, and potent herbal supplement, you’ll find no better than AKARALI’s dose-optimized options.

If you are interested in experiencing the many benefits of standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract, try AKARALI’s dose-optimized capsules, pure powder, or coffee options here.

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