The Benefits of Tongkat Ali on Active Women: A Review by Equestrian Sabrina Khan

As Tongkat Ali becomes increasingly popular across the world, the misconception that it is something that only benefits men continue to be common. 

However, with advance formulation using standardized hot-water root extract, clinical studies consistently show that Tongkat Ali supplementation benefits women as well as men. 

In fact, several studies conclude that Tongkat Ali promotes healthy hormonal balance and energy, thus reducing premature aging or low libido. Tongkat Ali comes in handy as a daily herbal supplement for women as they age or if they are exposed to energy-demanding activities or sports.

Similarly, women who engage in physically demanding sports or activities can also benefit immensely from Tongkat Ali’s bioactive properties related to boosting energy levels, physical endurance, metabolism, and more. 


Tongkat Ali’s ability to improve mood and reduce stress makes it an ideal supplement for busy women on the go. More so for women who leads an active lifestyle like horse-riding or outdoor activities that demand constant muscle strength, energy and mental concentration. 

It is often said that you can’t have it all as a woman, but with a potent and pure Tongkat Ali supplement, we believe that women can!

This point is underscored by our customer, Sabrina Khan. As a mother of 3 and a business owner, Sabrina is an active woman in her 30s who loves engaging in a variety of competitive sports and activities in her spare time. 

This is a story of Tongkat Ali’s profound impact on women, especially those entering early pre-menopausal stages who seek to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

With such a hectic schedule, Sabrina makes for the perfect example of someone who will reap the full benefit of Tongkat Ali. 

From boosting physical performance and energy levels, to its ability to improve mood and reduce stress, for someone who is deemed fit and healthy, we were curious to find out how Tongkat Ali has improved her health, particularly on horse riding experience.


  • Age: 38
  • Country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Occupation: Business Owner
  • Daily dosage: 200mg Daily

Tongkat Ali Review: After Six Weeks

After one month of using Tongkat Ali, the mother of 3 commented that she has experienced less fatigue and fewer mood swings. As evidenced in women studies on Tongkat Ali benefits, Sabrina claimed that Tongkat Ali reduces her joint pains (in her lower legs and hips) which she believe is related to the pre-menopausal symptoms as she rarely takes any supplements prior to Tongkat Ali supplementation.

Having recently added equestrian sports to her repertoire – an activity that requires a combination of strength, endurance, and energy, Sabrina reported that Tongkat Ali had helped her boost her strength given her busy schedule of juggling between running, hiking, cycling, diving and horse riding.

She said that most horse riders need to maintain good posture and control and she claimed that Tongkat Ali boost her energy, endurance, and strength without needing coffee before her training. 

Based on our assessment, there are several key benefits of taking supplements such as Tongkat Ali for horse riders:

Joint Health 

Constant horse riding and jolting can really take a toll on horse rider’s joints regardless of your age. For Sabrina, she said issues on joints experienced by horse riders can limit the performance especially during competition. Taking supplements such as Tongkat Ali ensures optimal joint functioning especially women in the 30s and 40s. 

Muscular Fatigue 

One of the biggest challenges a horse rider faces is muscular fatigue which is the result of certain riding movements, sitting on horseback, and posting as it demands strong muscle movements. Addressing this challenge by warming up and taking supplements such as Tongkat Ali may optimize your endurance and strength as riders maintain effective communication with the horse. 

Mental Concentration 

Staying physically fit is not the only challenge a horse rider has to overcome. However, riders need to make split-second decisions and constantly communicate with their horses. All of this can result in mental fatigue or concentration lapses. Taking Tongkat Ali supplement reduces cortisol (stress hormone) that is crucial during the riding journey, or during training to maintain an optimal mental focus during horse riding.

Interview Q&A:
How does Tongkat Ali benefit an active woman?

Below is the full transcript of our interview with Sabrina and how Tongkat Ali has benefitted her during her six weeks experience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you discovered Tongkat Ali, and what did you like about AKARALI?

I’m Sabrina, 38, a mum of 3, and business owner. I heard about Tongkat Ali from my cousin who swears by its benefits – he let me try some AKARALI and I haven’t looked back since. When I read up more about the brand, I was impressed by how AKARALI is super transparent about how they make their products. It’s organic, sustainable, and quintessentially Malaysian! 

Do you engage in any sports or exercise? If yes, has Tongkat Ali benefitted your performance or endurance?

Yeah, I’m really into physically engaging activities. In my spare time I go running, hiking, cycling, diving, dance, and, over the past year, I’ve gotten really into equestrian sports – I juggle two or three of these activities weekly so it can be a bit hectic and challenging to manage, but I love it.

Competitive horse-riding in particular requires a lot of physical strength, balance, and coordination, especially with precision events like show-jumping and dressage. Riders need to maintain good posture and control throughout performances. Tongkat Ali has been great for my energy, endurance, and strength. Before I tried it, I used to feel like I would always need a couple of cups of coffee before going training to perk me up and keep me focused, but ever since I’ve been on Tongkat Ali I don’t feel the need for it at all anymore.

Do many people where you live (or people you know) know about Tongkat Ali? If yes, what do they think of it?

Honestly, it’s not as popular as I would have thought. Most of the women I know think it’s for men and the men I know think it’s just for libido. After reading more about it and checking with my health coaches, there are more benefits to women that most people are not aware of. In fact, the traditional jamu (an ancient herbal practice) incorporates all these herbal plants including Tongkat Ali, which has been practiced in Malaysia for thousands of years.

What makes AKARALI different to other Tongkat Ali products in your opinion?

I like AKARALI Tongkat Ali because you know exactly what you’re getting – a potent natural supplement which is pure, straight from the rainforest. I heard raving reviews about Tongkat Ali in Malaysia in the past. And the best part is that it worked quickly for me!

How long have you been using Tongkat Ali, do you cycle it or take it every day?

I’ve been using it for over a month now and I use it every day. Like I said earlier, it’s almost entirely replaced coffee as an energy booster for me! I didn’t take any supplement, not even Omega Fish Oil, so Tongkat Ali did make a difference to be honest.

How does taking Tongkat Ali make you feel?

I feel more energetic, optimistic, and generally happier. It was surprising how much it improved my mood. I suspect it has to do with restoring my mood hormones. I feel like it’s also given me a better sense of motivation with better energy levels and stamina when doing horse riding, diving and other activities.

How do you think Tongkat Ali has benefitted you personally?

As a woman in my late 30s, I think it’s been great for optimizing my hormone levels and energy levels. Over a month in, I can say that I’ve experienced less fatigue and fewer mood swings as a result of my monthly cycle. And as someone who loves physically challenging activities, I feel like it’s been great for post-workout recovery as well as for my joints.

How do you think Tongkat Ali has benefitted you professionally?

In a lot of ways, actually. I feel like when your body’s healthier and your mind’s clearer, work goes a lot more smoothly. The daily fatigue and feeling drained by late afternoon have noticeably decreased. It’s like having a reliable source of vitality that allows me to tackle stressful tasks and time-sensitive deals with renewed vigor and focus.

Have you noticed any improvements in your stress levels or ability to handle pressure (from work, life, etc) since incorporating Tongkat Ali into your routine?

Absolutely, I’ve been feeling less fatigue and less stress over the past month – it’s fantastic. I’ve got 3 kids and I’m a business owner, so it’s definitely helped me juggle life, work, being a mum, and having enough left in the tank for an active lifestyle.

Do you think Tongkat Ali can benefit others like yourself? If yes, what specific benefits would you highlight?

Oh, definitely! I think women especially should know more about it, especially for the ones who are peri-menopausal and menopausal. After doing some reading, I’m amazed at how well it can help with hormonal imbalance and ease symptoms associated with menopause. I have friends who suffer from things like anxiety, depression, and even skin issues like eczema due to imbalanced hormone levels, and I think Tongkat Ali could help them immensely.

What are some things you’d like for people who haven’t tried Tongkat Ali to know?

You should try it and experience it for yourself. I recommend reading up on it and learning more about the numerous benefits it offers for both men and women.

What was one surprising thing you noticed after taking Tongkat Ali?

That I don’t need coffee anymore! On a more serious note, I was surprised by how quickly it worked as well as the noticeable improvements in my endurance and energy for my active lifestyle.

In terms of performance-enhancing supplements, how does Tongkat Ali weigh up against other alternatives you may have tried?

That I don’t need coffee anymore! On a more serious note, I was surprised by how quickly it worked as well as the noticeable improvements in my endurance and energy for my active lifestyle.

What is your advice to others who have not tried Tongkat Ali?

Give it a try yourself, you won’t regret it!

Parting Words

We were inspired by Sabrina’s enthusiasm and praise for our supplements and humbled by her passionate endorsement for women to give Tongkat Ali a try. At AKARALI, we help women across all ages through the right supplementation from science-backed quality Tongkat Ali extract.

Her experience exemplifies the broader potential benefits for women, especially those in their late 30s, as Tongkat Ali optimizes hormone and energy levels. Beyond personal benefits, she also underscored the positive impact on her professional life and her active lifestyle, with increased vitality, reduced fatigue, and enhanced focus. 

In her advice to others, Sabrina emphasizes that women in particular should explore Tongkat Ali’s potential benefits, especially for those approaching peri-menopause and menopause. She encourages individuals to try it for themselves, highlighting the many benefits it offers for both men and women. As Sabrina’s review shows, Tongkat Ali can be a significant game-changer, providing a natural and effective way to enhance overall well-being, quality of life, and vitality. 

You can follow Sabrina’s equestrian adventures and her active lifestyle on her Instagram.

If you are interested in experiencing the many benefits of standardized hot-water Tongkat Ali root extract, try AKARALI’s dose-optimized capsules, pure powder, or coffee options here.

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