Tongkat Ali: Revitalizing Aging Men’s Health & the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Treat your dad with natural supplements on Father’s Day to revitalize his day. Find out how Tongkat Ali could be one of the best gifts for your dad if you care about his health.


Father’s Day is coming up soon, and what better way to surprise your dad than with a gift that will boost and safeguard the most precious thing we all have – our health. This makes natural supplements such as Tongkat Ali an ideal healthy gift on Father’s Day, or even to your husband.

Fatherhood is often a signal that a man is approaching a new stage in his life, and while rewarding in many ways, age can also catch up to you in unpleasant and unseen ways. Past the age of 30, men lose on average 1 – 2% of testosterone per year. For most men above 65, the testosterone levels have dropped by more than 50%. This can lead to a decline in many areas of quality of life such as general fatigue, muscle mass reduction, reduced libido, increased body fat, poor mood, disrupted sleep, and more.

Eventually, as this decline builds up, some men may even develop hypogonadism, a medical condition where the testes produce little to no hormones, including testosterone. 

So, what can be done?

Some men may opt for external testosterone or testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT). While effective for alleviating many of these symptoms, it can also come with unpleasant and unpredictable side effects like mood swings, testicular shrinkage, infertility, gynecomastia, and even potential cardiovascular risks. TRT must also be taken consistently for as long as you may need it and may disrupt your body’s ability to produce its own testosterone.

Clinically tested Tongkat Ali root extract presents a natural option that can help men with disrupted testosterone production due to TRT, men with low testosterone in general, or for men that just want to get ahead of aging! Whichever way you look at it, Tongkat Ali is one of the best natural ways to keep men happy, hale, and healthy well into their golden years. 

In this special article dedicated to all fathers and single dads, we’ll explore the various ways which Tongkat Ali can benefit men, with a special focus on middle-aged and older for all the dads out there.

Supports healthy testosterone levels

The key reason Tongkat Ali has become a hit dietary supplement for men (and women too) is due to its ability to safely and effectively help the body maintain healthy testosterone levels. This is particularly beneficial for aging men and can come with a host of benefits, spanning from improved energy levels to increased muscle mass and strength.

Multiple clinical studies show that regular supplementation with proprietary water extracts of Tongkat Ali root can boost total testosterone by over 60% and free testosterone, the stuff the body can most readily utilize, by an impressive 582%. While this is great for older men, those in their 20s may also benefit from Tongkat Ali supplementation, with young professional athletes making good use of it to boost performance in multiple areas.

TRT may not be suitable for older men as the long term safety and side effects are not well documented.

You may have considered using Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), or treating your dad as a gift during Father’s Day. However, men who have undergone TRT have stopped due to disruptive side effects.

Stopping TRT, however, can come with its own set of problems. As mentioned earlier, one of the most unpleasant parts of this is the fact that some men’s ability to produce testosterone naturally will be disrupted by the introduction of external testosterone. Tongkat Ali can help by acting as a natural form of post-cycle therapy and has been shown to alleviate the nasty symptoms of low testosterone production and get you back on the right track – all without any of the short-term and long-term consequences of utilizing TRT.

While long term use of Tongkat Ali use is not well documented, Sazali Samad is an example of a person that uses Tongkat Ali supplement for 1,825 days, competed in 50 bodybuilding competitions, won Mr Universe championship title 10 times, and still keep his kidneys and liver healthy at the age of 50.

Stress reduction, improved mood, and enhanced motivation

While maintaining healthy testosterone levels on its own can improve the quality of life for older men tremendously, Tongkat Ali doesn’t stop there. Its benefits extend to stress hormones like cortisol and key neurotransmitters like dopamine (happy hormones).

Viewed as a natural supplement to improve mood, depression and anger, human clinical studies show that using Tongkat Ali regularly can help reduce cortisol levels while boosting testosterone levels. This helps shield the body from the effects of day-to-day stress from work, exercise, or even dieting. Generally, this leads to a decrease in feelings of stress and anxiety and can help promote a calmer and more balanced mood. 

Tongkat Ali showed improved mood parameters in areas like anger (-12%), tension (-11%), and confusion (-15%).

As Tongkat Ali helps melt the stress away, it also boosts motivation, focus, and helps enhance feelings of pleasure. This is due to its ability to boost and balance dopamine levels. Dopamine plays a critical role in regulating mood, and higher levels can alleviate symptoms of depression, general sadness, as well as promote a more optimistic outlook on life. Other than this, higher dopamine levels also support enhanced cognitive function, which helps to maintain mental sharpness and reduces the risk of cognitive decline associated with aging. For older men, this increase in the “reward molecule” can significantly enhance motivation and drive, providing the incentive and determination needed to pursue goals and engage proactively in life.

The heightened motivation driven by healthy dopamine levels better enables older men (eg: those who are above 60, war veterans, pensioners, retirees) to set and achieve new objectives, fostering an enhanced sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Enhanced physical performance, healthy weight loss, and functional health

One of the most evident signs of aging is a decline in physical performance and quality of life. As the years pile on, it becomes harder and harder for men to build, maintain muscle mass and lose weight.

Combining Tongkat Ali with your workout routine may be an excellent way for aging men to boost their strength, stamina, endurance, and recovery. The herb’s remarkable ergogenic properties synergize with its anabolic (testosterone-boosting) properties to keep you going longer, faster, and stronger.

Clinical studies on older men above 50 years of age show that regular supplementation leads to increased muscle strength, muscle growth and fat-free mass (FFM), making it ideal for older men facing issues like sarcopenia.

For older active men, Tongkat Ali has been shown to improve peak power output for sprinters as well as maintain a constant supply of energy from optimal testosterone. This may be helpful for older runners who require muscle strength when they are above 60 years or age.

Tongkat Ali’s impact extends beyond strength and endurance—it also plays a significant role in promoting healthy weight loss and enhancing metabolic function in aging men.

As men age above 40 (and more so above 65), their metabolism tends to slow down, making it more challenging to maintain a healthy weight. Tongkat Ali can help counteract this by boosting metabolism through mechanisms like enhancing thermogenesis, which facilitates the burning of calories and fat more efficiently. Its adaptogenic properties further contribute by helping the body adapt to stressors, including metabolic changes associated with aging, thereby supporting metabolic adaptation and overall functional health.

This effect not only aids in weight management but may also extend to reducing the risk of metabolic disorders such as diabetes and hypertension, according to some studies.

Libido, erectile dysfunction, and fertility

Another common part of aging for men is a decline in libido and erectile function. Sometimes the desire is there, but the body is just unwilling.

Tongkat Ali’s effect on testosterone and dopamine levels can most certainly help boost desire, libido, and pleasure, but what about erectile function?

Tongkat Ali supports erectile function through increased blood flow to the genital area via its PDE-5 inhibitory effects as well as with 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one (9-HC-6–one), which contributes to erection quality and delays ejaculation. Clinical studies show that regular supplementation can help alleviate moderate erectile dysfunction by boosting erection hardness by over 39% and erection time by a whopping 162%. It was also found that these effects, including overall sexual satisfaction of subjects taking Tongkat Ali, were enhanced by pairing regular supplementation with exercise. 

Now, we understand not all dads want more kids, but there are plenty who do even at the age of 60 or even 70. 

It’s a well-known phenomenon that men’s fertility declines with age. Your swimmers may become less speedy, they may not be as well-formed, and their numbers might be diminished. Aside from libido and potency, Tongkat Ali also has remarkable results on men’s fertility. Clinical studies show that regular use of this herb has significant benefits on sperm count (+65%), sperm motility (+44%), and sperm morphology (+94.9%). To round it off, Tongkat Ali’s adaptogenic properties can support overall reproductive health by mitigating the effects of oxidative stress and hormonal imbalances that often accompany aging.

This is where natural supplements such as Tongkat Ali may help your father or older men above 70 if fertility is the main priority.

Supplement as a gift on Father's Day

As the number of people aged 65 years or older worldwide is projected to more than double, rising from 761 million in 2021 to 1.6 billion in 2050, anti-aging natural supplements such as Tongkat Ali are considered one of the best gifts that you can buy, especially on Father’s Day. Tongkat Ali’s anti-aging properties have been scientifically proven to restore overall hormonal balance (eg: testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, blood-cell count, immune system) benefitting most aging and older men. When consumed within the recommended dosage paired with exercises, this makes Tongkat Ali a healthy gift that promotes overall vitality and longevity. 

Parting words

As Father’s Day approaches this June 16th, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the gift of health, especially for men who’ve embraced the journey of fatherhood and are navigating the challenges of aging.

Our standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract is the perfect gift for your dad and older men to get ahead of the years, offering a multifaceted approach to wellness that addresses not just physical vitality but also mental well-being and sexual health. By supporting healthy testosterone levels, reducing stress, enhancing cognitive function, boosting physical performance, and promoting reproductive health, Tongkat Ali encapsulates the essence of holistic well-being for men at every stage of life.

So, this Father’s Day, consider giving you dad the gift of Tongkat Ali—a symbol of strength, vitality, and natural resilience. Here’s to celebrating all the great dads out there and helping them live life to the fullest. 

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of Malaysian single-origin standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract for yourself or as a gift for your dad, you can get your hands on our dose-optimized signature capsules here, available worldwide with international delivery.

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