How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to work?

Tongkat Ali is a natural dietary supplement that revitalizes health in many ways. Whilst you may view it as a quick-fix anecdote to boost testosterone and libido, many inexperienced users are expecting Tongkat Ali to work instantly.

This article investigates how long it takes for Tongkat Ali to work, and if the response time to produce the desired effects meets your expectations and your daily supplementary needs. 


Tongkat Ali or LongJack is a dietary supplement and our review covers the duration of how long it takes for it to be fully activated when consumed in various forms; capsules, tablets powder extract, coffee and effervescent.

How long it takes for Tongkat Ali to work is defined as follows:

Noticeable improvements: Instant, real-time or gradual improvements that can be felt physically or emotionally in either of the following categories – energy, stamina,  strength, mood, libido

Measurable results: Improvements of health parameters, sports performance or other health goals that are backed by data, eg: empirical evidence from testosterone or hormonal blood test (before and after taking Tongkat Ali).

Assuming you are taking pure standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extract that is 3rd party lab tested at 200mg to 400mg, you may experience noticeable improvements in energy, mostly felt or perceived as an energy boost that translates into improved stamina or strength within 30 minutes after consuming Tongkat Ali. However, it may take as long as 2 hours if you are taking non-standardized extract or if it contains impurities and other adulterants.

Standardized hot water Tongkat Ali extract generally works faster with measurable results due to higher potency and purity.

For measurable results that are backed with data from blood test, it may take a minimum of four to twelve weeks based on a daily intake 200mg to 400mg Tongkat Ali to achieve a significant testosterone increase, muscle growth or improvements in sperm concentration. In other applications, those taking Tongkat Ali for weight loss may require more than 100 days based on clinical trials.

Here is a quick reference guide of the average time taken for Tongkat Ali to work if you are taking capsule or powder extract based on 200mg dosage.

Tongkat Ali extract

Noticeable Improvements


Measurable Results

Standardized Hot Water Pure Root Extract


10 – 30 minutes

4 to 12 weeks

Non-Standardized Generic Extract


90-100 minutes

8 – 24 weeks

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to work?

Taking into account data 0f 217 published papers and clinical studies available on the American Botanical Council’s online database HerbMedPro, the average time taken for Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) to deliver measurable results on testosterone, libido, mood and strength is between four to six weeks based on 200mg daily intake.

Our analysis of past clinical studies and cutomer surveys showed that it takes an average between 24 hours to four weeks for Tongkat Ali to produce noticeable improvements on energy, mood or libido based on a 200mg to 400mg daily dose for adult weighing 70kg.

The dosage-response time of Tongkat Ali varies considerably relative to the purity, types of extract used, level of eurycomanone and eurypeptides, patient’s age and weight.

According to Head Scientist Dr. Annie George from Biotropics, “Most Tongkat Ali studies on testosterone are conducted between eight to twelve weeks before it can produce any meaningful results that are statistically significant”.

However, the average time for Tongkat Ali to produce noticeable improvements may be less than 24 hours, or as fast as 30 minutes provided you take between 200mg to 400mg of pure Tongkat Ali root extract that is standardized, 3rd party lab-tested or clinically tested.

Based on our analysis across more than 20 human clinical studies and hundreds of user reviews, pure Tongkat Ali root extract using standardized hot-water extraction may yield higher testosterone gains and benefits after 12 weeks compared to generic non-standardized extract.

You may experience a faster reaction time depending on Tongkat Ali dosage, lifestyle (sedentary vs active), BMI, diet and other factors.

In the case you fall under the category of sedentary (i.e non-active lifestyle) or overweight, you may feel a noticeable improvement in your energy or libido after the 3rd day compared to those who are actively exercising regularly. 

Pro athletes, bodybuilders and sprinters may require up to 12 weeks of Tongkat Ali supplementation to deliver any measurable performance gains on the field.

22-year-old British pro-sprinter Khadafi claimed that Tongkat Ali helped to improve his sprinting time by 20%, with better focus and faster muscle recovery time after six weeks.

“The amount of muscle growth with my weight and strength training and the increase in anaerobic peak power during sprinting and plyometrics really surprised me”, he said after taking 400mg Tongkat Ali daily for six weeks.

Users are advised to take Tongkat Ali with regular exercises and follow a healthy diet (of zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and iron) to get the most from Tongkat Ali supplements or if you want faster improvements in lean muscle development, stamina, weight loss or energy recovery.

Below is a general rule of how long it takes for Tongkat Ali to work optimally based on age and lifestyle.

Tongkat Ali response time


Non-Active Lifestyle


Active Lifestyle

(Regular Exercises)


24- 72 hours

< 72 hours


1 – 5 days

24 – 72 hours


7 – 20 days

48 – 72 hours


7 – 60 days

2 – 14 days


7 – 90 days

5 – 30 days


7 – 90 days

5 – 30 days


7 – 90 days

5 – 30 days

Note: Tongkat Ali response time is defined as time taken to produce any noticeable benefits based on user experience and health goals. The above values are used as a guide and may vary from one user to another depending on lifestyle factors and health status. 

Active health adults between 30 – 40 years are reported experience a surge in energy and libido in less than 48 hours after taking Tongkat Ali between 200 mg to 400mg daily compared to non-active adults. 

And there are some studies to support the effect of strength and testosterone on young college athletes (below 24 years old) after 3 days of taking Tongkat Ali.

Does Tongkat Ali takes time to work?

Yes, Tongkat Ali takes time to work as it is classified as a natural supplement that contains natural bioactive ingredients that produce gradual effects in our body.

The time-released nature of the bioactive ingredients allows ample time for your body to absorb the right nutrients at the right time. In most cases, Tongkat Ali works faster (i.e less time) in a situation that requires optimal hormonal balance and production in your body, eg: in activities that require physical strength or emotionally draining activities. 

That is the reason Tongkat Ali is the most effective when taken an hour before high-intensity sports activities or exercises where your body requires optimal use of testosterone, cortisol and other hormones during rigorous activities.

From a pharmaceutical drug efficacy standpoint, natural supplements are known to produce gradual effects and may not be comparable to medicinal drugs that are inherently formulated to work faster.

FAQ: User Guide

Get more answers on Tongkat Ali’s reaction time to understand better how long it takes to produce desirable effects on health.

Does Tongkat Ali work instantly?

Taking pure Tongkat Ali hot water root extract may work instantly in less than 20 minutes, which is indicated by a boost of energy, mood or libido that is felt mostly by healthy adults with average BMI. However, most Tongkat Ali supplements in the market today have longer response times due to lower bioactive compounds, low-quality extracts and impurities. If you are overweight, or obese, it may take a longer time for Tongkat Ali to work before you can detect any measurable or noticeable gains.

Which type of Tongkat Ali work faster?

Pure Tongkat Ali root extract in powder form may work faster than Tongkat Ali capsules as it is easily absorbed into your bloodstream. Most health enthusiasts add pure Tongkat Ali powder extract to their coffee or protein shake as a pre-workout drink due to better solubility and faster absorption. However, due to time constraints and practical reasons, most users opt for Tongkat Ali capsules that are sourced from potent root extract formulation as the second best option.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to increase testosterone?

It takes four to twelve weeks of daily use of Tongkat Ali (at 200mg to 400mg daily dose) for it to deliver any meaningful or measurable results that can be detected in your bloodwork or testosterone lab test reports. As our testosterone levels fluctuate based on hours of the day, activities, diet and state of our physical health, Tongkat Ali may work with optimal results in less than four weeks if you adhere to good diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercises.

How long should I take Tongkat Ali?

Depending on your health objectives, you may take Tongkat Ali daily for at least a minimum of four weeks for it to work optimally. However, there is no recommended duration of how long you should take Tongkat Ali and it can be taken daily as long as it makes you feel good, energized, and revitalized. You may take Tongkat Ali continuously for a year or even longer without side effects on the liver or kidneys as long as you adhere to low recommended dosages of between 200mg to 400mg daily.

Will it work if I stop taking Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a plant-based food supplement that complements your diet and if you decide to stop taking Tongkat Ali immediately, you may notice a gradual decrease in energy, mood and overall physical strength after 1 week. Tongkat Ali’s nutrients and bioactive compounds will remain in your body for at least 4 to 5 days before you notice slight changes in your strength, stamina, and mood.

There are mild to moderate reductions in your total testosterone, free testosterone, DHEA, LDL and other parameters in your bloodwork after you stop taking Tongkat Ali. However, if you decide to start taking Tongkat Ali again after 1-2 week break, you may start noticing the immediate effects within 30 minutes to an hour.

Does all Tongkat Ali supplements work the same way?

Each Tongkat Ali brand sources its extract from Malaysian or Indonesian suppliers which contain varying degrees of potency and efficacy that can affect the response time. Pure Tongkat Ali root extract has higher efficacy with a faster response time to deliver the intended health benefits whilst brands such as Solaray Tongkat Ali 400mg may not work to produce any testosterone benefits due to low levels of eurycomanone content (<0.12%) and other impurities.

Which type of Tongkat Ali has the fastest reaction time?

Tongkat Ali supplement containing pure standardized hot water root extract are clinically tested to work within 24 to 72 hours compared to non-standardized 200:1 Tongkat Ali extract. This is supported by clinical evidence study on young active adults (college athletes) below 24 years of age. However, real-world performance of Tongkat Ali may vary considerably depending on your age, weight (BMI) and health status.

Does Tongkat Ali work faster if I exercise?

Yes, Tongkat Ali may produce faster reaction time in less than 72 hours with noticeable effects on energy and libido for healthy adults who perform cardio or high-intensity exercises at least 3 times a week. Pairing with weight training 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes may help improve energy and libido substantially.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to work on older men?

Older men over 60 may require between 4 to 12 weeks of daily consumption of 400 mg daily to obtain optimal effects from Tongkat Ali supplementation. Those taking Tongkat Ali together with Vitamin C, Vitamin B and other multivitamins may experience noticeable difference in energy, libido, mood and overall well-being.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to work on older women?

Tongkat Ali is clinically tested on older menopausal women and a study on the reduction of hot flushes recorded significant results after 12 weeks based on a 200 mg of Tongkat Ali daily. However, women in their 40s an 50’s should adhere to the recommended dosage when taking Tongkat Ali with other supplements for optimal benefits.  Please consult your nearest doctor for further advice and recommendations before consuming Tongkat Ali.

Can I increase my dosage to make Tongkat Ali work faster?

Increasing Tongkat Ali dosage may not work and could be detrimental to your health if the Tongkat Ali supplement contains low-quality extract, impurities or filled with adulterants. The effect of increasing dosage in order to gain faster results from Tongkat Ali may only work if you are using pure purified Tongkat Ali extract.

As evidenced in the lab test report reported by Dr. Chris (MD), taking 400mg to 800mg Tongkat Ali daily did not produce any testosterone gains. His bloodwork showed a reduction in testosterone after taking Solaray Tongkat Ali for 40 days.

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Does Fadogia Tongkat Ali or Shilajit Tongkat Ali work faster?

There are no studies to support or compare the effectiveness of Fadogia Tongkat Ali combo. Whilst users are reported to have experienced faster gains in the areas of energy and libido, we recommend to observe any severe side effects when combining multiple herbs with Tongkat Ali in high dosages. 


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