The top best Tongkat Ali coffee for energy boost

Tongkat Ali coffee is the latest energy coffee that works, combining the rich aromatic flavors of coffee with multiple health benefits of Tongkat Ali extract. 

In fact, Tongkat Ali energy coffee is rather popular amongst health coaches, sports amateurs and regular joes who are seeking a boost of energy, stamina and mental clarity from the unique blend of caffeine and Tongkat Ali bioactive ingredients.

However, there are more than handful of Tongkat Ali coffee that are worth spending your money on. 

In this article, our functional health experts shortlists the top best Tongkat Ali coffee in Malaysia that you should buy.


AKARALI Tongkat Ali coffee (AKA KOFFEE) offers a tantalizing blend of taste and energy boost, which makes it one of the best Tongkat Ali coffee in Malaysia. It is recognized for its potential to combat fatigue, enhance overall physical fitness, and aid in body fat reduction, ultimately contributing to improved performance. The combination of these elements in Tongkat Ali coffee creates a unique and exceptional coffee experience, making it a standout choice for those seeking both the benefits of Tongkat Ali and the satisfying taste of a quality coffee.

Our Review

AKARALI Tongkat Ali coffee (known as KOFFEE) could possibly be the best energy coffee that works, with it’s clinically tested Tongkat Ali Physta® extract. Although we may be biased, but it tastes better than other Tongkat Ali coffee brands. The best thing about it is that the coffee is made from special blend of Arabica freeze-dried coffee. Adding to its unique distinct taste with a hint of bitterness from Tongkat Ali, this makes it the best morning energy coffee for gym goers or any working professional. The taste blends well if you love black / Americano coffee. We guarantee there is no caffeine crash with this one.

Price: From USD 12.99 (~RM 80)

Where to find: Akarali Tongkat Ali Coffee

AliCafe Tongkat Ali

Alicafe Tongkat Ali coffee has garnered a strong following due to its brand reputation and low price point. AliCafe Tongkat Ali coffee has a distinctive coffee blend with a hint of energy boost that is worth experiencing. Symbolizing a cherished drink steeped in tradition, this beverage seamlessly blends convenience with attractive pricing.

Our Review

AliCafé Tongkat Ali is a Malaysian brand that is known globally and specializes in coffee mixes. This Tongkat Ali does not disappoint to those who prefer 3-in-1 instant coffee mix which includes sugar and milk powder. This Tongkat Ali coffee is popular amongst Malaysians who love sweet coffee taste. If you like your Tongkat Ali coffee sweet and milky, AliCafe Tongkat Ali may be suitable for you. 

Price: From USD 4 (~ MYR 15)

Where to find: Any store/Supermarkets

SUPER POWER 6 in 1 Coffee with Tongkat Ali

Super Power 6in1 coffee stands out with its premium freeze-dried Robusta coffee beans, combined with an exotic blend of herbs like Tongkat Ali, Misai Kuching, and Ginseng, carefully crafted to cater to men seeking an energy boost.

Our Review

SuperPower may could be one of the truly innovative energy coffees in Malaysia as the addition of herbs Misai Kuching and Ginseng may be a game changer to some.

We are of the opinion that this energy coffee is specifically tailored to meet the needs of men, providing them with the perfect source of extra power to fuel their day with the help of Tongkat Ali and Ginseng. 

Price : From USD 8 (~ MYR 36)

Where to find: Any store/Supermarkets

Nu-caffe Tongkat Ali

With Nu-Caffe Tongkat Ali coffee, coffee enthusiasts can relish their daily caffeine indulgence while potentially harnessing the advantages of this herbal supplement. Whether you’re in pursuit of a delightful morning tradition or exploring natural methods to elevate your energy levels, the fusion of the numerous health benefits of Nu-Caffe Tongkat Ali presents an opportunity to savor a robust coffee cup that contributes to your overall well-being.

Our review:

Nu-Caffe Tongkat Ali coffee is one of the premium Tongkat Ali coffee product by Biotropics which have gain many positive feedback. This innovative energy coffee is a favourite amongst Malaysians with its special coffee blend with standardized hot water Tongkat ali extract. A must try herbal coffee that works with all age groups.

Price: From USD 16.50 (i.e MYR 70)

Where to find:

Nescafe Tongkat Ali

NESCAFÉ® Tongkat Ali comes in a 1kg pack, which is a delightful coffee premix enhanced with Tongkat ali extract. This product is a favored choice among Malaysians, representing a beloved beverage with a touch of tradition. It offers both convenience and consistency, ensuring you get the perfect cup every time it’s dispensed through Nestlé’s recommended machine.

Our review

Nescafe is a known brand and its latest Tongkat Ali coffee product may well resonate with busy people who are on the go, or those who have pledged their life consuming Nescafe products. Indulge in the enticing aroma of this coffee blend, which is enriched with traditional herbs, creating a harmonious and aromatic coffee experience that you’ll savor with every sip.

Price: From USD 90 per kg (or MYR 450 per kg)

Where to find: Nescafe Tongkat Ali store

FAQ: User Guide

Is Tongkat Ali coffee an energy coffee?

Tongkat Ali coffee is an effective energy coffee due to the similar family of alkaloids and testosterone-inducing ingredients that exist in both Tongkat Ali and caffeine. Tongkat Ali coffee is consumed daily or a pre-workout drink for many health coaches, sports enthusiasts, and working professionals. 

What are the benefits of Tongkat Ali coffee?

Tongkat Ali coffee offers multiple potential benefits such as energy boost to fuel your physical and mental needs. It also helps to regulate your hormones, namely testosterone and cortisol that may boost your mood and motivation throughout the day.

Which is the strongest Tongkat Ali coffee?

AKARALI KOFFEE may be the strongest and most potent Tongkat Ali coffee in the market today due to its potent Tongkat Ali hot water extract known as Physta®. Each serving of 50 mg Tongkat Ali extract per teaspoon with Arabica freeze-dried coffee makes it the strongest Tongkat Ali coffee in the world today.

What do customer say about Tongkat Ali coffee?

Most consumers commented on the instant energy boost as well as the unique taste of Tongkat Ali coffee. For black coffee lover, the level of bitterness is tolerable to most consumers, as reported by the consumer feedback on Amazon.

How much Tongkat Ali coffee can I take?

You may take between 3 to 4 cups a day. Potent Tongkat Ali coffee such as AKARALI KOFFEE have a generous 50mg of Tongkat Ali per teaspoon. Therefore 4 cups of coffee equates to 200 mg of Tongkat Ali, which is a safe dosage for a healthy adult.

When is the best time to take Tongkat Ali coffee?

The ideal time is to 1 cup of Tongkat Ali coffee (black) in the morning after breakfast, or to start your day between 7pm to 8pm. You may take your 2nd cup of Tongkat Ali coffee as a pre-workout drink, ideally an hour before you hit the gym.

Are there side effects from consuming Tongkat Ali coffee?

If you are not allergic to coffee, you should not be experiencing any side effects of Tongkat Ali coffee such as mild insomnia, or possibly headaches. Tongkat Ali contains family of alkaloids which is also found in caffeine. However, please observe any side effects when consuming Tongkat Ali coffee.

Parting Thoughts

Tongkat Ali coffee stands as a unique and enticing energy coffee that not only satisfies the palate but also offers potential health benefits. With its fusion of coffee’s rich flavors and scientifically proven benefits of Tongkat Ali, this herbal drink is one of the best functional energy coffees that cater to a wide range of situations. 

Whether you seek an energy boost, improved well-being, or a potential enhancement in various aspects of life, Tongkat Ali coffee provides a flavorful and potentially beneficial choice for coffee enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.


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