Tongkat Ali Men & Women Review: How Tongkat Ali Changed Our Lives 

This is a deep-dive review of Tongkat Ali by an experienced couple who spend decades on herbs and natural wellness. 

WHO projects by 2030, 1 in 6 people will be over 60. And Tongkat Ali is one of the best anti-aging natural supplements that are used in recent years to restore energy and revitalize overall health.

Tongkat Ali clinical trials showed growing health benefits on adult men and women, with profound impact to various hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, DHEA and body functions such as reproductive, mood and cognitive functions. 

Tongkat Ali takes few days to few weeks to work optimally and this review shares deep experiential insights into Tongkat Ali after 8 weeks. We shall go deep into the effects on health, experienced by both men and women in their 50s and late 30s.

About the reviewer

Roberto (51, Italian) and Azreena (38, Malaysian) are both from countries with rich traditions and culture.

Their love story blossomed amidst the enchanting landscapes of Malaysia. Their paths crossed during a rainforest adventure, where they discovered a shared love for the natural wonders of the country.

One particular plant captured their fascination: Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia), known for its medicinal properties. Together, they delved into the mystique surrounding the herb, blending their scientific curiosity with a deep appreciation for its traditional healing powers.

They bought AKARALI Tongkat Ali 200 mg in 2022 and our team managed to reach out to them to get better feedback on the effects of Tongkat Ali.

Here is what happens to them after taking Tongkat Ali for 8 weeks.

A 60 days experience with Tongkat Ali

Here is what happens after they took Tongkat Ali for 60 days.

Roberto and Azreena’s journey with Tongkat Ali not only enriched their physical health but also deepened their love bond and relationship. After learning about the traditional wellness properties of the herb, they decided to incorporate Tongkat Ali into their daily routine, curious to explore its potential benefits.

Roberto took 400 mg of Tongkat Ali daily, whilst Azreena took 200 mg of Tongkat Ali daily with weekly OFF and ON cycle. 

Both were informed on the potential Tongkat Ali side effects before starting their supplementation. They took precautionary measures to monitor any side effects during their consumption.

Results after four weeks

As they began taking Tongkat Ali for the first four weeks, they noticed a remarkable improvement in their overall well-being. Their energy levels surged, allowing them to seize each day with renewed vigor. The herb’s aphrodisiac properties sparked a passionate fire within their relationship, enhancing their intimate moments and strengthening their connection on a profound level.

Tongkat Ali’s stress-relieving properties proved to be a game-changer for both Roberto and Azreena. The demands of their respective careers often weighed heavily on them, causing stress and tension to seep into their lives. However, the herb worked wonders in alleviating their stress, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility. With their stress levels under control, they were able to communicate more effectively, resolving conflicts with grace and understanding.

Results after six weeks

The newfound sense of vitality and inner peace brought by Tongkat Ali also allowed Roberto and Azreena to indulge in more quality time together. They embarked on adventurous outings, exploring the picturesque landscapes of Italy hand in hand, with a zest for life that had been rejuvenated. They laughed more, danced freely, and embraced every moment as if it were a precious gift.

As their love bond blossomed and their relationship flourished, Tongkat Ali became more than just a wellness supplement for Roberto and Azreena. It became a symbol of their commitment to prioritize their health and nurture their love. Together, they recognized the immense value of taking care of themselves, both individually and as a couple, and Tongkat Ali became an integral part of their shared journey towards holistic well-being.

In-depth interview of Tongkat Ali experience

To get better insights, we deep dive into Roberto and Azreena’s experience through an interview with them in Rome.

1. How do you know about Tongkat Ali?

I came across Tongkat Ali when I was looking for asian wellness supplement and cultural health practice in Malaysia when I came to Malaysia 7 years ago. Many people that I met in Malaysia including my wife spoke highly about Tongkat Ali, which is reported to be all round supplement for men.

2. What’s the general feedback about Tongkat Ali amongst consumers in Italy?

My opinion may not represent 62mil of people of Italy but, everyone that I know of have not heard about Tongkat Ali. Most were surprised when I shared about Tongkat Ali and its health benefits. 

I believe Italians are now aware of its benefits and many more are buying Tongkat Ali directly from Malaysia.

3. Do you think that more Italians are moving away from medicinal drugs to herbal supplements?

Yes. The pandemic has boosted the idea that natural and herbal supplements could help against Covid-19 by strengthening people’s immune system, encouraging people to focus even more on prevention and wellbeing.

Having said that, Tongkat Ali’s proven benefits may change the landscape drastically and people have more confidence when taking natural supplements.

4. What do you know about Tongkat Ali’s health benefits and what makes you believe in Tongkat Ali?

Scientifically, I knew very little before. When I arrived in Malaysia 7 years ago, I noticed the word “Tongkat Ali” is widely applied in drinks and suggested by locals for sexual performances. I have to admit I was curious. To me, when the local market is widely accepting, it should be true. When I got married and my wife introduced me to researches and publications from well-known universities about Tongkat Ali, my guess it could be the alternative key to chemical wellness products that has been sold massively all over Europe.

5. What is your first impression after taking Tongkat Ali?

I was skeptical. I didn’t observe the change much until I realizes few changes such as energy increment during winter – usually in winter, human tends to hibernate and getting ourselves warm most of the times. After starts taking Tongkat Ali, I didn’t doze off during mid-day and finds myself doing errands outside the house at 0°C . 

Also being classic Italian, I am impatience by nature, and snappy. There were many instances that I regretted on my inherent weakness. 

I am now more composed after taking Tongkat Ali and this herb really helps me to communicate better with people around me especially my wife. I felt more calm in my responses and dealing with daily situations with clarity in my mind.

6. Do you think Tongkat Ali works better for aging man with lower testosterone, do you think it will benefit younger adult men too?

To me it is all depending on the main goal and purpose. As for me, I need boost in energy and reduce stress level. Younger people probably should use it for muscle building and sports. But I believe Tongkat Ali benefits a wide range of demographics across various generations.

7. What’s your reaction when Tongkat Ali was found to be scientifically proven to benefit woman’s mood, energy and libido?

Tongkat Ali name has been long associated with men, but through various readings and proven clinical tests it taught me to find the right Tongkat Ali product that works.

Women needs as much energy as men these days. Women needs to run the household, taking care of children and that requires plenty of energy. Furthermore, I am sure pandemic situation was not helping with the mood and libido of women. 

As for its benefits to women, since my wife starts consuming it, she is less snarky and reasonably more “tolerable” during menstruation. She reported that her menstrual flows were smooth and usually she had to be in the bed for whole day but we were up and running around the town in less than 48 hours from the 1st day of her flow. 

Libido improvement is equally noticeable too, with sexual desires heightened and these definitely important in our marriage. I am sure other couples will benefit more from Tongkat Ali too.

8. Does it fair to say that Tongkat Ali gives you energy and stamina? Do you feel better after taking it?

Yes, I take once a day in the morning (recommended for 2), I started to use it in winter 3 weeks ago with very minimal workouts (because winter in North Italy is rough). It gives a lot of energy in the day. I can focus on my work and at the end of the work, I still do not feel tired or exhausted and my mind is clear.

9. What is your advice to others who have not taken or tasted the power of Tongkat Ali before in Italy?

My strong advice is to be extra careful and aware of the Tongkat Ali choices we have in the market. There are a lot of Tongkat Ali offerings from China with no potency certificate. 

I understand Tongkat Ali is still a Tongkat Ali with many benefits but we still need to be aware of potential fake or those with less potent extract, or those which are mixed with other illegal substances.

10. For coffee lovers in Italy, do you think taking Tongkat Ali maximizes the impact of the caffeine and makes you more awake and energized?

Italian has different opinion of coffee. We never agree with roast other than Italian roast. It is a genius way to consume in the coffee but perhaps we prefer it to be in Italian roast. That is just my general preference, but I heard more positive reviews of Tongkat Ali coffee in the US rather than in Italy.

Parting Thoughts

In the end, their experience with Tongkat Ali was more than just physical; it was a testament to the power of nurturing one’s health and the positive impact it can have on relationships. 

As Tongkat Ali is also used as an anti-aging supplement to revitalize health, the positive effect of Tongkat Ali in people’s lives is profound, backed by decades of clinical trials and research studies.

With their stress alleviated, their love kindled, and their bodies rejuvenated, Roberto and Azreena were reminded every day of the profound ways in which Tongkat Ali could enhance their lives together.


This is not a sponsored post nor a scientific study on Tongkat Ali’s effect on health. The objective of this study is purely educational to share experiences of those who had taken Tongkat Ali. This an authentic review of Tongkat Ali based on experience by users who have taken AKARALI Tongkat Ali.  AKARALI does not compensate or sponsor any products to perform Tongkat Ali reviews published in this article. 

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