Finding quality Tongkat Ali is driven by primal fear. Here are 4 golden rules to follow.

What are the reasons behind popularity of herbal supplements such as Tongkat Ali amongst modern men?

Recent trend on healthy lifestyle from superfoods, natural herbs, intermittent fasting to exercises – is seen as a form of preventive measure to avoid illnesses, diseases and generally promoting better health.

At the same time, herbal sales in the US have registered steady growth since 2008. This is a direct opposite from declining revenues recorded by Pfizer and even antibiotics companies such as Novartis and Achaogen are closing down too.

This places the correlation between fear and longevity within the context of herbal supplement rather significant.

Fear & Longevity

If you dig deeper, science has shown that humans were born to survive and the need to survive is even stronger. The psychological reason stems from “fear of losing out” or “fear of death” – a primal fear that drives us wanting to:

  1. Live a healthy life. The population is now “getting old” at a faster rate than before and so does your energy levels.
  2. To increase longevity – which includes finding effective and quality herbal supplements, meditations and exercises.
  3. Minimize spending exorbitant healthcare fees as you age. The healthcare costs are escalating – an average American spends USD 9,000 on healthcare and the average medical insurance surpassed USD 20,000 per annum, hitting a new record.
  4. Avoid health risks and other side-effects from laboratory-produced drugs. Some drugs such as viagra have caused many fatalities, adverse cases and lawsuits.

Because of this fear, it leads most of us to jump on longevity and herbal bandwagon without understanding what quality herbal is all about.

Now, let’s focus on quality herbal supplement. Did the quality advancement of herbal supplements fueled the popularity to purchase herbal supplements such Tongkat Ali and what has changed over the years?

We will also share some tips in assessing quality before purchasing Tongkat Ali products.

About Tongkat Ali

Here is a quick introduction on Tongkat Ali herb.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is mainly found in remote rainforests of Malaysia, Indonesia and some parts of Southern Thailand. If you are new or have not heard about this amazing herb, here are quick links:

This herb is closely associated with masculinity amongst modern men and popular as part of men’s essentials. Brands such as AKARALI™ has made its mark as a premium Tongkat Ali product in recent years.

Quality & Trust

Quality has dramatically improved over the years.

Since it’s first discovery for commercialization 20 years ago, quality of Tongkat Ali has significantly improved mainly through research and development, quality controls, enforcements and public policies.

As of today, hundreds of research studies have been conducted to validate its properties and impact to health. This was made possible by the assistance of the Malaysian Government policies and initiatives to promote agri-based products to the global market.

The perception of Tongkat Ali as natural viagra sticks to our minds due to over-hyped marketing claims. It’s application and health benefits have extended beyond sexual health.

If you ever visited Malaysia, you will be surprised that Tongkat Ali is available everywhere, in many forms – from tea, coffee, and even brands such as Nestle.

With millions are consuming these products on a regular basis, the word “Tongkat Ali” has now becoming a global household name. Trying typing in “Quality Tongkat Ali” you will find millions of search result.

What has changed?

There are hundreds of scientific studies on Tongkat Ali compared to twenty years ago. There are more a handful of potential health benefits which are found by research and scientific studies in recent years.

The truth is, the potential health benefits – from boosting your energy / testosterone, improving libido and reducing stress, can only be effective to your body if the right quantity (i.e dosage) is consumed.

Now most of these improvements from scientific studies have attracted global news to report on the effectiveness of this herb as the next natural viagra.

As a side note, since sexual health is also a popular subject, you may want to know how safe is Viagra here.

Now if you expect your energy to be revitalized instantly or improvement in sexual health after drinking a cup of Nestle Tongkat Ali Coffee, you will be utterly disappointed! These food and beverages may contain less than 1% of Tongkat Ali herb.

Now since the most effective way to gain maximum health benefits is by consuming pure authentic Tongkat Ali, that brings us to another interesting subject – selecting the best quality of Tongkat Ali as your regular health supplement.

Golden Rules: How To Find The Best Quality Tongkat Ali

If you think you are getting the best bang-for-the-buck from your previous purchases in Amazon, you are probably wrong. Most consumers are adhering to these golden rules to spot quality Tongkat Ali brands.

1. Country of origin

Here is the first golden rule.

Most of the consumers who have bought Tongkat Ali / Long Jack are in the US. What you and most consumers didn’t know is this:

  • 80% to 90% of raw Tongkat Ali in the market today comes from Malaysia (and some of parts of Indonesia of course).

The problem may arise when foreign manufactures mix Tongkat Ali with other parts of the plants (instead from the roots) – thus making it less potent / effective.

So preferably, find a Malaysian-made Tongkat Ali product.  If you can find one, chances are it is pure and authentic than the one sold in Amazon.

Read five reasons why the best Tongkat Ali is from Malaysia here.

2. Look out for trusted brands

With more than 100 brands of Tongkat Ali (with various names such Pasak Bumi, Long Jack, etc), how do you identify a trusted Tongkat Ali brand?

Before making a purchase, please consider reading the Tongkat Ali Global Brand Survey which includes compilation more than 20-50 popular Tongkat Ali brands including price comparison, price per capsule and others.

You can view it here.

3. Check the herbal extraction method

Herbal extraction technology or method matters as it guarantees the level of potency – based on the number of nutrients that can be extracted from Tongkat Ali.

There are two common extraction methods – regular warm drying and freeze-drying method. Both methods are commonly used by nutraceutical companies.

Freeze-dried method such as Physta® Tongkat Ali is touted as the premium blend as it concentrates the Tongkat Ali nutrients and increases potency by a large difference.

The industrial method of freeze-drying is explained here

4. Compare with other herbs

Even if you have found the best quality Tongkat Ali product. Ask this question – is Tongkat Ali right for you? Do you know the side-effects, dosage and others?

We compile a comparison between other herbs such as Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Yohimbine and others.

View comparison between Tongkat Ali and other herbs here.

Or if you are confused between Tongkat Ali vs. Panax Ginseng, read our guide here.

Last Words

Between quality advancement and fear, we believe the latter is a stronger motivation behind the increase of herbal supplements sold around the world.

Our primal fear is fueling consumers to search for quality herbal supplements that are safe, effective and with fewer side-effects.

In parallel, consumers are increasingly smarter and more aware in sourcing for the best Tongkat Ali by following the four golden rules / tips.

We hope you find this article useful and our last word is this little secret. It is a simple test you can do at home to ascertain the level of quality of any Tongkat Ali brands which might have purchased. Watch the video below and follow these steps:

  1. Place your recently purchased Tongkat Ali capsules and another brand of Tongkat Ali in two separate glasses filled with warm water.
  2. Gentle stir it and let dissolve after 2 minutes.
  3. Finally compare and watch the difference.

A premium Tongkat Ali will dissolve completely in water with minimal or no residue. You can also read our detailed consumer guide on quality Tongkat Ali here.

Have fun!

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Disclaimer: Content published in this article is not intended to provide any form of recommendations, directly or indirectly to purchase or consume herbal supplements, drugs, medications, alternative remedies and practices or any brands mentioned in this article. By reading this, the sole responsibility and decision lies on the reader to make an informed decision based on publicly available information published on the internet. Any herbal supplements can be used as a health supplement, dietary plan or to treat illnesses. However, we encourage you to consult your nearest doctor before making any purchase from this website or any other websites or social platforms after reading this article. We do not hold any responsibility or accountability for any products purchased from this website or any third-party websites that are linked to this articles, sales channels or social platforms.

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