How to Use Tongkat Ali for Libido? This method delivers optimal results say nutritionists and health experts.

The effectiveness of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) to boost libido has always been debated by consumers as it delivers a mixed-bag results. Here is the best health protocol on how to use Tongkat Ali for optimal libido benefits.


Hormonal-related ED symptoms may be caused by unhealthy diet, sedentary or and high level of cholesterol that blocks your blood flow to your penile area. To the question of whether does Tongkat Ali improve ED or libido, it bogs down to your hormonal response in producing testosterone. 

The efficiency of your adrenal glands in producing the right amount of sex hormones is influenced by what you consume (i.e diet) and what activities you perform (i.e exercises & physical activities)

Diet and exercises are two important factors when consuming Tongkat Ali to achieve maximum libido effects for men.

Mild ED-symptoms associated with androgen deficiencies may be addressed through diet changes and a combination of supplement and exercises. Nutritionists and health experts recommend standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extracts which contains higher potency and bioavailability that may help to improve your libido or mild ED symptoms. 

However, Tongkat Ali is not the answer to cure ED and further advice from healthcare professionals is necessary to diagnose if you are experiencing chronic ED symptoms.

How to use Tongkat Ali for optimal libido benefit?

If you are taking Tongkat Ali for libido health, it is important to abide to a set protocol to deliver optimal benefits. This health protocol includes reducing your sugar intake that hampers testosterone production, reducing diary intake to avoid excess estrogen in your body and cardio exercises that promote higher production of testosterone in your body. 

After taking into account feedback from nutritionists and health coaches, we shall deep-dive at how this health protocol may help you improve libido or mild ED symptoms when taking Tongkat Ali.

Reduce Sugar Intake

A sugar-free diet is the best diet if you are taking Tongkat Ali to boost libido as sugar may lower testosterone levels according to the latest research published by Journal of Reproductive of Biology and Endocrinology in 2018. 

Since the testosterone-enhancing properties from Tongkat Ali delivers elevated libido effects, reducing your sugar intake may increase the production of testosterone in your testes and adrenal glands at all times. 

For diabetic patients, or if you have insulin resistance, this is the best time to cut down your sugar by 50 to 70 percent when taking Tongkat Ali to boost your libido. In addition, Tongkat Ali helps diabetic patients to lower sugar blood level, but it is best to consume it with a sugar-free diet if you want to reduce your ED symptoms.

Reduce Diary Intake

Nutritionist Excess estrogen intake from dairy could disrupt the delicate hormonal balance in the body, potentially leading to reduced libido and sexual dysfunction, particularly by lowering testosterone levels.

Worst still, diary could also affect sperm count and overall men’s fertility according to Dr. Neal Barnard, the President of Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

“Men who consume the most cheese have the worst sperm counts, the worst sperm motility, the worst sperm morphology,” he said. 

This Rochester Young Men’s Study showed full-fat dairy products (primarily cheese) have effects on high concentration of estrogen that cause the decline in semen quality in physically-active men.

So, even you are active and physically fit, it is best to reduce your milk intake, cheese and other diary processed foods when taking Tongkat Ali, particular if you want to boost your libido.

Other Testosterone-Killing Foods

There are other testosterone-killing foods that may disrupt your libido or have negative effects on your ED. Therefore, you might want to reduce or avoid eating nuts, soy and reducing your alcohol intake substantially when taking Tongkat Ali supplements. 

Some of testosterone-killing foods such as nuts are known to increase SHBG levels, which in turn may hamper your libido, thus affecting your erection. It is best to avoid taking too much nuts or walnuts when taking with Tongkat Ali if your libido has not improved.

Type of exercises when taking Tongkat Ali

The best exercises that you should incorporate as part of your Tongkat Ali protocol include HIIT, running and weight training. Combining and alternating between weight or strength training (twice a week) with running (i.e 5km twice a week), or swimming may yield to better libido boost. 

You may add Kegel exercises to your routine cardio exercise to reduce mild ED-symptoms whilst taking 200mg to 400mg Tongkat Ali daily over the course of 4 to 24 weeks.

Here are some testosterone-building exercises that helps improve libido, and these are best combined with natural supplements such as Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) to achieve better sexual health for men and women.


Running is an aerobic exercise that increase blood flow to the gentials. Running for an hour, or at least 5km daily may help improve your libido, leading to stronger erection. Supplementing your run, sprint or marathon with Tongkat Ali may elevate your sexual desire, mood and possibly reduce mild ED symptoms. 

Running has tremendous effect on confidence, and mood. 

“You tend to have a heightened libido when you’re proud of yourself,” said Julia Levitt, an OB/GYN and marathoner in Chicago.

If your goal is to boost libido, it is advisable not to expose your body to excessive overtraining or long-distance running. Prolonged exposure to long distance running, i.e marathon, may have negative effects on libido as shown in a study in 2022. 

Weight or Strength Training

Weight training, weight lifting, resistance exercise or strength training are four similar type of exercise that may help increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Due to the production of higher testosterone from your adrenal glands and testes, the result is improved libido, sexual desire and erection.

Supplementing Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) pure root extract with weight training for at least 3 times a week is the natural way to improve your libido by elevating your testosterone and lowering your SHBG over time.

The best tip is to not overdo the weigh training but instead focusing on strengthening your core and legs muscle and do check out the best strength-training exercises recommended by health experts.


Using Tongkat Ali an hour before your daily swimming activities may help elevate your libido and sexual desire by improving your stamina and endurance. For best results, aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity swimming, or at least 10-20 laps for maximum libido boost.

A new 2023 study published by the International Journal of Sexual Health showed that swimmers maintain a better sexual function and overall better sexual satisfaction. Most professional master swimmers reported having more frequent sex than the average general population.

Kegel Exercises

Pelvic floor or Kegel exercises may be added to cardio or strength / weight training together with Tongkat Ali for better sexual performance. Be prepared to take Tongkat Ali one hour before your Kegel exercise regime and this can be combined with weight training for maximum libido boost. The libido effects may be felt 1-2 hours after the exercise during your resting state.

Parting Thoughts

Improving libido through natural remedies, lifestyle changes and diet are three main components that ensure a better sexual health. Our verdict is as follows:

Tongkat Ali may only work best as a libido supplement when paired with a strict sugar-free diet, a religious weekly cardio-weight-combo exercises, and with enough sleep 8 hours sleep.  

Whilst it may help, quality of the Tongkat Ali extract plays a crucial role in determining the potency and efficacy on libido. Therefore, standardized Tongkat Ali hot water extract with eurycomanone of 0.5% of higher may improve the chances of getting better erection or sexual desire.

If you are not experiencing any libido boost, you may want to check why Tongkat Ali didn’t work for you, or consult your nearest physician or urologists for medical advice.


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